Team, 55

Teammates Accept Each Other Even When They’re Being a Bit Weird

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“Third time’s the charm?” Cal asked.

Mick chuckled. “I hope so, because you’re starting to look a little desperate.”

“Please, he was starting to look desperate after the first time this didn’t work,” Wes said.

“You guys are the worst.”

“Really?” Wes asked. “Are we? Because I think if you went up to most other people who were your boyfriend and told them you wanted to get destroyed by a dragon in heat you’d probably have fewer boyfriends.”

“Well…that’s a fair point,” Cal said, though he was flushing a little. “In most ways, you guys are the best. In this particular way, however, the worst. It’s a dichotomy I’m content to wrestle with every day.”

“Just like you’re content to wrestle with a horny dragon?” Mick asked.

“Not much of a wrestling match if he’s trying to lose.”

“I’m going in the room,” Cal said, turning away from them both. “Come on.”

Man, but he loved these two.

Cal opened the door to their cabin and headed inside for all the world like he was just trying to get something. This was the third time he’d gone in since Joey’s rut had started. The first two times, Joey had been sleeping on top of Sully and Travis, who’d both also been asleep, and it had seemed kind of rude to wake them up just so Cal could pretend he’d come in to find some socks or something.

This time, nobody was asleep. Joey was on top of Travis, face buried in Travis’s shoulder, and Sully was sitting on the bed beside them, leaning against the wall. “About time you assholes got here,” Sully said when they came in.

“You…could have mentioned you were waiting for us,” Cal suggested, not sure what else to say. The room smelled like sex.

“Of course we were waiting for you.” Sully glanced at Joey and Travis. “If not patiently.”

“You were right,” Joey said, nearly inaudible. “They came.”

“Told…you…” Travis panted.

Joey nodded, never once stopping fucking Travis. He looked so content like that. “I was hoping…you guys would…”

He stopped, a growl escaping him as he came, biting Travis as he did. “Louis wasn’t joking,” Wes muttered.

“The biting?” Sully asked, shaking his head. “There’s a lot of biting. You’ll get used to it.” He was, in fact, covered in bites.

“Mmm,” Joey said, pulling out of Travis and getting off the bed, still hard as a pole. He was bigger than he seemed soft, and coated in cum. “Can I?” he asked, leaning down and kissing Travis on the cheek.

“Yeah,” Travis said, nodding, eyes shut.

“You sure?”


“Okay. I love you.” Joey smiled and approached Cal. His eyes were serpentine and his pointed teeth were longer than usual. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Cal said. Wes and Mick had moved to the side a little.

Joey put his clawed hand on Cal’s wrist, pushing him against the door, breathing on Cal’s cheek. “If you guys don’t…want this, please say so and leave now. I won’t stop once I start. I can’t.” He was so warm against Cal.

“We want it,” Cal said, smiling at Joey. “You’re fine.”

“Go for it,” Wes said, patting Joey’s back and earning a growl at the unexpected touch.

“We talked about it,” Mick said. “You’re our friend, and our teammate, and we care about you. Plus Cal’s wanted to fuck you for a while.”

“Hey,” Cal said to Mick. “Don’t make it sound like I don’t care about him too.”

Joey didn’t seem to hear them, sniffing Cal’s neck. He brushed over it with his teeth, making Cal shudder. “You helped me rescue Travis. Travis is the most important thing in the world,” Joey said quietly, eyes shut. “But…”

“It’s hard to hoard just one thing,” Cal whispered.

Joey opened his eyes, a reptilian grin on his face. He nodded. He stepped back, holding up a hand, still ending in a dragon claw for all of his protests that he’d almost figured out how to change it back. And Joey tucked a claw into Cal’s collar and pulled down, easily tearing the front of his shirt. The claw never touched Cal’s skin.

“Uh…” Cal said, as Joey reached down to do the same thing to Cal’s pants, sliding a claw inside the waist, hooking his loincloth as well. “That’s really hot and all, but these are my only clothes…”

Joey grinned wider, pulled his claw down, tearing. “Good.”

Cal couldn’t pretend not to be turned on, not with his erection now exposed to Joey. Joey brushed it with the back of a claw, then stepped forward, pressing his own against it, dwarfing Cal just a little. “That’s better,” Joey said, licking his lips. Then he looked away from Cal, who took the opportunity to let out a breath. “You guys should stretch him for me. Nobody would like it if I did it.” He clicked his claws together.

Snickering a little, Wes sidled over. “Can do.” He took Cal by the arm, got down on his knees and licked his fingers. Mick’s hands were on Cal’s shoulders, spreading something through him. Whatever spell he used to make it so that he and Wes didn’t hurt Cal was going to come in handy soon.

Joey watched them impatiently, shifting from foot to foot. “Hurry up,” he said in a half-growl as soon as Wes slid one finger inside.

“Do me again while you wait,” Travis muttered from the bed, head resting on his folded arms. “Or Sully.”

Joey shook his head, yellow eyes fixated on Cal.

Cal watched Joey, trying to smile reassuringly as Wes slid a second finger in. It had been kind of funny before, the idea of Joey in this state. Like a deer. Joey wasn’t a deer. He was a predator. Cal had never felt more like prey than he did right now with Joey watching him, growling, and it was a feeling that he had to admit he could get behind.

“He doesn’t…he doesn’t like that you’re touching me,” Cal realized, as Wes stretched him as wide as he could. Joey’s hands were clenched into fists, his whole body tensed as he held himself back from them.

“Well,” Wes said, free hand coming around to cup Cal’s dick. “He’s going to have to get used to the fact that you don’t belong to him.”

Mick wrapped his arms around Cal’s middle, watching Joey. “He’s already taken.”

“You all belong to me,” Joey growled, and the possessiveness with which he said it was…astounding. It made Cal shudder. “You’re all mine.”

“He’ll get over that once his rut’s done,” Travis promised quietly. “Mostly.”

“Okay,” Cal said, one hand on Mick’s and the other on Wes’s. “I’m good, guys.”

“You sure?”

Cal nodded, clenching around Wes’s fingers. “Yeah. And he’s about to tackle someone.”

“We’ll have to teach him patience,” Wes muttered, watching Joey, who watched him back and growled.

Cal smiled as Wes removed his fingers, kissed him and Mick, and took a step closer to Joey. “Yours, huh?”

Suddenly Cal was on the floor, Joey on top of him, looking down, claws on Cal’s shoulders. “Mine.”

Cal smirked up at him. “Prove it.”

Joey growled again—it was oddly cute—before rutting against Cal a few times, trying to find the hole. Cal tried to reach down and help him, but got another growl in answer. It took Joey several tries, but eventually he got his dick where he wanted it to go, positioned at Cal’s hole. “That’d be easier if you weren’t so big,” Cal teased.

“Quiet,” was all Joey said before he pressed inside.

Cal gasped. Even with the stretching and Mick’s magic, it was a lot, and it was all at once. Joey wasn’t playing around, driving right into Cal like they’d done this a hundred times. He got pretty far in—it was impossible to tell how far—on his first thrust, then just started fucking Cal, getting further in every time. He panted as he did it, eyes fluttering closed, no sense of rhythm or timing, no worry for his own stamina. No worry for Cal, either. It was clear that he was lost in his own sensation, the heat of his body all he was worried about.

Fine. Cal could make his own fun anyway, going to touch himself before Joey growled and increased pressure on Cal’s shoulder. “R-really?” he demanded, and got another growl in response. Joey fucked him harder, deeper and deeper and though it stung Cal liked that, he really did. Then Joey’s balls slapped Cal’s skin as he got all the way in and Joey came, unleashing a torrent inside Cal, which Cal only vaguely noticed because Joey also bit him on the shoulder. Cal had expected a gentle love bite but that was stupid. Joey sunk his fangs into Cal, drawing blood and making Cal cry out.

Joey finally opened his eyes, looking down at Cal with blood on his mouth. And he smiled, and started fucking Cal even faster, as if he hadn’t just cum. He set a blistering pace as if it were all that mattered in his life, and his growls became rhythmic. Cal was panting hard, feeling his everything filled with Joey in a way he’d never expected. It was so much more than he’d expected, so much more…

Cal came almost at the same time as Joey this time, arching his back, only to be pushed down while Joey kept going, through his orgasm and after, that rhythmic growling still going on.

He’ll fuck you until you never stop smelling like his cum, Louis had said. Apparently he hadn’t been exaggerating. Joey just kept going, not slowing down or anything, grip firm on Cal’s shoulders. He never drew blood with his claws, though.

And after a few minutes, Cal really started to hear Joey, started to hear his growls. He wasn’t just making noise, he was saying something. “Mine,” he growled, looking down at Cal. “Mine, mine, mine, mine…”

Cal was sensing a theme.

Suddenly, with a yelp, Joey pulled out of Cal, and before Cal could even ask why, he’d positioned his dick over Cal’s belly and was cumming again, this time on him, an undiminished load of cum coating Cal’s front, some of it even hitting his face.

“Wow,” Cal muttered, smiling up at Joey.

Joey smiled, and he ducked down and bit Cal again, chuckling as Cal cried out. “You’ll get used to it,” he muttered.

“You’re back.”

“I never went anywhere.” Joey said, getting off Cal. He was still hard, and Cal watched him go over to Mick. “Your turn,” he said.

Mick, who’d taken off his clothes, just nodded. “Do your worst.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

Joey took Mick off to the side a little, away from Wes, and Cal crawled over and sat in Wes’s lap. “Knew you’d come crawling back,” Wes said, pulling Cal upright as they watched Joey sink into Mick. “Bleeding and covered in someone else’s cum, but I knew you would.”

“Of course I would,” Cal said, nuzzling Wes. “So, did watching me get impaled by a dragon turn you on as much as you thought it would?”

“More,” Wes said, pulling Cal over. “It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.” His cock was at Cal’s entrance, and Cal spread his legs a little. Why the fuck not at this point?

“That’s going to annoy Joey,” Travis said from the bed, watching them idly. “He spent a lot of time making Cal smell like him.”

“He’s already so engrossed in Mick he won’t even notice,” Wes said, sliding Cal down onto him. Cal made a happy noise.

“He’s got a good sense of smell.” Travis shrugged. “Your funeral.”

Wes chuckled and went about fucking Cal, which didn’t last very long—he hadn’t been joking about being turned on. But his hand on Cal’s sensitive cock felt good and Wes managed to hold out at least until Cal had cum. He pulled Cal off his dick before his knot could swell inside him, setting him back on his thigh. “See, what Joey doesn’t know can’t hurt him.”

“You guys are asking to get fucked until you can’t breathe,” Sully said.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” said Cal.

“You’ve only had it once,” Travis told him. “We’ll see how you feel after twenty or thirty more times.”

“Does he just not run out of energy? Or at least cum?”

“He does. Then he goes to sleep.”

Yikes. “And you’ve done this by yourself before?” Cal asked, as Joey pushed Mick’s legs up further and started fucking him harder.

“Yep. It was…challenging.” Travis smiled. “Part of me wasn’t sure about sharing. But let me tell you that my asshole thanks you for taking some of the stress off.”

Cal couldn’t help but laugh. “Anytime.”

Joey fucked Mick for quite a while until he decided he was done with another pull-out, shooting on Mick. Then he came over for Wes, narrowing his eyes and wrinkling his nose at Cal. “Your turn.”

Wes set Cal down, rose to his full height, towering over Joey and crossing his arms. “My turn, is it?”

Joey nodded and pulled him, only to be pinned to the wall by Wes, who smirked. Joey wrapped his tail around Wes’s leg and pulled him down, falling on top of him. He was able to roll Wes over—Wes let him, Cal could see it, he was only putting up a token resistance—and proceed to ram into Wes harder than he’d been with Mick or Cal. “Wow.”

“It’s okay, we stretched each other while he was annihilating you,” Mick said, sitting beside Cal now. “He figures we should be showing Joey we’re not just going to roll over and do as he says.”

“And how’s that going?” Cal asked, stroking Mick’s arm.

Mick shrugged, and he too tugged Cal into his lap. “He’s not getting exactly what he wants, is he?”

“You guys are just going to frustrate him and then we’re all going to get fucked even harder,” Travis complained.

“Joey’s not actually, ah, very dominant,” Cal said as Mick slid up into him, the bumps on his cock feeling nice. “This’ll help him get better at it. Plus we’re going to get tired eventually and he’ll win, which he’ll be happy with.”

Travis snorted. “Fine. I mean, I guess we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t like his cock, right?”

“The rest of him’s okay too,” Sully said. Travis laughed.

Mick came inside Cal with a hard thrust, gently stroking him. “Looks like they’re going to be at it for a while.”

Cal nodded. Joey was pounding Wes mercilessly, looking somewhat ridiculous for being so much smaller than Wes.

“Hey, let me have a turn,” Sully said, nudging them from behind.

“Sure.” Mick lifted Cal off and then up into the air, levitating him onto the bed.

“I could have done that part myself,” Cal told him.

Mick smiled. “I know.”

Sully was already on his knees behind Cal, who needed no preparation. He pushed inside and started fucking. “Nice to be able to top again,” he grunted as he moved.

“I missed you too, love,” Cal teased.

Joey came with a loud growl inside Wes, but he kept going, pushing Wes to the ground as he picked up speed. He clearly didn’t see anything else.

“You won’t be so cheerful once dragon boy smells you,” Sully said, giving Cal’s ass a smack.

“Neither will you once he smells you on him,” Travis pointed out.

“Whatever. I can handle it.”

Sully took that as an invitation to go harder, and in no time he was shooting inside Cal. “Wow,” Cal said. “Two days of getting fucked nonstop and you still came in two minutes. Good job.”

“Fuck off,” Sully said, pulling out. “Travis, you want a turn?”


Cal smiled at him. “You can. I’m apparently the team’s asshole over here.”

Travis laughed. “Sure, why not. We’re all in trouble with the boss anyway.” Slowly, he got up, crawled on top of Cal.

“I’m actually the boss,” Cal explained.

“Sure you are,” Sully said, patting Cal’s thigh. Mick reached around and put a hand on Cal’s cheek. Joey was biting Wes’s arm.

Unlike the others, Travis took his time, going slow and making sure that Cal got a lot of rubbing against the blankets in. He put his arms around Cal’s neck and kissed him while he fucked Cal, both of them watching Joey and Wes. “This is going to be a whole thing,” he muttered. “The two of them.”

“Yeah,” Cal agreed. “It’s going to be hilarious.”

“You think?”

“You don’t think watching Joey and Wes both try to be in charge of the other when they’re the nicest people in the world is going to be hilarious?” Cal asked.

“Good point.”

Travis ended up cumming before Cal, but not much more, and he kissed Cal again when Cal came. “Thank you,” he said. “For, you know. All the things.”

“Anytime,” Cal said, as Joey pulled out of Wes and shot all over him. He had a pattern.

Joey must have decided that he’d sufficiently cowed Wes, because he stood up and looked down at him. Wes rolled over and looked up, and they just sort of looked at each other for a second. Cal sat up once Travis was out of him, and leaned down to kiss Mick on the cheek. “Do you think Joey knows Wes is mentally spanking him?”

“Let’s not tell him.”

Cal nodded, and then looked up when Joey came over to them, sniffing. He growled. “Uh-oh, I think we’ve been caught.”

Joey flipped Cal around and climbed on top of him, sliding back in all in one go, a loud growl filling the room. “Mine,” he insisted.

Cal chuckled. “Yeah, we are, big guy,” he said, winking at Travis. “And you’re ours.”

It ended up being a very tiring few days. Cal wasn’t complaining.

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