Now there’s a question… What’s everyone’s favorite music types?

That is indeed a question.Here is an answer to go with it. 🙂

Owen is fond of the classics that his parents listen to, for the most part. He had a phase where he was really into Taylor Swift that he is totally over now, just ask him, he’ll tell you. 

Gavin likes stupid pop music and obscure techno music that sounds like it was made in someone’s garage in Europe during the cold war. 

Ron will listen to whatever is on the radio, but he has a few Coldplay albums that he really likes.

James mostly only listens to instrumental music, especially if it’s got a pan flute in it. The only exception? Movie soundtracks.

Cal listens to soaring orchestral music while he’s constructing exploration plans or DnD campaigns, and rock otherwise.

Wes is pretty into rock music as well, though he likes it a little heavier than Cal.

Mick is a fan of R&B, but is also super into Leonard Cohen.

Sully only listens to music with screaming, and it’s always from niche bands that nobody has ever heard of. 

Isaac listens to the most saccharine pop music you can imagine, and unironically loves “Who Let the Dogs Out,” which is his ringtone as well. 

Peter doesn’t listen to much music, but he does really like Queen. 

Nicholas listens to a lot of rock music and he’s been getting into more punk stuff lately. 

Jacob mostly just listens to white noise or ambient sounds, it’s calming. 

Spencer likes Sarah McLaughlan and like music. He also harbours a secret fondness for Celine Dion. 

Skip, as we know, hates music, he just thinks it’s all noise. 

Oliver is into a lot of Scandinavian pop, especially if it’s not in English.

Pax, to the surprise of nobody, listens to a very eclectic collection of music that has people wondering if he actually has taste in music or if he just grabs albums randomly and listens to them. He knows to the words to every song that comes on in his vicinity, somehow. 

Nate likes video game soundtracks and every so often, some offbeat thing that Pax is listening to will appeal to him and he’ll make sure to find and snatch it before Pax gets bored with it and deletes it.

Edwin likes classic rock, but he also listens to a good amount of jazz because Erik likes it.

Erik likes the aforementioned jazz, mostly, but he’s not into most other music. Sometimes he’ll put on the Rolling Stones to shut Edwin up. 

Ty is really into Kpop and yes, he’s annoying about it. 

Leo likes just about anything he can dance too.

Sam likes metal, not the super screamy variety, but he does like it dark. He’s also fond of drums and heavy strings. 

Henry likes top-40 pop, for the most part. 

Daniel doesn’t really have much taste for music, he just listens to whatever people put on. He’s recently learning that he likes rap music, though.

Theodore is an avid listener to classical music. 

Marcus likes a lot of emo bands, which he kind of won’t tell anyone because he’s afraid they’ll make fun. Only Daniel knows. 

Hugh listens to musicals, and he also likes the soundtracks from Disney movies. 

Simon likes music that fits with his mood. He wants something happy and cheerful when he’s happy, and something angsty when he’s not. He’s been listening to a lot of sad music lately. 

Franz likes Patty Griffin, ABBA and Madonna, and has an appreciation for classical music that is mostly acquired, he doesn’t listen to it in his free time. 

Boey likes alternative tunes, and he’s been trying stubbornly to get Franz to like it for years too, and he’s now moved on to trying to make Frederick like it instead.

Frederick, sadly, mostly just likes punk. 

Gabrielle likes Alannis Morrisette and successors. Whatever that genre of music is called where ladies sing about being angry about stuff, that’s Gabrielle’s jam. 

Travis likes power ballads and anything done by someone with a big singing voice, including gospel stuff. 

Joey is into quiet music, usually heavily vocal, a capella and that kind of thing. He also likes the Beatles, though. 

Cordelia listens to a lot of country music. Every so often she’ll have a phase where she wants to get into the music that young people these days like, and it always ends badly. 

Isabella is happy to listen to whatever her wife puts on, but whenever Cordelia is out of the house it’s operatic stuff all the way. 

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