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Different People have Different Rituals for Showing Their Love

This is chapter 500 of the overall series! And it’s the first chapter posted officially here on WordPress! New beginnings or something.

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The room that Pax had allotted for them on the Coral Witch wasn’t huge, but it had a bed and that was really all Owen wanted out of a room at the moment. He and Gavin had taken off most of their armour earlier, then gone out for supper with everyone, and after what Gavin had deemed an acceptable amount of socializing and what Owen had thought was far too much socializing, they’d come back to rest.

“God,” Gavin said as Owen shut the door behind them. It didn’t have a lock on it. “I think this has been the longest day of my life.”

“Yeah,” Owen agreed. He was very tired. “Aria’s going to be pissed that we did all that without her.”

Gavin smiled, put his arms around Owen. “I’m proud of you. You were amazing today.”

“So were you,” Owen said, hands on Gavin’s hips. He kissed Gavin. “We only got out thanks to you stealing the Queen Geneva.”

“And you fighting the Sea King,” Gavin said. “And the pirates, and the kraken. And the demon bear, and the demon queen, and the thunderstorm…”

“Didn’t so much fight the thunderstorm,” Owen corrected.

“You did, though. I was trying to get to you because I was so afraid for you, by yourself in the thunder,” Gavin said, eyes on Owen’s chest. “But you didn’t need me. You were so strong, all by yourself.”

Owen shook his head. “I did need you. I was strong because I knew you were coming, Gavin. I was terrified.” He swallowed. “But I convinced myself that if I could kill the Sea King, the thunder would stop. So I made myself move.” He still didn’t know how he’d done it.

“And that’s why I’m so fucking proud of you, you lunk,” Gavin said, shaking his head. “You did so well. I’m just so…” he sighed. “God, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Owen said, holding Gavin close. “I was worried about you. In the tower, in the battle. I knew you’d be fine but I was so worried.”

Gavin nodded into Owen’s chest. “I know. I knew you’d be fine too. But I was worried too.”

They held each other for a minute, just reassuring each other. They were fine. They were together.

Then Gavin sighed again, looked up at Owen. Smiled. “Anyway. Now that we’re fine, tell me you have enough energy left for sex.”

“Obviously,” Owen said with a chuckle. “I always have enough energy left for sex, Gavin.”

“Good.” Gavin stepped back, started unlacing Owen’s clothes. “Because you’re going to fuck me until I can’t walk.”

“Oh, am I?” Owen asked, reaching out and starting to get Gavin out of his clothes too. “Is that an order, your Highness?”

“You bet it is,” Gavin said, pulling Owen’s shirt over his head. “I counted six big bads you fought off today. And I do like letting you top after you fight the big bad…”

Owen smirked. “So I guess I get to top six times? I’m not sure I can go that many times in one night.”

“Oh, I think you can,” Gavin said, pushing Owen’s pants down. “You’re going to fuck me until you pass out, Sir Owen the Insatiable. And maybe we’ll count that for one.”

Owen liked this idea, he had to admit. He got Gavin’s shirt off, stepping out of his pants as he tried to get Gavin out of his own. “Seems like you’ll pass out before me,” he teased.

“And you’ll keep going,” Gavin ordered him. “I mean it, Owen.”

“You’re hornier than usual.”

“You have no idea how hard I get watching you fight, do you? I’m about to explode, you asshole.”

Owen smirked, kissed Gavin, and waited until they were both naked. Sure enough, Gavin was as hard as he was. “Well then. In that case, someone had better get down on his knees and suck me off.”

Gavin arched an eyebrow. “Excuse me? How does that help me?”

Owen grinned now, crossing his arms. “Faster I get a blowjob, the faster you get it up the ass, your Highness.”

“Pretty sure it’s not you who gives the orders in this relationship.”

“I think if you wanted to give orders you’d be topping.”

Gavin held his gaze for a minute, then snorted and got down on his knees. “Asshole.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m lucky you love me.”

“As long as you know that.” And Gavin leaned forward, took Owen in his mouth, holding him with one hand as he sucked.

Owen uncrossed his arms, cupping Gavin’s cheek in one hand and bracing himself against the door with the other. He watched Gavin work his cock, getting it slick with spit, and working his tongue all around. Owen tried to stand straight, stand still, but Gavin knew him well enough, knew how to make his knees shake and how to make Owen gasp and moan and sway.

Owen ended up leaning against the door, panting hard as sweat beaded on his forehead, on his chest. Gavin smiled around Owen’s cock, one hand down between his legs as he fingered himself, and when Owen noticed that, that was it—he came in Gavin’s mouth with a groan.

Gavin swallowed it all, then pulled off Owen, a line of spit connecting his bottom lip to Owen’s cock. And he looked up at Owen with half-lidded eyes, smiling. “How was that, Sir Owen?”

“Pretty good,” Owen said, breathless. “I guess.”

“Good enough to earn me a fucking or ten?”

Owen grinned. “Get on the bed.”

Gavin hopped up and practically leapt onto the small bed, laying back with his knees pulled to the sides. He watched Owen carefully as Owen stumbled over, as if he might get lost. Owen fell onto the bed, hands on either side of Gavin, and he used one to guide his wet cock to where it needed to go.

Owen looked down into Gavin’s eyes, seeing the want, the need and the love in them as he pressed inside, Gavin’s warmth spreading around him the more he pushed in. He went slow because Gavin’s spit was their only lubricant, but he also went steadily, driving farther and farther in, not breaking eye contact until he bottomed out with a quiet groan. Gavin was writhing underneath him, trying to move, asking with his eyes, all but begging.

Owen gave him a hard thrust, then another, then sat there, unmoving, while Gavin cried out and came, eyes fluttering shut as he did. Owen held him, kissed him and waited, until Gavin wasn’t quite so tight around him, until he was moving normally again. “Wow,” he said, when Gavin was done. “You weren’t kidding.”

“No,” Gavin said, with a tired shake of his head. “I wasn’t. About any of it—keep going. This is how I want to fall asleep.”

Owen grinned, giving another thrust, then picking a rhythm up out of that. “After just one? I don’t think so. I bet I can get a few more out of you.”

“I bet you can…” Gavin groaned, Owen hitting him in the right spot. Owen knew how to hit the right spot inside Gavin. So Owen abused the privilege, aiming right for it and making Gavin incoherent within a few minutes.

Within that few minutes, though, Owen also built himself up, getting closer again, closer to Gavin, closer to an orgasm, and he couldn’t hold out, he could never hold out with Gavin, and he came with a cry of Gavin’s name, filling him. And Owen didn’t need Gavin’s reminder to keep going; he never slowed and after he recovered a little, Owen sped up, going harder, thrusting deeper.

Gavin leaned up and kissed Owen, arms around Owen’s neck as Owen fucked him, moving in tune with Owen and keeping their bodies close. Then Gavin was moaning, shooting heat between them, bucking his hips to keep Owen moving. Owen didn’t need the encouragement, and he kept going, too lost in Gavin to stop.

He found himself with another orgasm, a deep moan into Gavin’s mouth as he pressed Gavin into the bed, pumping him full. Only after he was done that did Gavin break the kiss. “H-harder…”

Owen nodded, and he straightened, turned Gavin on his side with his cock still buried, grabbing Gavin’s leg for leverage and speeding up, not worried about anything except for fucking the love of his life as thoroughly as he possibly could.

Gavin fisted the sheets beneath him, cum running out of his hole and down his leg, his cock bouncing untouched as Owen fucked him. He wasn’t touching himself so Owen reached down to touch him, but Gavin slapped his hand away, shaking his head. “Just this,” he whispered, hair in his eyes. “Just this.”

Owen nodded, and he gave Gavin just that, thrusts getting harder but shorter, more frenzied, he felt himself starting to get there again, as Gavin started to moan and writhe underneath him again.

They came together that time, Gavin shooting all over the bed as Owen filled him with even more cum. Owen couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted to, but he did put Gavin’s leg down, turning him some more, putting him on his belly, hoisting his hips up and getting Gavin on his knees to keep his ass in the air while Owen went at it harder than ever, summoning all the strength that Gavin was so proud of to fuck him harder than he ever had, holding Gavin in place and ramming him like their lives depended on it.

Gavin moaned loudly, and Owen didn’t bother to keep his voice down either, especially not when he came once again, cum splashing out of Gavin’s hole and running down the backs of his legs.

They fell forwards with the force of that, Owen on top of Gavin, deep inside him, still moving his hips, but gentler now, quieter. He kissed Gavin’s neck as he did. “Love you so much…”

Gavin nodded. “Love you too,” he said, voice slurred. “Better not be giving up…”

“No,” Owen promised, kissing again. “Never. Just conserving my strength.” His balls were a bit sore, but Owen didn’t care. He kept going.

This time was slow and soft, their breathing matching each other and their movements one. Owen held Gavin as he fucked him, kissing him, keeping their bodies together, and they were like that a long time before Gavin let out a soft cry and came again, a whisper of Owen’s name accompanying. Owen followed him there, saying nothing into Gavin’s ear as he did.

He rolled them onto their sides so he could put his arms around Gavin, the movement of his hips as natural as breathing and as impossible to stop. Gavin turned his head and Owen kissed him, eyes shut. “Love you…”

“Love you too. Going to fall asleep in a minute.”

“Okay,” Owen whispered.

“Keep going,” Gavin insisted, voice fading. “Mean it.”

“I will,” Owen promised. “I will.” It was obviously important to Gavin that he did, so he would. He would keep going until he absolutely couldn’t anymore.

Gavin nodded, but didn’t respond, and his breathing slowed with sleep.

Owen held him, kissed his neck and shoulders, and kept going for nearly another hour until he too fell asleep.

It had been a very long day, but Owen wouldn’t change a thing.

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