Dragon, 28

Summer Nights Are Too Short

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It was one thing when it was a tent, but another thing all together, Owen thought, that he could apparently break into Gavin’s bedroom in the castle with such ease.

Admittedly, he wasn’t breaking in so much as just…going in, invited. But it was the middle of the night and he had to sneak there, so he counted it as breaking in. Gavin’s rooms were on the second floor of the palace, but he had a balcony with stairs that went down to the main grounds, which Owen just sort of walked up to get to the door.

There were some guards around, but Owen guessed that they were more concerned with people trying to get over the wall than with people already inside.

There was no way that wasn’t a huge security oversight, and danger to his sex life or no, Owen was going to have to say something about it to someone.

After he got laid.


The door was unlocked and even a little ajar in the summer heat, and so it was no trouble at all for Owen to just open it and go into Gavin’s rooms just like that.

They were rich, which Owen had expected. A whole living area here, tables and desks and furniture of all kinds, doors leading off into other rooms. The one room Owen was in was bigger than the common room of his parents’ inn.

This was where Gavin had grown up.

Owen could have spent hours just looking around, just getting a sense of the space Gavin lived in, but there was lamplight coming from one room and headed that way, pushing open the door and leaning against the frame. Gavin was sitting on the edge of his huge bed, naked and hard, and he looked up at Owen and smiled. “About time you got here.”

“As ordered, your Highness.” Owen bowed. Gavin had whispered in his ear earlier today to tell him the balcony door would be unlocked.

“I shouldn’t need to order you, honestly.” Gavin shook his head in mock disappointment. “I’d think you’d have broken down the doors by now to get to me.”

It wasn’t that Owen didn’t want to do that. “I figured that if I got arrested again it might put some tension in our relationship.”

“You won’t get arrested. They don’t patrol the interior of the grounds that often, and my balcony is always open in the summer because it’s fucking hot.” Gavin stretched a little in the lamplight, and there was no way it was for any reason other than to bother Owen in a good way. “Consider that an open invitation.”

“I expect I’ll impose on your hospitality now and again.” Owen shrugged, came into the room, approaching the bed. “When I’ve got the time.” He stopped in front of Gavin, looking down at him. He was so beautiful.

“You’d better make the time for me. I might get bored otherwise. I’ve got lots of other people I could call to sneak into my bed, you know.”

“Guess I’ll have to break all their legs, then.” Owen smiled, leaned down and gave Gavin a kiss, which was reciprocated, and Gavin held onto Owen’s head, kissing him gently, quietly. “You’re so hard,” he commented against Gavin’s mouth, running a hand down Gavin’s chest. “Just from waiting for me?”

“I decided I wouldn’t touch myself,” Gavin murmured.

“You want me to do it instead?”

“Sure, I guess.” The breathiness of Gavin’s voice took away from the nonchalance a little. “Take your clothes off first.”

“Yes, your Highness.” Owen stood, made a nice little show of slowly taking off his shirt, slowly stepping out of his boots, stretching a bit, very, very slowly undoing the laces on his pants and letting them fall, fiddling with the hem of his smallclothes for a bit before finally taking them off, letting his erection spring out.

“Could watch you do that all day and not get bored.” Gavin’s voice had gone all low. Predatory. He was watching Owen, just watching him in the lamplight. “You’re so perfect, Owen.”

“Look who’s talking.” Owen got down on his knees, in between Gavin’s legs, one hand on either knee.

“See? Who else in the world looks like that, talks that smooth, can fight a dragon and is about to give me head? The best.”

“Who said that was what I was going to do?” Owen asked, teasing. He kissed Gavin’s thigh.

“Oh, please. Coy isn’t a game either of us is good at, Owen.”

“I guess not.” Gavin wasn’t wrong. Still, Owen kissed him again, and then again, and then gave him a little bite, enough to leave a mark. Gavin hissed down at him, but Owen kept going, kissing up the thigh, rubbing Gavin’s other thigh with his hand, getting closer and closer but not actually touching Gavin where he wanted it, not yet.

“God…Owen…” Gavin was slowly coming undone already, and Owen could feel it in the way his muscles were tensing. “I’m going to…”

“Not before I get there,” Owen whispered.

“Get there faster.”

Owen smiled, didn’t pick up his pace. Eventually he got there, though, and gave Gavin a nice kiss right underneath, just for the pitiful little noise he knew he’d get. He paused for a moment to take in the smell. Gavin wasn’t the muskiest guy out there, but the heat helped with that a little even if he did mostly still smelled like soap. Then he kissed Gavin’s tight sac, before taking it into his mouth for a good long moment, sucking and playing with the balls on his tongue, listening to Gavin moan and feeling him writhe.

Finally he let those slide out of his mouth and made his was way up, giving Gavin’s shaft a few kisses on the way there, before planting one right on the tip of the swollen head, the parting his lips to slide all the way down Gavin, as far as he could go all at once. “Oh, fuck, Owen…”

Owen didn’t give Gavin time to rest or catch his breath, working with his tongue up and down Gavin’s length, holding Gavin by the hips now to keep him in place. Sure enough, it wasn’t long at all before Gavin tensed again, threw back his head and filled Owen’s mouth with his sharp flavour.

Owen swallowed it all, cleaning Gavin off with his tongue, before pulling off.

“God, I love you.” Gavin dropped down from the bed, onto his knees in front of Owen, and kissed him again, less gently this time, invading Owen’s mouth with his tongue. “I love you.” He broke off to say before going under again. “I love you.” A minute later.

“I love you too.” Owen said the next time Gavin broke for air, and this time when Gavin started kissing him again, it came with a hand around Owen’s cock, or both of theirs really, pressing them together.

Gavin started thrusting his hips as he touched them both, still breaking apart every few seconds. “I love you.”

“I love you,” Owen told him next time, as Gavin’s thrusts got more aggressive.

“I love you,” Gavin told him, as Owen started to tremble.

“I love you,” Owen said, as he came, hard, his cry swallowed up by Gavin’s mouth.

“I love you,” Gavin said softly when they broke apart again. He was still touching them both.

“I love you,” Owen promised in a pant, and then Gavin tensed and came in between them as well, and they both collapsed a little, holding on to each other and breathing.

They lay there for a minute, panting, catching their breath, listening to each other, being together. “Okay,” Gavin said after a moment of recovery. “Now that we’ve established that, let’s go on the bed.”

“I’m always up for anything that happens in a bed.” Owen nodded, which was true—he was still hard.

They helped each other up and managed to climb into the bed, collapsing in a pile there. Gavin smiled and kissed Owen on the chin. “I want to do you from behind.”

“Your wish is my command.” Owen rolled over, grabbing a pillow to put under his chest. Staining Gavin’s expensive sheets with the cum that was on his chest, but oh well.

Rather than climbing right onto him, Gavin got down in between Owen’s legs, parting them with his hands and leaning in. And he got in there, working around Owen’s entrance with his tongue, probing and finally going in, all while Owen, surprised, gripped his pillow firmly and tried not to explode on the spot.

It didn’t last very long, but Owen didn’t think he’d soon forget the idea of Gavin’s tongue, even as it was replaced with the much more familiar fingers to stretch him out for something bigger and better.

By the time Gavin finally did crawl up Owen’s back to position himself, Owen was already a panting mess. “Guess I deserved that.”

“Yeah, that’ll teach you.” Gavin sounded breathless too as he lined himself up with Owen’s hole. “Bet you’ll think twice before teasing me like that again.”

Owen hadn’t actually meant to say that aloud, but he went along with it. “Yeah, I’ll make sure to tease you even more next time.”

“Good,” was all Gavin said, sliding inside Owen now.

Owen couldn’t help the little noise he made. “Gavin…”

“Going to do you really slow,” Gavin muttered, taking his time getting in there properly. “We’re always so…rough, and fast and hard. Thought it might be nice to go slow just once.”

“Yeah.” It was pretty damn nice so far, Owen had to admit. Just having Gavin inside him was always nice, a reminder that his life was good.

The only thing, Owen soon realized, was that on his stomach like this he couldn’t touch Gavin at all. Gavin’s hands were everywhere, all up and down his back, his arms, his sides, in his hair, but Owen was limited to the blankets and pillows. It was driving him crazy, Gavin all over him, inside him, able to touch and feel and kiss and caress, and Owen couldn’t reciprocate at all. Gavin’s hands were wonderful on him, they made him feel so strong and whole, and he wanted, so badly wanted to make Gavin feel that way too.

The bite was sudden, and almost hard enough to draw blood, and when it came, Owen did too, giving an unexpected shout as he shot into the clump of bedding underneath him. Gavin paused, let him shoot, and they lay there breathing for a few minutes before he started up again.

“Wish I could touch you,” Owen told him, moving in tune with Gavin’s gentle thrusts.

“If you could,” Gavin panted, “we’d have already finished. I can’t be patient when you’re touching me. You drive me too crazy.”

“Me too,” Owen whispered, as Gavin just kept going. “Me too, Gavin.”

Gavin’s hand crept up then, came to rest on Owen’s, grabbing it and interlacing their fingers. The other hand worked its way around Owen’s middle, holding him as Gavin buried his face between Owen’s shoulder blades. “Owen…”

“Gavin…” With the thrusts, Owen was rubbing against the sheets, the nicely lubricated spot he’d made before. It didn’t matter that he was sensitive, what mattered was that he was with Gavin, and that was enough to start pushing him closer to the edge again.

“Gavin!” This time when Owen came it was with a shudder that ran through his whole body.

Still, Gavin kept going slowly, not finished. He kept fucking Owen, kept loving Owen, for a good few minutes after that before his grip on Owen’s hand tightened. “Owen!” And he came inside Owen, filling him with a heat that the summer air could never match.

They lay still after that, Gavin on Owen’s back, still planted inside him. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Owen swore. “Forever.”

“Forever.” Gavin let out a long sigh. “Stay here tonight.”

“Okay.” Servants would find them in the morning. Word would get out. Gavin’s parents were going to find out that they’d slept together. Owen didn’t care. “It’s hard to sleep without you, you know.”

“Yeah. Owen?”


“Remember before? When I said you had an open invitation?”

“I remember.” One he planned to make use of.

“It’s not. An invitation, I mean. It’s my bed. And that means it’s your bed too. You don’t need to be invited in.”

Owen smiled at that, his heart warming. “Thanks. As much fun as playing rogue is, it’d be nice to get past that part of the relationship and go to the part where we’re just together.”

“Agreed. Let’s just do that. Screw what my parents say.”

“Isn’t that treason?”

“Whatever. I’d commit treason for you. I’d burn the whole kingdom down for you, Owen.”

“Me too. Me too, Gavin. I’d take on the whole world.” He would. Owen meant that.

“It’s a good thing we’re such good people, then.” Gavin muttered, shifting a little. He was planning to sleep like that, apparently. “The world will be safe. I promise I’ll never ask you to burn it down for me.”

That didn’t mean Owen wouldn’t. “I promise I’ll never ask you to commit treason.”

“Good. I’d hate to disappoint my parents like that.”

Anymore than he already had, but Owen didn’t want to ruin the mood by adding that.

“Can’t decide if I want to go again or not,” Gavin mused, resting his head on Owen’s shoulder.

“I’m game either way.”

“Surprise.” Owen could feel Gavin smiling. “Let’s just…lay here for a bit. And see how we feel.”

“I love you.” That was how Owen felt.

“I love you too, Owen,” Gavin told him, squeezing his hand. Owen just wanted to stay like that forever. Or at least all night.

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