Cal and Sully with dirty talk?

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From this list (23. Dirty talk)

“What kind of horse-fucking piece of shit asshat with sewage for brains tries to pull that kind of bullshit fucking on a…”

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, Sullivan?” Cal asked, giving Sully one of those stupid looks of his.

Sully blinked, surprised at having been interrupted. “The fuck do you care?”

It was going to be one of those conversations where Sully got told that swearing was a lower form of communication, apparently.

“I don’t,” Cal said, giving a shrug. Oh, Sully realized. It was going to be one of those conversations instead. One of the infuriating Cal conversations. “I just wonder why you can’t open your mouth without profanity spewing out.”

Sully snorted, rolled his eyes at Cal. “As if I need advice on my mouth from someone who’s breath always smells like cock.”

It didn’t really, or at least Sully hadn’t gotten close enough to find out if it did. But that didn’t matter.

Instead of getting annoyed, Cal just leaned back a little, smirked at him. “I think someone’s jealous that it’s not his cock my breath smells like.”

Sully snorted again. He may have thought about that once or twice, but it hardly mattered. “As if you don’t sit there and wonder what it tastes like.”

“It’s one of my life’s enduring goals to answer that question,” Cal said, grinning now.

Sully had no idea what was going on, but he knew if he backed down he’d lose. “Then come over here and find out.”

Cal smiled at him again, and then he got up and crossed the few steps between where they were sitting, plopped himself right down in Sully’s lap, sitting face-to-face with him. “We both know you’re too chicken to put that thing in anything other than your smallclothes.”

“Oh yeah?” Sully asked, hands coming to rest on Cal’s bony ass. “You know if you want me to fuck you, you can just say so, Calvin.”

Cal sneered at him. “And what would you do if I did? If I spread my legs right here, what would you do?”

Sully wished he wasn’t so hard, but at least Cal was too. And he wished that they weren’t close enough that he could feel that, but there it was. “If you were enough of a slut to do that? Right here outside? I’d give you what you fucking wanted, Cal. I’d ram my cock into that hole, where you’ve wanted it since you met me.”

“Better be committed, because I’d wrap my legs around you so you can’t escape. Nothing worse than someone who doesn’t finish what he starts,” Cal said, hands on Sully’s shoulders.

Sully took a breath. “You’d better believe I’d commit. I’d fuck you so hard your past lives would feel it.”

“Big talk,” Cal teased. “You’ve got big shoes to fill there.”

“And I’d cover your goddamned mouth while I do it so I don’t have to fucking listen to you.”

“That what you’re into? You want to dominate me, Sully? You want to control me, fuck me into the ground, make me beg for it?” Cal ground against Sully now, their faces almost touching.

“Wouldn’t be fucking hard, since that’s what you want too.” Sully sneered. “I can see it in your eyes. Mick and Wes are too nice to you. You want someone who’ll put you in your place. Use you for the cock warmer you want to be.” Sully had no idea where this was coming from. He was just going with what was happening. “So yeah, that’s what I’d do. In fact, if I had my way, you wouldn’t even cum. Just me, as many times as I want. You can run to your buddies after for that. Maybe they’ll even see what I did to you and realize what a good plan it was. Wouldn’t that change your life?”

Cal was showing his teeth. “You’re all talk. If we got in bed you’d be a kitten. I’d have to hold your hand and ride you through to an orgasm because you’d be too nervous to move without it.”

“Oh yeah?” Sully was really worried that Cal was right, but it wasn’t like they were going to find out. They were just…playing? Doing whatever the fuck this was.

“Yeah.” Cal licked his lips, and then he got up from Sully’s lap, turned away.

Sully sat there, blinking, hard, not sure what had happened.

Cal took a few steps towards Sully’s tent, turned and looked over his shoulder, eyebrow raised. “You coming? We’ve got something to settle.”


Sully got up, followed after Cal, suddenly out of words.



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