Drew/Darby, Unspoken

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Drew was cleaning something—as usual—when a tap on his shoulder startled him. He hadn’t heard anyone coming. He wanted to snap but because it might be the prince, who was quiet enough to sneak up on him, or possibly Frederick (Drew could dream), he just looked over his shoulder, trying to pretend he hadn’t jumped. “Do you need something…oh.”

It was Darby, the weird werewolf who’d been adopted by the prince—or more specifically by Owen—in the time they’d been in Pelican Bay. “Hi,” Drew said, then he remembered that Darby couldn’t hear and he felt bad and waved instead.

Darby waved at him, then said something difficult in sign language. Drew had learned the words for food, drink and sleep, and this was none of those. “I don’t…” he sighed, made an exaggerated shrug with both hands. “I don’t know what that means, Darby, I’m sorry.”

Darby sighed with his whole body, then signed again, but slower this time, pointing at Drew.

Drew shook his head, hoping that Darby understood he was just confused and not trying to be rude. Drew wasn’t totally sure if the prince and Owen had really adopted Darby or if that was just a joke their friends told, but, Darby lived in their apartments and ate at their table and sometimes slept in their bed during the day, so maybe it was real, so Drew should be polite to him.

Darby just gave Drew a flat looked and shook his head. Then, slowly and elaborately, he pointed at Drew, then at himself. “You want to do something with me?”

Darby pointed at them both again, then at his room—which he hardly used when Greg wasn’t there, which he wasn’t right now—and then he made a circle with two fingers, and poked a finger from another hand through it.

Drew blushed, sure he must be misinterpreting that. Obviously it didn’t mean…

But Darby grinned seeing that, nodding,

“Uh, I shouldn’t…I’m working, and…”

Darby took Drew’s wrist and tugged him towards the bedroom, gently. He was pretty strong, so Drew knew he was being gentle.

And, well, Drew was pretty much done and the prince and Owen wouldn’t notice if part of their room wasn’t dusted, so it wasn’t like he couldn’t take a little break. And this was a better use of his break than what he’d been going to do, which was just on Lyren even though they couldn’t talk with all these people around.

So Drew went with him. Darby’s bedroom was pretty tidy considering Darby wasn’t tidy. Drew didn’t clean in here often because Darby growled at him and Greg liked to be alone, so they must be keeping it clean on their own. From behind, Drew could see that Darby’s tail was wagging, which was really cute.

Darby wasted no time, taking off the long shirt he was wearing and well. That was all he was wearing, so that was the end of that process. Then he leapt forward and kissed Drew.

Surprised, Drew caught him and kissed back, chuckling a little at Darby’s enthusiasm. He was a sloppy kisser, getting his mouth sort of all over the lower half of Drew’s face, but Drew couldn’t help but indulge him for a few minutes, just holding him and trying to kiss back. Drew was getting better at sensing emotions from people, and now that he was touching Darby he was getting boundless enthusiasm, mixed with lust. And patience. He was waiting for Drew, even as they kissed.

Since he was waiting, Drew pushed him back, smiling. He started to say something, but Darby seemed to understand, grinning widely and reaching over to tug at Drew’s clothes. He lifted Drew’s shirt over his head and off, tossing it aside, then unlaced Drew’s pants without hesitation, pushing them down with his smallclothes until Drew stepped out of them and his socks, standing naked in front of Darby.

Darby signed something, then just bent over and took Drew into his mouth, sucking him just for a second or two. Drew had barely finished his gasp before Darby was standing up again. He leapt—literally leapt from where he was standing—onto the bed, rolling into a tangle with the blankets and fighting to get them off him. Drew was laughing by the time he tossed them aside. He was just like a dog.

Instead of jumping, Drew walked over to the bed, climbing on normally, a little surprised when Darby lay on his back, legs apart, looking up at Drew. He licked a finger and pressed it inside himself, whinging a little as he did. Drew had just sort of assumed that Darby wanted to top him, but apparently not.

Well, Drew was happy enough to oblige the wolfboy. He climbed in between Darby’s legs, smiling down at him, and he leaned down for a brief kiss before taking his dick and guiding it to Darby’s hole where it was so obviously wanted. Drew pushed, letting out a long breath, and Darby whinged but moved his hips up and down to get more of Drew inside, want coming off of him in waves.

Since Darby wanted, Drew gave, pushing until he was deep inside, as deep as he could get. “Ah,” Drew said, thrilled. This was a good feeling. He liked this.

Darby was looking up at him, eyes pleading. He kept bucking his hips, trying to make Drew move. So Drew moved, pressing his body against Darby’s as he did, kissing him again. Darby’s dick rubbed against Drew’s stomach, and that made him clench harder around Drew, which made Drew thrust harder, which made Darby buck his hips, which made his dick rub against Drew’s belly, which made…

It was a good cycle, and Drew was happy to be caught in it.

Darby was so responsive; every time Drew tried to adjust or anything, Darby moved to accommodate him, never stopping. He kissed when Drew wanted to kiss, held back when Drew didn’t, moved his hips endlessly but let Drew set what speed he wanted, he liked this, he was enjoying this, he wanted Drew to like it too, he wanted Drew to be happy, he wanted that, he’d do anything, he’d do anything…

He’d do anything Drew asked him to. Drew felt his heart skip when he realized that—Darby’s feelings and his had elided for a moment there, and now Drew understood. Darby wanted Drew to command him. He wanted to submit to Drew.

Drew almost came when he realized that, but he managed not to and instead smiled. He stopped moving for a second, hearing Darby’s whinge and not heeding it. He looked down at Darby, feeling a little more dominant than a moment ago. Then he raised himself a little, smirking down at Darby, who just looked at him wide-eyed as if waiting for something. Instruction.

He was a flushed mess, Darby was, all down his face and half his chest. His dick was red and leaking on his belly, twitching. He must be as close as Drew was. As many ideas as Drew had about what to do with his new submissive wolf, he couldn’t really make good on any of them. So all he did for now was take Darby’s hands and hold them both above his head, pinning them by the wrists in one hand. Darby let him do it, eyes fluttering closed as Drew pressed himself against Darby again, first kissing but then biting Darby’s lower lip.

Drew came a few seconds later, his own pleasure erupting as Darby’s mounted, and he pumped his cum into Darby as Darby made an indistinct noise, rutting against Drew’s belly, and came as well, four squirts between their bellies, staining both of them.

They collapsed together, Drew falling out of Darby, but holding him in place. He rolled onto his back and pulled Darby possessively up against his chest, which clearly worked just fine for Darby, who lay his head on Drew’s chest. “Hope that’s what you wanted,” Drew said, though of course Darby couldn’t hear him.

He hoped they did this again sometime.

Darby lay there contentedly, tail wagging. After a few minutes, he looked up at Drew, made a quick sign.

Drew didn’t need to know sign to know what he’d said. “You’re welcome, Darby.”



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