Ooh! You know the Young Wizards series? How far have you read? What’s your favorite book so far? Favorite character(s)? Best moments in the series? Have they influenced your own writing in any way? Do you have any fanfic recommendations?

I really like the Young Wizards series! But I haven’t read it in years actually. The last one I read was Wizards at War, I think? I know there are only a few after that, but I never got around to reading them, haha. I always really liked High Wizardry, though Wizards at War was also super good. I like stories that go to space, obviously. My favourite characters were always the two (gay?) dudes who were Nita and Kit’s wizard mentor types, though I also liked the villain tbh. The two scenes that stick out most to me are the one in High Wizardry where Dariene is playing god on a distant plant and the one in Wizards at War where Nita is fighting everyone in the space airport.

I don’t know if they’ve influenced my own writing, honestly? Maybe? I’d assume that everything I read influences my writing, so probably, haha. As for the last part of your question, I was never involved in the fandom online, so I don’t have any recommendations, sorry!

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