Prince, 18

Interruptions Are No Big Deal When You’re Really Invested in What You’re Doing

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Franz’s loincloth was unravelling.

It was his own fault, he hadn’t tied it very well after he’d gotten out of the bath earlier. He’d only put it on because Boey had insisted he needed to be wearing something in case any of the servants came into the rooms, which they hadn’t. He was too lazy to tie it properly, so instead Franz was trying hard not to fidget as he sat on the sofa reading the Book of Divine Foretellings.

It was all very riveting stuff, with its rivers of ice and people wearing each other’s skin. Too bad none of it made any sense, but Franz supposed that was the point. If it did, how could priests spend centuries telling people what it meant?

But it provided enough entertainment to distract him until Boey was out of the bathtub so they could go to bed, at least. Franz amused himself trying to figure out where in all of this that priest back home had managed to convince himself that Franz’s mother was the devil’s Leader, to no avail as usual. Honestly, all the stuff about walking the halls of the elect and seducing the righteous into the legions of the damned was pretty generic, it could apply to most people who Franz knew. And the parts that were specific were about a crown made of birds and a honey-mouthed demon on a long chain and they didn’t make any sense anyway.

When Mom had repeatedly failed to start the apocalypse, people had just sort of naturally stopped listening to the crazy priest. Franz wondered what had happened to him.

Franz heard Boey’s footsteps coming from the bath into the living room, and he said, “You know, the devil’s kind of an asshole. If he’d just sit down and rationally explain his position instead of baking people alive in the ovens of torment, maybe he’d…” Franz looked up as he spoke, eyes landing on Boey.

He hadn’t dressed after coming out of the bath, and stood there in the doorway of the room stark naked, almost dry but with wet hair, some droplets of water running down his chest.

He was hard, and he smirked at Franz. “I was thinking about you while I washed. You look a little distracted, Franz. What were you saying?”

“Don’t move,” Franz ordered, putting the book aside and standing without a care for his precariously tied loincloth, straining a bit under his own growing erection.

It stayed on as he crossed the room, but Franz didn’t care. Boey did as Franz had asked, standing there and letting Franz come to him. Franz stopped just in front of Boey, hands out as if to touch him, hovering over the vision that was his companion. “You know you’re the most attractive person I’ve ever met?” he asked.

“I know,” Boey said with a smile. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

Franz gave Boey a grin, and got down on his knees without another word. “I’m told I look even better from above.”

“I’m liking the view so far.”

“How about now?” Franz asked, taking Boey’s cock in his hand, and putting his lips over it, looking up at Boey the whole time.

“Oh, God.” Boey took in a shuddering breath. “Yeah, that’s…the best view of you, Franz.”

Franz was pretty sure this was the best view of Boey as well, and he demonstrated that by sucking on him, pulling more and more of Boey into his mouth, using his hand to keep Boey steady and his other hand to rub up and down Boey’s leg and thigh.

“Mm, Franz…” Boey’s hand found Franz’s hair, fisting in it a bit. Not pushing him down, just pulling his hair for stimulation. Franz groaned a little and used his tongue to lap at Boey’s head, going just a bit deeper as he did.

Franz was straining against the badly tied fabric of his loincloth, and suddenly Boey’s foot was there, right on his erection, rubbing. Franz felt the knot come undone, but Boey’s foot kept his erection clothed even as he used it to massage Franz, to drive him closer to distraction, to get Franz to suck him harder, and deeper. Franz loved Boey’s feet and Boey knew that, and as he started to moan around Boey’s dick, he knew there was a very real possibility that he would cum first.

He almost didn’t hear the knocking at the door, but Boey did and he let go of Franz’s hair. “Franz, stop.”

Franz did, question in his eyes as he looked up at Boey.

“The door.”

Another series of knocks came, and Franz closed his eyes, sighed through his nose. They would just come in if he didn’t answer. So he pulled off of Boey, sitting back. “I hate having servants.”

“You’d starve without them.” Boey looked just as irritated, but he shook his head. “Tie your loincloth properly. I’ll go wait in the bathing room until you’re done.”

Franz nodded, going to stand as Boey retreated back to the other room. “Come in,” he called as he went about putting the loincloth in properly. It couldn’t do anything to hide his erection or the wet spot on the front, but there wasn’t much he could do about that.

Frederick entered the room, a roll of paper in hand. “I’m sorry to bother you so late, my prince.”

“It’s fine, Frederick, you caught me just as I finished my bath,” Franz lied. “I’m headed to bed soon, but what I can do for you?”

The look on Frederick’s face and the slight blush on his cheeks were enough to tell Franz that the boy had at least an inkling of what he’d interrupted. Being in possession of the same anatomy as Franz, his page probably didn’t have to work hard to figure it out.

Come to think of it, Franz wondered if anyone had explained to Frederick the things that were supposed to be explained to boys before they became men. Maybe he was supposed to.

Frederick didn’t make eye contact, but instead held out the roll of paper. “You…you asked me to bring you word from Lord Quate the moment it came in, sir.”

“Yes, I did.” Franz took the roll of paper, which wasn’t from Hector, and smiled at Frederick. “I guess it was silly of me to think he’d want to talk to me at a normal time of day.”

Frederick chuckled a little, nodding. “I’ll…um, I’ll leave you be now, sir.”

“Frederick, I’m not upset that you came,” Franz told him, taking a sympathetic tone. “You were only doing what I asked.”

“Yes, sir. Still…”

“There are more things that princes and common people have in common than things that we don’t,” Franz went on. “No matter who you are, being embarrassed about something normal is silly.”

“Right.” Frederick nodded, and he managed to look up at Franz’s face for the first time. “I’m sorry, sir.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. You knocked, and that’s what matters to me. Imagine what you’d have done had you not.”

Frederick chuckled, face filling with colour. “I’ll…tell the rest of the servants that you’re retiring for the night, sir. And not to bother you.” He gave a quick look around the room just then, eyes stopping for just a half-second on the door to the bathing room.

“Thank you.” Franz nodded. “I won’t force you to stand here and converse with me like this. I’ll see you tomorrow and I promise to be mostly dressed.”

Another quiet laugh, and Frederick nodded. “Goodnight, my prince.”

“Goodnight, Frederick,” Franz told him, and Frederick retreated from the room, closing the door with a click behind him.

Franz sighed, looked down at the roll of paper. He unrolled it, read the message that was written in a fluid script much neater than Hector’s. Don’t wear blue to the banquet.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” Franz muttered to the paper, looking up as Boey re-emerged. He held out the paper for him to read. “The Suntowers?”

“Probably, their crest is blue,” Boey told him, frowning over the letter. “I’ll keep an eye on them.”

Franz nodded. The royal banquet that was coming up in about a week was a prime opportunity for a lot of political manoeuvring. And also a prime opportunity for someone to try and kill a princess. Helena was worried, which had Franz worried too.

Boey sighed. “Okay.” He took the paper over and set it on the table. “We’ll worry about it tomorrow. Nothing we can do about it tonight.”

“Yeah. Frederick looked for you, while he was in here.” Franz wasn’t totally sure what to make of it. “Could just be that he wondered where you went when I was like this.” He pointed at himself, still hard.

“Or it could be because he expected me to be nearby because you were.” Boey nodded. “You’re going to have to tell him. I told you he was smart enough to figure it out.”

“We’re not the best at hiding it,” Franz admitted.

“No. And hiding around the corner so he couldn’t see me was one of the worst feelings of my life. I don’t want to do that again if I can avoid it.”

Franz bit his lip a little, swallowing back a lump in his throat. “Sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” Boey was emotionless in a way that Franz didn’t like.

“Yes, it is. Let me make up to you?”

Boey smirked, turning and leaning back against the table a little. “I do remember you doing something with your tongue that I liked. Finish what you started and I might forgive you.” He was still hard, jutting out into the air.

Franz grinned, got in front of Boey and dropped to his knees. “Forgive me enough to keep doing what you were doing with your foot?”

Boey laughed. “Take off your loincloth.”

Excited, Franz did, fumbling a little as he untied the knot and finally freeing himself from it, tossing it aside and grinning up at Boey for approval, who moved his foot to rub Franz’s uncovered erection. As he did, Franz took Boey back in his mouth, as much as he could in one gulp, and started sucking again at the same speed he’d been before.

Able to put his weight on the table now, Boey was able to use his foot to better advantage, gripping Franz’s head between two toes and stroking up and down, flexing as he went. Franz shivered in the heat, lapping his tongue against the length of Boey’s hardness, and he relaxed his throat and let Boey in all the way, sliding down Boey’s shaft until he could go no farther. Then he pulled back until only the tip was his mouth, and Franz bathed that in tongue attention for a good minute before sliding back down and letting Boey into his throat with a hard suck.

As he went back down he kept his eyes up, watching Boey. Boey had closed his eyes and thrown his head back, panting. He pressed his foot onto Franz’s cock, rubbing it against Franz’s belly as he massaged it, and his hand was back in Franz’s hair, pulling.

Franz could feel himself getting closer to finishing and he was determined that Boey was going to cum first, so he pulled off but for the head, sucking as hard as he could on the most sensitive part of Boey, unrelentingly licking it all over as he did. Boey cried out, pulled his foot back just a little, forcing Franz to follow him with a buck of his hips.

Boey’s first spurt filled Franz’s mouth just before Franz’s coated Boey’s foot, so he called it a win and focused on swallowing even as he cried out around Boey’s cock.

“Franz…” Boey moaned, leaning back against the table, his foot twitching as Franz made a mess of it. When he was done searing Franz’s tongue, he sagged a little, trying to catch his breath as he looked down at Franz.

Franz pulled off, smiling weakly up at him. Boey returned it. And offered Franz his foot, cum-covered.

Franz’s smile widened and he took Boey’s foot by the ankle, gently holding it in both hands as he leaned down and gave the heel a lick, up the sole and to the toes. Boey’s breath caught. Franz gave another lick, and another, and kept going until Boey’s foot was totally clean, even sucking on each individual toe to make sure he got it all.

Both of them were still hard when he was done.

“I love you,” Boey said, looking down at Franz in a way that made him sure it was true.

“I love you too,” Franz told him, standing, and leaning in for a kiss.

“Nope.” Boey put a hand on Franz’s chest, stopping him from getting any closer.


“That was just on my foot, you’re not kissing me with it.”

“Your foot is clean! You just had a bath!” Franz pouted. He wanted to kiss Boey.

“You know the rules. Go wash your mouth out and then we’ll talk.”

“Fine, fine.” Franz huffed, went over to the tray on the nearby table and poured himself a cup from the pitcher. When he was finished washing his mouth out, he returned to Boey, who was reading Helena’s letter again.

Franz took it from his hand. “Tomorrow. Tonight it’s just us.”

“Okay.” Boey smiled. “What shall we do with our time together?”

“Well…” Franz leaned in for his kiss, blinked when Boey moved back. “Hey.”

Boey smirked at him, moved out from under Franz, and headed for the bedroom. “Let’s get in bed, and I’ll think about it.”

Franz followed him, captivated as he always was.

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