Hmm what kind of blogs would Cal, Mick, and Wes have?

I think we’d all like to know.

(In reference to a since-deleted post about what kinds of Tumblr blogs the characters would have)


  • Cal’s url is “lawfulgoodisbadasstoo” He, Mick and Wes share a porn blog called “threewheeledbootytrain”
  • He reblogs a lot about DnD, and roleplaying generally, a lot of polyamory support stuff (which he’s considering spinning off into a sideblog), cool urban exploration stories and Fallout headcanons. He also likes cool art with aesthetic binaries, like fire and ice, light and dark, etc.
  • The first blog he followed was an urban exploration blog that posted tonnes of pictures of old buildings and stuff.
  • A lot of care and attention has gone into his theme, it’s a lot of grey and white, with a strange faded feeling that he likes, everything is really organized.
  • Cal is usually asleep at 2am, but when he’s not and online, he’s usually opining about some place he wants to explore, talking about Nathen or shitposting with Wes and Mick.


  • His url would be “holdingthegreydoorshut”
  • Mick reblogs a lot of history facts and anti-racist stuff. Also Game of Thrones gifs, rec posts for books he likes, and memes. Lots of art with ‘three’ being its theme. Equal parts posts extolling the Wheel of Time to the high heavens and posts calling attention to its misogyny and homophobia.
  • He joined during his anime phase so his first follow was a fan page for CLAMP.
  • Mick’s theme is very fancy, full of curly lines and nice borders.
  • Aside from team shitposting, Mick will be complaining about how he’s too warm at 2am, which he always is.


  • Wes’s url is “breakingshitisgoodforyou”
  • Wes reblogs lots of sexual assault prevention/discussion stuff, anti-pipeline stuff, environmental advocacy, interspersed with GoT and Walking Dead fanart and pictures of birds. And lots of jokes about short people.
  • He followed Mick first, mostly to irk Cal, who made him join.
  • Wes’s theme is slate grey, nice granite colours, pretty font, it’s very calming to look at.
  • Team shitposting, and Wes also has the occasional 2am text post about a song that’s keeping him awake,

Bonus: Sully

  • Url is “thenerdsmademedoit”
  • Sully’s reblogs are video game stuff, videos of awesome shit in Call of Duty and similar games, and a lot of martial arts videos. Sully also reblogs lots of pictures of spiders and owls, and wicked lizards. And lots of discourse on poverty, often coupled with anarchist stuff.
  • His first follow was a band he liked at the time, who sold out and now he’s not into them. He refuses to follow Cal, Wes or Mick
  • Sully’s theme is a disaster, it’s messy and dark and hard to follow and there’s loud music and everyone hates it and he refuses to change it because he likes it.
  • Sully’s 2am text posts are about how only losers sleep at night, then increasingly typo-ridden posts about random shit that’s on his mind and/or rants about The Man.

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