Villain, 9

Power is a Potent Aphrodisiac

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Sam came with a grunt, twisting Henry’s arm to elicit a nice cry of pain as he did.

When he was finished, he pulled out and pushed Henry to the floor, falling back into a sitting position and wiping at his brow with one arm. They breathed together in silence for a while, until Sam reached out and smacked Henry on the thigh. “Well?”

“Thank you, sir,” Henry said in a small voice.

That was better, but Sam shouldn’t have had to remind him. He sighed. “You’re pathetic.”

“I know,” Henry answered, and Sam just snorted. “You’re energetic today.”

“Am I?” Sam hadn’t noticed, but he thought about it and he supposed he’d been a bit more vigorous than usual with Henry. “I am in a pretty good mood. Actually, it’s making me feel generous. Roll over and touch yourself.”

Henry hesitated in complying, but not for long enough that Sam felt compelled to hurt him over it. He wasn’t very loud about it, which was a bit annoying, but Sam preferred that to Henry faking something, he supposed.

It wasn’t all that interesting to just sit here and listen, though. “What are you thinking about?” Sam asked, pulling Henry’s foot into his lap and fiddling with the toes just because he could. When Henry didn’t answer right away, Sam continued. “Not me, I assume.”

“I’m…not, really,” Henry murmured. At least he didn’t try that particular lie.

“Come on. It’s not a purely mechanical process, you must have something in mind. We’re friends, you can tell me your jerk-off fantasies, Henry. Is it a girl from home? Or maybe it’s Terry. Are you imaging Terry’s cock inside you like the way mine just was?”


“Maybe he’s telling you he loves you?”

“No,” Henry whinged, and Sam reflected that he would have to be careful to keep the subject of Terry in his pocket for when he really wanted to upset Henry. He didn’t want it losing its potency.

“Maybe it is me, then,” Sam mused, playing with Henry’s toes. He was pretty sure it would be possible to create a spell that would force someone to feel arousal. He reached out for the Forces, thinking it shouldn’t be that different from making people feel other emotions, which he knew how to do in principle, though he’d never had much occasion to try it out. Most emotional magic was Order-aspected, so he started there. “Are you thinking about doing to me what I do to you?” he asked.

“Of course not,” Henry panted.

“That’s not very convincing.” If the magic didn’t work, then Sam figured at worst he’d make Henry feel some other feeling and he’d know pretty quickly. “I bet you are. You want to rape me, don’t you, Henry? You want to shove me against a wall or the floor, fuck me until I can’t walk, make me bleed and cry?”


“Or have me on my knees in front of you?” Sam asked, manipulating a thread of power now and feeding it into Henry. “Choke me on your cock, just shove it down my throat. Maybe you’ll pull out and shoot all over my face, then make me say, ‘thank you, sir.’”

“I’m not…” Henry’s breath caught for just an instant. “I’m not.”

“Because you’re really not or because you’re too afraid to?”

“I’m not like you.”

“So you keep saying, but I’m not convinced.” Sam smiled. “But maybe I’m wrong, then. Maybe you’re thinking about me raping you.” Getting the hang of the magic he was using now, Sam really worked it into Henry, and was a rewarded with a sharp intake of breath as he felt something, at least. “Even though it just happened a few minutes ago, you’re thinking about what it felt like to be hurt, to be humiliated, broken. Maybe you like it.”


“It’s okay, you can admit it. We’re friends, remember?”

“I don’t!” Henry shouted, and it filled the cell, surprising Sam with its volume.

Into the silence that fell afterwards, Sam smiled. And didn’t say anything.

“I…” Henry was trying to control his breathing. He’d stopped masturbating. “I’m sorry, Sam. I…”

“It’s okay.” Sam chose to overlook the apology, still fiddling with Henry’s toes. He wondered if Henry really needed this many toes. “Do you want to know why I’m in a good mood today?”

“Why?” Henry asked, voice strained.

“Remember Todd?”

The way that Henry tensed told Sam he was already anticipating some of what was to come. “Yeah.”

“We had sex.”

Henry was silent for a moment. “What?”

“You’re supposed to be touching yourself,” Sam reminded him. “I raped him, if you want to be pedantic. He was in my room helping me get ready for bed last night, and of course we’re friends now so he thinks that means he should prattle on all the damn time. He was telling me about some stupid field near his family’s house and how beautiful it was and I just thought that…I would rather be fucking him than listening to him.”

“God…” Henry was stroking himself again, for real this time. The magic must be working. Sam didn’t think he’d tell Henry about the spell. Let him think he was getting off on this all on his own.

“So that’s what I did. He was helping me dress for bed anyway so I told him I needed help with the laces on my pants. He must have seen that I was hard but he got down on his knees anyway to unlace them.” Todd was a bit of an idiot, actually. He’d deserved what Sam had done to him. “I grabbed him by the hair and stuck my cock in his mouth. Told him if he bit me I’d rip his teeth out.” Sam smiled at the memory, getting hard again. “It was, uh.” He giggled a little. “Listening to him gag and choke on it. I liked it. I’d like to try actually choking someone to death like that someday.” It probably wouldn’t work, Sam reflected. He wasn’t really big enough. Still, trying might be fun. Maybe a young kid or something.

“I didn’t mean to cum in his mouth, but I did. He coughed so much after, like he was going to throw up. You never did that.” The sound of flesh on flesh was getting faster. “I threw him on the bed and ripped his clothes and when I was climbing on him to fuck him, he said…” Sam broke off, lost in the memory for a moment. He’d started touching himself without realizing it. “He said ‘no.’”

Henry’s only answer was a soft whimper. Sam strengthened the flow of magic going into him. “Do you understand, Henry, what it is to take away someone’s ‘no?’ It’s the best feeling in the world. Knowing that you don’t want this, you’d stop me if you could. And knowing you can’t, so you’re reduced to hiding behind a word, and then taking even that away from you, it’s…God, it’s amazing. I hurt him so badly after that, Henry. I didn’t even really mean to. I broke his arm holding it behind his back, with my bare hands. I fucked him so hard I could smell the blood. I…”

Henry interrupted Sam with a cry as he came, and Sam could hear the spurts of cum squirting out from him and stopped the flow of magic with a smile. Let Henry wrestle with the guilt of that for a while. “You know what the best part was, though?”

Henry didn’t answer immediately, and Sam could hear him crying quietly. Sam bent one of Henry’s toes far enough out of its rotation to be painful. “I asked you a question.”

“I don’t…I don’t know,” Henry said, his words coming in starts.

“I made him leave after I was done with him and told him what I wanted for breakfast the next morning. And you know, he came back in the morning and gave it to me. He started crying when I told him he seemed quiet and asked if anything was wrong, sort of like how you are now. But when I told him I needed his help lacing up my pants he still got down on his knees and did it for me.”

“God…” Henry whimpered.

“That’s what I like,” Sam said, his hardness almost painful. “I realized that finally. Sex is okay, but I like that, the power. I like that I can do what I want and make you come back to let me do it again the next day if I want to.”

“Why…why are you like this?”

Sam didn’t know. “That’s a bit of a tall question when you just came to me telling you about raping a servant.”

“I…no. I didn’t. I didn’t, Sam. That wasn’t…”

“You’re just like I am, I’ve been trying to tell you.” Sam was pretty sure that everyone was on the inside, and that they all just pretended not to be.


“The only difference is that I have the power to go with it and you don’t.”

“That’s not true!”

“Taking a bit of a step backward there, aren’t we?” Sam asked playfully. If this was all it took to get Henry to be more honest with him, Sam should have raped Todd weeks ago.

“I don’t…” Henry cut himself off. “You’re the one who keeps telling me to be honest with you.”

“That’s true. Tell me how you feel, Henry.”

“You’re sick, you’re a monster. You’re nothing like me. I’m nothing like you. Nothing.”


“I hate you,” Henry cried in a soft voice.

“But you’re still going to let me use you, aren’t you? How very…”

“It’s not worth it,” Henry whispered, interrupting Sam. Sam didn’t like to be interrupted, but he quieted and let Henry talk. “It’s not worth it. I was wrong, it’s not worth becoming like you.”

“And here I thought you were happy to be my plaything.”

“No,” Henry said, voice small. “I can’t. I’m sorry.” He wasn’t talking to Sam anymore.

But this was the most interesting Henry had been in a while. Sam dropped his foot on the floor and crawled on top of Henry, not surprised in the slightest when Henry struggled underneath him. Months in a prison cell had left him weak and Sam was able to keep him pinned without the use of his magic. “No!”

“Henry,” Sam whispered, positioning himself awkwardly since Henry wouldn’t stop moving underneath him. He leaned down and got right in Henry’s ear as he prepared to enter him. “You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting you to say that.”

Henry screamed and cried and cursed and said it over and over and over. No, no. no.

And Sam revelled in taking that ‘no’ away from him.

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4 thoughts on “Villain, 9

  1. Poor Todd. I knew he was going to end up suffering, but he just wanted to be friendly… It’s not his fault he’s kind of dumb. Someone should give him a biscuit and a head pat. He’s just in the wrong story.

    On the other hand, Henry is in exactly the right story. >:-)


    1. Yeah, Todd is probably the biggest victim in this story in many ways. He’s not a bad person (at least not yet), and though he is a bit of a bully in his own right (I don’t know how far you’ve gotten though, so no spoilers), circumstance mostly acts on him rather than allowing him to act on it. He would definitely do much better in another story, you’re right.

      But yes, there’s really nowhere else Henry can be except for here! 😀 Poor guy, haha.

      Thank you!


  2. Yep, I’ve gotten far enough to see him be a bully, and be described as always having been such by Sam. It was never quite clear, though, if he was actually a bully in his own right before he joined the cycle of abuse. Sam always believes the worst in people, and isn’t the *best* judge of character. And of course, I certainly haven’t yet seen him given a chance to escape the cycle so much as being forcibly yanked out of it.


    1. Yeah, I think that’s the thing; it’s easy to say Todd’s a bully based on his behaviour in-story, but we only ever get reports on his behaviour after he’s already been horrifically abused himself. This whole story is just so many overlapping cycles of abuse that all the characters are stuck in, and as you say, Sam is our only perspective on it and he will always choose the worst thing to believe about anyone he meets.

      Unfortunately, being forcibly yanked to and fro is pretty much Todd’s fate, at least at this point. Maybe he’ll get a second chance at being treated like a human being someday, though! Hopefully.



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