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New Experiences Can Change Plans Very Abruptly

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Sam hated Three Hills. It was too loud, and too crowded with stupid people, and it was cold. They’d gotten here yesterday and he couldn’t wait to go back home. They’d heard all about the dragon attack, and poorly understood rumours that shadows had been attacking people at the same time, all of which sounded stupid to Sam.

Word was the dragon he’d sent had been single-handedly killed by Prince Gavin’s fiancé. Sam kind of wanted to meet someone who could kill a dragon single-handed. He wondered if Henry could.

The other rumour that they’d heard last night when Henry had made him sit at a common table with some loud merchants and play nice for three hours had been that there were centipedes in the First Church of the Blessed, so that was where they were going tomorrow. But today it was the academy, and Sam let Henry lead him through the unnecessarily crowded streets as they headed there. The church was in the same area and Sam was going to make Henry take him there after, and then they could just go back to the castle tonight instead of wasting another day in this stupid city.

It might not be so bad, Sam reflected, if the whole city wasn’t built on hills. Not that he’d expected a city called Three Hills not to be, but damn. He was really regretting that he’d promised not to maim or murder anyone while here.

“That’s the church,” Henry said, guiding Sam up the road, nudging Sam to the right a little. Not to make him go there, just to tell him where it was. “It looks almost the size of your castle.”

Sam snorted. “Thinking of trading up? Becoming the High Presbyter’s partner instead?”

Sam said it casually, but then waited, because it wasn’t casual. He’d been trying to think of a word to describe what Henry had become to him, and that was what he’d settled on for now. He wanted to know what Henry’s reaction was going to be.

“Hm,” Henry muttered, pulling Sam closer to him. “Nah. I bet he’s not as cute as you.”

“Oh, go fuck yourself,” Sam growled. That wasn’t much of a reaction. But at the same time, Henry hadn’t shot it down.

“Why? I’m sure you’ll do it for me later, your Majesty.”

Sam just made an annoyed noise, wondering once again why the fuck he put up with Henry. Aside from the amount of work he’d put into making Henry a liveable bedmate. And because nobody but Henry understood Sam, for better or worse. “Just for that, maybe I won’t.”

“What the hell’s the world coming to if you’re threatening not to rape me?” Henry joked, leading Sam farther up the road. “I guess this must be the academy.”

“Yeah?” Sam asked, as Henry tugged him to the left.

“There’s a big wall, and I can see some towers beyond it. I assume that’s it.”

“Sounds like it,” Sam said, focusing. He could definitely feel some magic up ahead. A lot of it. Henry stopped, and he guided Sam’s hand to the wall.

Sam made a face. “Yeah, this is the academy. There’s a spell right on the wall here.”

“A shield?” Henry guessed.

“Of course. Cowards.” Sam frowned, pressing against it, but not too hard. He didn’t want to alert anyone that he was here. “Hiding behind a stupid shield. Not that it does them any good since Solomon managed to get my brother and two agents inside.”

“Yeah. Is it strong?”

“It is,” Sam said, prodding a bit, then pulling back when it seemed like there might be a reaction. His power ached to just pound the shield until it broke, but… “I don’t think I can break this.”

He really wasn’t sure that he thought this whole honesty thing he was doing with Henry lately was a good idea. But here he was, doing it anyway. “Not that I was going to anyway,” he added, when Henry didn’t answer.

“It’s good to know, though,” Henry told him, shifting a little, closer to Sam.

“Yeah,” Sam agreed. It made clearer that his strategy couldn’t be a frontal assault, as much as he’d prefer that. Henry would have to come up with a plan. “Anyway, we know he’s in there, so let’s…” There was magic behind Sam. Not moving. Standing there. Someone was watching him.

Shit. Sam turned.

“Hi, didn’t mean to bother you.” A male voice, one of those happy sounding people, said. “Are you visiting the academy?”

“Yeah.” Sam let Henry do the talking. “Well, we’re visiting the capital.”

“My brother is a student here.” Sam maybe shouldn’t have said that, but whatever, he was telling the truth today, and this guy was magical, which meant he was probably a student here. He sounded too young to be anything else. “Just thought we’d come by and get a sense of what his school is like.” He smiled.

“I’m a student here,” the kid said, confirming Sam’s suspicion. “I’m Isaac. What’s your brother’s name? I probably know him, I can go find him. I’ll tell him you’re here.” He sounded so friendly, like he just wanted to help. He sounded like an idiot.

“No.” Sam shook his head. That had been a mistake, shit. He couldn’t have this idiot going in and telling Saul he was out here.

“You sure?” Isaac asked. “It’s not a problem.”

“I said no.” God, it didn’t take a lot of brains to be a mage.

“Sam, don’t be rude,” Henry interrupted, squeezing Sam’s arm to remind him. No murder, no maiming. Sam remembered. “They just don’t get along super well, that’s all,” he explained to Isaac. “Sam just wanted to make sure he’s doing okay, you know? Not actually meet him.”

“Oh. Well, okay.” Isaac sounded put out. “I’m sure he’s doing fine. The academy is really safe.” Not from what Sam had heard, it wasn’t. “He’s probably just stressed for exams like the rest of us.”

“That’s what his letter said,” Sam said, wanting out of this. Then he realized something. “Hey, your name is Isaac?”


Oh. Isaac. Isaac was the name of one of the three chosen one candidates, from what both Saul and Solomon’s friend had told him. Maybe…Sam was getting an idea. Maybe they should lure him away. He elbowed Henry to go along with this. “I’m Sam. Henry and I are…a bit lost, actually. We don’t know how to get back to our inn from here. It’s our first time in the capital.” He kept a strong hold on Henry’s arm, trying to put all the stupidity and helplessness he could muster into his voice. He sounded a lot like Todd in his head.

“Where are you staying?” Isaac asked, falling for it.

Henry changed his grip on Sam .“Our inn is called the King’s Hammer. It’s just off the big road that heads north, behind the castle?” Oh, good. He was playing along. Whether he knew what Sam was up to, it was hard to tell. But Sam chose to believe that he did.

“The Merchant’s Road?” Isaac asked, as if Henry hadn’t just told him that they didn’t know the name of the fucking road. “I know how to get there.”

“Would you…” Sam paused, trying to channel Todd as best he could. “I don’t want to impose, but would you mind taking us there? It’s so easy to get lost in this city.”

God, he sounded stupid.

Isaac gave a little laugh. “Yeah, it is. Sure, I’ll take you.”

No matter how stupid Sam sounded, though, Isaac managed to sound stupider.

Sam smiled to himself. “Thank you so much, Isaac. I don’t know what we’d have done without you,” he simpered.

“I’m sure you’d have been fine,” Isaac said, voice shifting as he turned. “Come on. It’s this way.” They followed him, and unfortunately Isaac kept talking. “The capital is built in circles,” he told them, as if they gave a damn. “This is the smallest one. You want to get out of it and into the middle circle to get anywhere else, and to do that you have to go through Herald’s Square.”

That seemed stupid to Sam. But Henry made a noise of appreciation. “That way there’s only one road to the castle.”

Oh. Well, that made sense.

“Yeah, I guess it’s a defence thing? I don’t really know.”

Sam didn’t either, and he didn’t care. If he attacked the capital, it wasn’t going to be with a ground army. There was only one road to his castle too, it wasn’t that big a deal anyway. “Are you from the capital?” Sam asked him instead, because he wanted to know how one became a chosen one.

“No, I’m from a little village up north,” Isaac said. “Got brought here for mage training and stuff. Where are you guys from?”

“Down south,” Sam said, hating the dictates of polite conversation. He didn’t want to talk about himself. He wanted Isaac to talk. This was why he preferred torturing people for information—that way he didn’t have to give them any in exchange. “Somewhere. Henry’s from the Fury Plateau, if you know where that is.”

It was true.

“Sort of,” Isaac said, though Sam wondered how it was possible to only sort of know where a geographic area was. It wasn’t like it was a misplaced sock. “So you guys came all the way up here just to see the academy?”

“No.” Sam was trying to keep the derision out of his voice. “We’re travelling. We stopped here for a few days, that’s all.”

“Sight…” Isaac stopped abruptly, a silence falling over him for a second. “Taking in the city?”

Oh, he wanted to avoid offending Sam. How sweet. “You can say seeing,” Sam told him. “I’ve been told that other people do that.” Actually, it was…an oddly nice feeling, that Isaac had thought of that. Most people didn’t.

“Sorry,” Isaac said, sounding embarrassed. “If you’re interested, that’s the big cathedral right there. The First Church of…something. It’s like the headquarters of the Catechism. The High Presbyter used to live there.” As if they hadn’t walked by it on the way to the academy.

“Used to?” Henry asked. Sam wondered at that too.

“He died a while ago, during the dragon attack,” Isaac told them. “They’re picking a new one.”

“I heard about that,” Sam said, interested. That there were apparently centipedes in the cathedral and that they were selecting a new High Presbyter was an interesting combination. “The dragon attack. Was it bad? Did a lot of people die?”

He hoped they had.

“A few people,” Isaac said, a little quiet. “The dragon wasn’t that bad, from what I hear. It tried to kidnap the prince, but someone in the castle killed it. But there were also these shadows that came out and killed a bunch of people, wraiths, they’re called.”

Sam frowned. That same story again. That hadn’t been part of Solomon’s spell, as far as he’d known. “Wraiths? I didn’t hear about that.”

“Yeah. They attacked the order of knights, mostly. A lot of them appeared right here in Herald’s Square. I heard there was a demon controlling them.” The way Isaac said it made it clear that he was just repeating something he’d heard a lot. It was common knowledge that this had happened. Sam wasn’t sure what to think. He was fairly certain that the wraiths hadn’t been part of Solomon’s plan. Which meant that either there was a whole part that he wasn’t aware of, or that someone else had taken advantage of the chaos to attack the order of knights. Sam wanted to know who it was.

“Wow,” Henry said, breaking Sam’s concentration. “I’m glad someone got rid of them, then.”

“Yeah,” Isaac agreed. “Anyway, that’s what happened. But that was a while ago. What you want to do to get out of this area is go south from the square, until you get to the wide road. Come on.” It took Sam a second to realize that Isaac had gone back to giving directions.

Sam had hated the square coming through it the first time, and he hated it just as much this time. It was still crowded and full of people, and Henry had to put his arm around Sam to guide him properly. Which Sam kind of liked, but which he also wished people didn’t have to know about. It made him look needy.

“So, you two together?” Isaac asked, out of nowhere, once they were out of the square.

“We…” Sam…wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“Yeah,” Henry said, speaking over Sam. “For about a year.”

“Congratulations.” Isaac sounded legitimately happy, which was weird. Who cared about someone else’s relationships?

Were he and Henry in a relationship? Yes, obviously. But the kind Isaac was asking about?


“Do you have someone?” Sam asked, since they were talking about this now. If he could get something to use against this chosen one, that would make this worth the time. He could kidnap some girl or boy and make Isaac do whatever he said. Isaac seemed like the type to just crumble and obey if someone he cared about was in danger. It was easier to think about that than the ramifications of Henry’s answer to the question.

“Yeah. A few people, actually.”

“A few people?” Sam asked, as Henry turned him to the left.

“Yeah. Not, like, a lot. Just two boyfriends and like…four, five guys who I hope to get there?” Isaac asked. “And some other people for fun.”

Sam snorted. So the chosen one was a slut. “Not a lot, though,” he teased.

“I’m not greedy.”

“You just sleep with all comers?” He was getting the beginnings of an idea.

Isaac grinned again. “Most comers. And they’re definitely comers before I’m done with them.”

Sam frowned for a second, wondering what the fuck that meant. And then he heard it, and couldn’t help the snort of laughter that escaped him.

“That was terrible,” Henry told Isaac. Sam had appreciated it.

“Maybe, but I got laughs, and that’s what matters.”

Henry didn’t seem amused, but Sam nudged him, letting go of Henry and finding Isaac’s arm instead. “You’re funny,” he said. He’d decided. If Isaac was as much of a slut as he seemed, Sam could probably talk his way into fucking him without that much trouble. And then Sam and Henry wouldn’t have to go back to the Fury Plateau empty-handed. They’d have a chosen one with them too.

“Thanks,” Isaac said, happy. “You’re cute.”

Sam felt himself heat up. He hadn’t expected that. “I wouldn’t know,” he muttered, at a loss for what else to say. “I’ll take your word for it.”

“Henry?” Isaac asked. “Isn’t he cute?”

“He is.” Henry touched Sam’s cheek, tone a little guarded. He must realize what Sam was trying to do. “He’s also not very subtle.” That was definitely directed at Sam, but Sam chose to ignore it.

“That’s okay,” Isaac said, walking more slowly than he needed to. “Neither am I.”

“Henry and I aren’t strangers to having people in our bed,” Sam told him. Just as a comment, to find out what he’d do with that information.

“Wouldn’t be the first time I was a third wheel.” No hesitation. As soon as it was suggested, Isaac was jumping at it. Dumbass.

“Hm.” Sam smirked. “Henry?” he asked, as if Henry’s opinion mattered. Though part of Sam did wonder what Henry thought of this whole plan. But there was no way to ask.

“As long as you’re going to behave,” Henry chided, his tone laced with meaning. Sam got it. No knives.

“Oh, you’ve got behavioural problems? Found myself a bad boy, huh?” Isaac teased.

He had no idea at all. “Henry’s the bad one,” Sam said, managing not to smile. “He’s a monster.”

“Oh, really?” Isaac just sounded excited, rather than worried. “Now you’ve got me all curious.”

“How much farther?” Sam asked, pleased.

“A bit yet.” Isaac said, turning his head to look off.


“Impatient?” That teasing tone was back.

“Sam doesn’t do patience well,” Henry told him.

Isaac chuckled. “Don’t worry,” he said. And with a short pause, he kissed Sam on the cheek all of the sudden. “We’ll get there. There are plenty of hours left in the day.”

Sam’s power, already on edge with the proximity of a magic-user, crawled up his body for a moment and rather than fighting it down, Sam used it, channeled it into his libido spell to cast on Henry. Not that he thought he needed it, but just in case.

“You’re a magic user.”

“What…” How had he…well, Sam had known that about Isaac, so of course Isaac could sense it in him too. It had taken him long enough. “Yes. You could tell?”

“We can sense other magic,” Isaac told him, as if Sam didn’t know that. “What kind of magic? You don’t feel like a mage.”

Shit. “I’m a sorcerer,” Sam said, because the truth was easier than lying in this instance.

“But your brother’s a mage. I thought sorcery ran in families?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck. It was fine. Sam could fix this. “It does. But not exclusively. You’re wondering about my brother—he wasn’t born a sorcerer, so we thought he wasn’t talented.” And wouldn’t Saul love that lie if it got back to him. “But then he turned out to be a mage. Dad was annoyed.”

It was hard to say how Solomon would have reacted if one of his kids had turned out to be a mage. None of the ones not gifted with sorcery had lived long enough to get there.

“Sorry,” Isaac said.

Sam had to stop from sighing. “It’s fine.” He squeezed Isaac’s arm a little.

“Sorry, it just surprised me, is all.”

What had? “Not enough to change your mind about being a third wheel, I hope.”

Isaac laughed out loud. “Not at all. There’s not much that would change my mind about that.”

Well, that was good. And predictable. “You’re eager.”


“Good. I like that.” This was going to be fun. If not entirely for the reasons Isaac thought.

“So you were doing a spell just then, huh?” Isaac asked. “What kind?”

“Does it matter?” Sam wanted to know why Isaac had been able to read his magic that clearly. Would he know if Isaac cast a spell?

“I guess not, I’m just curious.”

“I am too,” Henry said, tone a little warning. “What kind of spell was it, Sam?”

“It was just…” Fuck. Sam could lie, but he had a feeling Henry would know if he did. Fuck. He shouldn’t have cast that stupid spell. “It was just a spell to encourage Henry’s libido,” he settled on, making it as benign as he could.

“Excuse me?” Henry did not sound impressed.

“Yours isn’t as high as mine,” Sam said, trying to find an explanation that would satisfy Henry and not scare Isaac away before they got him into the room. “It’s just…to help you along. I don’t use it often.” It seemed important to add that part.

“So you’ve done it before?”

Fuck. Henry sounded annoyed. “Isn’t that a bit…I don’t know, shady?” Isaac asked, saving Sam for a second from having to answer. “Like making him want something he doesn’t?”

There, his opportunity to fix it. “It’s not a mind control spell, or anything like that,” Sam said, which was true. “All it does is increase bloodflow to a few places. I’m not making him do anything or want anything he doesn’t already, that would defeat the purpose.” He could easily use mind control on Henry—in theory, Sam didn’t actually know any mind control spells—but that wouldn’t be as fun as having Henry do things under his own power.

Both Henry and Isaac were quiet for a second. “I do feel a bit more…excited than a did a minute ago,” Henry admitted after that second.

“All right, okay.” Sam felt a little wash of power from Isaac, casting a spell of his own, maybe one to find out if Sam had been lying? If that was the case, it was a good thing that Sam hadn’t lied. “Well, as long as you’re cool with it. But Sam, you really shouldn’t do magic on people without telling them.”

As if Sam was going to ask for permission every time he cast a spell. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he said, to shut Isaac up.

Fortunately, that seemed to satisfy him and Isaac was mercifully quiet for the next few minutes, until they arrived. “Ah,” Henry said. “I recognize this. We need to go down there.”

“Perfect,” Isaac said, guiding Sam into a turn. They headed down the road and towards the inn, proceeding right up the stairs without hesitation. Sam had a feeling that Isaac hadn’t been kidding about doing this often. He knew what he wanted.

It was actually kind of admirable.

They got to the door, which Henry unlocked. Sam waved to open the ward he’d put there, because he didn’t trust locks. “A ward?” Isaac asked, as Henry opened the door.

That was really annoying. “You never know,” Sam told him, going inside. “Take your clothes off,” Sam said, once Henry had shut the door.

Isaac took hold of Sam in a sort of hug. “What’s the rush?” He kissed Sam, surprising him. Sam almost pulled away, but remembered that was the opposite of what he was here to do, and leaned into it instead, kissing back. It was…not unpleasant.

But then Isaac stopped. “Come here.” While Sam tried to figure out what that was about, Henry approached, and for a moment there was the sound of the two of them kissing. Well, he had invited Isaac to fuck both of them. “Guys, I’m really sorry,” Isaac said when he stopped.

“What?” Henry asked. Was he going to change his mind? Leave? It was too late for that now. They had him here.

But no. “Neither of you is a very good kisser.” Isaac sounded mournful. “You both need more practice.”

Of all the stupid…Henry laughed. “Alright,” he said. “You want to demonstrate?”

Isaac didn’t answer, but he was right in Sam’s face again, breathing on him. “Do what I do.”

Isaac kissed Sam again, slowly. Sam tried and failed to suppress a sigh, but did as Isaac had said, remembering Henry’s comment about behaving. He kissed back, trying to do what Isaac was doing, with his lips, with his tongue, he’d never realized kissing was this complicated. It was…good, though. Sam found himself liking it.

And then Isaac stopped, leaving Sam unsure why. “There,” he said. “More like that, less like you’re trying to eat my lips, okay?”

“Whatever,” Sam managed. “Henry’s never complained.” Though they didn’t kiss that often.

“Yeah.” Isaac went back over to Henry, left Sam standing there listening to them kiss for several minutes. “See?” he asked Henry when it was done.

Henry swallowed audibly. “Yeah, got it.”

“You should practice.” Isaac said, and it took Sam a moment to realize. He meant the two of them, him and Henry.

Sam realized that just in time to have Henry take him into his arms and kiss him, in a way similar to how Isaac had but better, rougher, more like what Sam wanted. “There you go,” Isaac said, watching happily. “See, it’s not that hard.”

When the kiss was done, Sam took a step back, catching his breath. That had been good. He’d liked that. They would do that again, without Isaac there to meddle. Hands on his belly, and Henry was lifting his shirt. Isaac’s hands joined them, and the two of them stripped Sam out of it. Sam wasn’t going to be manhandled. So he stepped forward, kissing Isaac again, taking charge. Isaac had called the shots for long enough. Henry’s hands left Sam, lifting Isaac’s shirt as Sam kissed him, and Isaac undid Sam’s pants. Now this was a pace Sam could work with, and he deepened his kiss with Isaac, oddly wishing Isaac were taller. Isaac’s shirt came off, and Henry and Isaac got both their pants and boots off as well, leaving Sam standing there naked, pressed against Isaac’s thigh.

Isaac broke away for a second, taking Sam’s hand and putting it on Henry’s waistband. His shirt had come off already. “Come on, let’s help him?”

Sam did, finding the button. “Henry does tend to be too slow.” He didn’t know why he’d said that. It wasn’t really true.

“Nice,” Isaac said, once Henry was naked. His hand wrapped around Sam’s cock, and he pushed, making Sam take a step backwards to the bed. He and Henry both fell onto it, and Isaac with them. Isaac immediately got down on his knees, stroking Sam in one hand. “Hm,” he said. “Can’t decide which of you I want to taste first.”

“Well, make up your mind,” Sam muttered. He wanted Isaac’s mouth on his dick.

“Well, just for that I’m picking Henry,” Isaac teased. Sam would teach him not to tease so much. “Teach you to be rude to the guy with your dick in his hand.”

Sam could do nothing but make a noise and listen as Isaac slurped up Henry’s dick, sounding happy. Henry was tense on the bed beside him, hand covering Sam’s. Isaac’s hand felt nice on Sam’s cock.

Isaac sucked Henry for what seemed like a long time, but Henry didn’t cum, and he pulled off, now breathing on Sam. “Okay, now it’s your turn.”

Sam made an unimpressed noise, but Isaac finally took him into his mouth and started sucking. Sam put his hand on Isaac’s head and pushed him down, surprised that there was a little bit of resistance, like Isaac was nervous to have more than the head of Sam’s cock in his mouth. But eventually he gave in, sliding down. Sam groaned a little as Isaac sucked him, not taking very long to shoot into Isaac’s mouth with a content sigh.

He let Isaac go, leaning back. Isaac pulled off, letting out a breath on Sam’s dick. “Is he always this greedy?”

“Always,” Henry said with a snort. Sam elbowed him. Sam was behaving. Henry could too.

Isaac moved away, pulling Sam with him, by the hand. “You took Henry’s turn,” he said as he tugged. “Come down here and make it up to him with me.”

“Excuse me?” Sam was…not impressed, to say the least.

Henry’s hand was on Sam’s shoulder, pushing him down. “You heard him, get down there.”

Sam…couldn’t refuse without making it clear to Isaac that they’d lied to him. Henry was going to pay for this. But for now, he kept his annoyance to himself, got down on his knees with Isaac, who pulled his hand closer to Henry. Isaac surprised Sam with a kiss, which was followed by Henry’s dick on Sam’s lips.

Sam paused, getting ready. He’d done this before to Henry. It wasn’t a big deal. He was just as in command now as he had been back then—how could he be anything but in control with his teeth right on Henry’s cock? So he opened his mouth and let Henry inside, going down on him, sucking Henry off.

Isaac’s face was right near Sam’s, but he pulled away. “Are you sure you guys have been together for a year?” he asked.

“Yeah, why?” Henry asked, breathless. Sam had done that to him.

“Just…” Isaac hesitated. “Neither of you can kiss and Sam clearly doesn’t know his way around your dick.”

Henry laughed, and Sam nearly used his teeth. What the fuck did Isaac know? “Sam’s usually on top, that’s all,” Henry explained. At least he was trying to keep their story intact.

Isaac’s hand rested on Sam’s head. “I guess that makes sense,” He poked Sam on either cheek, moving his lips into a more circular shape. “Like that. Everyone should know how to give a blowjob, just in case they accidentally steal their boyfriend’s turn and have to pay him back.”

Sam wanted to say that not everyone was a fucking slut, but his mouth was full so he just kept sucking. Isaac was going to pay too. “Use your tongue,” Isaac told him. “Curl your lips a little, and let your cheeks help you suck.”

Sam figured it couldn’t hurt to play along for a few minutes, since Isaac seemed happy and getting Isaac to feel safe with them was his goal. So he licked Henry’s shaft, hollowing his cheeks. Isaac kept correcting his form, but Sam thought he was being pedantic at that point. He was doing fine. Which he proved a second later when Isaac said, “He’s going to cum in a minute. Get ready. Try and swallow, but if you can’t, that’s okay.”

Sam was going to fucking swallow just because of that condescending tone of voice. So when Henry cried out and lifted up his hips, Sam swallowed, letting Henry’s cum flood his mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could, but was overwhelmed, choked a bit. But he kept going. Sam wasn’t going to be beat by a bodily fluid. He kept going. In the end, he swallowed it all, though some escaped. It tasted gross.

“Good job,” Isaac said as if Sam were his pet dog. Sam wiped the cum off his chin. “See, it’s not that bad.”

“It’s…harder than it seems,” Sam muttered, throat sore. He’d never realized how much effort went into that. He could feel himself sweating.

“Yeah, it’s a lot of work. It’s fun, though, right?”

“I guess,” Sam said, because calling Isaac a name would be rude, and Sam was avoiding that. “I prefer receiving them.”

“Sure,” Isaac said, with a chuckle. “Well, you guys have to do what’s best for you. I’m not going to tell you how to have sex.”

“I liked it.” Henry sounded smug. “It was nice to be on this end for once. You should do it again.” That sounded more like a promise than a suggestion.

“Right now?” Sam asked, hoping that his tone of voice conveyed his disagreement.

“Someday,” Henry said, and he was serious. Sam was going to stab him later. “And you should practice while you have the chance. Isaac hasn’t cum yet.”

Sam was going to stab him so hard.

“You don’t have to,” Isaac added, but Sam did, because…well, he just did.

“I…” Sam didn’t know what he wanted to say there. “Get on the bed. You can tell me how to do it properly, since I’m so bad at it.”

If nothing else, Sam could get really good at this. Maybe it was a tool he could use against Henry in the future. Do a task, get a blowjob. Seemed like something Henry would enjoy. Something to keep him on his current path, positive reinforcement.

So he didn’t flinch when Isaac got up onto the bed, patting his cheek. “It’s hard to be really bad at a blowjob as long as your teeth don’t get in the way. It’s just also hard to be good at it without practice, that’s all.” He sounded so patient. Sam wondered if he’d be that patient chained to a dungeon wall. But he felt his way up Isaac’s leg to his groin. “Go at whatever speed you’re comfortable with,” Isaac told him, still patient.

“I’ll be fine,” Sam muttered, taking Isaac in his hand as nicely as he could, and putting him in his mouth in one movement. He started sucking Isaac harder than he’d sucked Henry, figuring he’d like that.

Isaac made an appreciative noise, so Sam was right, but he also reached down and poked Sam’s lips again. “Like this,” he said, making Sam’s mouth into a different shape. Sam let him do it, noting that it did make Isaac’s dick a little easier to control that way. “Suck a little more gently unless you want to end up with it down your throat,” Isaac moaned. “Don’t think you’d like that right away…”

Fine, Sam figured. Apparently Isaac couldn’t handle it harder, so he eased off, going more slowly. Henry put his hand on Sam’s back, rubbing him, keeping him in place. Reminding him to behave. “You’re getting the hang of it. Try using your tongue a little.” Sam ran his tongue up Isaac’s length, giving attention to the head as he kept up sucking. It was hard to do both at the same time, but Sam was getting the hang of it now.

“I’m going to cum in a second,” Isaac warned him. “Decide if you want it in your mouth or not…” Henry’s hand pressed on Sam’s back a little.

As if Sam was going to let Isaac cum on his face anyway. He kept sucking, and Isaac started to shoot into his mouth, the now-familiar flavour of cum “Satisfied?” Sam asked, coughing. He hadn’t choked this time, though.

Isaac got down off the bed, grabbed Sam’s face and kissed him. “Yeah. Fun, right?”

Sam felt himself heat up again for no reason. “It wasn’t awful. That’s all.” He hadn’t enjoyed it. But he hadn’t hated it. It was just a means to an end.

Isaac touched Sam’s nose. “Okay. If you want to get better at it, you’re going to need to practice. Try doing it at least once a day, I’m sure Henry won’t complain,” he teased.

Henry’s hand was still on his back, and the heat in Sam’s face got worse. Maybe he was coming down with something. “I’ll think about it.” Sam put his hands on Isaac’s shoulders. He was done playing Isaac’s game. “I want to fuck you now.”

Isaac laughed at him. “You’re not very romantic.”

“Who cares?” Sam asked. Romance was stupid. He was going to stick his cock up Isaac’s ass and they’d just met an hour ago. Did Isaac want flowers and a serenade?

“Not me,” Isaac told him. “Let’s get on the bed.”

With Henry’s hand on his arm, Sam stood, and Isaac got on the bed. Sam got in between his legs. “You guys have some oil somewhere?” Isaac asked.

“There’s a bottle here.” Henry left, leaving Sam to feel his way between Isaac’s legs, prodding at his hole.

“I assume you do this often,” Sam said to Isaac, as Henry gave him the oil.

“Often enough. You?”

“Let’s just say I’m better at it than I am at kissing,” Sam muttered, oiling himself up. He used more than normal, just because. Then he crawled up a little, and found Isaac’s hole, using his fingers to probe the entrance.

“Prove it, then,” Isaac said, tone challenging.

Just for that, Sam pushed two fingers in at once, smiling a little at Isaac’s gasp. Since Isaac did this often, he assumed that that meant he didn’t need to waste a lot of time on this, which was fine because Sam had never used his fingers on anyone before. He just knew that was what boring people did before fucking someone. So he pushed his fingers in and out for a minute before deciding that was long enough, putting his hand on Isaac’s leg to press himself properly inside, his dick sliding into Isaac’s hole more easily that it ever had to anyone else’s. The fingers must have done that, he figured. Those, and Isaac’s obvious experience.

Sam used Isaac’s hips to keep himself steady, then started fucking him, firmly enough to show Isaac that he was the one in charge here. Isaac surprised him by moving his hips in response, matching the speed Sam was fucking him at, but Sam went along with it, using it to get deeper into Isaac.

“Let’s give you that blowjob,” Isaac said, breathless.

“All right.” Henry moved past Sam, climbing up the bed, and a moment later Sam heard a slurp as Isaac took Henry back into his mouth.

Sam fucked Isaac happily, enjoying the knowledge that he was sucking Henry at the same time. This was basically what they did with Todd most afternoons, only Isaac had asked for it. He liked it, he liked knowing that Henry was there with him, knowing that Henry was helping. He liked sharing this with Henry. He liked sharing with Henry. Sam had never liked sharing with anyone.

It wasn’t long before he started to get close again, and Sam fucked Isaac harder as his orgasm built, before cumming inside of him. Henry was making orgasm sounds too, and Sam pulled out of Isaac, not at all surprised when he heard Henry grunt right after, and when Isaac did the same, both of them orgasming. Had Isaac liked being fucked that much?

“That was fun.” Isaac said, sounding very happy with himself. “You guys want to switch spots?”

“I’m game,” Henry said, immediately, as Sam tried to figure out what the fuck. He’d never fucked anyone who’d turned around and asked for it again. Not even the girls Solomon had used to send him had done that.

Well, he was still hard, so Sam wasn’t going to say no to another blowjob since it was there in front of him. “Fine, get over here.”

Isaac came over, got between Sam’s legs and used the blanket to clean him off before licking his dick. “No hands in my hair this time,” he told Sam. “I’ll do it on my own.”

Sam almost put his hands on Isaac’s head just for that, but he leaned back a little, keeping his hands on the bed. “Fine, whatever.” Let him pretend that he was in charge if he really wanted to.

Isaac sucked on Sam, using his tongue, and this time Sam was paying attention and recognized what it was that Isaac had been trying to get him to do earlier. Well, it felt really good, if Sam cared about making whoever’s cock was in his mouth feel good, he supposed. Isaac’s head was bobbing up and down as Henry fucked him, and Sam smiled a little, thinking of Todd again, keeping quiet and letting Isaac do what he’d said he would. It was nice, actually. Not having to force someone for once.

All of the sudden, though, Isaac pulled off of him entirely, then engulfed Sam’s entire cock down to the root. And stuck a finger up Sam’s ass without any warning. Sam jumped a little, power crawling, but he pushed it down, clenching around Isaac’s intruding finger. What the fuck did he think he was doing? But he couldn’t say anything. So he just…sat there. With a finger up his ass.

Which Isaac clearly took as an invitation. Moaning around Sam’s cock, Isaac slid his finger in farther, a second one probing at the entrance. He pushed that one in. The blowjob was good enough that Sam could ignore it for the most part, the mild burning as Isaac’s fingers stretched him out. He focused on his cock in Isaac’s throat instead. But then Isaac touched something inside Sam, something that stung in a way that Sam really liked, and Sam couldn’t help but make a loud noise as he was shoved into an orgasm, painting Isaac’s throat with his cum, while Isaac and Henry both filled the room with noise.

Laughing, Isaac pulled off Sam’s softening cock. “Did you like that?”

Sam had. He thought about saying he hadn’t. But he’d just very obviously enjoyed it, and he could feel Henry’s attention on him. “It was…yes.”

This honesty thing was going to be the death of someone.

Isaac pulled his fingers out of Sam, and Sam winced at the sudden loss. It was almost as strange as having them put in. He wished he could go again. He wanted to undo one or two of those orgasms so he could fuck Isaac again, remind him that he was in charge here. Isaac clearly needed that.

Hm. Sam had an idea, and he put his hand on Isaac. “Hold still,” he ordered, sliding his hand downwards, looking. This should work. And if it didn’t, it was only Isaac he’d maim. He found Isaac’s dick, surprised when Isaac gave his sensitive cock a lick. But he pushed that away, grabbing Isaac’s balls. And he ran the same healing spell he usually used into Isaac, smiling a little as he jumped.


Sam let go. “The pain fades in a second.”

“What did you do?” Isaac sounded more annoyed than worried, which was the wrong reaction, but it was good to know. He was too trusting. Sam could use that.

“Healed you.” Sam told him. “Did it work?”

“What?” Isaac clearly didn’t understand.

So Sam decided to be patient. Isaac wasn’t screaming in pain, so it had probably worked. “You’re ready to go again, aren’t you?”

Isaac was silent for a second. “Yeah. What did you do?”

“A healing spell. Reversing the toll on your body.” Sam found Henry, did the same spell. “There. Now you two can keep going at it while I recover.” He couldn’t heal himself, as much as he might want to. But this would buy him some time to get it up again.

But then Isaac’s hand was on Sam’s balls. “I know a healing spell. It doesn’t reverse damage, but it speeds up regular healing. If yours can do it, mine should too.” And there was a…strange feeling like water running over Sam’s dick, and he wasn’t sore anymore, and grew back to full strength right away. “How do you feel?”

Sam hadn’t expected that, not at all. He didn’t think he’d ever been with anyone who wanted sex as badly as Isaac did. “Better. I can definitely go again.” He was a fast learner. Something else Sam would have to keep in mind.

“Good.” Isaac gave him a lick. “You want my fingers back?”

“No.” Sam absolutely did not…

“Liar,” Henry accused, before Sam could finish his thought.

Sam didn’t say anything for a moment, considering his options. He could continue to refuse, and Isaac probably wouldn’t do anything. He seemed like the type. But he had no idea what Henry would do later. Or he could go along with it. It hadn’t hurt or anything. And he’d liked it, honestly. “Fine, yes.” It wasn’t like it mattered what Isaac thought, they’d correct him soon enough once they had him at home.

But Isaac was apparently in the mood to be an asshole. “Say please.”

“Excuse me?”

“You always demand. You never ask,” Isaac said, despite the fact that he was very demanding. “Say please, and I’ll give you back the fingers.”

Sam didn’t want to play games. He seriously considered telling Isaac to go fuck himself. Or telling Henry to break his arm. He could block Isaac’s magic. But it wasn’t worth it. Not when he wasn’t sure how exactly he wanted to play Isaac yet. Maybe chaining him up wasn’t the best option—he might be willingly swayed. “Fine. Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please…” Nevermind, Sam was going to kill him. “I’m starting to hate you.” He was hot in the face again.

“Uh-huh, sure,” Isaac said, entirely too smug for someone with Henry’s cock up his ass. Henry was going too easy on him.

“Fine. God.” Sam did not have the patience for this. “Please give me back your fingers.” He didn’t even want them that badly.

“That’s much better.” Isaac stuck the fingers back in at once, and put his mouth back where it belonged on Sam’s cock. Sam just leaned back and let himself enjoy it, trying to pay a little bit of attention to what Isaac was doing—just out of curiosity—but that was hard with those fingers up there, poking around.

He blamed those fingers for cumming again so quickly, lifting his hips up into Isaac’s mouth as he did, before collapsing back onto he bed, Isaac chuckling as he swallowed.

And then Isaac stuck a third finger up his ass, and Sam went tense again, not having expected that. He felt full all of the sudden, in a way he wasn’t sure he didn’t like, and Sam moved his hips involuntarily.

Isaac clearly missed the message, though, pulling off Sam’s cock. “How do you like the fingers?”

“I…I like them…” Sam felt his face heat up again. He hadn’t meant to sound like an idiot. Talking was harder than he’d expected. He liked this more than he’d expected. He was starting to wonder if this—any of this—had actually been a good idea.

“Think he’d like something else?” Isaac asked.

Sam wanted to know what the fuck he was talking about, but Henry answered. “I think he would.”

Oh, now the two of them were up to something. Great.

“Haul me up there,” Isaac said, taking his fingers out of Sam.

Before Sam could ask what was happening, Henry grunted, and suddenly Isaac was on top of him. “What are you doing?”

Isaac kissed him. “Showing you something more fun than fingers.”

Sam still had no idea what was happening, but then he heard Isaac uncork a bottle, and he started to realize. Then he felt Isaac pressing at his asshole. Not his fingers. “If you’re interested,” Isaac said, hesitating.

He was moving ever so slightly, Henry still fucking him. How determined he was. But he didn’t penetrate Sam, waiting for permission. Sam hesitated for a good minute, considering telling Isaac to jump off a building. But…it wouldn’t be that bad. Henry had been pounding at Isaac for a while now and Isaac was fine. “Fine, whatever. Have your fun.”

It had hurt when Henry had done it to Sam before. But it couldn’t hurt that bad. Isaac had a smaller cock than Henry.

“It’ll be fun for you too,” Isaac told him as he started to push in.

Sam didn’t believe that, but he let Isaac do it anyway, figuring that he could live through it. And then he’d kidnap Isaac, block his magic, take him back to the castle and have Henry rape him until he couldn’t ever get hard again.

Isaac fucked him slowly, more slowly than Henry had by far, more slowly than Sam had fucked him earlier. His movements were deliberate, careful. And it didn’t hurt, Sam realized after a minute. It didn’t hurt. It was…it was good. Isaac hit something inside Sam that made him gasp, that same thing he’d touched before, and then he did it again, and again, and he missed that time, but there it was again, and Sam was fisting the sheets as Isaac kissed him, hands all over Sam, hitting him again, and again. Sam wanted to make him stop, to ask what he was doing to…

Isaac sped up a little as Henry started grunting louder, probably enjoying Sam’s suffering, The harder pace made it even better, and Sam felt like he was going to explode or cry or cum or do something, but he wanted something, something more than this and all he could do was lay there and let Isaac do what he wanted, wondering how he was making it so good.

Isaac came inside him and Sam barely noticed, biting his lip to keep himself from saying anything he’d regret, and Isaac hit him one last time and Sam exploded, arching his back as he came without Isaac having touched his cock once.

Isaac lay down on top of him while Sam tried to catch his breath, his weight suggesting Henry was on top of Isaac. The three of them breathed on each other, trying to stay alive, and Sam felt more…satisfied than he ever had after sex. “Told you you’d like it,” Isaac told him, head on Sam’s shoulder.

There had to be something. Some trick, some lie. Isaac had…he’d used a spell. Right, of course. It couldn’t feel like this without help. Isaac had managed to slip something like Sam’s libido spell past him, or he’d reversed Sam’s ability to feel pleasure and pain. “What did you do?” Sam demanded, voice hoarse. “You used magic, or…”

Isaac kissed Sam’s cheek. “Nope, I’m just good at it.” He sounded happy. “Let me guess, you guys tried it before and you didn’t like it?”

How the fuck had he known that? “It…hurt…” Sam told him. He hadn’t known that it could not hurt. The fact that it had hurt with Henry wasn’t the main reason why he hadn’t liked it, but it hadn’t helped.

“Yeah. You’re big, and you’re a bit rough. You have to go slower.” He was talking to Henry, Sam realized. “A guy can take a lot if you stretch him enough and go careful enough.”

“We’re not being very careful with you,” Henry growled. Sam thought they were being awfully careful. He hadn’t taken his knives out.

“Yeah, but I’m used to it,” Isaac told him. “I’ve taken bigger guys than you. Took two at once, one time.”

“You’re lying.” Sam wasn’t an idiot. Nobody could take two cocks up their ass at once and then sound happy about it later. No matter how much of a slut they were, nobody could…

“Nope.” Isaac sounded smug. “Wasn’t so hard. I mean, we were all hard. But the sex was good.”

“I don’t believe you’d be laughing about it if you’d really taken two people at once,” Sam insisted. It wasn’t possible.

He heard Henry sigh. “You want me to prove it?” Isaac asked.

Wait a minute. Isaac had angled him this way. Sam realized that now; Isaac had brought it up so that he could get Sam and Henry to do it for him. He was probably bluffing. Well, Sam was going to call his bluff. “Henry, roll him over.”

“Got it,” Isaac was pulled out of Sam, which Sam didn’t like, and Henry moved them both off of him. “Here you go.”

Sam inhaled, giving Isaac a second to protest, but no protest came. He didn’t really think Sam was going to back down from this, did he? Sam got up on his knees, found them and crawled on top of Isaac, who still had Henry buried in his leaking ass. He touched his dick to Henry’s and pressed it against Isaac’s hole, showing that he meant it.

But Isaac never made him stop, so Sam just started pushing in, going slow because it was tight, wow. Really tight, squeezing in there with Henry, Henry’s cock pulsing under Sam’s. It was hot, Henry was hot, Isaac was hot, Sam was hot.

Isaac spread his legs farther, breathing hard, and Sam kept going, and Henry started fucking Isaac at the same time, which made it easier for Sam to bury himself. So bury himself he did, getting all the way in and starting to fuck him at the same pace as Henry. He was astounded. Isaac wasn’t crying or screaming or…anything. He was making little moaning noises as if he liked it. So Sam sped up, and Isaac’s hands came onto Sam’s shoulders, stopping him. “Slow…slower…”

Sam paused, triumphant. So Isaac wasn’t unbreakable after all. He fucked more slowly. “Better,” Isaac told him in a half-moan.

“Guess you were wrong…” Henry told him, underneath Isaac.

“Shut…shut up…” Sam managed, focusing on fucking Isaac. He didn’t care if he’d been wrong. He didn’t care if Isaac had tricked him into his. He wanted to keep doing it. He wanted to stay like this. He wondered what it felt like for Isaac.

Isaac came with a cry as they both penetrated him particularly hard, and neither Sam or Henry stopped. Henry followed him, and his orgasm pulsed along Sam’s cock, bringing Sam the rest of the way there as well, driving deep inside Isaac to add his cum to the already impressive volume in there. Overwhelmed by how tight it was, Sam pulled out as soon as he was done, breathing.

“Told you,” Isaac said, a little sleepy.

“Shut up.” Sam didn’t know what to think. He didn’t know why he was enjoying this so much. He didn’t know.

“You can take anything up there if you’re careful enough. It’s just a matter of being careful.” He shifted as he said it, and judging by Henry’s groan he was pulling Henry out of him. He must be leaking cum everywhere.

For something to do, Sam reached over and grabbed Henry’s dick, testing to see if he was still hard. He was. “If you ever want to try again,” Isaac said, “I suggest this position, actually. Let Henry lay back and you sit on him. That way you can control how much goes in and how fast.”

Oh, Sam hadn’t thought of that. And he was probably being pushed again, but Sam didn’t care. If Isaac could take both of them, then Sam could manage Henry’s cock. He just had to be careful and then it wouldn’t hurt. And in that position, it would be obvious which of them was in charge. “Don’t feel like you have to right now…”

“Quiet,” Sam told him, positioning himself properly. He squatted over Henry’s cock, and Isaac grabbed his arms to keep him steady as he let Henry inside, pushing down. He got fuller and fuller, wondering more and more why he hadn’t done this before. He stopped when it got to be too much, sitting there with most of Henry’s cock inside him.

“Don’t go too fast,” Henry warned, and Sam ignored him. He didn’t need Henry’s input here. He slid down a bit more. Isaac’s hand appeared on his cock, stroking him a bit. Sam slid the rest of the way down, realizing he’d misjudged Henry’s size rather impressively, but getting it all in and sitting on Henry’s hips. Sam felt…full. And happy.

Sam put his hands on Henry’s shoulders, moving his hips. Isaac was right, like this he could control how much happened. It wasn’t like last time. It didn’t have to be like that time. Sam could have this and not have to worry about Henry. He sped up, getting more comfortable. Henry’s hands came up to rest on his hips.

Sam wasn’t aware of going faster, but Henry was just laying there, passive, and soon Sam was bucking his hips hard, using Henry to hit that spot in himself, using Henry to pleasure himself. Annoyed that he’d never thought to do this before. This was…amazing. He would definitely be doing this again.

And Sam came, crying out loud as the hardest orgasm of the day hit him, and he splattered his cum all over Henry, riding him and the orgasm at the same time. Only when Sam stopped moving did Henry start, giving a handful of thrusts of his own, and then cumming inside Sam, which was fine.

Sam lay down on Henry’s chest and Henry put his arms around Sam and it was really, really something. Sam hadn’t ever imagined something like this.

He didn’t know how long they all lay there, just enjoying being tired. Sam had never been this tired, but he’d never been happier to be tired. “Thanks for the invitation,” Isaac said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah.” Sam had forgotten he was there, listening to Henry’s heartbeat.

“Thanks for all the pointers,” Henry laughed.

“Anything to help.” Isaac laughed too, then made a bit of a noise as he sat. “I should go.” Sam wanted him to go, so he didn’t say anything. Isaac puttered around, dressing himself, while Sam wondered how he could even walk. “Thanks,” he said, leaning down and kissing first Henry, then Sam, one last time.

Sam let him. And he was going to let Isaac go, too. “You’re just lucky we’re letting you leave.” Until a few minutes ago he’d had no intention of letting Isaac go anywhere.

Isaac patted Sam’s back. “Sure.” And then, his hand slid down. And it found Sam’s balls, and before Sam could say anything, he felt water running over him.

Isaac reached up and did the same thing to Henry, who had only half-fallen out of Sam’s hole and was now getting hard again, to match Sam’s growing erection against Henry’s stomach.

That little piece of shit.

“I hope we can meet again sometime,” Isaac said, cheeky, as he headed out.

“We will,” Sam promised him. And Isaac wouldn’t enjoy it as much the second time. Sam and Henry would. But Isaac wouldn’t.

Isaac let out a snort. “Enjoy the rest of your visit to the capital.”

And he left, leaving them alone.

“Thought he’d never leave,” Sam muttered.

Henry snorted underneath him, shifting to slip his cock back inside Sam. Sam didn’t complain. “You brought him here not intending to let him leave.”

“Yeah,” Sam agreed, sliding his hips a bit as Henry started to as well, the two of them working together this time to fuck Sam’s hole.

They’d been revitalized again, but they were tired, and so they went slowly and carefully. It still didn’t take long, Henry driving up deeper into Sam’s stretched hole, Sam sliding himself farther down to let Henry in. Henry hit that spot inside Sam a few times that was all it took for him to cum on Henry’s belly, and after that a few more thrusts had Henry filling his ass some more.

Sam could get used to this.

“Why’d you let him go?” Henry asked, when they were done. He was still hard inside Sam. Sam didn’t mind, he was still hard against Henry’s belly, but too tired to do anything about it right now. Stupid Isaac.

“Because I changed my mind,’ Sam told him. “I was going to kidnap the chosen one since the opportunity was there. But it’s not worth it. He’s not worth it. He’s harmless, and obviously easy to handle.”

“Okay,” Henry said. And Sam yelped as suddenly Henry rolled them over, pinning Sam to the bed. He leaned down and kissed him. “Are you sure it wasn’t something else? Gratitude?”

“Oh, fuck off.”

“I think you meant fuck you. I am still under the influence of that spell, you know.”

Sam had forgotten that. He raised his hand to break it, but Henry caught his wrist. “Don’t,” Henry said. “I like it.”

“You like it?” Sam was a bit confused. It was hard to think.

“Yeah.” Henry kissed Sam. “We’re going to have a chat about it someday, but for now I like it.”

Sam made a noise. And he wrapped his legs around Henry’s waist, his arms around Henry’s neck. “Good. Turns out I like this, so get used to it. A new way you can be of use to me. Starting now, let’s go.”

“Hm.” Henry kissed him again, and he thrust hard, once. Sam gasped. “Careful. You might regret that.”

“Oh, Henry,” Sam said, pulling himself up and kissing Henry this time. The trip to the capital hadn’t been a total waste after all. “I expect you to make me regret it.”

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