Travis/Joey, Reunion

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They barely had the go-ahead from Cal’s guys before Joey pushed Travis on the bed and started kissing him like they’d never kissed before, and almost immediately Travis forgot that they weren’t alone in the room.

“I missed you,” Joey said, in between kisses. “I missed you so much, so much.” He was holding Travis’s arms carefully but firmly, his claws pressing but not cutting. Travis had a feeling he’d be bleeding by the time he fell asleep, but he didn’t care.

“I missed you too,” Travis said back, pulling Joey a little higher so they could kiss more comfortably. “So much. I love you so much.”

They lay like that for a good few minutes, kissing and holding each other, until Joey looked down at him, eyes sparkling. Travis smiled. “You want to take off your clothes?”

Joey nodded, showing his teeth. “I want to take off your clothes.”

Travis smiled, though part of him hesitated, remembering what had been done to him. “Let’s do yours first,” he suggested.

“No,” Joey said, sitting up and tugging at Travis’s shirt. “Come on. I’m not afraid of your scales, I have scales too.”

“Not quite like this,” Travis said, even as he took off his shirt. That Joey didn’t care about his transformation was something he’d expected—other than being angry that someone had done this to him against his will, he loved Travis either way—but that didn’t mean that it hadn’t happened. Mostly, Travis knew, the issue was that he wasn’t himself entirely comfortable with it yet. He’d get there, since he didn’t have a choice.

Wes and Mick and helped him out a lot with that in the fortress. None of them were happy, but they’d helped each other. And now Travis was here, three feet away from where Wes and Mick were already in their smallclothes kissing Cal senseless. Go figure.

Travis got his shirt off and let Joey—very gently—stroke his chest, looking at the scales, which were steadily turning the yellow-white of the bedding underneath him. “Do they always change colour?” he asked.

Travis nodded. “I can’t make it stop. If I didn’t have clothes on I’d just always blend into whatever’s behind me.”

Joey made a face. “Hm. So if you were naked you’d be invisible? That sucks. I want to be able to see you.”

Travis laughed, kissed Joey. “Not invisible. Just a little hard to see.”

“Okay,” Joey said, brushing Travis’s pants. “Take these off before I tear them.”

“Take yours off too,” Travis chuckled. Joey hadn’t gotten any more patient while he’d been gone.

“I, uh, might need help,” Joey said, holding up his claws.

Travis nodded, reaching up and touching one. “I guess I’m not the only one who changed a little. Does this mean you’re closer to being able to transform all the way?”

“I hope so. I’m going to talk to Louis about it tomorrow.” Joey sounded impatient. “Pants? Please?”

“Okay, okay.” Travis had stalled all he could. He undid his pants, slid them and his smallclothes down, pushed them off with his boots. And he looked down at the bed, letting Joey get a look at him. “It’s not as bad as it seems.”

“Where…where’s your dick?” Joey asked, reaching out as if to touch it. “There’s nothing there! Did they…”

“No, no,” Travis said, taking Joey’s claw and smiling. He pointed down at himself, at the small opening between his legs. “It’s not gone. It’s just inside.”

“Inside.” Joey looked down, worrying his lip. “How does it come out?”

“Same was as getting a boner.” Travis was trying to be calm about this, which was easier because he’d had a while to get used to it. He’d had a bit of a panic himself when he’d woken up without a familiar presence between his legs. “Look.”

He rubbed at his opening, thinking about Joey, and a second later, his dick started to emerge, red and wet from whatever was in there, but otherwise mostly the same except for being a bit broader. Joey watched, fascinated, and smiled when it stopped. “Well. Okay. It still works, right?”

Travis nodded. “I tested it out, just in case.” It had been his first priority too.

Joey sighed. “Good. Someday I’ll kill all the demons for you, Travis. I promise.”

Travis’s heart fluttered at that, delivered in a near-growl. “Okay. But for now let’s take your clothes off.” He wished Joey could touch him, but those claws were a bit ominous.

Joey nodded, and he let Travis reach over and take his shirt over his head, tearing a sleeve a little but otherwise not doing too much damage. Then he took Joey’s pants off with no incident except for Joey’s dick slapping him when it was freed, which made Travis laugh and Joey fall back a little, smiling. He looked up at Travis. “Yours is already wet.”

“Yeah, it’s always slicked up when it comes out.”

“Then put it inside?” Joey asked. “Please?”

“Did you forget about foreplay again?”

“I missed you too much for foreplay. We’ll do that next time. I want you to fuck me, Travis. Now.”

That was what Travis wanted too. So he climbed on top of Joey, between his legs, and lined up his new and improved dick with Joey’s hole. “I missed you so much,” he said again as he started to push inside with no other preparation because he knew Joey liked it that way.

Joey nodded, breathing steady as Travis pushed inside, his dick twitching a little. He was relaxed but tight around Travis, who was confirming something he’d thought with his hand too—he was more sensitive than he’d used to be, every part of him that was covered in Joey feeling like it had been struck by lightning.

They moaned in tandem as Travis got all the way inside Joey, Joey looked up at Travis. “You’re bigger,” he declared.

“Just a bit,” Travis agreed. It had been a trade-off. Panting, he started to move inside Joey. “I’m not going to last long…haven’t in a few days…”

Joey nodded. “Okay. Just keep going as long as you can.”

Travis nodded, but it turned out that as long as he could was about two more minutes before he thrust hard and came inside Joey with a moan. Joey gave him a minute to recover once he was done shooting, but then moved his hips. “Come on,” he said, impatient.

Travis knew Joey well enough to knew that he wasn’t anywhere near done, so he started moving again, enjoying the feeling of his own cum moving around as he fucked Joey. Joey hooked his arms around Travis’s by the elbows, keeping his claws clear, and moved his hips in tune, getting Travis to go faster.

Travis went as fast as he could, fucking Joey harder, urgency entering him as he got lost in Joey’s scent, in the feeling of his skin, in the sounds he was making, in the fact they were together again. And when Joey came with a tensing of his muscles, Travis fucked him all the harder, letting Joey paint the space between them while he worked up to an orgasm too, and filled Joey up even more, leaking out on to the sheets.

Travis felt his dick start to pull out, retracting inside him, and he panted, tired out. “Hey,” Joey said, frowning. “Why are you pulling out?”

“Uh…happens kind of automatically after I cum a few times,” Travis said, apologetic. He wasn’t really sure why or how to stop it. “Sorry?”

Joey shook his head. “It’s not your fault.” He smiled up at Travis. “I guess it means it’s my turn to top.”

Travis chuckled, tingling in anticipation. “I guess so.” He rolled over, let Joey climb on top of him. He used Joey’s cum to slick Joey up, and his own fingers to stretch himself a little. It had been a good while since he’d had anything but fingers up there, after all.

“You don’t have any new changes to this part, right?” Joey asked as he lined himself up.

“Not that I know of,” Travis said, shaking his head. “Go ahead.”

Joey nodded, claws on either side of Travis as he pushed in unaided, probably for fear of slicing something important. Travis reached down to help him aim and stay on track until he was a good few inches in. Then he grabbed the sheets, forcing himself to relax and let Joey inside.

It stung more than he remembered, bordered on hurting even, but Travis breathed through it, let it happen. He loved Joey so much, and he knew Joey loved him. To distract himself, he moved up and bit Joey on the collarbone, earning a growl, a bite back and a hard thrust.

That seemed to have put Joey in possessive mode, and suddenly he was going harder, claws on Travis’s arms as he thrust the rest of the way inside Travis steadily, fucking Travis open wide. Travis felt cuts open on his arms, small ones, but he didn’t care, just kept kissing Joey, biting him, marking him, letting Joey mark him back. He loved Joey with everything he had and he loved nothing more than showing that on his body.

His dick came back out after a few minutes but Travis didn’t touch it, didn’t need to. He was riding the waves of pleasure from Joey being inside him again, pounding him all the way, bottomed out inside Travis. Joey grunted and growled and groaned and Travis listened to it all, felt it all, loved it all, and he came again before Joey did, with a growl that almost approached a roar, giving a few hard thrusts that would leave Travis limping in the morning before pulling out and coating him with dragon cum, marking him by scent.

Then Joey collapsed on top of him, kissing Travis before just laying his head on Travis’s shoulder. “Not done,” he muttered. “Just…love you.”

“Love you too,” Travis said, idly noticing that Sully had joined Wes and Mick and Cal at some point. “Thanks for rescuing me.” Joey’s cum was smeared between them, and he liked that.

“Of course. I’d have torn that whole fortress apart by myself if I’d had to.”

Travis smiled into Joey’s horns, kissing the nearest one. “I know you would have.”

He held Joey in place a few minutes before they were ready to go again, thankful to have his dragon back where he belonged.



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