Boss Battle Prep

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The little rest stop that was a on a boat just near the Sea King’s palace was a godsend.

It had a shop, a restaurant, a bath, and most importantly, a little bedroom with a bed and a summoning circle in it.

Isaac had stayed the night, stocked up on supplies, let his allies rest and talked to everyone in the rest stop to get information about the Sea King (plus two requests from people at the rest stop, one whose son was trapped in the Sea King’s dungeon and one who needed five lots of seaweed that could only be found in the palace and was willing to trade a fancy vibrator for it). Now he was fully prepared except for one thing.

“Okay,” Isaac said, standing naked in front of the summoning circle and looking through his log book. “Who do I need to fight a Sea King?”

Probably nobody with fire-type bonuses, Isaac figured, regretfully flipping past his entry on Owen. Pax was useful in water-based battles, so he was a definite yes. Since he didn’t really know much about what he was getting into even after talking to the people here in the rest stop, Isaac picked Jacob to go with him. Normally he liked Boey for that, but Jacob was good at gathering information too and Isaac got a combination bonus from having both him and Pax in him at the same time.

It seemed like he was going to need a lot of magic defence and attack, both good skills for him anyway, but he went with both Nicholas and Peter to help him buff both as much as possible, since the fight with the Sea King was probably going to be mostly magic-based. Plus the three of them had figured out how to trigger an awesome special attack a while back that he wanted to try out.

That left two spots on the team, and Isaac flipped through his physical fighters, trying to settle on one. He liked Edwin, but he wanted to level up a few of the others. Maybe Wes, he decided after looking at their pages in his book for a bit. He’d take the heightened physical attack and defence in exchange for the slower speed. Not usually his choice, but Pax and Jacob gave him a huge speed bonus together to cancel it out.

That just left a healer, which Isaac really wished he could level Nicholas up in. Mick was the obvious choice there since he had combos with Wes, but… “Probably going to get poisoned a lot in there,” Isaac muttered, looking through his options. Mick could do an antitoxin spell, but it was one of James’s passive abilities; all he had to do was swallow a load from James and Isaac would be protected from poison for an hour. His attack magic wasn’t the most useful out at sea, but Isaac wasn’t too worried about that. They had more than enough firepower on the team.

Hopefully when he beat the Sea King Isaac would level up enough that he could have more than six of his allies with him at once. That would make his life easier.

With his team figured out, Isaac pre-emptively dug through his bag for accessories, setting out the new butt plug he’d bought for himself, the one that added a passive water resistance when he had it in, and then six vibrators, one for each guy, to keep them in top shape while they were exploring and battling. Mostly he picked ones that buffed their stamina and defence, he found that was usually the best bet. He did give Wes one that added an electric aura to his weapon, just for bonus damage.

With equipment all sorted out, Isaac turned back to the summoning circle, performing the spell to invoke his allies from their headquarters in the Commune.

One at a time, six naked and almost battle-ready guys appeared in the room. Isaac handed each of them their lubed-up vibrator as they appeared, and once all six of them were there, he smiled. “Alright,” he said, heading over to the bed and laying down, spreading his legs apart. “We’ve got a Sea King to take out, so let’s get powered up.”



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