Chosen One, 63

Familiar Activities Can Be Comforting in the Midst of Uncertainty

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Isaac wished Peter were here with him, but at the same time, he’d gone by himself on purpose.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want Peter’s help, it was just that…Isaac didn’t know. Peter was angrier than he was. And Nicholas was likely to be angry about it too. And if they were both there being angry they’d feed off each other and Isaac wouldn’t be able to calm them down and something might happen that Isaac would rather avoid.

Like what, Isaac didn’t know. Something.

Either way, he was going to tell Nicholas about Saul on his own. He deserved to know. As much as Isaac didn’t want to. As much as it felt like a betrayal of someone who wasn’t his friend, someone who’d lied to him and someone whose family had tried to kill him.

Isaac hated feeling this conflicted. It made him second-guess everything he did and everything he thought, and it made him feel like everything he did was somehow wrong. All he could think about was what might happen if he were wrong to trust this person, wrong to say this to this person, wrong to believe this about…

And Isaac was trying, so hard, not to do that. He didn’t want to be that person and actively resisted becoming like that. So once he’d decided to tell Nicholas about Saul, as much as he didn’t want to, Isaac had made himself go to his room right then and tell him.

Nicholas was on the third floor, right near the stairs, which gave Isaac less time to worry that he was making a mistake. He reached the door and knocked on it.

Aaron answered the door, looking surprised when he saw Isaac. “Hey,” he said. “Come in.”

“Thanks,” Isaac said, following him inside. Andy was on his bed, reading a book. The room was laid out just like Isaac’s but with the beds against the back wall. “I was looking for Nicholas.” Who wasn’t here.

“Haven’t seen him,” Andy said, shutting his book. “I think he went to the library or something? He’s been gone all day.”

Oh. Isaac sighed. Now he had to go to the library. “Okay. Thanks, guys.”

“You don’t want to hang out?” Aaron asked before Isaac could do. “Nick’ll be back eventually.”

“I should really…”

“Can really tell how much you want to,” Andy teased. “You guys fighting or something? You’re both acting weird.”

Both of them? Isaac frowned. “No, we’re not fighting. Nicholas has been acting weird?”

Andy shrugged. “He spends half his time at the library. Something about making the most of the time before classes start again. But we’re not sure what he’s actually doing.”

“Probably just…reading about magic or something?” Isaac didn’t know. He sighed. “No, we’re fine.”

“So what the hell’s bothering you?” Aaron asked.


“Nothing that has you and Peter sleeping anywhere that’s not your room?”

Isaac looked away. “Just a change of scenery for a while.”

Aaron sighed. “Okay. I think you’re fighting with someone and it’s bothering you because you’re Isaac.”

Isaac should have laughed at that, but he didn’t. “What, other people don’t get upset when they’re fighting with people?”

Andy chuckled from the bed. “Of course they do. But they get over it.”

Isaac shrugged. It wasn’t like something like what had happened with Saul was common. “I’ll be fine,” he said. “I should go.”

“Okay, if you want to,” Andy said.

“Sure we can’t convince you to say?” Aaron asked.


“We could wait for Nick together…with our pants off…”

Isaac paused, hand on the door. He should say no. But…when he tried to think of why, he couldn’t come up with a reason. Isaac liked sex, and he hadn’t had any lately. Maybe it would make him feel better. It wasn’t like it was going to hurt anyone.

And he could go find Nicholas after.

“Sure,” he said, bringing a smile to his face. “When you put it that way I can stay a while.”

“Awesome,” Aaron said, grinning. He pulled Isaac closer to the beds. “Let’s go up here.”

“Isn’t that Nicholas’s bed?” Isaac asked, taking off his shirt as he went.

Aaron nodded, standing beside Andy as he took off his clothes. “It’s what he gets for not being here.”

“Besides,” said Andy. “It’s our ‘let’s bang a chosen one’ bed.”

“Yeah?” Isaac asked, clothes on the floor. He climbed up the ladder and hopped onto Nicholas’s bed, which was nicely made. “How often do you use it?” He was curious as to how often Nicholas was bottoming after the orgy.

“Two, three times a week,” Aaron said, following Isaac up and sitting beside him.

“Nice,” Isaac said, picturing that. And Nicholas had once claimed to like girls.

“We let him top us the other days.” Andy had a bottle of oil in his hand, and he climbed over both of them to sit on Isaac’s other side. “Chester too. It’s a good arrangement.”

“Sounds like it.”

“All thanks to you. You should have another orgy soon.”

Isaac nodded. He’d meant to have one before classes started again, but things had happened. “Maybe in a few weeks, after we’ve all settled into the new schedule.”

Andy was oiling up his fingers. “That sounds good,” Aaron said. “You want to suck me a little bit first?”

“Is that even a question?” Isaac bent down and took Aaron in his hand, then into his mouth, stroking a little as he sucked it, enjoying the taste. Andy’s hand stroked his butt once, and then Isaac was penetrated by one finger, then two, stretching him a little and lubing up his hole.

He only held that position for a minute or so before getting off Aaron’s dick and smiling at him. “How’s that?”

Aaron grinned. “Suck Andy.”

Isaac got off of Andy’s fingers and turned around, going down on him instead while Aaron got ready. He’d just started to suck—the twins didn’t taste the same, it was weird—when Aaron entered him, sliding in pretty easily.

Aaron was gentle and considerate, keeping one hand on Isaac’s back and the other on Isaac’s dick as he fucked him, fast but not like he was running a marathon. His thrusts pushed Isaac further onto Andy’s dick, and it slid in and out of Isaac’s throat. Neither twin was particularly quiet, their moans merging into one, surely loud enough that their neighbours would hear.

Isaac admired Andy’s restraint—he was leaking into Isaac’s mouth like nobody’s business, but he never came though he must have wanted to. He was clearly saving up for his turn on the other end.

Which wasn’t a long time coming. Aaron started to jerk Isaac rapidly as he started to shoot inside Isaac, a loud groan filling the space as he did. He stopped thrusting, but kept jerking Isaac until he too came, making a mess on poor Nicholas’s nice bed. And on Andy’s foot. “Aaron, that hit my…”

“Sorry,” Aaron said, pulling out. “Isaac’s fault. Maybe he can make it up to you.”

Isaac took Andy out of his mouth, smiling up at him. “Any particular payment you’d like?”

Andy just smiled and helped Isaac turn around so he was facing Aaron now. Then he stuck it in Isaac, pressing Isaac up against his twin. Andy felt exactly like Aaron and moved the same way, fucking Isaac happily, hand around Isaac’s dick again. Aaron’s dick was trapped against Isaac’s chest, and Aaron had no problem with rubbing out against Isaac, hand on Isaac’s head.

“This how you guys do Nicholas?” Isaac asked in a pant.

“Not at first,” Aaron said, chuckling. “We always start out basic, taking turns with him on his back.”

Isaac was not at all surprised. Andy gave him a squeeze.

“The trick is to not let him cum for a while,” Andy said behind Isaac, breaking off to whimper a little.

“Yep. Then he gets nice and needy and…” Aaron trailed off, watching Andy, who a second later started to cum.

Andy didn’t pull out of Isaac, just laying partially on top of him and stroking him idly. “That’s better,” he muttered. “Was getting a bit pent up.”

“We wouldn’t want that,” Isaac teased.

Andy made a noise, and he suddenly slipped a finger inside Isaac beside his dick. “Hm. Can we do you together?”

Nice. “Sure,” Isaac said, sliding up Aaron until they were nearly face to face. Aaron stuck a finger inside as well, and the two of them worked Isaac’s hole open farther for a second, before the fingers were removed in tandem and Aaron’s dick took their place.

Aaron slid up beside his twin, two identical dicks filling Isaac and pulling a loud noise from him as he clung to Aaron, Andy’s hand still on his dick. Isaac didn’t do much but lay there and let them move, and they fucked him together, their movements so synchronized that Isaac swore they must have practiced or something.

It went for a while since both twins had just cum, but not for as long as it would have had they gone individually. Isaac didn’t need Andy’s hand on him to cum, clenching around both of them as he painted Aaron’s belly. Not a minute later both twins came at the same time, double moans filling Isaac’s ears as double dick filled his ass with cum.

After, they both pulled out and the three of them lay on Nicholas’s messed-up bed, cuddling. Isaac smiled, content, feeling a lot better than he had been. “Bet we’re the only three guys who can say they’ve fucked two chosen ones,” he said.

The twins looked at each other over Isaac. “We’ll have to hit Peter up so we can beat you,” Andy said.

Isaac snorted. “Fair enough.”

“So you’re feeling better?”

Isaac nodded. “More like myself, anyway. Thanks. Hey, were you really pent up?”

“Yeah,” Aaron said. “Nick’s hardly around. We didn’t get to fuck him last night like we’d planned. It was a tragedy. We had to jerk off like normal guys.”

Isaac laughed. “You guys don’t do stuff together?”

“Ew,” Andy said. “We’re brothers. I mean, we jerk off together and stuff.”

“And stick your dicks in the same hole at the same time,” Isaac pointed out.

“That’s a bonding experience,” Aaron explained. “Can’t say that either of us gets off to the other, though. That would be weird.”

Isaac supposed so. He’d often wondered what his life would be like if he’d had a brother. “So you only touch if there’s another person between you.”

“Pretty much.”

Isaac nodded.

“Why?” Andy asked. “You been picturing us together or something?”

“Of course.” Isaac smiled. “But that’s not why I asked. I’ve just been thinking about brothers and what it means to have one.”

“It’s a pain,” both of them said, at the same time.

Isaac laughed. “Sure.” Saul and Sam probably thought the same thing.

“It’s also pretty cool. Sometimes.” Andy admitted, winking at Aaron over Isaac’s head.


Isaac nodded. “I guess it would be. Hey, guys? Thanks.”

“What, for fucking you?” Aaron asked. “I mean, you’re welcome, but…”

Isaac rolled his eyes. “I feel better. Thank you.”

“Anytime,” Aaron said.

“And not just the sex,” Andy told him. “We’d also hang out with our pants on if you really wanted.”

“Heresy,” Isaac declared. “Even if we’re not fucking I don’t see any reason to wear pants.”

“He’s got a point.”

“It’s a fucking crime that I haven’t gotten this dorm to go clothing optional yet. Most people will get each other off in the shower now, but they always put their clothes back on after.” Isaac shook his head. “It’s like they only listened to part of the lesson, I swear.”

“You’ll get them there, don’t worry.”

“I’d better. This is going to be my semester, guys. Mark my words, nobody’s going to be wearing pants by the summer.”

It helped. Isaac hadn’t come here to get laid, but having sex, and cuddling with two friends who cared about him and talking to them about something that wasn’t the end of the world helped a lot. Nicholas didn’t come back before Isaac left, but that was fine. Isaac wanted today to just be a normal day. He’d talk to Nicholas another time.

When Isaac left, he kept his clothes under his arm. Leading by example.

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