Todd/Derek, Betrayal

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Todd always slept naked. He got too hot otherwise and besides, he wasn’t some dumb baby who needed to wear his shirt and loincloth to bed. The fact that he took off his clothes when Derek started puttering like he wanted to go to bed didn’t mean anything—Derek would get annoying if Todd didn’t let him blow out the lantern, so he may as well just get ready for bed too, even if he wasn’t fucking tired.

He got out the bottle of oil and put it on the little table beside the bed just because that way they wouldn’t have to make a production out of looking for it in the dark when one of them was trying to sleep. If Derek decided to jerk off or something later, Todd didn’t want to have to wake up because Derek was too clumsy to find anything.

When Derek took the bottle and got on the bed, naked as well, Todd just spread his legs apart. They were cramped from laying the way he was and he wanted to stretch them. He completely ignored Derek as Derek poured some oil on his dick and got into position, making a vaguely annoyed noise as Derek entered him.

Todd hated Derek fucking him. But Derek would just keep insisting until they did it, and it was no fun to flip Derek over and fuck him the way it was supposed to go. So whatever, Todd just let him do it, let him push inside, hands on Todd’s hips, a satisfied groan escaping Derek as he bottomed out.

Todd hated getting fucked generally, no matter who did it. Sometimes it was some random castle guard, dragging him into an empty room or just pushing him up against a wall, yanking his pants down and just ramming it in like an animal, heaving away for a few minutes before shooting inside Todd and then walking off like nothing had happened. Fucking barbarians. Henry probably paid them to do it. They were all big and rough and rude and they left Todd sore and angry, but otherwise fine.

“Aw, man…” Derek said, sliding his hands up to Todd’s chest as he went. He poked one of Todd’s nipples, Todd gasping more in surprise than anything.

Sometimes it was Sam. Todd really hated when Sam fucked him. He was nasty, and he did it more to humiliate Todd than anything else. He made Todd undress him, made Todd say stuff or do stuff. The worst was that Todd knew Sam only fucked him because he was bored or because he wanted to annoy Henry. Sam didn’t give a shit about him, which made taking his cock all the more annoying. Him being inside Todd was just an insult, one long protracted insult.

Derek’s eyes were mostly closed as he picked up speed, breath falling grossly on Todd’s face. Todd was hard, which was the worst because it would make Derek think he cared. Then Derek hit that stupid spot inside him and Todd had to bite his lip to keep from making a stupid noise—the kind of noise Derek would make.

The worst, though, the cock that Todd hated having inside him the most was Henry’s. Henry was big, he fucked Todd every day, and he always made sure it hurt. Then he pretended it was only because Sam was making him do it, but Todd knew that wasn’t true because he could just pretend he’d done it, Todd would go along. But no, every day. And it always hurt. Henry’s cock was the worst, because it came with the rest of Henry.

“Nnnnn,” Derek whinged, pressing Todd down into the bed as he fucked him. “You’re so good, Todd…”

Derek’s cock was hardly anything in comparison. It didn’t hurt; in fact, Todd barely felt it. It was small and basically useless—Todd was surprised he could even stay hard. The only real reason he didn’t like it aside from the regular humiliation of bottoming for Derek of all people was that…

“Ah,” Todd said, loosing his grip on his tongue as Derek kept pounding him in the right spot. Derek seemingly didn’t even hear him, but that didn’t matter, because Todd knew he’d done it. Fuck. He was leaking precum onto his belly. Fuck.

By the time he’d noticed all that—Todd had barely been paying attention to what Derek had been doing—he was about to cum and it was too late, his body tensing as he started to squirt all over himself.

When he finished, Todd felt himself relax all over, panting to try and get his breath back. But he wasn’t given any time as Derek suddenly gripped him, drove in hard and came with a yelp like he was surprised, filling Todd’s ass before collapsing on top of him, head on Todd’s chest, not pulling out. He would in a minute, then he’d get his loincloth and shirt back on and go to sleep like he always did. “That was good.”

“Wh-whatever.” The thing Todd hated the most about having Derek inside him was that his body always betrayed him at the last minute. He always came when Derek fucked him. It was annoying. It made Todd look stupid and gave Derek ideas. “Get off of me.”

“Mm-hm,” Derek said, eyes shut, and he didn’t move. “Thanks…”

What the fuck was he…

Derek was sleeping. He’d fallen asleep like that. What an idiot.

Todd could have pushed him off, but what would be the point? He put his arms around Derek and held him in place, to stop him smearing the cum between them around even more than he already had. And he closed his eyes, clenching a little around Derek’s dick, still inside him. It fit in there with no discomfort, like it was made to go there.

Stupid. It was so stupid. Todd would have to beat Derek up tomorrow or something, just for being such a dumbass. How was he supposed to fall asleep like this?

But he did, and unusually for him, that night he slept soundly.



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