Chosen One, 50

You Meet the Most Interesting Strangers Sometimes

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“Should be ready next week.”

“Okay,” Isaac said, smiling at the tailor. And then at the tailor’s apprentice, who’d very thoroughly measured him. “I’ll be back next week, then.”

The apprentice was named Arnie, and Isaac had taken his measurements as well. He smiled back at Isaac, and Isaac waved at him as he turned to leave the shop.

Outside, he looked around the street, which was busy, before heading back in the direction of the academy. He could fly, but walking was less conspicuous, and besides, Isaac didn’t want to become one of those mages who used magic for everything when there were perfectly good non-magical solutions that weren’t as exhausting.

That said, learning to fly had really broadened his horizons. Nobody except Peter knew he wasn’t in the academy at present, because he hadn’t had to tell anyone or get permission to leave. He’d just gone right over the wall.

Isaac knew that this wasn’t the safest thing he could be doing. He did know that, he wasn’t stupid. But at the same time, in order for someone to attack him out here, they’d have to know he was here in the first place. And it wasn’t like Isaac was going out for hours at a time, just enough to get some new clothes and have them fitted so he didn’t look like a child in them, that was all. Just little walks to take breaks from the academy. He needed that sometimes, especially as exams got closer.

He was getting used to how busy the capital was now. And he knew his way around, at least enough to get back to the academy. From here, he had to go up the big wide road called the Royal Promenade, through Herald’s Square, and then turn right onto a curved road called Saint’s Street, which the academy was on. It wasn’t so complicated, as long as he stuck to the major roads. The other streets seemed to be a complicated web that Isaac was worried he’d get lost in, so he mostly stayed away.

Herald’s Square was always crowded, since it was on the major approach to the academy, the big church, all the rich and fancy people’s houses, the headquarters of the knights’ order and, most intimidatingly, the castle.

Isaac wasn’t sure it was a good idea for all of those things to be in essentially the same place. What if a star fell and landed on the capital, and it killed all the in-charge people at once? But he hadn’t designed the city, and there was a reason for that (the reason was that he hadn’t been born when the capital was designed, but also because he’d probably suck at it), so he let it be and decided not to worry about it.

He made his way pretty easily through the crowds of Herald’s Square, and turned that left onto Saint’s Street, glancing at the big cathedral as he passed it. He wondered if Peter’s parents were in there, doing something religious.

But it wasn’t like he was going to go meet them or anything, at least not today. He might someday, just because. But for today he had to go back to the academy and study for his history final. Which sucked. So, with a sigh, he kept going past the big church, towards the academy that sometimes, no matter how hard they tried, felt like a prison.

Isaac was just approaching it, about to go around the wall since he couldn’t exactly go through the front gate and he needed a little privacy before he just lifted off the ground, when he saw two people just sort of standing there at the wall, both with one hand on it. The behaviour struck Isaac as odd, so he approached slowly, making as if he were just walking.

“Not that I was going to anyway,” the shorter of the two guys said. He was lighter skinned than his friend but still dark, dressed in heavy velvet. His hair was really short and though Isaac could only see him in profile, he had good cheekbones.

“It’s good to know, though,” the bigger, darker, guy said. He was a southerner to his toes, dark and wide featured, with curly black hair that was cut short, just a little longer than his friend’s. Tall and muscular too. Isaac liked what he could see, anyway.

“Yeah,” the shorter guy said. “Anyway, we know he’s in there, so let’s…” he trailed off, turned. His friend turned with him, and they were looking at Isaac. Oops. Isaac smiled at them, pretending not to be nervous.

“Hi,” Isaac said, waving. Then he noticed that the shorter guy was only sort of looking at him, and that his eyes were unfocused. And the bigger guy had his hand on his arm. “Didn’t mean to bother you. Are you visiting the academy?”

“Yeah,” the bigger guy said. “Well, we’re visiting the capital.”

“My brother is a student here,” the other guy said, looking a little tense. “Just thought we’d come by and get a sense of what his school is like.” He smiled in a way that suggested he didn’t really know how to smile, which maybe he didn’t.

Up close, they didn’t seem as dangerous as Isaac had worried they were at first. “I’m a student here,” he said. “I’m Isaac. What’s your brother’s name? I probably know him, I can go find him.” This guy didn’t overly resemble anyone Isaac knew, though the shape of his face struck Isaac as familiar. “I’ll tell him you’re here.”

“No,” the guy said, shaking his head firmly.

Isaac blinked. “You sure? It’s not a problem.”

“I said no.”

“Sam, don’t be rude,” the bigger guy said. “They just don’t get along super well, that’s all. Sam just wanted to make sure he’s doing okay, you know? Not actually meet him.”

“Oh.” That struck Isaac as a bit sad. Brothers should get along, he thought. But he could hardly interfere in the affairs of a family he didn’t know, as much as he wanted to. “Well, okay. I’m sure he’s doing fine. The academy is really safe.” For the most part. But there was no need to worry someone’s family over it when it wasn’t the whole student population who was in danger. “He’s probably just stressed for exams like the rest of us.”

“That’s what his letter said,” Sam said quietly. He looked a bit upset, which made Isaac want to kiss him. “Hey, your name is Isaac?”


“I’m Sam. Henry and I are…a bit lost, actually,” Sam said, elbowing Henry as he said it. “We don’t know how to get back to our inn from here. It’s our first time in the capital.” He held onto Henry’s arm as he spoke.

Isaac frowned. That wasn’t good. “Where are you staying?”

“Our inn is called the King’s Hammer,” Henry said, holding Sam steady. “It’s just off the big road that heads north, behind the castle?”

Isaac thought about it. “The Merchant’s Road?” he asked. “I know how to get there.”

“Would you…” Sam trailed off, squeezing Henry. “I don’t want to impose, but would you mind taking us there? It’s so easy to get lost in this city.”

“Yeah,” Isaac laughed. “It is. Sure, I’ll take you.”

His history book could wait.

Sam smiled a little, as if to himself. “Thank you so much, Isaac. I don’t know what we’d have done without you.”

“I’m sure you’d have been fine,” Isaac said, turning around and pointing for Henry. “Come on. It’s this way.”

He led them back down the Saint’s Road. “The capital is built in circles,” he explained as he walked. “This is the smallest one. You want to get out of it and into the middle circle to get anywhere else, and to do that you have to go through Herald’s Square.”

Henry nodded as Isaac talked. “That way there’s only one road to the castle.”

“Yeah,” Isaac said. “I guess it’s a defence thing? I don’t really know.”

“Are you from the capital?” Sam asked him, looking at the ground. Or, not looking, Isaac figured. Eyes directed at the ground, anyway.

“No,” Isaac told him, looking around. “I’m from a little village up north. Got brought here for mage training and stuff. Where are you guys from?”

He didn’t want to assume that they were from the south just because of their skin colour. People moved around.

“Down south,” Sam said, vaguely. “Somewhere. Henry’s from the Fury Plateau, if you know where that is.”

“Sort of,” Isaac said, though he didn’t really. He knew it was sort of off to the west somewhere. Maps weren’t his strong suit. “So you guys came all the way up here just to see the academy?”

“No,” Sam said. “We’re travelling. We stopped here for a few days, that’s all.”

“Sight…” Isaac trailed off, rethinking what he’d been about to say. “Taking in the city?”

Sam’s mouth quirked into what might have been a smile for just a second. “You can say seeing. I’ve been told that other people do that.”

“Sorry,” Isaac said, blushing a little. “If you’re interested, that’s the big cathedral right there. The First Church of…something. It’s like the headquarters of the Catechism. The High Presbyter used to live there.”

“Used to?” Henry asked.

“He died a while ago, during the dragon attack,” Isaac said. “They’re picking a new one.”

“I heard about that,” Sam said, interested. “The dragon attack. Was it bad? Did a lot of people die?”

Isaac looked away. “A few people. The dragon wasn’t that bad, from what I hear. It tried to kidnap the prince, but someone in the castle killed it. But there were also these shadows that came out and killed a bunch of people, wraiths, they’re called.” Isaac hadn’t actually seen the wraiths, but he’d heard about them. He didn’t need to see them.

Sam frowned. “Wraiths? I didn’t hear about that.”

“Yeah.” Isaac nodded, since Henry was looking at him. “They attacked the order of knights, mostly. A lot of them appeared right here in Herald’s Square,” he said, waving as they stepped into it. “I heard there was a demon controlling them.”

“Wow,” Henry said, when Sam didn’t say anything. “I’m glad someone got rid of them, then.”

“Yeah.” Isaac never had heard how that had happened, actually. Someone must have done something. Maybe something like what he’d done before he got to the capital. “Anyway, that’s what happened. But that was a while ago. What you want to do to get out of this area is go south from the square,” he explained, pointing that way as they headed south. “Until you get to the wide road. Come on.”

They followed him through the square, Henry guiding Sam gently around people. When the crowd got heavier, Henry put his arm around Sam’s middle and guided him that way, his other hand on Sam’s forearm. Sam leaned into him and let him do it, going where Henry pointed him. The had an easy way together, Isaac saw, used to touching each other. They were comfortable, and he didn’t think it was just because Henry probably helped Sam around a lot.

When they cleared the square and headed south, Isaac looked at Henry as he let go of Sam, just keeping the hand on his forearm. “So,” Isaac asked, keeping his tone casual. “You two are together?” He was just curious.


“Yeah,” Henry interrupted. “For about a year.”

Isaac grinned. “Congratulations.”

Henry shrugged. “Thanks.”

“Do you have someone?” Sam asked, his question seeming pointed. All his questioned had seemed pointed. He was a pointy guy.

“Yeah,” Isaac said, smiling as he thought of Peter. And Jacob. And Nicholas, and Skip and Spencer, and Garrett, and… “A few people, actually.”

“A few people?” Sam asked, as Isaac led them onto the circular Crown Street, which would lead where they wanted to go. He set out west, joining the moderate flow of traffic on the curving road.

“Yeah,” Isaac said, shrugging. “Not, like, a lot. Just two boyfriends and like…four, five guys who I hope to get there? And some other people for fun.” Isaac wondered if he’d had sex with Sam’s brother. It seemed pretty likely.

Sam snorted. “Not a lot, though.”

“I’m not greedy.”

“You just sleep with all comers?” Sam asked. And now he sounded amused. And maybe, unless Isaac’s finely-honed senses were off, interested.

Isaac grinned again. “Most comers. And they’re definitely comers before I’m done with them.”

Sam was quiet for a second, and then he snorted with laughter.

“That was terrible,” Henry told him, also holding in a chuckle.

“Maybe,” Isaac agreed, because it hadn’t been his best effort. “But I got laughs, and that’s what matters.”

Henry just sort of looked at him, shaking his head. Sam nudged Henry, though, and he reached out, looking for Isaac. He grabbed Isaac’s arm, and held it, shaking Henry off. “You’re funny,” he informed Isaac.

“Thanks,” Isaac said. “You’re cute.”

Sam’s face exploded with colour, serving only to make him more cute. Henry looked like he wanted to laugh again. “I wouldn’t know,” he muttered. “I’ll take your word for it.”

“Henry?” Isaac asked, waving at Sam. “Isn’t he cute?” It was clear Sam was game for some flirting and probably more. So Isaac had until they got to the inn to get Henry onboard too.

“He is,” Henry agreed, reaching out and touching Sam’s face gently. “He’s also not very subtle.”

“That’s okay,” Isaac said, more attentive of the road now that he was guiding Sam. “Neither am I.”

“Henry and I aren’t strangers to having people in our bed,” Sam said, apparently to nobody.

“Wouldn’t be the first time I was a third wheel,” Isaac said back, since they were done being subtle now.

“Hm.” Sam smirked. “Henry?”

“As long as you’re going to behave,” Henry said. He sounded resigned, but he was smiling, which had to be for Isaac since Sam couldn’t see it.

“Oh, you’ve got behavioural problems?” Isaac asked, teasing. “Found myself a bad boy, huh?”

“Henry’s the bad one,” Sam told him. “He’s a monster.”

“Oh, really?” Isaac looked between the two of them, getting more and more excited. “Now you’ve got me all curious.”

“How much farther?” Sam asked.

“A bit yet.”

Sam sighed. “Alright.”


“Sam doesn’t do patience well.”

Isaac chuckled. “Don’t worry,” he said, leaning over and kissing Sam on the cheek. “We’ll get there. There are plenty of hours left in the day.”

Sam swallowed audibly, seeming to buzz for a second in Isaac’s arms.

Actually, he was buzzing. Isaac frowned, taking a second. Then one of the something-other-than-Pillars resonated with him. “You’re a magic user.”

“What…” Sam sounded surprised, to say the least. “Yes,” he said finally. “You could tell?”

“We can sense other magic,” Isaac told him, looking carefully at Sam now. “What kind of magic? You don’t feel like a mage.”

“I’m a sorcerer,” Sam told him.

“But your brother’s a mage.” Isaac had learned about this in Development. “I thought sorcery ran in families?”

Sam looked a little annoyed now. “It does. But not exclusively. You’re wondering about my brother—he wasn’t born a sorcerer, so we thought he wasn’t talented. But then he turned out to be a mage. Dad was annoyed.”


“It’s fine.” Sam squeezed his arm. It was obvious he didn’t really want to talk about this.

“Sorry,” Isaac said again. “It just surprised me, is all.” He’d only ever met one sorcerer, and briefly, in the archmage’s office.

“Not enough to change your mind about being a third wheel, I hope.”

Isaac laughed out loud, startling a nearby horse. “Not at all. There’s not much that would change my mind about that.”

“You’re eager,” Sam teased.


“Good,” Sam said. “I like that.”

Isaac grinned. “So you were doing a spell just then, huh? What kind?” If he had to guess, Isaac was pretty sure that the power had been directed at Henry.

“Does it matter?” Sam asked.

“I guess not, I’m just curious,” Isaac said, glancing at Henry, who seemed just as confused.

“I am too,” Henry echoed. “What kind of spell was it, Sam?”

“It was just…” Sam went quiet for a second, face red, obviously thinking. “It was just a spell to encourage Henry’s libido,” Sam muttered.

“Excuse me?” Henry asked, eyebrow raising.

“Yours isn’t as high as mine,” Sam explained. “It’s just…to help you along. I don’t use it often.”

“So you’ve done it before?”

Sam made a noise. Isaac frowned. “Isn’t that a bit…I don’t know, shady? Like making him want something he doesn’t?” It sounded like compulsion magic to Isaac.

Another noise, annoyed this time. “It’s not a mind control spell, or anything like that. All it does is increase bloodflow to a few places. I’m not making him do anything or want anything he doesn’t already, that would defeat the purpose.”

What purpose, Isaac wondered, but he looked at Henry, who just seemed thoughtful. Finally Henry nodded. “I do feel a bit more…excited than a did a minute ago.”

“All right,” Isaac said, nodding. Henry seemed fine with it, and he did a rudimentary check like Lee had shown him and didn’t see any signs of compulsion or anything. “Okay. Well, as long as you’re cool with it. But Sam, you really shouldn’t do magic on people without telling them.”

A sigh from Sam. “I’ll keep that in mind,” Sam said.

The rest of the walk was in relative silence, and soon enough they reached the Merchant’s Road, and headed up it. “Ah,” Henry said after a minute, pointing to a side road. “I recognize this. We need to go down there.”

“Perfect,” Isaac said, turning Sam that way, and the three of them left the wide road and onto a more normal one, and approached an inn that was near the corner. Henry held the door for them, and Isaac led Sam inside and towards the stairs.

They got up, went down the hall and Henry unlocked a door, before Sam waved a hand over it, using one of the threads of power that Isaac could see. Sorcerers used two powers called the Primal Forces, Isaac remembered. The three Pillars seemed to stem from them to his eye, which was interesting. But he couldn’t ask about that—Sam and Henry seemed nice enough, but just because Isaac was going to fuck them didn’t mean he was going to tell them potentially the most important chosen one secret.

“A ward?” Isaac asked, as the door opened.

“You never know,” Sam told him, and he and Henry led Isaac in. Henry shut the door behind them, and Isaac grinned. “Take your clothes off,” Sam said.

“What’s the rush?” Isaac asked, taking Sam in his arms. He leaned down and kissed Sam, obviously surprising him. Sam didn’t kiss back and first, making as if to move away and then stopping himself. When he did kiss back, it was inexpert, sloppy. It was clear he had no idea what he was doing, which surprised Isaac if he’d been with Henry for a year.

Isaac pulled back, licking his lips, and looking over at Henry. “Come here,” he said, waving Henry over with a finger. Henry did as he was told, hand on Sam’s shoulder, and Isaac got up on his toes and kissed him too, noticing that Henry wasn’t much better a kisser than Sam. “Guys,” he said, getting down. “I’m really sorry.”

“What?” Henry asked, while Sam scowled.

“Neither of you is a very good kisser,” Isaac told them, because someone had to. “You both need more practice.”

Sam just continued to scowl, but Henry snorted a laugh. “Alright.” He nodded at Sam. “You want to demonstrate?”

Isaac nodded, and he leaned in, pausing just a bit from Sam’s face. “Do what I do,” he said, and then kissed Sam again, more slowly this time, Sam made an irritated noise, but Isaac kept at it, until Sam finally started to mimic him, kissing back. He still wasn’t great, but if he kept up like that he’d be passable in no time. After a few minutes, Isaac stopped, pulling back. Sam looked a little lost, lips swollen. “There. More like that, less like you’re trying to eat my lips, okay?”

“Whatever,” Sam grumbled. “Henry’s never complained.”

“Yeah.” Isaac let Sam go, pulled Henry over, and repeated the demonstration with him. “See?”

Henry swallowed when Isaac let him go, nodding. “Yeah, got it.”

Isaac grinned, waved a hand between the two of them. “You should practice.”

Henry looked at him, then at Sam, and he smiled and took Sam in his arms, leaned down and kissed him. Isaac watched them closely, trying to see if either of them had retained what he’d just shown them, and nodded appreciatively when it seemed like they had. “There you go, see, it’s not that hard.”

Sam staggered a little as he pulled away from Henry, red in the face and panting. And Henry reached down and started to lift his shirt. Isaac helped, and they got Sam out of it, and Sam turned to face Isaac, kissing him again, assertive this time. He wanted to be in charge so badly, Isaac realized. He must usually call the shots with Henry. So Isaac let him control the kiss this time as Henry move around and started to take Isaac’s shirt off, and Isaac worked on unbuttoning the front of Sam’s pants.

Sam dominated Isaac’s mouth, tongue invading him as he kissed hard but better than before. They broke only so Henry could lift Isaac’s shirt over his head, and then Sam went back at it while between the three of them, both Sam and Isaac lost the rest of their clothes, boots and all.

Isaac was hard by the time he stepped out of his pantleg and he wasn’t the only one. Sam was pressed against him, also ready to go. A glance over his shoulder showed Henry taking off his own clothes, which was a shame. Isaac pulled back from the kiss with Sam, tugging his hand to get him to come over, and he put Sam’s hand on Henry’s pants. “Come on, let’s help him?”

“Henry does tend to be too slow,” Sam said, and the two of them took Henry’s pants down, freeing his hardening cock and eventually getting him naked too.

“Nice,” Isaac said, reaching out and taking Sam’s in one hand and Henry’s in the other. Sam was hot and twitching a little. Henry was a good size, and he had a little scar around the base of his head where his foreskin had been cut off. Isaac knew that that was a thing in some places, but Skip was the only person he knew well who’d had it done. He stroked both of them, and used his leverage to push Sam and Henry back towards the bed, where they both sat down, pulling Isaac with them.

Isaac ended up between them and he shimmied down, stroking both of them as he did, and looked back and forth. “Hm,” he said. “Can’t decide which of you I want to taste first.”

“Well, make up your mind,” Sam said, breath coming heavy.

Isaac smirked up at him. “Well, just for that I’m picking Henry. Teach you to be rude to the guy with your dick in his hand.”

And while Sam made an irritated noise, Isaac took Henry’s erection into his mouth, not even sucking yet, just getting it wet, feeling it with his tongue, enjoying the girth. He slid most of it inside before he started to suck, and stroked Sam slowly as he did. Henry was holding his back up stiffly, quiet as Isaac sucked him.

Isaac did that for a good minute or so, before sliding off, smiling, and moving over to Sam. “Okay, now it’s your turn.”

Sam just grunted, and Isaac slid his lips over Sam’s head, sucking from the start this time and not going any lower. That was clearly not what Sam had in mind, though; his hand came to rest on Isaac’s head immediately, pushing insistently.

Isaac kept his head up as long as he could, but after a moment he was pushed down, most of Sam sliding into his mouth all at once with a sigh from Sam. Isaac wasn’t impressed, but he sucked on Sam, keeping at Henry with his free hand. Sam was more vocal than Henry, making little grunts and groans as Isaac blew him, so that was nice. Isaac liked a little vocal feedback, especially his first time with someone.

It wasn’t long before Sam came in his mouth, with a content groan and his hand in Isaac’s hair. Isaac swallowed as Sam raised his hips a little, filling Isaac’s mouth and throat with his cum.

Only when he was done did Sam take his hand off Isaac’s head and let him up. Isaac got off, looking up at him. He’d been planning to alternate between Sam and Henry, but now… “Is he always this greedy?” Isaac asked Henry.

Henry snorted. “Always.”

Sam elbowed Henry. Henry smirked.

Isaac moved over, gave Henry a lick, and tugged on Sam’s hand. “You took Henry’s turn,” he said to Sam. “Come down here and make it up to him with me.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard him,” Henry said, hand on Sam’s shoulder, pushing him a bit. “Get down there.”

Sam was quiet for a moment, buzzing, but he sighed, slid down, got on his knees, and let Isaac guide his hand to Henry’s thigh. Isaac was licking Henry up and down, kissing the head now and then, as Sam made his way over. Then Isaac leaned over and kissed Sam, holding Henry’s dick out and touching Sam’s lips with it after.

Sam let out a breath, visibly hesitating, and then opened his mouth like he was about to chomp something and took Henry in in a gulp. Isaac paused in licking at Henry’s balls to watch as Sam started to suck, and he was just so obviously…not sure what he was doing.

Isaac looked up at Henry. “Are you sure you guys have been together for a year?”

“Yeah…” Henry said, watching Sam raptly. “Why?”

“Just…neither of you can kiss and Sam clearly doesn’t know his way around your dick.”

Sam’s face contorted into a scowl, which was impressive when he had a good bit of Henry’s cock in his mouth. Henry laughed. “Sam’s usually on top, that’s all.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Isaac said, focusing back on Sam. He reached out and put his hands on either side of Sam’s head, poking his lips into a better position. “Like that. Everyone should know how to give a blowjob, just in case they accidentally steal their boyfriend’s turn and have to pay him back.”

Sam made a noise that was probably meant to be a word, but Isaac just rubbing the back of his neck, other hand on Henry’s balls. “Use your tongue,” he said. “Curl your lips a little, and let your cheeks help you suck.”

It wasn’t really Isaac’s place to interfere in whatever these two had going on in their sex lives, but really. Dating for a year and Sam couldn’t blow a guy to save his life. His fucking game better be a lot more impressive than this.

Sam did as he was told, or at least an approximation thereof, and Isaac kept coaching him, watching him suck Henry and trying to help him do it better, playing with Henry’s balls as he did and keeping an eye on Henry, who was obviously enjoying watching Sam.

When Henry started to tense, Isaac patted Sam’s head. “He’s going to cum in a minute. Get ready. Try and swallow, but if you can’t, that’s okay.”

Henry made a loud sound and arched his back a little, and Sam started to swallow, then coughed, then, with a determined set to his brow and cum running down his chin, started to swallow again.

He managed to get most of it down, to his credit. “Good job,” Isaac said, when Henry had finished cumming. Sam pulled off, panting, wiping his mouth. “See, it’s not that bad.”

“It’s…harder than it seems,” Sam muttered, voice a little rough.

“Yeah, it’s a lot of work,” Isaac agreed. “It’s fun, though, right?”

He thought it was fun. Giving people blowjobs was a favourite of his.

“I guess,” Sam said, sounding unsure. “I prefer receiving them.”

“Sure,” Isaac conceded. “Well, you guys have to do what’s best for you. I’m not going to tell you how to have sex.”

“I liked it,” Henry said, recovering. “It was nice to be on this end for once. You should do it again.”

Sam glared. “Right now?”

“Someday,” Henry corrected, smiling. “And you should practice while you have the chance. Isaac hasn’t cum yet.”

“You don’t have to,” Isaac said. He didn’t want Sam to feel obligated.

“I…” Sam sighed. “Get on the bed. You can tell me how to do it properly, since I’m so bad at it.”

Well, Isaac wasn’t going to complain. He got up on the bed, patting Sam’s cheek on the way. “It’s hard to be really bad at a blowjob as long as your teeth don’t get in the way. It’s just also hard to be good at it without practice, that’s all.”

He spread his legs and let Sam feel his way between them. Isaac was already leaking a little bit from the excitement, and when Sam’s breath fell on his erection, he shivered. “Go at whatever speed you’re comfortable with,” he advised.

Sam slid his hand up Isaac’s thigh, finding his erection and grabbing it a bit roughly. He did everything a bit roughly. “I’ll be fine,” he grumbled, leaning down and taking Isaac into his mouth, none of the hesitation he’d shown before evident now.

Isaac gasped at the speed, keeping as still as he could as Sam started to suck him like he was trying to get it over with quickly. Isaac reached down, hands on either side of Sam’s cheeks, and he prodded Sam’s lips into a better shape. “Like this,” he said, between breaths.

Sam grunted, and Isaac took his hands away, pleased when Sam obviously tried to do as he’d been shown. “Suck a little more gently unless you want to end up with it down your throat,” Isaac said, speaking fast to get it out before he had to pause for a small moan. “Don’t think you’d like that right away…”

Sam obeyed and slowed down on sucking Isaac back, and Isaac leaned back a little and let him work for a minute. “You’re getting the hang of it,” he said, watching Henry rub Sam’s back. “Try using your tongue a little.”

Sam did; for all that he was a bit belligerent, he took instruction well. His tongue ran up Isaac’s shaft, then down, getting in the way of his sucking a little but not to a distracting degree.

“I’m going to cum in a second,” Isaac told him, breathing harder, feeling close. “Decide if you want it in your mouth or not…”

Sam must have decided that he did, because if anything he slid downwards, sucking just a bit harder until Isaac came with a muted cry, shooting into his mouth. Sam swallowed as best he could, doing a slightly better job than he had with Henry, holding Isaac in his mouth until Isaac was done, before pulling off. “Satisfied?” Sam asked, coughing a bit.

Isaac smiled, slid down, took Sam’s face in his hands. “Yeah,” he said, kissing him. “Fun, right?”

“It wasn’t awful,” Sam muttered, blushing. “That’s all.”

Isaac nodded, poking Sam’s nose. “Okay. If you want to get better at it, you’re going to need to practice. Try doing it at least once a day, I’m sure Henry won’t complain.”

Sam’s blush deepened, and Henry rubbed his shoulder, grinning. “I’ll think about it,” he huffed. He put his own hands on Isaac’s shoulders. “I want to fuck you now.”

Isaac snickered. “You’re not very romantic.”

“Who cares?”

“Not me. Let’s get on the bed.”

Henry helped them both stand, and Isaac helped Sam onto the bed, falling onto his back with his legs spread. “You guys have some oil somewhere?” he asked.

“There’s a bottle here,” Henry told Isaac, getting up to get it while Sam poked around between Isaac’s legs.

By the time Henry came back, Sam’s hand had found Isaac’s hole. “I assume you do this often,” Sam said, as Henry slipped the bottle into his other hand.

“Often enough,” Isaac confirmed. “You?”

“Let’s just say I’m better at it than I am at kissing,” Sam told him, opening the bottle and oiling his hand, his dick.

Isaac spread his legs a little farther as Sam lined up. “Prove it, then,” he challenged. Sam made a face and pushed two fingers inside Isaac, Isaac took in a breath, not surprised that Sam had elected to go more quickly than was necessary. Fortunately, he wasn’t the first person to get up there today, so Isaac was already a little stretched.

Sam only fingered him for a minute until he determined Isaac was open enough, which he was, and pulled his fingers out. Without a word, he rested his hand on Isaac’s thigh and pressed the tip of his dick against Isaac’s entrance, and pushed inside.

Sam kept his hands on Isaac’s hips, holding him in place as he started to thrust in and out, concentrating. He was pretty good at it, in fact. He had good rhythm, good technique. He got thrown off a little when Isaac started moving his hips in response, but made up for it by going along with Isaac’s rhythm.

Smiling, Isaac looked over at Henry, beckoned him over. “Let’s give you that blowjob,” he said.

Henry smiled back. “All right,” he said, crawling up the bed, erection in hand, and patting Isaac’s hair. Isaac turned to face him, took Henry into his mouth and started sucking, paying the most attention to his naked head as he did.

Isaac sucked on Henry while Sam fucked him, and Henry reached down and started to stroke Isaac at the same time, which was nice. They picked up a good rhythm, not too fast but fast enough, though Isaac started to get a bit of a crick in his neck from the position.

But by the time he was thinking about moving, Sam picked up speed, giving a grunt, and he came inside Isaac happily. Isaac smiled around Henry’s dick at the sounds he was making, and Henry responded by sliding farther into Isaac’s mouth, getting him to increase his sucking. Henry went faster on Isaac’s dick as well. By the time Sam pulled out, Isaac was shooting too, and by the time he was done, Henry was filling his mouth.

Isaac grinned as Henry slipped out, swallowing the last of it. “That was fun.” He glanced over at Sam, who was sitting on the bed, breathing. “You guys want to switch spots?” Both of them were still hard.

“I’m game,” Henry said, patting Isaac’s hair again.

“Fine, get over here,” Sam grumbled, trying to pretend he wasn’t as into it as he was. It was kind of cute, the way he acted like he wasn’t that interested. So Isaac got onto his hands and knees and crawled over, getting down between Sam’s legs and wiggling his backside in invitation for Henry.

Henry didn’t need to be told twice—or once—and was already behind Isaac, lining up, as Isaac took Sam in his hand, wiped his dick with the blanket and then licked him. “No hands in my hair this time,” he ordered Sam. “I’ll do it on my own.”

“Fine, whatever,” Sam said, and Isaac gave him a lick. He’d break through that shell of apathy soon.

Sam held out, though. Henry entered Isaac and started fucking him, and Isaac sucked and licked at Sam, taking him all the way down and sliding back. Sam made a few noises, squirmed a little, but never broke that veneer.

So Isaac hauled out a secret weapon. He licked his fingers before going down on Sam, taking him all the way into his throat, and Isaac reached down and ever so casually pushed one finger into Sam’s hole.

That got the reaction Isaac wanted. Sam jumped, clearly surprised, and his skin kind of buzzed everywhere Isaac was touching it. But though he bucked up into Isaac’s mouth a little, he didn’t try to pull back. He did clench around Isaac’s finger so that he couldn’t get in anymore, but Isaac just held his finger there, waiting Sam out.

As Henry found that spot inside Isaac and made Isaac moan around Sam’s dick, Sam relaxed a little, enough for Isaac to get the rest of the way in. And once he was, he started poking around with the second finger.

That one went in easier than the first one. Henry was speeding up behind him, and Sam was leaking in his mouth. Isaac smiled, and he found what he was looking for inside Sam, poked it hard.

Sam cried out in shock and came instantly, filling Isaac’s mouth all at once. This time Henry was much closer to him, he drove himself into Isaac hard, pounding Isaac’s spot, and start to cum with a grunt and his hands on Isaac’s side. Isaac reached down with his free hand and gave himself the three, four strokes needed to get himself over the edge as well, shooting on the sheets.

“Did you like that?” Isaac asked, laughing a little at the face Sam was making. He looked like someone who’d just had his first orgasm or something.

“It was…yes,” Sam admitted, panting. He was sweating, too. He looked unhappy as Isaac pulled his fingers out. Interesting. Sam topped usually, according to Henry. But Isaac wondered. “Hold still,” Sam said, hand on Isaac’s shoulder. He slid it down Isaac’s body, until he got to Isaac’s butt, Henry still buried inside. Since it was right there, Isaac gave Sam’s flagging dick a lick.

Sam shuddered, but he reached around, grabbed Isaac’s sensitive boner, then his balls instead. And a shock ran through them, one that Isaac didn’t like at all. “Ow!”

Sam pulled his hand away. “The pain fades in a second.”

“What did you do?” Isaac asked. This was really the sort of thing that needed negotiation, not just…

“Healed you. Did it work?”


“You’re ready to go again, aren’t you?”

Isaac frowned, looked at Sam. He…was. He was hard again, and felt like he hadn’t cum at all. “Yeah. What did you do?” he repeated.

“A healing spell. Reversing the toll on your body.” Sam slid his hands down some more, grabbed Henry, did the same thing. Henry jumped, still inside Isaac, but didn’t cry out. “There. Now you two can keep going at it while I recover.”

Hm. Isaac reached up, grabbed Sam. “I know a healing spell,” he said. He’d learned a rudimentary one in Practical. “It doesn’t reverse damage, but it speeds up regular healing. If yours can do it, mine should too.” He could just speed up Sam’s recovery process. It had never occurred to Isaac to use a healing spell like this.

But he did it now, touching Light and Shadow, and ran it through Sam without asking since Sam hadn’t asked him. As he did, Sam’s erection regrew before his eyes, and Isaac grinned. “How do you feel?”

Sam looked surprised. Maybe he’d never done anything like this with another magic person. Obviously he’d expected no reciprocation. “Better. I can definitely go again.”

“Good.” Isaac gave him a lick. “You want my fingers back?”


“Liar,” Henry said from behind Isaac, already starting to move again.

“Fine,” Sam said, after a moment of silence. “Yes.”

Isaac grinned. “Say please.”

“Excuse me?”

“You always demand. You never ask. Say please, and I’ll give you back the fingers.” Sam was kind of a little tyrant. It wouldn’t hurt him to have to be nice for a minute.

Sam looked, for just a moment, like he might not. But he sighed. “Fine. Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please…I’m starting to hate you.”

“Uh-huh,” Isaac said, seeing Sam’s blush. “Sure.”

“Fine. God. Please give me back your fingers.”

“That’s much better,” Isaac said, and he took Sam back in his mouth, and re-inserted the two fingers all at once. Sam made a happy noise. Isaac pushed the fingers in farther, massaging him inside. Henry picked up speed. Sam twitched in Isaac’s mouth. Everyone was happy.

Sam had really no stamina, which was kind of hilarious to Isaac. He bucked up into Isaac’s mouth and started to cum not long after, and Isaac nearly laughed as he swallowed it all. When Sam leaned back a little to recover, nice and relaxed now, Isaac slid a third finger inside him, enjoying how he tensed up again right away, still hard. That healing spell had really done the trick.

Isaac would be using that little party trick on a few people in the near future. Maybe he’d hold onto it and bust it out when he managed to get everyone together in the shower room.

Sam moved his hips, obviously hoping for Isaac to keep sucking him, but Isaac had other ideas. He had a plan in motion here. He pulled off, licked his lips and looked up at Sam for a moment. “How do you like the fingers?”

“I…” Sam was panting. “I like them…”

Isaac smirked, looking over his shoulder at Henry. “Think he’d like something else?”

Henry paused, hand on Isaac’s back. He looked at Isaac, then he looked at Sam, then he smirked right back. “I think he would.”

“Haul me up there,” Isaac instructed, because Henry was strong enough for that. Sure enough, as soon as Isaac had taken his fingers out of Sam, Henry picked him right up, walking forward on his knees, and carefully set him down, now face-to-face with Sam. Henry didn’t pull out of Isaac for a second.

“What are you doing?” Sam demanded.

Isaac kissed him. “Showing you something more fun than fingers.” As he said that, he grabbed the oil nearby, uncorked it with one hand and awkwardly poured a bit onto his palm, before setting the bottle aside, slicking up his erection and directing it to Sam’s hole. “If you’re interested.”

Behind him, Henry was already thrusting again, pushing Isaac towards Sam, making it hard not to just go inside. Sam made that vague noise again, affecting disinterest. Isaac saw right through it. “Fine, whatever. Have your fun.”

Isaac smiled, and he started to press inside. “It’ll be fun for you too,” he promised.

Sam didn’t seem convinced, making a face as Isaac penetrated him, but Isaac was nothing if not confident. Sam was just begging to be taught how fun being on bottom could be.

Isaac could tell. He had a knack for these things.

So he started fucking Sam, gently, setting the pace even as Henry tried to by going faster inside Isaac. That was lovely and Isaac really loved Henry up there, but he didn’t want to traumatize Sam. So he put his hips into going slowly, but purposefully, aiming as best he could in the position and hitting what he was looking for reasonably frequently, if Sam’s gasps were any indication. Sam was clutching the sheets beneath Isaac, coming close to tearing them as he writhed. Isaac kissed him intermittently, hands running up and down Sam’s sides as he made sure that Sam had a great time.

Behind him, Henry started grunting more loudly, and sped up, giving Isaac little choice but to do the same inside Sam. He started to really pound Isaac, all sense gone from him, and then started to cum inside him again, and Isaac drove harder into Sam as Henry did, adding to the mess inside him.

Henry’s very last thrust as he finished cumming struck Isaac clear where he wanted it, and Isaac gasped, his own orgasm letting itself out as he spilled into Sam, making an effort to keep thrusting through it even though he wanted to go still.

It worked, because Sam came too with a cry, nearly pulling the sheet off the bed as he splattered his chest with cum.

The three of them collapsed on top of each other in a sweaty pile, panting. Sam looked so surprised that Isaac kissed him again. “Told you you’d like it,” he muttered.

“What did you do?” Sam whispered. “You used magic, or…”

“Nope,” Isaac said, kissing Sam on the cheek. “I’m just good at it. Let me guess, you guys tried it before and you didn’t like it?”

“It…hurt…” Sam muttered, and Henry made a noise, shifting above Isaac.

“Yeah.” Isaac wasn’t surprised. He glanced over his shoulder at Henry. “You’re big, and you’re a bit rough. You have to go slower.” He smiled, and clenched around Henry. “A guy can take a lot if you stretch him enough and go careful enough.”

“We’re not being very careful with you,” Henry told him, moving a bit.

“Yeah, but I’m used to it. I’ve taken bigger guys than you. Took two at once, one time.”

“You’re lying,” Sam accused.

Isaac smirked. Had him. “Nope. Wasn’t so hard. I mean, we were all hard. But the sex was good.”

“I don’t believe you’d be laughing about it if you’d really taken two people at once,” Sam said, insistent.

Henry sighed a little. Isaac had a feeling that he got what was happening, even if Sam didn’t. “You want me to prove it?” Isaac asked sweetly.

Sam was quiet for a minute. Maybe he had figured it out after all. “Henry, roll him over.”

“Got it,” Henry did, carefully pulling Isaac out of Sam and then rolling onto his back, Isaac on top of him, still buried inside Isaac. Isaac could get used to being manhandled like this, honestly. “Here you go.”

Sam was taking a hard breath, recovering from Isaac pulling out of him, and he got up on his hands and knees, crawled over, felt around. Climbed on top of them, reaching down for Henry’s dick and sliding his alongside it until it got to Isaac’s hole. He looked smug.

Isaac felt smug. Sam pressed into him and Isaac tensed a little, everything he had going into remaining relaxed as Sam pushed, only going slowly because it was hard, probably. It hurt, which Isaac had expected, but it wasn’t unbearable. It wasn’t as bad as last time, if only because honestly Sam wasn’t that big even if Henry was.

Henry pulled Isaac’s legs out of the way, spreading them wide so Sam could get in, and as Sam pressed in, Henry fucked him slowly, helping Sam along. That helped, actually. Gave Isaac something to focus on other than the discomfort. So focus he did, on enjoying the fullness, enjoying the movement, enjoying being sandwiched between the two of them, enjoying the whole thing.

Sam tried to set a faster pace, but Isaac put his hands on Sam’s shoulders. “Slow…slower…” he said, breath coming a bit hard. Sam paused for a second, but complied, and Isaac smiled and dropped his hands. “Better.”

“Guess you were wrong…” Henry breathed.

“Shut…shut up…” Sam swallowed, fucking Isaac hard but slowly, enough to make Isaac feel it but not enough to break him in half. The perfect balance.

Once the pain was almost entirely replaced by just nice feelings, Isaac lost track of time, enjoying being full, enjoying the feeling. He liked this. He liked it a lot.

So did Sam and Henry, it seemed. Isaac came first this time, a cry escaping his lips as he splattered himself, but Henry followed him, driving a hard thrust up that had him cumming, and made Sam moan and follow him. Isaac sort of just melted into Henry, laying there on top of him, not able to move much.

Sam pulled out and lay down beside them, short of breath.

“Told you,” Isaac said, smiling at the ceiling.

“Shut up,” Sam repeated.

“You can take anything up there if you’re careful enough,” Isaac continued, as Henry slipped out of him, and Isaac kind of leaked everywhere. But oh well. He leaned up and kissed Henry on the cheek. “It’s just a matter of being careful,” he repeated. It bore repeating.

Sam reached out and found Henry’s dick, stroking it idly as if testing its size. Isaac smiled. “If you ever want to try again, I suggest this position, actually. Let Henry lay back and you sit on him. That way you can control how much goes in and how fast.”

Sam looked thoughtful, and then he sat up, moving to straddle Henry. “Don’t feel like you have to right now…”

“Quiet,” Sam ordered, biting his lip a little. He still had Henry in his hand, and was positioning himself to slide down. Isaac reached up and helped him stay steady, and slowly started to slide down. Isaac couldn’t see Henry disappearing into Sam from here, but he could feel Henry tensing underneath him and he could see Sam’s face as he took more and more in. He stopped what Isaac judged to be about halfway down, just sort of sitting there, breathing. Henry brought his hands up, around Isaac, and put them on Sam’s hips.

“Don’t go too fast,” Henry said, and Isaac nodded even if Sam couldn’t see him. Sam didn’t say anything, just squatted there for a minute, before sliding down some more. Isaac reached up and grabbed his erection, stroking it a bit to distract him.

Whether it did the trick Isaac didn’t know, but Sam slid the rest of the way down, letting out a loud breath, vague smile on his face as he sat there, fully seated. Isaac grinned, and slid off of Henry’s chest to get out of the way, letting them have what was clearly going to be a moment.

Sam leaned down, hands on Henry’s shoulders, and he started moving his hips, slowly at first, but getting the hang of it quickly, speeding up. He was a natural, which Isaac had figured.

Henry put his hands on Sam’s hips, but just lay there and let him do the work, which was wise, in Isaac’s opinion. Sam got into it more and more as he got more comfortable, picking up speed, and by the end of it, he was fucking himself hard on Henry’s dick, making a lot of noise as he did. And when he came, his cum flew in an arc as Sam moaned out loud, drawing lines all up Henry’s body.

Henry gave a few more thrusts after Sam stopped until, with a grunt, he filled Sam up as well, and the two of them relaxed, Sam laying down right there on Henry’s chest, Henry holding him in place.

The three of them lay there for a good while, breathing. Isaac was satisfied, and he had a feeling they both were too. So he was happy. “Thanks for the invitation,” he said, after a while.

“Yeah,” Sam muttered, head on Henry’s chest. He looked so happy.

“Thanks for all the pointers,” Henry said, smiling at Isaac.

“Anything to help,” Isaac laughed. With difficulty, he sat up. “I should go.” He didn’t want to, but he also didn’t want to intrude on their cuddling time anymore. And he had to get back to the academy before someone got worried that he’d been kidnapped by some evil psycho or something.

Legs shaking, Isaac dressed himself, stealing Sam’s smallclothes to put on so his pants didn’t get completely ruined by the time he got to the baths in the dormitory. Once dressed, he went back to the bed and leaned down, kissing Henry, then Sam, one more time. “Thanks.”

“You’re just lucky we’re letting you leave,” Sam muttered.

Isaac chuckled, patting Sam on the back. “Sure.” Feeling a little mischievous, Isaac slid his hand down, under Sam’s thigh, and touched his balls. And he used the healing spell from before, before touching Henry’s and doing the same thing. Henry was still half-buried inside of Sam despite softening, and he hardened right up again. Isaac smiled. “I hope we can meet again sometime,” he said, walking to the door.

“We will,” Sam promised.

Isaac snorted, and opened the door. “Enjoy the rest of your visit to the capital,” he said, stepping out and leaving them in there.

Outside the room, Isaac took a moment, catching his breath. He could hear the bed creaking after a second, and laughed to himself. His work here was done. Legs still wobbly, he made his way down the stairs and out of the inn.

And then he went around to the alley and took to the air, flying back to the academy. Isaac felt he’d earned it.

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