Inspired by the last drabble, do you think you could do a Last Time one specifically for one (or both) of the characters being executed shortly after?

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From this list (52. Last Time)

Up close, the tower was so bright it hurt Aaron’s eyes, it hurt all of his senses.

They stood about five feet from the top of the hill, looking up at it. There was no door, no obvious way in. But Aaron knew how to get in. They were outfitted for battle, a mockery. Seth was in his armour, his helmet, sword sharpened and ready. Aaron’s armour was lighter, slightly less battered except for the scorch marks that Seth didn’t have. Underneath one scorch on the left breast was an engraved spider. The same as the one on the metal brace on his right wrist, which clung to a number that didn’t mean anything anymore.

Aaron could feel his entire body buzzing like it wanted to explode.

He took a step forward. Seth reached out and grabbed his hand. “Aaron.”

“What?” Aaron turned, faced Seth, who leaned up and kissed him.

Aaron couldn’t help himself. He kissed Seth back, gently. Gently, which turned into not as gently, and their arms were around each other, holding each other in place. Seth’s tongue found its way into Aaron’s mouth, and Aaron slid his hand down and fumbled around with Seth’s belt, lifting chainmail and slipping a buzzing hand inside Seth’s pants.

Seth had an easier time getting his hand in Aaron’s, and the next few minutes were quick, frantic, lasting forever and not taking any time at all. They just kissed, and touched each other like they were the only people in the world, the only things that mattered. Like they loved each other and were about to have a normal day, like this was just the first of many times they’d do this.

Seth came first, wrapping his arm tighter around Aaron as he stained his pants, hand tightening around Aaron’s dick as he did, jerking him hard. Aaron came with a pitiful whinge, filling his own pants as he panted into Seth’s mouth.

They kissed for a good long minute after that, communicating without words. Then Aaron pulled away, flushed in the face, and let Seth go. He wanted to just have this, forever. He wanted to go away, to leave, to just live somewhere with Seth.

But he couldn’t have that. The Web buzzed around him. “Let’s go,” he whispered.


They fixed their clothes, turned back to the tower, started back up the hill. “When we get in there let me do the talking,” Aaron told Seth, preparing himself to draw on the Web for the last time.

“I’m not hiding behind you.”

“I didn’t say that. Just don’t charge forward without me.”

Seth looked at him. “I won’t go anywhere without you.”

“Okay.” Aaron smiled, reaching his hand out as they reached the base of the tower, feeling its power, connecting to it. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The bright light the tower emitted had drowned out everything else. Aaron couldn’t see Seth anymore. But it didn’t matter. He knew he was there, with him, until the end.



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