Friend, 5

If a Dragon Likes You, You’ll Know Because He Won’t Let You Leave

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A few things changed between Travis and Joey after the whole ‘oops I came on your face’ adventure that night.

The first and most obvious was that the two of them went from being just buddies to being jerk off buddies. In the morning when they woke up, before they went to sleep and usually at least once during the day. Keeping up with Joey wasn’t the easiest thing, but Travis tried. They usually sat or lay beside each other, or something facing each other, and played with themselves together.

Whenever possible, Joey ended up shooting on Travis. He thought it was funny. Travis was worried he was going to smell like dragon cum forever. But he got Joey back most of the time, at least.

The second thing was that what few boundaries had existed between them seemed to have disappeared. Joey sat pressed right up against him, sometimes even on him, jumped on his back and demanded to be carried, held his hand, stole food right out of his hand and ate it as if challenging him to steal it back. He’d started sleeping cuddled up next to Travis too, and unconsciously followed Travis if he moved away. Not that Travis was moving away, he liked the contact just fine. They went everywhere together, more than they even had before. Joey wouldn’t even go pee off the cliff without taking Travis with him.

The third thing was Joey’s tail. Where before he’d always let it swing behind him or wrap it around his waist when he walked, he’d suddenly developed a tendency to wrap it around Travis’s waist, or his leg, or his wrist. Every time he was idle, Joey’s tail ended up wrapped around Travis, as if to keep him in place. He even did it when they were jerking off together sometimes, as if Travis was going to run off.

Thinking about it, maybe the second and third things were the same thing. And maybe the first thing was part of it too. Maybe it was three things that were actually one thing. One giant thing that was Joey just wanting to be near Travis all the time.

Nothing else was different. They still talked about everything, laughed about everything, got along wonderfully, joked and played and hung out and were best friends. Just now they did it while touching a lot more. Travis had never had this kind of friendship with anyone before and he loved it.

But he did wonder about all the touching, so he one day while he and Joey were on their way to the pond to clean off, he asked. “Hey, Joey?”

“Yeah?” Joey looked up at him, smiling. They were holding hands, Joey’s tail around Travis’s waist as they walked.

Travis smiled back. “What’s with your tail lately?”

“What about it?”

“Well…” Travis pointed with his free hand. “It’s always wrapped around me all of the sudden, is all.”

“Oh,” Joey sounded unsure, and his tail started to withdraw. “I can stop. Sorry.”

“No, no!” Travis reached down, kept the tail in place. “It’s fine.” He hadn’t meant to make Joey feel bad. “I’m just curious, is all.”

“I, um…” Joey was red in the face. “I didn’t notice I was doing it, actually,” he muttered. “I guess I just…want to keep you close, is all.”

Travis chuckled, and put his arm around Joey in a side-hug. “We’re about as close as two people can get!”

“Yeah,” Joey said, laughing with him. “Let’s stay that way?”

“Of course.”

“Good. I…don’t want you to go, Travis.”

Travis looked down at Joey. “Go where? I’m not going anywhere.”

“I mean…” Joey bit his lip, exhaled. “Dragons like to…keep things, that we like. Hoard things.”

“Yeah,” Travis said, nodding. Everyone knew that. Joey had even shown Travis his hoard, which was a small pile of coloured rocks, a bat skull and a single gold coin he’d stolen from his sire’s pile. It was super cool.

“Yeah,” Joey said, looking away.

Travis frowned, wondering why Joey was making that face. He thought about it, about what Joey had just said, and it came to him, finally. “Oh! You’re hoarding me too?”

Joey nodded.

“That’s so cool!” Travis said, whooping a little. “Wow, that means you really like me, right? Thanks, Joey, that’s so nice of you!” That Joey liked Travis as much as Travis liked Joey was awesome to hear.

Joey smiled, but still looked nervous. “What’s wrong?”

Without warning, Joey tugged on Travis, brought him toppling to the ground, the tail pulling him around. Travis yelped his surprise and ended up flat on his back with Joey on top of him, looking down. “I want…you to stay here forever, Travis. With me.” Joey’s eyes were sharper than usual, maybe a little yellow. Predatory, almost.

Travis smiled up at him. “Joey…”

“I’m serious. I really like you. Stay here? Please?”

Travis looked up at him. Joey wasn’t joking. He was really asking Travis to just stay up here, live with him, forever.

And Travis couldn’t think of a single reason not to. So he smiled, nodded. “Okay. I will, Joey.”

Joey’s expression softened. “Seriously.”

“Yeah!” Travis grinned at him. “You’re my best buddy. And besides, I’m part of your hoard now, right? I can’t leave without breaking up your collection.”

Joey laughed, sounding a little relieved. “Thank you so much! You’re…Travis, thank you.”

Travis leaned up, and since Joey was right there, he kissed Joey right on the mouth. Joey just sat there, let him do it, and looked at Travis, confused, when Travis stopped. “Uh…did I have food in my teeth?”

“No, silly,” Travis giggled. “It was a kiss. That’s what humans do when they really like someone and want to stay with them.”

“Oh.” Joey leaned down, and he kissed Travis again, roughly, his teeth involved. He was really bad at it. But then, Travis didn’t imagine he was much better. “Like that?”

“Yeah,” Travis said, noting that Joey’s tail was around his wrist. “Just like that.”

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