Dragon, 55

Fantasies Coming True is Often Better than You Imagine

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Gavin had wanted a little bit of time to himself before bed. He hadn’t said that, but he had suggested that Owen take Edwin, who was guarding their tent tonight, and have a quick sparring session before they retired.

Owen wasn’t one to say no to a sparring session—or to Gavin—so here they were, sparring on a cliffside as they lost the sun.

Edwin made a silly mistake in how he was angling his long blade and Owen struck his hand and knocked it free and out of his grip. “Ow,” Edwin grunted as his practice sword was liberated from his hand.

And the mountain. It flew upward, to the side, and just sort of kept going, sailing in a spinning arc over the side of the cliff and out of sight. Edwin just looked at where it had vanished. “You dumbass.”

“Hey, I’m your superior officer,” Owen said, though that had been, maybe, a bit of a dumbass move.

“Yeah, yeah, chastise me later, Sir Owen the Probationary.” Edwin was blushing, though.

Owen narrowed his eyes. “I’m not sure I like your attitude.”

“I’m not sure I like anything about you,” Edwin muttered, then widened his eyes, snapped his mouth shut. “I mean. I never saw that practice sword. I’m pretty sure it never existed. Sir.”

“That’s better. Let’s go again.”

“I don’t have a sword.”

“And whose fault is that?”


Owen paused. “Fair enough. Here.” He tossed his practice sword to Edwin, and went over to the cliff wall where they’d left their stuff, including Edwin’s front plate and both their swords, pulling out his dragon bone blade. “I’ll use this one.”

“Woah, hold on!” Edwin took a step back. “You’ll cut me in half with that thing!”

Owen grinned. “Then I guess you’d better stop making mistakes.”

“Are you trying to kill me?” Edwin asked, sounding less worried than his body language implied.

“Don’t know. Are you going to apologize for being all disrespectful?”

Edwin looked at Owen for a long moment. Owen looked back. They looked at each other and then Edwin approached him, tossing the practice sword onto the pile. “Fuck that. If you’re using your sword, I’m using mine.” He picked up his magic longsword, which started to glow as soon as he touched it, drew the blade and returned to their fighting spot with Owen.

“Good,” Owen said, nodding. “Fighting’s more fun when there are stakes.” They were both just in their shirtsleeves with no armour to speak of, so they could get hurt if they messed around too much. Which Owen suspected would drive Edwin to fight the way he could, instead of the way he did. He’d be really good if he let himself be.

“I’m going to die,” Edwin muttered, stretching and doing a practice lunge.

Owen would go a little easy on him. “It’s what you get for calling me names.”

“Impaled on a sword?” When Owen just shrugged, Edwin closed his eyes as if in prayer. “Can I at least pick which sword?”

“Nah, I left Little Sword back at camp and I don’t feel like dragging him all the way out here.” He’d brought the ornamental broadsword Franz had gifted to him just for fun. Maybe he’d even use it someday.

But of course that wasn’t what Edwin had been talking about, which Owen knew. Edwin just glared at him, took a ready stance. “Okay, okay. Just come stab me.”

“Awfully forward of you,” Owen said, holding his blade out with one hand.

Edwin took a step forward, touching the tip of Owen’s blade with the tip of his, batting it. “You’re too dense for subtlety.”

They started to circle, watching each other, sword touching occasionally. “So Gavin tells me.”

Edwin just nodded. “I can see why you two get along. He’s about as subtle as a landside.” He stepped forward, experimental, stepping back when Owen parried him.

“Noticed that, did you?” Owen smirked, decided he was done playing. He pushed Edwin back a step, striking at him on alternating sides. “He’s good at getting what he wants.”

Watching Owen’s blade without seeming effort, Edwin blocked all his strikes, but didn’t try to counter them. “Do him some good not to for once,” Edwin muttered, apparently feeling less filtered now that he was distracted. Interesting.

“Probably,” Owen admitted. “But we’re not talking about him. We’re talking about you and what you want.” He broke the pattern, attacked on the left twice in a row.

Edwin wasn’t fooled and he blocked both strikes easily, and now countered, driving Owen back a step before Owen could defend himself properly. “I don’t want anything from you two.”

“That’s a lie,” Owen said, ducking to the side and just grazing Edwin’s belly, leaving a hole in his shirt and nothing else. “Tell me what you really want.”

“I want…” Edwin’s movements were cautious for a second after getting hit, but he suddenly got bold again, moreso than before, attacks coming a bit faster now. “I want you to be less annoying. I want you to leave me alone. I want you to stop getting distracted.” His blows were erratic but controlled, hard to predict but not coming out of nowhere. Owen was hard pressed to keep them off of him. “I want you to stop talking to me. I want you to stop teasing me. I want you to let me go one…fucking…day without thinking about you. I want…”

Owen’s heel hit a loose stone and he stumbled, just for a second, just long enough for Edwin to take advantage, to knock his sword wide and follow up, bringing the longsword down in a strike that Owen couldn’t block, couldn’t stop. Owen raised an arm in front of his face on instinct, but couldn’t get his blade up and Edwin’s sword struck him and…

Stopped. Edwin was frozen, sword on Owen’s arm, eyes growing wide as he realized what he’d done. “Oh, my God, I’m sorry! I’m…” he pulled the blade back, trailed off.

There was no blood, no wound, no pain on Owen’s arm except probably a bruise where he’d caught the strength of Edwin’s blow. No cut. Owen looked at his arm, frowning. He wasn’t going to pretend not to be relieved, but… “The hell? You really pulled at that at the last second, wow.”

“No, I…” Edwin lowered his sword, looked at Owen. “It doesn’t hurt people I don’t want it to hurt. That’s what they told me.”

“Huh,” Owen said, inspecting his arm a second longer before locking eyes with Edwin. Magic sword. Neat. “Funny, sounded like you wanted to hurt me in there.”

“Sorry about that,” Edwin muttered, some colour rising in his face. “I shouldn’t have said all that. I’ll pretend the sword didn’t happen if you pretend not to have heard that.”

“Hm,” Owen said, smirking at Edwin. “Okay. You won.”

“It was a fluke.”

“No, it wasn’t. You won. You should claim a prize.”

Edwin swallowed, still staring at Owen. “I don’t want anything from you.”

Owen took a step forward. “You just listed a whole bunch of things you want…though I guess you didn’t, since we’re pretending that didn’t happen.” And Owen was pretty sure Edwin had been lying anyway. There was little distance now between them, they were chest to chest. “But if there was something else…”

Edwin kissed Owen, fast, hard, their teeth clacking against one another. It was just one kiss, then it wasn’t, Edwin’s hand coming around the back of Owen’s head as he lengthened it, as Owen kissed him back. Edwin’s sword fell to the ground as he pushed Owen against the cliff face, his tongue entering Owen’s mouth, the taste of his supper filling Owen, Owen’s tongue touching his, a needy sound escaping from Edwin.

And then it stopped, Edwin letting him go and pushing himself back, hand on Owen’s chest, face filling with colour. “Uh.”

“Let me guess. That was also a fluke?” Owen asked, short of breath. He’d known Edwin had been into him, thanks to Gavin, but damn. He was a good kisser.

“Uh.” Edwin didn’t seem to know what to do. He shook his head. “Yes. We can just…pretend that didn’t happen too. Yeah. Let’s do that. Let’s just…go. And this didn’t happen.”

Owen grinned, closing the distance between them again. “How about this instead? How about I take you back to your post?”

“Yeah, okay.” Edwin seemed a bit stricken.

So they gathered up their stuff, and then Owen turned, before Edwin could get away, and grabbed him by the waist, slinging him over his shoulder. “Hey!”

“Told you I’d bring you back,” Owen told him, ignoring the kicking. “Let’s go.”

“Put me down!”

“We’re awfully close to the cliffside, that would be a bad idea.”

Edwin got a bit less kicky after that, and Owen just happily carried him all the way to the tent, not failing to notice that Edwin was poking his shoulder in a fun way. Owen got back to his and Gavin’s tent. “Here we are.”

“Now put me down!”

“Sure,” Owen said, pushing back the tentflap and heading inside. He put Edwin down inside. “There you go.”

“What the fuck?”

“Good question,” Gavin said, from his bedroll.

Edwin jumped, turned around, and saluted. “Your Highness. Sorry, sir.”

Gavin looked Edwin up and down, and down. And he smiled. “Not to worry. You’re not intruding.”

“I just think Edwin could protect you better from inside the tent than outside,” Owen explained, setting his bag and sword down.


“Hold on,” Edwin said, looking between the two of them. “Hold on.”

“Edwin kissed me,” Owen told Gavin.

Edwin choked on air. “I didn’t!”

“Aw, and I didn’t get to see?” Gavin pouted.

Owen smiled, and he took Edwin’s chin in his hand, and kissed him again. Edwin closed his eyes and let it happen, kissing back again, for a good few seconds before he pulled away. “Um.”

“Happy?” Owen asked.

“For now.”

“He beat me in our sparring session.”

“Oh, you should reward him.”

“I was thinking I would.”

“Uh…what the fuck?” Edwin asked, looking confused.

“Yeah, that’s about it,” Gavin said, taking Edwin’s hand. “I’ve noticed, Edwin, that you seem to want to like Owen. And he seems to like you. And I think you should fuck him.”

Edwin blinked, while Owen rolled his eyes. Subtle as a landslide indeed. “Uh,” Edwin said again. “What?”

“We can do all the denials and explanations if you really want to,” Gavin said, sighing. “Or we can make it easy. We’re going to take our clothes off, and then we’re going to have sex. If you want to join in, you should do the same. If you don’t, you should return to your post and we’ll all pretend this didn’t happen. Okay?”

Edwin nodded vaguely, looking a bit thunderstruck. “Okay. Okay!” He started suddenly as if he’d realized what was happening. “Wait, really?”

Gavin chuckled, and started to take off his shirt. Owen did too.

“I…” Edwin closed his eyes, had what looked like a very intense internal debate in about two seconds, and he started to take his shirt off too.

“Be aware that you can say no to us, Edwin,” Gavin said. “Really. You don’t have to.”

“I want to,” Edwin said, and the face that emerged as he took off his shirt was blushing. “I want to. Just this once.” He kept casting glances at Owen’s chest. And at Gavin’s.

“Just this once,” Gavin agreed, grinning at Owen. “I want to watch you two.”

“As long as you join in eventually,” Owen said, reaching down to unlace his pants.

Gavin put a hand on Owen’s to stop him. “Of course. But first, I think we should have a wager between you two.”

Owen frowned. “What’s that?” What game was Gavin playing now?

“Simple rules. See who’s bigger. Winner gets to top the loser. Sound fair?”

It seemed like it should be the other way around to Owen, but it also seemed like Gavin had already decided what was going to happen. And probably who was going to win. And Owen looked at Edwin, who was also staring at Gavin, and their eyes met again. And really, Owen didn’t mind either way so he smiled. “Sure.”

Edwin nodded, a smile coming to his face. “Yeah,” he said, that smile turning a bit smug. “Yeah, sounds good.”

“Perfect.” Gavin started rooting around in his bag, pulling out a bottle of oil. “Alright, let’s see our winner.”

Owen shrugged and dropped his pants, pushing his smallclothes down too to free himself. Edwin did the same, smirking.

His smirk faded quickly as he saw Owen, then looked down at himself, then looked at Gavin, betrayal obvious on his face. “You fucking…”

Gavin smiled, handing Owen the oil. “Actually it’s Owen who’ll be fucking, by the looks of it.” Owen wasn’t surprised—not because he’d thought about this really, but just because he was all around bigger than Edwin anyway. Why Edwin had thought that would be any different inside his pants, Owen wasn’t sure.

“You told me mine was bigger! Before, when we…”

Gavin just looked confused. “I was talking about your sword, Edwin,” he said innocently. “You must have noticed that it’s longer than Owen’s. Being a longsword and all.”

“I’m going to…”

“Spread your legs for Owen? Sounds good. I’ll watch.” Gavin grinned, sat down, and gestured for the two of them to get on with it as he started to take his pants off.

Owen smirked as he oiled up his dick. Gavin was evil. “Can’t trust anything he says, you must know that by now.”

“Don’t know how you put up with him,” Edwin muttered, looking at Owen’s cock in anticipation. He was hard as a rock, both of them were, all three of them were.

“He’s really good at sucking dick,” Owen explained, oiling up his fingers too, watching Edwin patiently.

After a second of glaring, Edwin leaned back and spread his legs, for all the world like he didn’t like the idea. He really needed to learn to say what he wanted instead of pretending all the time. Owen reached out, hands hovering over Edwin’s waist, and he looked at Gavin, who nodded. And with Gavin’s blessing, Owen reached down and took Edwin’s cock in one hand, stroking gently while, judging Edwin’s experience level, decided to press two fingers inside him at once.

Edwin didn’t disappoint, letting both in with barely a whimper. Owen smiled and sunk his fingers all the way in without trouble. “That was easy.”

“You just…never stop talking…” Edwin panted, eyes half shut. He was relaxed around Owen, for all that he supposedly wasn’t interested in this.

“It’s part of my charm,” Owen explained, and he pressed a third finger inside Edwin, giving his dick a squeeze at the same time, admitting to some fascination with how Edwin’s body seemed to curl at the sensation. Gavin didn’t do that.

“You’re…you’re really not…” Edwin said, voice growing a bit strained.

“He really is,” Gavin supplied, touching himself.

“See? The prince is on my side.” Owen got the third finger all the way in and smiled, pleased with how easily that had gone. Edwin was no beginner, that was for sure.

“Wonder…wonder why…”

“You’re about to find out,” Gavin muttered. “Go ahead, Owen, he can take it.”

Since that was also Owen’s opinion, he nodded, slid his fingers out, but keeping his hand on Edwin’s dick. “Say no if you want me to stop.”

“Fuck off,” Edwin told him, taking deep breaths.

“That’s close enough to ‘fuck me,’” Owen decided, and he pressed his cock against Edwin’s entrance. He took a breath, closed his eyes, opened them. Looked at Gavin one more time. Gavin was smiling encouragingly. So Owen mouthed ‘I love you’ to his prince and started to press his cock inside Edwin.

Edwin gasped as Owen pushed inside, grabbing the blanket he was laying on in both hands, eyes squeezed shut. Owen went slowly, panting, fighting his every instinct to just ram his way in. Experienced as Edwin was, Owen didn’t want to go too fast and hurt him. He jerked Edwin off as he fucked him, working his way deeper in with every stroke.

Owen must have hit Edwin’s prostate then, because Edwin gasped, eyes flying open as he curled up, forehead touching Owen’s shoulder as he came, cock spasming in Owen’s hand as he shot. He clenched hard around Owen’s cock, making it hard to keep fucking him until he was done, when Edwin relaxed, face a mask of contentment, arms coming up to wrap around Owen’s neck.

Owen gave a hard thrust then, pushed himself the rest of the way in. Edwin moaned, but pressed his body closer to Owen’s, tilting his head up to kiss Owen on the mouth as Owen started to move again. Owen kissed him back, fully aware of Gavin watching as he fucked Edwin, moving faster, then faster again when Edwin was receptive to it, not pulling out more than halfway, trying to hit Edwin’s prostate again.

It wasn’t as easy as doing it with Gavin, Owen reflected distantly. But that was just lack of practice. Edwin didn’t move the same way, didn’t react the same way, didn’t sound the same, didn’t taste the same. Owen preferred Gavin, preferred his prince. But this, he liked this too, he liked Edwin, he liked being with him and Owen could admit now that he’d wanted to do this for quite a while.

When Owen came, he’d sped up to a powerful speed, and he rammed his last thrust into Edwin with force, groaning into Edwin’s mouth as he filled his ass. Edwin bucked his hips against Owen a few more times as Owen shot inside him, and soon Edwin was cumming again too, both of them finishing around the same time.

They held each other when they were done, still kissing, but with less force. Edwin’s arms were still around Owen’s neck, and Owen didn’t pull out.

After a minute, though, Gavin’s hand came to rest on Owen’s back, and Owen stopped kissing Edwin just in time to be met with Gavin’s lips. Gavin kissed him hard, aggressive, teeth clacking with Owen’s as Owen kissed him back, still letting Edwin hold him. Gavin pulled back after Owen was out of breath and smiled. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah,” Owen admitted, smiling at Edwin, who looked content. “I did.”

“Good.” Gavin kissed Edwin now, less aggressively. “How about you?”

Edwin nodded vaguely, smiling. “Yeah,” he said to Gavin, eyes blinking open. “Yeah.”

“Excellent. I’m going to want my fiancé’s cock back now.”

Edwin nodded, started to slide back, and Owen pulled out, carefully setting Edwin down on his back. Gavin pulled Owen into his arms as soon as he was clear, pressing against him and kissing him breathless again.

Owen couldn’t help but laugh as he was released. He’d felt the cum that was splattered on Gavin’s belly. “Jealous, my prince?”

“Insanely, Sir Owen.” Gavin said. “I’d like to remind you why you’re marrying me, I think. You’ll find that I had lots of time to prepare while you were busy with Edwin.”

“Is that so, your Highness?” Owen asked, lining himself up. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“You’d better. Let’s show Edwin how it’s done.”

“I know how it’s done,” Edwin muttered, watching them with obvious interest. He was still hard.

“Sure you do,” Gavin said, taking a breath. “Watch anyway.”

Owen smirked, and he pressed his cock against Gavin’s hole, and he pressed right in, and in, and in, and Gavin moaned louder than usual—for Edwin’s benefit, no doubt—and with one stroke, Owen buried himself completely inside his prince. “Fuck…” he whispered, feeling the familiar tightness.

“Yeah…” Gavin bucked his hips. “Do that, would you?”

Owen nodded, moving into a pattern he was comfortable with, Gavin responding in kind, both of them putting everything into this, into each other.

They kissed as they went, more slowly, less desperately than Owen and Edwin had, even as Owen fucked Gavin faster, harder than he had with Edwin. He was energized, the whole situation making him want more, and more, exciting him in a way that Owen hadn’t realized he could be excited.

It made him want, want more, want Gavin, want Edwin, want. He wanted to fuck Gavin until he could barely walk tomorrow, and then take him even more beyond that, to let loose and take everything he wanted, knowing Gavin would give it to him.

When Owen came it was sudden, hard and fast, and it didn’t slow him down. Gavin was shooting too, hard between them, crying out as he did. They kept going, Gavin pushing Owen up a little, looking up at him as he beckoned Edwin over with his finger. “S-suck…” he said to Edwin, voice hoarse. But still there. Owen would have to work harder at that.

So, as Edwin crawled over and took Gavin into his mouth without hesitation, Owen did just that. He wasn’t going to let Gavin cum because of Edwin’s mouth. It was going to be Owen that made that happen, and Edwin could clean up the mess if he wanted, but it wasn’t going to be him that made it happen.

Maybe Owen was jealous too.

But either way, he changed his angle, thrusts getting slower but harder, aiming every one at Gavin’s prostate. Gavin’s moans got quieter than they’d been, but more frequent, more real, as he bucked up into Edwin’s mouth with every thrust from Owen, the look on his face one of pure bliss.

He came not long after that, at a hard thrust from Owen that had Edwin hastily moving down to swallow it all. Owen smirked, the knowledge making him cum as well, and he pulled out of Gavin after the first spurt, squirting the rest on Gavin’s belly, on Edwin’s cheek.

Owen panted, sitting beside them as Edwin swallowed down Gavin’s cum, pulled off his reddened cock with a glare at Owen. Gavin was smiling though, and he pulled Owen down for a kiss, before doing the same for Edwin, then licking Owen’s cum off his cheek. “Okay, come here,” he said, pulling Edwin closer. “Your turn.”

He pulled Edwin on top of him, clearly wanting to angle him so Edwin would ride him. But Owen had an idea, and he reached out and gave Edwin a tug, getting him between Gavin’s legs instead, getting noises of surprise from both of them. “Owen.”

Owen smirked, pushing Edwin in between Gavin’s legs. “What? You said it was his turn.”

“I meant…”

“It’s true, you did,” Edwin said, smiling now. He pressed against Gavin’s hole, but waited, for permission.

Gavin gave Owen a look, but gave Edwin a nod. “Didn’t think you’d want to share,” Gavin said to Owen.

“Does you good not to get what you want for once,” Owen told him, giving Edwin a pat on the ass to get him to move. He didn’t really want to share, but they were sharing tonight. So Owen would share.

Edwin started to push in, going slowly, tentative. “I’m not going to break,” Gavin said, reaching up and grabbing Edwin’s arms, pulling him forward. “Come on.”

Edwin stopped, smiled down at Gavin. “As you command, your Highness,” and he drove the rest of the way in in one, drawing a breath from Gavin. “There you are. One cock, as ordered.”

“Very dutiful,” Gavin breathed, kissed Edwin once. “Now put it to good use.”

“Yes, sir,” Edwin said, starting to move with a glance at Owen. He stuck his tongue out as he found his rhythm for the first few thrusts, getting his confidence as Gavin moaned his appreciation, and gaining some power as he gained that confidence.

Owen watched the two of them go at it, the sweat on Edwin’s back, on Gavin’s face, the look of concentration Edwin wore, Edwin’s cock sliding in and out of Gavin, out of his prince, Gavin liking it, rising to meet it, his back arching in pleasure as his prostate was hit again, the moan he let out, the kisses they shared.

And Owen was jealous. He wanted to go over there and push Edwin away, take his rightful place between Gavin’s legs, assert his control, his ownership—he didn’t own Gavin, he knew that. Gavin could do what he wanted. But the feeling was still there.

It was the hottest thing Owen had ever seen, on the other hand, and even just watching, hardly touching himself, Owen felt ready to cum again.

It got to be too much by the time they were both tensing up, Edwin cumming inside Gavin, reaching down to jerk Gavin to completion as well. When Gavin came, came under Edwin’s hand, with Edwin buried inside him, Owen got up on his knees, throbbing cock leading the way as he moved upwards.

Gavin saw him, reaching out and grabbing Owen’s cock even as he was enveloped in his orgasm, pulling Owen over to his mouth and giving him a suck, using his other arm to pull Edwin down. Both of them kissed and sucked on Owen for barely a minute before Owen tensed and shot on their faces with a satisfied groan, painting both of them in his colours.

Edwin started to pull back, but Gavin pulled him in again. “No. Again.”

“I…are you sure?”

“Obviously. One more time, Edwin.”

Owen just smiled, patted Edwin’s shoulder. “Better give him what he wants.”

“As much of a chore as it is,” Edwin said, licking cum off his lips, then off Gavin’s cheek. “Okay.” He started to thrust again, both of them licking Owen off each other. Gavin gave Owen a look.

Owen wasn’t going to wait until he was ready to explode this time. He moved around, behind Edwin, figuring that was what Gavin was telling him.

And he positioned himself, gripping Edwin’s hips as pushing himself back inside as Edwin drove into Gavin. A loud moan escaped Edwin, and he bucked back onto Owen’s hips before he could say anything. “Wh-what…”

“Keep going,” Owen told him, arms around Edwin’s chest, kissing his neck, looking down at Gavin. “Keep going.”

Edwin nodded, and let Owen set his pace now, fucking Gavin in tune with Owen fucking him. Gavin was watching Owen, was kissing Edwin, pulling both of them closer to him, closer together.

The three of them fucked like that, bodies pressed together, breath shared, quiet and slow, gentle and caring where before they’d been rough and needy and desperate, for a good while. Edwin moved like he’d always been between them, like he’d always been a part of what Owen and Gavin had. The smell of his sweat mixed with theirs, the sound of his voice mixed with theirs, the feel of his body mixed with theirs.

And as Edwin mixed with them, as the three of them became one for a short while, Owen rode a tide of pleasure, letting his body do the work, letting himself get lost in the moment, just letting it happen. He was so lost in it that he was surprised when Edwin came, a feeling like a shock through Owen’s body as Edwin clenched up, curled, shot inside Gavin, as he kissed Gavin. Gavin must have felt it too, that shock, and both he and Owen came at the same time, Gavin making a mess on his and Edwin’s bellies, Owen adding to the warmth inside Edwin’s hole.

For a moment, they all held each other, floating, buried inside each other, sweaty and warm and together. Eyes closed, touching each other, they just felt each other, felt themselves. Satisfied.

Owen pulled out of Edwin, pulled Edwin out of Gavin, and they lay down beside each other, cuddling on the dirty blankets, Owen kissed Edwin, watched Gavin do the same, and then Owen kissed Gavin too.

And they lay there, breathing.

“As usual,” Gavin said quietly after a few minutes. “I’m right about everything.”

Edwin rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure. Whatever.” He started to get up, but Owen and Gavin held him down. “What?”

“Cuddling is important,” Gavin said, and Owen nodded. “Besides, we’re not done.”

“We’re…not?” Edwin looked at them in turn.

Owen smiled at him. “Come on, you’ve guarded our tent before. You know we’re not.” He just needed a minute to catch his breath.

“Um…I’m not sure I can go again…”

“That’s okay,” Gavin said, kissing Edwin on the cheek. “We’ll take a break to let you recharge. You had fun, right?”

“Yeah,” Edwin admitted, settling back and letting them keep him there. “I did.”

“Me too,” Owen said, to both of them. “I’ve kind of wanted to do that for a while.”

“You…” Edwin frowned at Owen as Gavin smirked. “You have?”

“Sure,” Owen said, laughing at Edwin. “You haven’t?”

Colour rose in Edwin’s face, which he tried unsuccessfully to hide. “I guess. A little. Just a little. Glad I got it out of my system, though.”

“You did, did you?” Gavin asked, stroking Edwin’s chest lightly.

“Yes,” Edwin said, nodding confidently. “I’m good now. I can just hate you guys normally now. We’ll just pretend this never happened and go back to that.”

“Hm…” Gavin got up on an elbow, tweaking one of Edwin’s nipples. “Or.”


“Or we could do it again,” Owen suggested.

“That’s what I was thinking,” Gavin agreed. “We could do it again sometimes. Owen and I—but Owen especially—have pretty high libidos. We could certainly use some help working them out now and then.”


“If you wanted,” Owen added, hand on Edwin’s thigh.


“I guess you don’t, though,” Gavin said, thoughtful, still pinching Edwin’s nipple. “You said you’d rather go back to normal, so I guess we can do that. Pretend this never happened, only see each other clothed.”

“Well!” Edwin almost yelped as Owen’s hand came onto his softening cock. “I…I g-guess I wouldn’t mind if we…”

“Not good enough, Edwin,” Owen said, giving a stroke. “You either want to or you don’t.”

“I do!” Edwin admitted, voice very high suddenly. He was bright red in the face. “Okay, okay. I do. Sometimes. Please.”

Gavin smirked, gave Edwin a kiss. “Thought so. We’ll work out some rules later. But for now as long as we all want it, no reason not to.”

Edwin nodded, looking like he wasn’t seeing them particularly. “Yeah. Yeah, I like that.”

“See? It’s much better to just say what you want,” Gavin told him. “You might even get it.”

“I guess so,” Edwin agreed, panting. He was hard again in Owen’s hand.

“Alright,” Gavin said, kissing Edwin’s throat, then kissing Owen. “I think Owen wants to go again.”

Owen smiled, pressing his hard-on against Edwin. “Of course. How could I not with you two naked beside me?”

“I…I thought we were taking a break,” Edwin breathed.

“We did. It’s over now.” Gavin kissed Edwin now. “Don’t worry. We’ll have you back to your tent in one piece.”

“Eventually,” Owen agreed, getting up and climbing on top of Edwin.

Edwin looked up at him, eyes wide, then looked at Gavin. Then he smiled, held Gavin’s hand. “Do your worst,” he told them.

So, together, they did. And all three of them had a long, sleepless and very good night.

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