What job are your characters most likely to do in the contemporary world? I know this question will take time, Lol.

Well, this is fun to think about. Some of these are taken from the modern AU and what the characters already do there, but I hadn’t actually thought much about a lot of this until now. 😀

I think Owen would make a go at making money as an athlete and probably be pretty good at it, not like making millions or anything, but he probably does okay. And if that doesn’t work, he’s always got his parents’ bed and breakfast to fall back on.

Gavin wants to be an astronaut, but failing that I think he’d end up working for a national not-for-profit and lobbying the government all the time (it helps that his family is the government, though it tends to make holidays awkward).

James and Ron would run a herbal remedies shop together, where James is never polite to customers but somehow manages to attract a large regular client base, and Ron does all the actual store things like orders and customer service.

Cal I think would be an archaeologist. Mick would probably also go into classics, but on the literary side. Wes would be a writer, writing historical fiction based on his boyfriends’ findings. Sully’s a tattoo artist who is stopped from going back to school for a master’s in philosophy by his anarchist bend and hatred of institutions.

Isaac is either going to run a dog shelter or be a high school teacher/counselor, where he would also teach health. Oliver would be a history professor, Peter I’m uncertain if he’d work in a high school or a university, but he’d be a teacher of some stripe too, probably with an administrative bent, and Jacob would find gainful employment as an astronomer. Spencer works for the government and Skip owns a small contracting business.

Pax and Nate both work for Natalie’s shipping company, and will manage a branch of it on their own one day when she expands it a bit more.

Edwin and Erik are both cops. They started out on the beat together, but Erik moved into drugs and alcohol enforcement and Edwin moved into homicide.

Sam, of course, takes over for Solomon as a mob boss, who has a respectable day job as the owner of a small pharmaceutical company. Officially, Henry is Sam’s secretary. If Henry had never met Sam, he’d have been a journalist.

Theodore is a billionaire whose fortune comes from playing stock markets and managing businesses he’s invested money in. Daniel is hard to say, I think without Theodore entering his life, circumstances would have forced him into a job that was either manual labour or some sort of clerical/secretarial position. After he gets away from Theodore as an adult, Daniel will likely get into a very good university and get a job in the financial sector.

Franz and Gabrielle are both politicians. Gabrielle plans to be prime minister, and Franz is going to be either a high-ranking member of her party on the national level or a premier of a province, depending on how the electoral politics work out. Boey is Franz’s chief of staff/campaign manager, though he’s a public figure in his own right on the side, doing a lot of speaking engagements at universities and writing op-eds in national newspapers and magazines.

Thanks for asking! This was great to answer. 🙂

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