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Those Who Work too Much Are Bound to Come in Late on Personal Time

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Cal yawned, making his way up the stairs of the inn. Gathering information meant sitting around in a lot of taverns talking to a lot of people, and Cal liked talking to lots of people, but he also liked sleeping and too many people liked to talk into all hours of the night.

He’d heard lots of rumours and stories about dragons and messiahs and nobility of various stripes and all of it was potentially useful at some point for him, but now he wanted to go to bed. Mick and Wes had gone up an hour earlier and left him to it, since it was more Cal’s area than either of theirs anyway, and all Cal wanted right now was to cuddle into bed in between them and sleep for a few hours.

Fishing the key out of his shirt, Cal paused to yawn again before aiming it at the lock, getting it in place on the second try and turning it the wrong way at first. By the time he finally got the stupid door unlocked, Cal considered the fact that the door opened properly when he pushed on it to be a victory.

He was trying to be quiet, figuring that he’d find the other two asleep when he entered the room. Turned out he’d been wrong.

Mick was on top of Wes, his knees on Wes’s shoulders and his mouth on Wes’s cock, and Wes, propped up into a half-sitting position with the pillows, had his face buried between Mick’s thighs. Cal paused on coming in, letting the door swing shut behind him, just watching the two of them for a second.

Mick must have heard the door close, because he looked up from his task and smiled, lifting off Wes to talk to Cal. “Hey. You took a long time.”

“Yeah,” Cal said vaguely, thoughts of going to sleep slowly fading. He turned and locked the door behind him. “Glad you weren’t bored without me. Don’t let me interrupt.”

“You’re not interrupting,” Mick assured him.

Wes shifted and lifted his head to see Cal as well, smiling wickedly. “Not at all. Come and join in.”

Cal stretched slowly, just taking in the sight of the two of them. He gestured for them to continue. “In a few minutes. I’ll watch for a bit.”

Mick shrugged as best he could and went back to work on Wes, and Wes similarly disappeared. Cal took a breath and started undressing slowly, trying to stretch some of the tired out from his muscles as he did.

He didn’t touch himself yet, letting the last of his clothes fall onto the floor as he watched. Mick was working Wes slowly, and Cal could see him periodically tense from whatever Wes was doing back there. The only sounds in the room were the two of them, slurping and grunting and moaning. Cal sat on the bed beside them, rubbing Mick’s back as he did his thing, leaning back to see Wes with is face buried between Mick’s legs, penetrating Mick with his tongue and one finger.

Not able to hold back, Cal started stroking himself slowly, taking in the scene in front of him with a smile on his face, looking up and down his friends’—lovers’—bodies. He ran a finger down Wes’s leg, liking how tense the muscles were. His eyes, travelling, watched Mick bob up and down for a bit, and Wes’s balls, hanging heavy, and further down, where in between Wes’s legs was a pretty noticeable mess. “Looks like I missed more than I thought,” Cal muttered, reaching down and taking a swipe of Mick’s cum on a finger, tasting it thoughtfully. “And here I thought you were just getting started.”

Mick smiled around Wes, and Wes pulled back to answer. “We’ve been waiting for you a while,” he said with a grin, which had to have been hard with Mick sucking on him like that. “Enough time to go and rest and start over.” He tapped Mick on the thigh. “You ready?” he asked.

Mick pulled back, leaving Wes glistening behind him, a line of saliva joining them. “Yeah.” He looked up at Cal. “I’m going to try having Wes put it in me.”

“Holy shit,” Cal said, shuddering a little as just the thought of it made him need to slow down a little. “Mick, he’s not going to fit.”

“Sure I am,” Wes said, gently easing Mick off of him, and Cal watched rapt as the two of them repositioned, Mick getting onto his hands and knees and Wes positioning behind him. “Don’t worry, we were careful. You want to watch, Cal?”

“Yeah,” Cal breathed, leaning in despite himself, transfixed by just how big Wes was in his own hand as he aimed himself towards Mick’s hole. He kept stroking himself in one hand and put his other one on Mick’s calf, worrying at his lip as Wes pressed his head against Mick and slowly, with a grunt, inside.

“Fuck,” Mick whispered. Fisting the sheets. Cal could see his toes curling.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. Slowly, okay?”

“Yeah.” Wes slowly pushed in a little further, and then out, leaving the head inside before pushing back. Cal kept palming himself as he watched, his breath coming in tune with Wes’s thrusts, which were getting deeper and deeper, more and more of him disappearing inside Mick. It didn’t seem real, it didn’t seem possible. Mick was moaning with each stroke, in obvious discomfort, but Cal didn’t think he was in specific pain.

With a sudden long thrust and an almost-growl, Wes buried himself inside Mick, and Cal came as he watched, letting out a pitiful moan as he splattered his hand and Mick’s leg. “God, Wes,” he managed.

Wes didn’t answer, just leaned in over Mick, breathing hard. “I’m all the way in, baby.”

“God…” Mick said, face contorted as he tried to get used to it. Wes kissed him a few times around the ear, on the neck, until they were both calmer. “Okay.” Mick finally nodded. “Okay, you can move, Wes.”

And so Wes did, and Cal got hard all over again as he watched Wes slide in and out of Mick, who was stretched obscenely to accommodate him. They moved back and forth, rocking the bed a little. Cal could hear it creaking in addition to all their breathing, to Mick’s moans and Wes’s grunts.

“Oh God, Wes.” Mick’s breath started to pick up, his cries becoming a bit more desperate. “God, oh God. Keep going, keep going, please…”

“Mick…” Wes tensed up really suddenly, slamming into Mick harder than he had been, both of them crying out as Wes came inside Mick with another growl, holding him tight for a solid minute as he did. Cal could see some of his cum overflowing out of the hole. Just as he was finishing Mick spasmed as his own orgasm hit him, and he buried his face in the sheets as he made a mess of them.

“Fuck,” Cal whimpered, touching himself again. He would do anything to watch that again, all the time.

Finally, with a long sigh from both of them, Wes pulled out of Mick and fell back on his haunches, looking up at the ceiling as if in prayer.

“Cal…” Mick muttered, panting. “You too.”


“You too, come on. I want you to have a turn.”

“You sure?” Looking at him, Cal wasn’t sure Mick could take any more.

“Yeah. You’ll last two minutes anyway. I want to feel you too.”

“You’re barely going to after taking Wes’s monster,” Cal said with a weak chuckle, but after a moment’s hesitation, he got up on his knees and crawled around behind Mick, pausing when he felt Wes’s hands on his backside. “Worried I’ll get lost?”

“Maybe.” Wes smiled at him and guided Cal forward. Cal noticed that his fingers were slick with something, and just as he caught on, Wes started probing around, entering Cal from behind as Cal entered Mick with a sound akin to a hiss.

Somehow he’d expected lots of room inside Mick since he was following up on Wes, but Mick was plenty tight and his prediction that Cal would last two minutes was going to tend towards the generous, especially since he could feel Wes’s cum slicking around inside as he moved.

Within the first few thrusts Cal could feel another orgasm building up inside him, and it hit just as Wes decided to add a second finger. Cal came with a yelp, pushing sharply into Mick as he added his own seed to the mess inside him.

Mick’s knees gave out as Cal finished and they all sort of collapsed on top of each other, breathing. Wes’s fingers were still inside Cal, working patiently. “Fuck,” Mick whispered. “That was good.”

“Just good?” Wes asked from behind Cal. “Should I try again?”

“Shut up. You know what I meant.”

“Yeah, I did.” Cal could feel Wes smiling. “You did good, Cal.”

“You say that like I’ve never topped before.” Cal yawned, the tired coming back. “You can just get that idea out of your head, by the way. Mick is big like you—you’re never going to fit inside me.”

“We’ll see.” Wes smiled, pulling his fingers out and wiping them on the bed as he moved to lay beside Mick, pulling Cal onto his chest to lay there. “You didn’t think I’d fit in Mick either.”

“It’s good, Cal,” Mick reported, cuddling up beside Wes. “It’s really good. You should try.”

“You guys are too big.” Cal didn’t think either of them would hurt him, but…

“You don’t need to be scared, Cal,” Wes said, reaching out and squeezing Mick’s hand. “We won’t force you if you don’t want to.”

“Yeah, I know.” Cal sighed, nestling a little. “It’s a little intimidating is all. And if you ever repeat that I’ll punch you in the balls.”

“Because you can’t kick high enough to reach?” Mick asked with a poke.

“Fuck you.”

“You already did.” Mick smiled. “Next time I want to suck Wes while you do.”

“Oh, God,” Cal muttered, closing his eyes against the image. “I’m too tired for this.”

“Yeah, it’s late,” Wes agreed. “Let’s sleep for now.”


“Yeah, okay. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Cal answered, yawning again.

“Goodnight, guys,” Wes echoed. “Love you.” And he held them both tighter, and like that they drifted off.

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