This probably sounds really weird but would you consider adding something smutty with Terry/Henry to your request list??

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The northern reaches of the Chavekma River were fast-moving and warm, running down from the volcanic mountains. It was in between Zegid and Rh’eyltakak, but deserted, nobody out here. Henry was alone with Terry.

Henry was used to being alone with Terry, they’d been together for two years now. They were moving around Ech’kent, training until Henry was good enough to help Terry take down the Sorcerer King so they could both get their revenge. They’d just finished training for the day and were washing off in the river.

“You’re improving,” Terry told Henry, as Henry washed under his arms.

Henry wanted to smile, but he just nodded. “Thank you.”

“I’m serious, Lord Henry,” Terry said. “You’re so much better a fighter than you were—and a lot stronger too.”

Henry felt his face redden, but that was just the heat of the river. “I should be. You’ve been training me for two years, Terry.”

Terry nodded, coming closer, putting his hand on Henry’s arm. “Maybe. But you’re the one who’s been putting in the work. Swinging the sword. Look at these muscles you’ve built up. I didn’t do that.”

Henry didn’t look at himself, but at Terry, who was way larger and more muscular than he was. “I wouldn’t have done it if you didn’t show me how,” he muttered.

“Maybe,” Terry said, laughing. “I doubt it. You don’t really need me, Lord Henry.”

“Of course I do, Terry,” Henry said, turning in the water to face Terry. “I do need you, Terry.”

Terry smiled. “I hope so. God, look how much you’ve grown up, my lord.”

Henry blushed again. He was looking down. “Not that much.”

Terry snorted, and with no hesitation or shame, he reached down and took Henry’s dick in his hand. “Grown quite a lot. I’ve been seeing you bathe for two years, so I think I’d know what I’m talking about here.”

“Um…” Henry didn’t know what to say, really. “Thanks?” But he did know that someone touching him was enough to make him hard. Most things were enough to make him hard.

“Someone’s excited.”

“It’s because you’re touching it…that’s just what happens…” Henry said. Terry knew that, he’d talked to Henry about all this a while ago.

“I know. Are you touching yourself at night?”

“S-sometimes…” Not often. Henry was often too tired at night.

“You should, Lord Henry,” Terry chided. “It’s unhealthy to get all pent up.”

Henry nodded. “I never see you d-doing it…”

“You sleep later than I do,” Terry said. Henry noticed that he was hard too. Terry started to stroke Henry’s dick, making it feel even better than Henry’s hand normally did. Henry let him do it, liking it too much to stop.

But he did decide that he shouldn’t be selfish, and he reached out and touched Terry too. Well, it was partly selfish. He was curious; it was bigger than his. “Lord Henry…you don’t have to…”

“I want to,” Henry said, swallowing a moan. Terry was so much more skilled than he was, Henry already felt like he might cum.

And so he did. Holding back had never been something he’d figured out how to do, so Henry shot into the river, the water washing the evidence away immediately. Henry gasped and fell back, only for Terry to catch him. “There you go, careful…”

Henry nodded, straightening. “Th-thank you, Terry. I’m going to do you too. Don’t say I don’t have to.”

Terry just nodded, hands on Henry’s shoulders as Henry jerked him off. It took a good few minutes and Henry got a cramp in his wrist, but he did it—after a bit Terry gasped. “H…Lord Henry…” And he came, hard, spurting up into the air and onto Henry’s chest.

It should have been gross, but Henry giggled. “I guess you liked that, huh?”

“I’m sorry, Lord Henry,” Terry said, not quite holding back a laugh.

Henry grinned, wiped some of it off, into the river. “No big deal. Comes right off.”

“So it does,” Terry said, looking at Henry in a fond way that he never had before. “Let’s get it all cleaned off, then, and go eat, okay?”

Henry nodded, smiling, and the two of them went to do just that.



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