How about Owen?

(In reference to a since-deleted post about what kinds of Tumblr blogs the characters would have)

  • Owen’s url is “whosthedragonnow” and his porn blog is “thedragonismypenis”
  • He reblogs discourse about movies, queer issues posts, anything that looks like it might be criticizing heteronormative culture, articles criticizing Gerard’s government (to piss Gavin off) and porn that he puts on the wrong blog at least four times a day.
  • The first person he followed was a girl he had a crush on, which is how he found out she was a lesbian.
  • His blog is pretty standard, it’s black and red, it actually looks pretty good to be honest.
  • Owen’s 2am text posts are either about how pretty Gavin is or about sports that he’s watching live in different time zones, he’ll make serious intense posts about how different players on the Lithuanian ice hockey team are doing and talk at length about sports nobody has heard of.

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