Dragon, 32

There’s No Point in Letting a Perfectly Good Day Get Ruined by Breakfast

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Owen was dreaming about Gavin, which wasn’t unusual. They were chasing something blue when all of the sudden Gavin was on Owen’s horse with him, leaning down even though that was impossible, lips wrapping around Owen’s cock, and it made perfect sense as it was happening.

The horse and the forest morphed away as Owen focused on Gavin and Gavin’s mouth, and how warm it was and Gavin’s tongue all up and down his length, and the little noises Gavin made as he blew him, and Owen squirmed and spasmed, shouting as he came down Gavin’s throat. “Fuck…”

He opened his eyes, and he was in Gavin’s bed, in Gavin’s bedroom, and he wasn’t sleeping anymore. But Gavin’s lips were still around Owen’s cock, which was the only part of the dream that had been worth remembering. Light was shining through the gap in the curtains, illuminating Gavin’s flushed cheeks.

Owen realized he had his hand in Gavin’s hair and let go, letting him up. “Morning.”

“Did you like your wake-up call?” Gavin asked, rubbing his head where Owen’s hand had been in his hair. It was all tousled and sticking in four different directions, and it made Owen want to do unspeakable things to him.

“It was perfect.” Owen smiled. “Thanks.”

“It better have been. I got some practice in, since you didn’t fucking wake up the first time.”

“Are…you serious?”

“Yes. An hour ago I was down here blowing you all nice like you asked, and I figured you’d wake up at the end.” Gavin glared at him now. “You did for like two seconds. You said my name and then fell asleep again. Which was very cute, but I almost punched you in the balls.”

Owen felt laughter rising in his throat and tried to suppress it. “I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Only because that would have been breaking my promise to wake you up with a blowjob.” Now Gavin hit him, but it was just a smack on the thigh. “Asshole.”

“Sorry.” Owen sat up, giving Gavin a kiss on the forehead. “I feel like this is just as bad for me as it was for you—I missed out on a blowjob, which sucks.” He paused. “So to speak.”

“You didn’t miss out on it. It still happened.”

“But I don’t remember it.” It seemed clear that Gavin didn’t get what a tragedy this was. “Here, look.” He gave Gavin a bit of a push, to encourage him to get down on his back. And Owen got down between Gavin’s legs and gave his erection a lick, then a suck, then went down on it all at once, taking it in his mouth as deeply as he could. Gavin grunted, fisting the sheets as Owen worked on him, and thrust upwards into Owen’s mouth.

A moment later he was finished, and rewarded Owen with his load, which Owen swallowed fully. “See?” he said, pulling his head off and looking up at Gavin. “Imagine how upset you’d be if I did that and you didn’t even know.”

“True,” Gavin admitted, taking a deep breath as he sat up. “I’d always wonder what I missed out on.”

“Exactly. I’ll be empty now, for the rest of my life, wondering what might have been.”

It was Gavin’s turn to laugh now. “I’ll just have to give you so many blowjobs you’ll remember today that you forget all about the one you forgot all about.”

Owen sighed, hiding his smile. “If anyone is up to the task, I’m sure it’s you. You want to start now?” He was hard again, or still, and they said there was no time like the present.

Gavin snorted, but pushed Owen back this time. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

“Maybe someday we’ll do the opposite of this—a day where you can blow me whenever you want,” Owen suggested, as Gavin took his cock in hand and started giving it little licks.

“Don’t think I don’t see that for what it is,” Gavin muttered, around Owen. “Besides, you’d pass out by lunch.”

“A chance…I’m willing to…take.” Owen’s words were coming more slowly now that Gavin’s tongue was working around his head.

Gavin teased him, kissing and licking but never actually taking Owen into his mouth, until Owen’s vision was streaked with white and he was writhing on the bed. “Gavin…”

“Mmm?” Gavin’s tongue darted over Owen’s slit, which was crying in desperation much like Owen wanted to be. Owen shuddered, cried out a little.

God knew how long that went on, but finally at some point Gavin took pity on Owen and engulfed him, just the head, but it was enough for Owen to shout and shoot into Gavin’s mouth, letting Gavin drink him.

“We could just keep doing that,” Owen suggested, as he caught his breath and Gavin sat up again. “All day, go back and forth blowing each other. We’d have plenty to eat.”

“Gross, but not a bad idea. Though the servants who’ve set up breakfast for us might be a little disappointed if we don’t go out and eat.”

“When did they do that?” Owen asked, still trying to clear his head.

“One of them poked their head in a while ago while you were doing me,” Gavin told him, sidling up close and putting his head on Owen’s shoulder. “And discreetly popped back out before we were disturbed.”

Owen felt himself get a little light in the stomach. “Again? Can’t you make them stop doing that?”

“I’d hoped they would have by now without being told,” Gavin admitted. “You and I are nothing if not consistent in this regard. I guess I’ll have a chat with them.”

“That would be good.”

“In the meantime, though, let’s get dressed and go eat.” Gavin slid from the bed, stretched with a small noise. “It’s too hot.”

“Skip the part where you get dressed,” Owen suggested, following Gavin reluctantly out of the bed and doing some stretches of his own.

“And let everyone else see what rightfully belongs to you? I don’t think so.”

“Aw.” Owen took Gavin in his arms and kissed him, and Gavin kissed back, but only briefly, before returning to his stretches.

“I suggest you don’t wear any smallclothes today.”

“See, this is why I like you—always thinking,” Owen yawned.

“It’s what I’m here for.”

It always took them longer than strictly necessary to clothe themselves when they were together, mostly because neither of them could resist touching each other everywhere as they tried to dress. But eventually they were decent and Gavin led Owen to the door and out into the main room of his apartments, where breakfast would be set up.

It wasn’t, though, and Gavin glanced at the maid, whose name was Mina. “Your Highness,” she said, bowing. “Their Highnesses the king and queen have requested that you and your companion break your fasts with them this morning.”

“Both of us?” Gavin’s eyebrows rose and Owen’s stomach sank. He’d kind of assumed that at some point it was going to get to Gavin’s parents that this was happening, but part of him had been hoping that they would just decide not to do anything about it.

“Yes, your Highness. I’d have told you earlier, but…” she trailed off.

Gavin smiled, hitting Owen as he did. “Yes, I know. We’ll head there now.”

“We will?”

“Of course.” Gavin turned a smile on Owen. “You want to keep the king waiting?”

Owen didn’t, except that he kind of did want to keep the king waiting—forever. But it looked like he didn’t have a choice, and he just followed Gavin out of the room, wishing that every step didn’t feel so heavy.

About halfway there, Gavin turned up to look at him. “What’s the matter?”

“Do…” Owen trailed off, looked at Gavin, a little incredulous. “Do I really need to tell you what’s the matter?”

“What, are you afraid of breakfast? It’s just my parents, Owen.”

“I know it’s not a big deal to you, but your parents are the king and queen, Gavin,” Owen hissed. “It’s a bit worrying even if we hadn’t been blowing each other ten minutes ago.”

Gavin just looked at Owen for a minute, an annoyed look on his face. He glanced around the hallway, seized Owen by the arm and pulled him towards one door in particular. “What are you doing?”

“Talking.” Gavin pulled the door open and pushed Owen inside, shutting them in the room. It was an empty sitting room. He pushed Owen up against the closed door, putting his hands on his hips. “Stop being such a wimp.”

“What? Gavin.”

“No, don’t Gavin me, Owen. We’ve had this talk. I’m just a person. Gabrielle’s just a person. My parents are just people, Owen. What do you give a shit what they do for a living?”

Owen blinked at him. It was like Gavin didn’t understand what was at stake here. “Because what they do for a living is a job that lets them have me arrested or killed, Gavin! Because they could send me away from you.”

“You think I’d let them do that?” Gavin sounded almost disgusted at the suggestion. “We’ve had that conversation too.”

“No, but…”

“Dragons have a job that involves eating people, and ice wizards have a job that involves ending the world, and spiders have a job that involves scaring me out of my skin, and you’re not daunted by any of them,” Gavin said, punctuating it with a slap to Owen’s chest.

“That’s different.” Owen didn’t miss Gavin’s word choice.

“The knights tried to hang you and you didn’t let them daunt you either.”


“Exactly.” Gavin patted Owen on the cheek a little more forcefully than necessary. “So man the fuck up and talk to my parents, Owen. Charm the hell out of them like you do everyone else and make them change their minds about you. Got it?”

Owen looked down at Gavin, pressed right into his space, glaring up at him. He was right. Owen was making this a bigger deal than it had to be. Practically everything Owen had met in the last year had been ready to kill him, and this was no different. He nodded. “Okay. Sorry.”

“You’d better be, and I don’t want to have to do this again, got it?”

“Got it.” Owen swallowed, smiled. “Still, it’s okay if I don’t mention the two blowjobs this morning, right?”

Gavin smacked his chest again. “It was three.”

“Yeah, but I don’t remember the first one, remember?” Owen raised his eyebrows.

In reply, Gavin rolled his eyes. And got down on his knees. “You know, I was planning on doing you again at the breakfast table. Since that ship has sailed now, I guess this’ll have to do.”

“I’m not sure how to deal with the disappointment.”

“Try sticking your cock in my mouth,” Gavin suggested as he unlaced Owen’s pants. “That usually helps.”

“And spoil your breakfast?” Owen was already getting hard again and already appreciating the lack of smallclothes that he was wearing.

Gavin punched Owen in the leg, yanking Owen’s pants down.

Owen smirked, taking his cock in hand. “Big sword goes in Gavin.”

“I’ll bite you.”

Owen chuckled, pushing forward. Gavin opened his mouth and took Owen in. Gavin surprised him by sliding all the way down in one go, until Owen hit the back of his throat with a cry. And then Gavin relaxed, letting Owen the rest of the way in. “Oh, Gavin…” Owen managed as he felt his balls hit Gavin’s chin.

Gavin pulled back, and slid forward again, tongue working as he did. He pulled Owen along with him, until Owen got the hint and started moving in tune with Gavin, thrusting in and out of his mouth faster and faster, getting lost in it until all of the sudden, way too soon, Owen was spewing another load of cum down Gavin’s throat.

Gavin pulled off with a satisfied smile, wiping at his mouth. “I have a plan, you know,” he said conversationally, pulling up Owen’s pants.

“Oh?” It was a good thing, because Owen definitely wasn’t equipped to do it.

“I’m going to blow you so many times that you can’t get it up by the end of the day.” Gavin turned that smile up at him now. “Then when we go to bed I’m going to fuck you and only worry about getting myself off, because your dick’ll be all limp.”

“Oh, yeah?” Owen challenged as Gavin finished with his pants and stood. He didn’t fail to notice the tent Gavin was pitching now. “That doesn’t sound like me.”

“Even you have limits. I’ll find them.”

“You want to bet?”

Gavin gave him a look, tilting his head a little. “Maybe. What are you betting?”

“If you can do it, you can fuck me without worrying about me all day tomorrow.”

“Hm.” Gavin leaned in, kissed him. “A step more than that. You don’t get to cum at all.”

Owen nodded. If Gavin got what he wanted today, he likely wouldn’t have it in him to cum tomorrow anyway. “If you can’t, I get to fuck you tonight instead.”

This was a challenge Owen felt up to.

“Deal.” Gavin kissed him again. “Now let’s go. Mom and dad are waiting.”

“I’m not going to be able to look at them without seeing you on your knees just now,” Owen muttered as Gavin opened the door and they went back out into the hallway.

“That was the idea. Walk in there like you just got an amazing blowjob from their son and you know they can’t do anything about it.”

Owen gulped. “They can, though?”

“Shhh, we’re done with that talk now,” Gavin warned him. “Oh, look. We’re here.”

They were indeed here, at some doors, which Gavin opened to reveal a nice little dining room, where the king and queen were seated at a nice little table.

“Ah,” King Gerard said, looking up at them. “We were wondering if you’d gotten lost, son.”

“Sorry, your Highness,” Owen told him, giving a little bow. “I asked for a tour first.”

The king and queen looked at each other for a moment as Owen pulled out a chair for Gavin to sit. “See anything interesting?” Gavin’s mother asked.

Owen grinned, thought of Gavin on his knees. “A few things. There are some beautiful works of art in this castle, you know.”

“That’s an awfully romantic way for you to refer to my son,” the queen said as Owen sat down.

Owen looked up at her, smiling nervously and a little worried, but he pushed that aside. “Oops,” he said. “And here I thought I was being subtle.”

“Not, I suspect, a strong suit of yours, young man.”

“Not really,” Owen admitted, wishing that Gavin’s mother could look at him in some way that didn’t make her look like she was planning on eating him instead of the eggs on the table. “I’m more of a ‘stab it until it dies’ kind of guy. Gavin’s the brains of the outfit.”

“He gets that from his father,” the queen said offhandedly, smiling at her son, who was just watching the two of them with what might look to an outsider to be benign interest. “Come, let’s eat.”

Bowls of oatmeal were already laid out, and there was a platter of fruit and a plate of eggs in between them, and some bread and butter. A disappointing lack of bacon, Owen noted, but he waited until Gavin had picked up his spoon to start eating and did the same, deciding to ignore the fact that there were two and using the larger of them.

“So about all these rumours we’re hearing from the servants about you two,” Gerard began, after Owen had spooned some oatmeal into his mouth.

Owen made an effort not to choke, managing to swallow without dying, he looked at the king.

“Dad.” Gavin held out a hand, waved it feebly at his father. “Don’t listen to servants’ gossip. It’s unsightly for a king.”

“Well, as I’m the only one who’s a king, I’ll be the judge of that, son. And all of that unsightly gossip suggests that your friend hasn’t been making much use of the bed that we’ve so thoughtfully provided for him to sleep in.”

“I can’t believe you. You had us come here on purpose so you could do this.” Gavin sighed, looking up at the ceiling for a minute.

“Well, we invited you and whoever happened to be in your bedroom, just to be polite,” the king told Gavin, pointing with his spoon. The half-smile on his face was an expression that Gavin had inherited from him. “It’s not our fault you happened to have Owen in there.”


“Gavin’s bed is the more comfortable of the two,” Owen interrupted, drawing the king’s attention back to himself. He put on a totally innocent face and looked him right in the eye. “And it’s bigger. More than big enough for two people.”

Gavin had told him to act this way, after all.

“Owen,” Gavin warned, patting his arm.

“What you really need to do,” Owen went on, covering Gavin’s hand with his for a second before removing it, “is have a talk with him about the safety issues involved in sleeping with his balcony door open. Did you know it’s not even guarded at night? There are stairs; anyone could just walk up there.”

Gerard just stared at Owen for a minute, and then he blinked. “A fair point. Perhaps we should station a guard.”

“It would be a good idea.” Owen nodded seriously. “I’ve tried to talk to Gavin about it, but he won’t listen to me.”

“There’s a huge wall and a moat.” Gavin sounded annoyed, but Owen wasn’t sure what he’d expected.

“A useless moat, and climbing walls isn’t that hard.”

“You know, Gavin, we have been telling you for years that you need to listen to people who are worried about your safety,” Gerard said, thoughtfully. “You’re too flippant about it.”

“I am not,” Gavin muttered.

“You were kidnapped by a dragon, dear,” Georgina reminded him. “After you slipped your guards.”

Owen raised his eyebrows, looking at Gavin. “You never told me that part.”

Gavin rolled his eyes. “He would have killed the guards if they’d been there, I was protecting them.”

Owen gave Gavin a very light shove in his chair. “It was their job to protect you, dumbass. You going to run away from me next time a dragon shows up to protect me?” He turned back to Gavin’s parents. “You know one time he jumped off a cliff to kill an ice monster? Just…” Owen waved a hand. “Right off a mountain.”

Gavin ven Sancte, you did what?”

“It wasn’t as bad as it sounds! And it worked out okay in the end anyway.” Gavin glared at Owen. “You’re using the wrong spoon.”

“I’m using the spoon that lets me eat faster,” Owen said, looking down at it. He was of the opinion that there was no such thing as a wrong spoon.

“I suppose we should be grateful that we have you stationed in Gavin’s room,” Georgina said, watching the two of them. “To protect him. From himself if nothing else.”

“You’re welcome,” Owen told her. “Not that I need thanks. I’d protect him anyway.”

“Good. That doesn’t do much to explain why the servants also mention needing to clean his bedding every morning.”

“Well…” Owen went a little red, averted his eyes and got some eggs.

“Mom…” Gavin had his eyes closed now. “Don’t.”

“Just a comment, dear.”

“Whatever, I’m living proof that you have sex sometimes too.”

“Sometimes?” Georgina raised an eyebrow, something else Gavin had inherited.

“So,” Gerard interrupted, pointing at Owen. “Tell me, Owen. How does one go about killing a dragon, anyway?”

Owen turned a grin on him, swallowing the egg in his mouth. “You stab it until it dies.”

The king looked at him in a way not dissimilar to how Gavin did when he couldn’t decide if he wanted to punch Owen or laugh. “Suited to your skillset, then.”

“Yep. You kill most things that way, actually. Trolls, ghouls, bandits, wizards.” Owen shrugged. “It’s universally effective.”

“Didn’t work on the ice monsters,” Gavin muttered quietly, playing with his oatmeal.

“Mostly universally effective,” Owen amended, flicking a look at Gavin.

“Oh, dear,” Georgina said, with a long sigh as she watched the two of them. She sat back in her chair, picking up a glass of water and sipping at it.

“What?” Gavin asked. “Something wrong?”

“You two are rather more well suited for each other than I’d assumed at first,” she said, in tones of great personal sacrifice. “Don’t you think so, Gerard?”

“I do.” Gerard shook his head. He sighed too. “We’re probably going to have to let them stay together, aren’t we?”

“I should think so.”

Gavin’s eyes went wide, and Owen felt himself grinning. He punched Gavin in the shoulder.

Gavin punched him back. “Told you.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Conditionally, of course,” Georgina went on, eyeing Owen. “We’ll have to set up three trials or something for Owen.”

“Just three?” Owen asked, still grinning, giddy. “I’ll be back in time for lunch.”

“Very funny. Why don’t you tell us in detail how you killed that dragon? An entire order of knights couldn’t manage it and I’m curious. Gavin’s story wasn’t very helpful.”

“I told you everything!”

“Your side of the story focused rather more on Owen than it needed to. We want vicarious vengeance on the dragon who kidnapped you, Gavin. Let’s hear the story.”

“Well, okay.” Owen got comfortable in his chair, sending another grin at Gavin. Gavin took his hand under the table. “I guess I’ll start a little before I found the cave, when I left my village with zero dragon-fighting equipment except for a bad attitude and a pretty solid determination.”

It wasn’t, in retrospect, much different from what he’d walked into this dining room with.

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