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It’s Always Good to Reward Yourselves After an Awkward Conversation

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“Alright, I think it’s time for bed,” Cal declared, stretching, subtly touching Wes’s foot with his.

“Yeah,” Wes agreed. They’d been sitting around talking for a while, but it was getting late. “Long day ahead tomorrow.”

“Long day of boring-ass walking,” Sully grumbled, watching them.

“Two more days,” Cal promised. “Then we’ll get to the town. And then more walking while we go north. This is what you signed up for.”

“I wasn’t fucking complaining,” Sully grumbled, looking away as Mick put a hand on Cal’s shoulder. “Just saying, it’s not any different from a usual day.”

“Your jobs do seem to be mostly pretty boring,” Joey observed, leaning into Travis a little, arm around him.

“The not-boring parts are the parts where we almost die,” Cal reminded him.

“I guess so. We should head to bed too,” Joey said, nudging Travis.

They weren’t very subtle, especially not with how quickly Travis nodded.

“You’re all useless,” Sully declared. “It’s too early to go to sleep.”

Cal looked at Mick, then at Wes. Then at Joey and Travis, then back at Sully. “Did any of us say sleep?” he asked innocently.

“You…” Sully’s cheeks exploded with colour, which he hid by shaking his head, agitated. “You’re all so fucking obnoxious.”

“That sounds a lot like jealousy talking,” Cal said, looking to Mick for confirmation. “I think our new teammate wishes we hadn’t bought him his own tent.”

“Oh—fuck off.” Still obviously embarrassed, Sully got to his feet, glared at all of them. “Just, be fucking quiet. That’s all.”

“Of course we’ll be quiet,” Wes told him, shouldering Cal a bit. “We’re only going to be playing cards. Cal gets a bit noisy when he loses, but it should be fine.”

“Oh, don’t even—I’m not talking to any of you. Goodnight.” Sully stalked off into the woods, irritation following him like a cloud.

Cal chuckled.

“You pick on him a lot,” Joey observed, as the three of them got up.

“Good-natured hazing,” Cal explained. “He can take it. Goodnight.”

“Enjoy your card game,” Joey said, a smirk practically audible under his cloak.

“You too,” Cal waved at him. Travis was red in the face, but he’d put his arm around Joey now and was looking very impatient. Sure enough, as he headed for his tent, the two of them got up as well and headed for theirs.

Once he’d taken his boots off and the three of them were inside the tent, Mick tied the flaps shut and the three of them started undressing. “Cal,” he said, once Cal had his shirt off.


“Let’s talk about your crush on Sully.”

“What?” Cal paused in the act of untying his pants, turned awkwardly to look at Mick over his shoulder. “I don’t have a crush on Sully.”

Mick and Wes looked at each other for a minute, and Wes nodded. “Yeah, you do. It’s kind of obvious.”


“You spend a lot of time flirting with him,” Mick interrupted, holding up a hand. “In the same way you used to flirt with us when we weren’t together yet.”

“I don’t think he’s noticed that’s what it is, though,” Wes added.

“Cal is kind of bad at it,” Mick agreed, nodding.

“Guys!” Cal turned around, stomach feeling a bit funny. “I’m not interested in Sully.” He also wasn’t sure where this was coming from. But if he’d made them feel like that…

“Yeah.” Mick shook his head. “The thing about that is you’re really bad at noticing your own feelings, remember?”

“We’re not mad, Cal,” Wes said, patting Cal’s leg. “I think Mick just wanted it out in the open. Secrets are poisonous.”

“Exactly.” Mick nodded this time. “I know you chose us. It doesn’t worry me that you noticed the existence of someone else.”

Cal sighed, looking inward. Thinking about Sully, and the way they’d been interacting. He didn’t think there was anything that different. He treated Sully like a member of the team.

But then, he was sleeping with the only two other members of the team. So maybe there was something to that. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. He’s cute enough,” Mick said, considering. “He’s annoying.”

“And loud, I bet he’d be loud.”

“Oh yeah, he’s definitely loud,” Mick agreed.

“I don’t want to have sex with Sully,” Cal reminded them. Even if he did, maybe, have a bit of a crush. He wasn’t about to just jump in bed with someone when he had two perfectly good someones already.

“We know.” Wes smiled at him. “But if you change your mind about that, don’t keep it a secret. We’ll talk about it.”

“You’d…be open to that?” Cal asked, unsure. He wasn’t sure if he would be. But maybe. It wasn’t like he didn’t see the difference between sex and love. He’d slept with people before getting together with Wes and Mick that he’d just liked. Not a lot, but once or twice.

Wes shrugged, and Mick made a face. “Maybe. If you asked me tomorrow, no. But later, maybe. We’ll see what happens.”

Face burning, Cal looked down. “Okay. Thanks, guys. For…” he waved his hand. “Being so awesome.”

“That’s what we’re here for,” Wes told him, hand coming up and tugging at Cal’s pants. “In the meantime.”

Cal cocked a smile. “In the meantime?”

“In the meantime, maybe we’ll remind you that you do belong to the two of us,” Mick finished, crawling forward and kissing Cal’s shoulder. “Take the rest of your clothes off.”

Now Cal grinned, and moved to obey as quickly as he could. “Finally, you’re talking sense.”

“Oh, Cal,” Wes said, stripping as well. He smiled. “Neither of us is here for your smart mouth tonight.”

“And what are you going to do to—oh.” Cal fell backwards, propelled by an unseen force, and Mick smiled at him, wiggling his fingers. Cal’s pants came the rest of the way off and his loincloth came undone on its own, and Mick got in between his legs.

Cal wasn’t sure Mick had ever undressed that quickly before. “This is one of those nights where it’s better for me to just lay back and let you have your way, isn’t it?”

Mick looked at Wes, then back down at Cal. “Do we ever have nights where it’s not better for you to do that?”

Cal felt himself shiver a little. This was going to be good.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Mick said, licking his fingers and reaching in between Cal’s legs. “I’m going to fuck you. Then when I’m done, Wes is going to take a turn. Sound good?”

Another shiver. Cal glanced at Wes, smiling down at him, also undressed. He’d been a bit wary of Wes entering him. He was so big. But he liked having Mick inside him. Cal nodded, swallowing a little. “Okay.”

Mick smiled, and slid a finger inside. “I hoped you’d say that.”

Gasping for air, Cal tried to relax and let Mick work his finger in. Wes was sitting beside him, at his shoulder, stroking Cal’s hair as the two of them watched Mick. “Try to keep quiet, babe…”

“Yeah,” Cal panted, nodding a little as he felt Mick’s knuckle at his base. Another finger probed around, and Cal took a breath as Mick slid it inside. He was much more used to this now, he knew he could take it. Mick was always slow and gentle with him. Wes was always so nice and encouraging.

He loved them both so much.

By the time Mick was ready for his third finger, Cal had managed to get himself into a steady breathing pattern, and he just took in a slow breath along with Mick’s finger, closing his eyes as he got used to it, letting Mick stretch him while Wes whispered to him about how well he was doing.

Mick’s three fingers were seated all the way inside Cal now, and he started moving them around, pulling them in and out, stretching Cal as much as he could. Then, with a smirk, he pulled them all out at once and Cal yelped a little.

“Shh…” Wes reminded him, patting Cal’s cheek.

Cal whimpered a little in reply, trying to keep his breath steady, waiting to feel Mick at his hole.

Instead he felt hands on his sides, urging him to roll over. “On your belly,” Mick ordered. Making a little noise of discomfort, Cal rolled over, squirming a little as his hard-on was pressed against the blanket. Mick gave his butt a squeeze before using one hand to spread Cal’s cheeks, lining himself up against Cal’s hole. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” Cal sounded needy, but he didn’t give a damn. He was needy.

“Good.” Mick pressed in, slowly. Cal didn’t know when he’d slicked himself up, but he had, and he went in as easily as he could, giving Cal time to get used to him.

“Stay relaxed, buddy,” Wes reminded him, holding Cal’s head as Mick slid inside. “You know you can take it.”

“I know,” Cal panted, nodding as Mick pushed farther and farther in. He was always bigger than Cal remembered.

“Our beautiful guy is so big, isn’t he?” Wes asked, as Mick stopped, pulled out a bit, thrust in further.

“Yeah!” Cal squeaked, going a bit red at how high his voice got.

Mick stopped again. “How many times is Wes going to have to tell you to be quiet?”

“Sorry,” Cal whinged. “I’m trying.”

“Try harder,” Mick whispered, and he gave a long thrust, pushing the rest of the way into Cal in one motion. Cal cried out.

Wes sighed, lifting up Cal’s chin. He had his cock in his other hand, Cal saw. “We’re going to have to do something about all that noise of yours.”

“I thought you didn’t want my smart mouth?” Cal asked, managing a coy smile.

Wes smiled back, pressing the tip of his cock against Cal’s lips. “I’d like it to do something useful so we don’t have to listen to Sully bitching tomorrow.”

Cal kissed Wes on the head of his cock, teasing. “You’re right,” he said. “You’d better quiet me down, then.”

Moving his other hand into Cal’s hair, Wes pressed his cock to Cal’s lips and then past them, sliding into Cal’s mouth. Cal relaxed his jaw, let Wes in, let him all the way in. He was much better at making room up here.

Mick waited until Wes’s balls were on Cal’s chin to run a hand down Cal’s back slowly, lifting him up a little in one hand. “You’re so pretty, Cal.”

And he started moving, not as slowly as he had been before. Not rough, but harder than Cal was expecting. They were shallow thrusts, and getting faster, pushing Cal forward onto Wes. Wes started moving once Mick had found his rhythm, thrusting into Cal’s throat, which burned along with his gut, a burn Cal liked. He was making pathetic little noises as he drooled around Wes’s cock, driven back and forth by the two of them steadily, flowing like water back and forth as they thrust into him.

He wasn’t the only one making noise and Cal could hear them above him, grunting and groaning, muffled, kissing, Cal could hear them kissing as they fucked him from either end, hands on him but attention on each other as they used him, used Cal’s body in a way that he loved, that he knew was because they loved him. We’ll remind you that you do belong to the two of us.

Cal was reminded, and he loved that.

Because Mick had lifted his hips he had no friction, no attention at all on his cock. It didn’t matter, not with the angle Mick was fucking him at, not with the sounds the two of them were making above him, not with the heat that was spreading through his body, a fiery wave that was taking him away, and Cal exploded, burning from the inside, shooting all over the blanket underneath him. He clenched tight around Mick, let out a sustained, low moan around Wes.

That was enough for Wes, who grunted once, pushed all the way in, and seared Cal’s throat with cum, pumping shot after shot into him. Cal swallowed, kept swallowing, swallowed it all until the last spurt, when Wes pulled out, all the way out, all at once, and let Cal have the last one on his face.

Gasping for air, Cal rocked back and forth, eyes open but not seeing. Mick was still fucking him as Wes fell back, sat and watched, harder and harder. Mick kept going, hands gripping Cal’s hips now, probably making bruises, harder and harder until, with a deceptively quiet noise, he blew inside Cal, burning him from behind just like Wes had from the front. Mick didn’t pull out though, giving Cal all of his cum inside, where Cal wanted it.

He pulled out too, all at once, and nearly collapsed beside Cal, panting. For a moment the tent was full with their breathing, stale with their sweat, hot with their bodies. Cal lay there, buzzing, tingling. “You’ve been holding out on me,” he croaked.

“On myself too,” Mick muttered, getting up, looking at Wes. The two of them manhandled Cal, turning him around so that he was opposite how he had been, rump open for Wes. In front of him, Mick wiggled a finger, and coated his own cock in what looked like water, moving around. Cleaning it off, Cal realized after a second. That was thoughtful.

“You ready, baby?” Wes asked, hand on Cal’s lower back. Cal nodded, and Wes, wet from Cal’s mouth, pressed against his entrance now. “You’re nice and stretched now,” he cooed, rubbing Cal’s back with one hand before reaching around to lift him again for better position. “Should go in pretty easy.”

It didn’t, or at least not as easy as Cal would have liked. Wes was a lot thicker than Mick, especially around the head, and Cal’s already sore hole was stretched painfully. Clenching his jaw and fisting the blanket underneath him, Cal bore it for what felt like ages, until he couldn’t anymore and he just thrust his hips back hard, letting Wes’s head pop in with a stab of pain that shot through his body and had him swallowing a cry.

“Fuck…” Wes hissed. “You okay, buddy?”

Cal nodded, eyes squeezed shut. “Give me a minute.”

“Why’d you do that? I was trying to go slow.”

“Too slow,” Cal gritted. The pain was starting to fade now. “Couldn’t take it.”

“See?” Mick asked Wes. “Cal doesn’t need you to be gentle.”

“Should I…”

“No.” Cal shook his head. Mick’s hands were on his shoulders, which was good. “I’m okay. Now you can go slow.”

Wes grunted quietly, and he pushed in a bit farther. Rather than sliding progressively forward like Mick had, he then pulled back, pushed back in again. Back and forth, going in farther each time, deeper each time. The pain was gone now, and it was replaced just with a sense of fullness that was the same as what he’d felt with Mick inside him but more, like he was being stretched to his limit, just on the verge of splitting in half.

“Here,” Mick said, once Wes was a good amount in. He lifted Cal’s head by the chin, offering his cock. The water he’d been using to clean himself was gone now. “Before you get noisy.”

Cal wanted to make a snarky comment, but he didn’t have it in him. Wes’s cock was all he had in him at the moment. He just nodded, opened his mouth and let Mick slide himself in, sucking greedily to get more and more inside, breathing through his nose as he let Mick into his throat, taking all of him in. Wes was still thrusting, back and forth, deeper and deeper, churning up Mick’s cum inside him.

Wes was going gently, but Mick started sliding back and forth into Cal’s throat, not as hard as he’d been going earlier, but harder than Wes, and every thrust pushed him back, further onto Wes, whose dick just seemed endless, like it was going in more and more until Cal was sure that the two of them were going to meet inside him.

Then Wes bottomed out with a groan, and he leaned down and kissed Cal on the back of the neck. “You took it all in,” he said in a hoarse whisper. “Good job, baby.”

All Cal could do was whinge around Mick’s cock and buck his hips to encourage something else. He felt so full, so hot, and he wanted more. More movement. More of Wes. More of Mick. More.

They gave it to him, gave him what he needed, gave him more. Wes pumped in and out, pulling nearly out every time, firmly pushing all the way back in, filling Cal, pushing him onto Mick, and Cal swallowed Mick down, keeping firmly on him as Mick thrust more shallowly into him, keeping Cal’s mouth and throat full, keeping Cal full. Cal breathed deeply through his nose, inhaling Mick as he did, tears falling as he felt Wes push into him over and over and over and over and…

Wes hit Cal just right and Cal cried out around Mick, nearly choking as he came again, shooting onto the blanket with an almost painful force. When the white that had filled his vision faded and sound returned to the world, Wes was giving a low rumble and, with one very hard thrust in, shot heat into Cal from behind, filling him what felt like forever, cum running down Cal’s legs as Wes leaned down and kissed him on the back of the neck.

When Wes finally finished, he stayed like that, buried in Cal, leaned over him while Cal worked on finishing Mick off. “You’re doing great, baby, so great. You’re so amazing, Cal, keep going…”

Mick was moving faster now, erratic, close, and Cal sucked harder on him, making a little needy noise. For that, he was finally rewarded, Mick going tense in front of him as he started to cum. Cal swallowed it all down, gulping to keep up.

Mick slid out of his mouth with a low moan, falling backwards. “Love you,” he whispered.

“Love you too,” Cal said back, trying to keep his voice whole. “Both of you.”

“Come here,” Wes said, lifting Cal up, not pulling himself up, and holding Cal against him from behind, laying them both down on their sides. “There we go.”

“Um…” Cal squirmed a little, more cum leaking out and running down his leg. “Can’t sleep like this, big guy.”

“Sure we can,” Wes kissed his ear. “Went to a lot of trouble to get inside you, I don’t plan on taking it out until I absolutely have to.”

Cal laughed a little, then realized Wes was serious. “If you say so,” he said, too tired to argue.

Mick came over and lay in front of Cal, cuddling with both of them, legs entwined with Wes. “I might decide I want another turn later, so don’t get too comfortable.”

Cal kissed him, still trying to get comfortable. He had a feeling he wasn’t going to be sleeping much anytime soon. He had a feeling none of them were. “Duly noted.”

From outside the tent, they could hear a faint yelping sound that sounded like Joey. “Sounds like their card game is going well,” Cal muttered.

“Yeah,” Wes snorted.

“Poor Sully,” Mick muttered, eyes closed.


“Cute.” Mick kissed Cal on the forehead. “Just don’t forget.”

“I belong to you guys, I know.” Cal smiled, pulled Mick a little closer and snuggled back against Wes. “I picked you two. I’ll always pick you two.”

“We’ll always pick you too, Cal,” Wes promised from behind.

“I’ll never let anyone else sleep with their cock inside me,” Cal promised, yawning.

Mick gave him a bit of a shove on the shoulder. “You’re the goddamn worst romantic.”

“Mm.” Cal smiled. “Yeah. Thanks for putting up with me.”

“Always, Cal.”


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