Todd/Derek, Power Bottom

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“Surprised you can even fucking walk,” Todd growled at Derek as they picked their way back to their room after King Sam kicked them out.

Derek shrugged, looking at the floor. He always looked at the floor when he walked. “Hurts. I’m fine.”

He wasn’t crying, which…pissed Todd off. He’d cried every other time. He cried every time Todd fucked him. But today he’d been fucked by Henry, who was bigger than Todd or the king and…he was fine. He was just looking at the floor.

And right after, when Todd had gone for his turn, Derek had gotten aggressive, and had ridden Todd’s cock instead of laying there and crying like he was supposed to.

And Todd didn’t like that. “Dumbass,” he accused. “He didn’t even hurt you. You laid there and let him do it. He was gentle with you.” Henry hadn’t been gentle with Todd. Why did Derek get better treatment than he did? Derek hadn’t even done anything except whatever he was told. At least Todd had tried to get back at the king for making his life hell. That was worthy of a respect Todd wasn’t getting.

Derek shrugged. “I guess. I wonder why?”

“Because he knows you can’t fucking handle it, that’s why,” Todd grumbled.

“And you can? I guess that makes sense.” Derek smiled in a way that made Todd think he was mocking him. “And here I was thinking it was because he liked me better.”

Todd smacked Derek across the face as hard as he could, and Derek staggered back into the wall with a cry. “I’m going to fuck you as hard as I can when we get back to the room.”

Derek nodded, looking at the floor again. “Let’s go, then.”

Stupid Derek didn’t even try to argue it. Todd would have tried to stop it, or run away, but Derek was too much a coward to even try. So they walked in silence to their room, and as soon as they were there, Todd pushed Derek to the ground. “Take your pants off.”

Derek nodded, doing that while Todd undressed too. He shook himself to get hard, climbing down and pushing Derek’s legs aside. Derek spread them, smiling up at Todd. “Come on.”

“I’m going,” Todd muttered, wanting Derek to cry. Why wasn’t he crying?

Todd pushed inside, and Derek took a breath, nodding. He was so slippery and stretched from Henry, so Todd just started going. “Harder,” Derek whinged.

“What…” Todd made a face, going harder. “Shut up.”

Derek felt hot around him, and Todd pounded him mercilessly because unlike Henry, he didn’t care if Derek could take it. He deserved this. He deserved every thrust of it. Derek deserved to have it done to him and Todd deserved to be allowed to do it.

“Todd,” Derek whinged. “Harder. Fuck me properly, dammit!”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Todd hissed, sweating. He was going as hard as he could.

“You’re doing it wrong,” Derek complained. He wrapped his legs around Todd, bucking his hips, grabbing Todd’s hand and moving it down to his dick. “Come on, like that, aim higher.”

“Derek, fuck off!”

“No,” Derek said, glaring up at Todd. “You always do this wrong and I’m sick of it. If you’re going to fuck me, you can act like you know what you’re doing. You’ve been fucked enough times you must have had an orgasm from it at least once, God.”

“The fuck is wrong with you?”

“I’m getting my ass fucked by an idiot,” Derek snapped.

Todd smacked him. “Shut up!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Derek spat, moving his hips. “Like this. Come on.”

Todd had no choice but to follow along, move as Derek was showing him to move, his breath catching as he went harder and harder, faster and at a different angle, Derek squeezing around him.

And Derek came before him, sighing happily. It was another few thrusts before Todd came as well into Derek’s clenching hole.

Derek was smiling. Why was he smiling? “Again.”

“No,” Todd said, shaking his head.

“Aw, come on, Todd! Do it again,” Derek ordered. Ordered.

“I’m done,” Todd said, disgusted. He pulled out, softening. “I can’t go again. Get dressed.”

Derek made a face. “You only went once.”

“Twice. I fucked you in the room.”

Derek rolled his eyes, got up. “Fine. Henry went three times.”

“Henry’s…” Henry was a freak. Todd wasn’t about to be compared to him. “You’re such a slut.” He suddenly felt small.

Derek shrugged. “Whatever. I’m going to have a bath.”

And he grabbed his clothes and left the room, leaving Todd sitting there, wondering what the fuck had just happened. Except he knew what had just happened.

They’d ruined Derek, Sam and Henry had ruined Derek, just like they’d ruined everything else he had.

And Todd hated all of them for that.



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