Would you be able to do lygerastia with Isaac and Peter?

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“Lygerastia – The condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out,” from this prompt list.

Isaac was sleeping with Baker. Or at least that was what he thought he was doing, until Peter’s globe of light finally went out. He’d been studying all day, and it wasn’t like Isaac was pouting that he was being ignored or anything, he knew schoolwork was important. He was pouting because Peter had made him go away every time he’d tried to kiss him, which sucked.

But when Peter’s light went out, there was a shuffling, the tap of Peter’s cane against the floor, and then a weight on his bed as Peter crawled in, not beside Isaac like he usually did when he wanted to cuddle and sleep, but right on top of him. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Isaac whispered. “How was the studying?”

“It was alright, I guess.” Peter lay down right on Isaac, and kissed him. He was hard, and Isaac wondered how long that had been true. “I missed you.”

“I wasn’t the one who was hiding behind books all day,” Isaac reminded him, kissing back.

“Yeah. Sorry. But now I’m here and you’re naked, right?”

Isaac snickered. “Yeah. It’s like you’re only using me for my body.”

“Shhh…” Peter sat up, stripped out of his shirt, and there was a lot of movement that did good things for Isaac as he got the rest of his clothes off too.

When Peter rejoined Isaac, he did it under the blanket, pressing their hard ons together, grinding. Isaac put a hand around his back, keeping him in place. “You’re unusually assertive tonight,” he teased.

Peter nodded, reaching down and taking both of them in one hand. “I’ve been hard since the sun went down,” he said, panting in Isaac’s ear.

“We’d better do something about that,” Isaac was trying to keep his voice down. Baker got annoyed at them, gave a small yap and went to go sleep on Peter’s bed instead. It was hardly the first time this had happened, he’d live.

“I’m trying to do…that…ah…” Peter gasped as he came, spilling all over Isaac’s belly. He let himself go and kept stroking Isaac, kissing him all over the face as he went, until Isaac arched his back and came as well, trying to keep quiet.

“Better?” Isaac asked breathily.

“Better,” Peter confirmed, pressing against Isaac again. “But I’m not done.” His hand wandered downwards, between Isaac’s legs.

Isaac smiled, not that Peter could see him in the dark. “Spencer and Skip are going to wake up.”

“Not if we’re quiet,” Peter insisted, slipping a cum-coated finger quickly inside Isaac. Quickly, but not more quickly than Isaac could handle. Even like this, he was considerate.

So Isaac spread his legs a bit, gave Peter better access. “I guess we’ll have to be quiet, then.”

Peter grunted, slipping a second finger in. Isaac kept his mouth shut, breathing through his nose as Peter fingered him open, then withdrew and lined himself up.

“You’re so impatient,” Isaac said, stifling a laugh as Peter pressed inside.

“I’m just horny,” Peter grunted, pushing in, and in, steadily. He was audibly trying to hold back a groan as he did, and by the time he was all the way in, so was Isaac.

Peter kissed him, the better to swallow both of their noises as he started moving. He knew how to hit the right spot inside Isaac over half the time now, and try as he might, Isaac couldn’t quite not vocalize his approval of that, even as Peter made noises back to tell Isaac how much he liked being in there.

Isaac came first, Peter giving one well-timed strike to that spot, and he arched his back, swallowed a moan and splattered himself. As he was squirting his last spurt, Peter went tense, rammed into him and started to fill Isaac up with a low noise that Isaac loved.

When he was done they collapsed, Peter still inside him, panting, Peter started kissing Isaac again, on the mouth, on the shoulders.

“Feeling better?” Isaac asked.

Peter nodded, still kissing. “A lot better,” he panted.

“You’re still hard,” Isaac whispered.

“Are you guys done?” a sleepy voice drifted down from above. It was Spencer.

Oops. Isaac wasn’t embarrassed, but he did feel a bit bad for waking him up. “Sorry,” he whispered.

“My fault,” Peter added.

“Just keep it down,” Spencer grumbled, and they could hear him roll over. “Trying to sleep.”

The two of them waited a minute, until Spencer was probably asleep again. Isaac grinned in the dark. “We weren’t very good at staying quiet.”

“We just need practice,” Peter said, kissing Isaac again.

“Want to try again, see if we can get it right this time?”

“You read my mind.”



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