Knighthood, 50

Sometimes Waiting Really Does Make Something Better

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Edwin was horny. He’d been thinking about it for a few hours, that general annoying itchiness that came with wanting to get laid.

He didn’t feel like fucking Stuart or Parry, though. He wasn’t on guard duty tonight, but he’d been thinking maybe he’d go knock on the prince’s door and see what happened, since orgasms would definitely be what happened. He still felt a bit weird about doing that, though, even though he’d been invited.

It wasn’t like Edwin didn’t have options, though. There was always Denver, except that he wasn’t around as Edwin was getting ready for bed. He’d already stripped down to his shirt and smallclothes and Edwin didn’t know if he really wanted to go look for him, but…

“You’re just going to keep pretending you can’t see me, huh?” Erik asked, and Edwin jumped.

“I…I didn’t see you,” Edwin said, meaning it. He hadn’t noticed Erik when he’d come down to the crew quarters.

Erik snorted. He didn’t believe Edwin. “Okay. So I guess that means you’re not ready to talk to me about what’s bothering you.”

Edwin looked away. “N-no,” he said, to the hammock. His heart was racing. He wanted to talk to Erik, he did. But not now. Not when he hadn’t had time to prepare himself, to think properly about what he wanted to say. He wasn’t ready.

Erik sighed. “Fine. Don’t know why I’m surprised.”


“You said you didn’t want to talk, Edwin.”

Edwin turned on him now, glaring. “Maybe I’d want to if you weren’t talking to me like that.”

“Like what?” Erik challenged.

“Like…” Like he expected Edwin to roll over and apologize. “Nevermind. I’m going above deck.”

“You just came down.”

“And I’m going back up,” Edwin snapped, heading for the steps.

“Whatever,” Erik said, turning away. “I’ll be here when you decide to grow up.”

Edwin ignored that. “I didn’t see you,” he said. “I didn’t see you when I came in.”

And he left before Erik could say anything else. Now instead of wanting to fuck someone, Edwin wanted to hit someone. It was dark and cold above deck, the sun having set a few hours ago. Edwin wanted to practice, but he realized belatedly that he’d left his sword below the deck. “Fuck.”

“My favourite activity.”

“Oh,” Edwin said, looking up and seeing Denver. Seemed like he wasn’t seeing anyone tonight. “There you are.”

“You were looking for me?”

“Not really, I just…” Edwin sighed, shaking his head.

“You look upset,” Denver said. “What happened?”

“Nothing, just Erik, and…” Edwin sighed. “Nothing.”

“Sounds like nothing,” Denver agreed, shaking his head. He patted Edwin’s shoulder. “You want to talk about it?”

“No, I want to punch something.”

Denver smiled. “In that case, Louis is just over there near the stern. I’m on night duty at the helm, so…” he shrugged.

“So he’s not busy.”

“I’m guessing no.” Denver winked. “See you tomorrow.”

Edwin snorted, heading towards the stern. Not to see Louis necessarily, just because.

Unlike Erik and Denver, Edwin saw Louis quite fine, leaning against a crate, arms crossed, eyes shut, wings folded across his chest. And Edwin ignored him, going to lean on the railing instead, looking at the moon’s reflection in the water and waiting. He made sure to keep his shoulders relaxed, as if entirely alone.

After a minute, he could feel eyes on him, feel Louis watching him. Edwin smirked at the moon, stretched a little. And, after another minute or so, he pulled his dick out of his smallclothes and squeezed himself hard, slowly jerking off with one hand. He went for a few minutes, before, finally, a low growl sounded behind him.

Edwin looked over his shoulder. “Oh,” he said, blinking. “Hey. How long have you been there?” Louis was watching him, his wings unfurled now, tail moving back and forth.

“The whole fucking time,” Louis rumbled. “Didn’t you see me here?”

“No,” Edwin said, putting on an innocent expression as he turned around, his cock still out. “Sorry if I bothered you.”

“You did. I was sleeping.”

Edwin smiled at him. “Well, feel free to go back to sleep. I’ll just finish up here and get out of your way.”

Louis stood, half-hard, and approached Edwin, getting in his space, pinning him to the rail. Edwin projected confidence, not showing weakness. “Too late. I’m awake. And you’re going to help me deal with it.”

“Am I?” Edwin asked, smirking.

“Yeah. We’re going to fuck, and you’re not running away this time.”

“Hm,” Edwin put on a thinking face. “Okay, I guess if you’re that desperate, sure.”

Louis snorted. “Turn around.”

“No.” Edwin grabbed Louis’s dick. It was heavy. “You want to stick this in me?”

“You’d better believe I do.”

“Then you’re going to earn it,” Edwin said. “On your knees and we’ll talk.”

Louis growled at him. “I could turn you around and fuck you right now,” he threatened.

Edwin nodded, and he kissed Louis quickly. “But you won’t. Instead you’re going to suck my cock like a good dragon.”

Louis growled at him some more, maintaining eye contact, but Edwin didn’t flinch, and after a second, Louis looked away, and slid down to his knees, glaring. Edwin smiled. If only he could talk to other people this confidently.

Louis sniffed up the length of Edwin’s dick before taking it into his mouth all in one go, sucking deeply and working his tongue all around the length. Edwin sighed, resting a hand between Louis’s horns, cock already leaking in anticipation. He’d been pretty horny before, after all. Louis’s teeth brushed against him every so often, but clearly on purpose, just to remind Edwin that he had teeth.

Sucking him down to the root, Louis showed no sign of hesitation, and when Edwin started to cum, he swallowed without a problem, until Edwin was done shaking and there was nothing left. Then he pulled off, looking up at Edwin. “Happy?”

“Pretty happy,” Edwin confirmed. “I want to fuck you now, then you can do me after.”

Louis looked for a moment like he was considering protesting, but in the end he lay back, pulled Edwin down. “Fine. Not like your cock is big enough for me to feel anyway.”

Oh, it was on now. “I’ll make you feel it.”

Edwin wetted two fingers, stuck them inside Louis one after the other, not going easy on him as punishment for that comment. Louis took them both stoically, eyes on the moon, tail off to one side. Edwin thought about adding a third finger but decided against it. He’d be fine. So he climbed up Louis, positioned himself and started to push in, watching Louis move in slight discomfort. “Feeling it?”

“Feeling what?” Louis demanded, with Edwin about halfway inside. “Aren’t you ever going to put it in?”

Edwin gave a hard thrust, pushed himself the rest of the way in, then smiled down at Louis when he gasped. “What’s the matter?” Edwin asked innocently. Louis was surprisingly warm around him, under him, warding off the chill of the night air nicely.

“Oh, shut up and just go,” Louis growled. He growled a lot. It was cuter than he thought it was.

Snickering, Edwin went, thrusting hard. His hands were on Louis’s hips, but they drifted up, feeling his chest. He kept his hands on Louis’s pectorals for a minute, wondering why he had nipples. Why did dragons have nipples? He’d have to ask later when he wasn’t in the middle of fucking one.

For now Edwin just pinched them, one after the other, enjoying the way Louis yelped. So he did it again, then, moving his hands to Louis’s shoulders, Edwin leaned down and took one in his mouth, between his teeth, biting gently. Louis’s growl went right to Edwin’s cock, and he picked up his speed, ramming Louis now. Louis’s dick was rubbing against Edwin, rutting a little.

Once he was done with the nipple, Edwin moved up, driving deep into Louis and kissing him on the mouth. It was a minute or so before Louis got the hint and kissed him back, and Edwin stroked his face now, touching a horn to see what it felt like. Louis gasped at that, so Edwin did it again, running his thumb up and down the length of the horn.

Louis got really into it now, making noise as Edwin kissed him, moving his hips with Edwin’s, his cock trapped between them twitching now and then, growing warmer. Edwin wasn’t surprised when he came with a whinge, tensing as he shot eight shots of cum between them, but then melting into a puddle and letting Edwin kissing him, stroke his horn, fuck him. His tail was wrapped around Edwin’s waist.

Edwin slowed down, fucking Louis gently now, kissing deeply. It was another minute before he came, a moan filling Louis’s mouth as cum filled his ass. Then Edwin broke off, looked down at Louis. He looked dazed, but was watching Edwin enraptured. “Felt that?” Edwin asked.

Louis nodded. “Yeah.”

“Good. I did too.” Edwin kissed him again, pulled out. “You want your turn?”

“Yes.” Louis was quick to say that, some of his regular hardness returning to his voice.

Edwin smiled and got up, but held Louis down. He turned himself around, climbing back on him with his face on Louis’s cock. “You can’t just put this in me, I’ll die. Stretch and get it wet.” He wrapped a hand around Louis’s cock as he did. “I’ll prepare you on this end.”

“Fine,” Louis muttered, hands coming up and holding Edwin’s buttcheeks. He didn’t do anything for a second, but then, as Edwin started to lick Louis—which to himself he’d admit was entirely because he wanted to lick Louis—he felt, instead of a finger like he’d expected, something much wetter at his entrance.

Louis stuck his tongue right in Edwin’s hole, spreading his cheeks apart as he did. Edwin hid his surprise, moving back against Louis’s face. That was…quite something. He liked that a lot. He licked Louis more enthusiastically, even sucking at the salty head a few times as he got it all wet.

Edwin should have paid more attention to Louis’s tongue when it had been in his mouth before, because it went further inside him than a tongue ought to, and he wondered if that was his imagination or if dragons had long tongues. It moved around, getting Edwin completely wet, for a good minute, before pulling out and being replaced with Louis’s fingers, one from each hand by the feel of it, stretching him apart.

Edwin sucked down as much of Louis as he could, and Louis stuck his tongue back in as he stretched, making him moan around Louis’s cock. He stretched Edwin farther, and Edwin took more of him in, relaxing his throat to do it. Louis thrust suddenly and he was down Edwin’s throat, his balls hitting Edwin’s nose as he moaned into Edwin’s hole.

This had only been meant to be an intermediate step to getting Louis’s cock inside him, but Edwin got lost in it, in keeping his throat relaxed, in Louis’s tongue and fingers, in the whole thing. And when he came, he realized he didn’t know how much time had passed, and he moaned around Louis’s cock.

Louis gave a thrust and started to shoot again too, right down Edwin’s throat, giving Edwin no choice but to swallow it all, and there was a lot of it.

Belly full, Edwin pulled himself slowly off Louis, and collapsed a little on top of him. “Wow,” he said, throat hoarse.

“You okay?” Louis panted. He sounded a little worried.

“Fine,” Edwin said, sliding off Louis—easy since he had so much cum on his chest—and smiling at him. “Got a little carried away.”

“Me too.” Louis smiled sheepishly. “But…I’m still going to fuck you.” It sounded like a question.

“Obviously,” Edwin said, standing and pulling Louis to his feet as if his own legs weren’t shaking. He kissed Louis again and pulled him to the rail, facing the ocean with his legs spread.

“Why do you keep doing that? With your mouth.” Louis was lining up behind him.

“Kissing you? Because I like it.”

“Kissing.” Louis considered that. “Humans like that?”

“Most of us do.” Edwin smiled, looking over his shoulder. “Do it to Denver next time you’re with him. Surprise him.”

“Maybe I will,” Louis muttered. His cock pressed against Edwin. “I’m putting it in now.”

“Okay,” Edwin said, taking a breath. “I’d say you’ve earned it.” Louis pushed inside as he said that, sliding in with relative ease.

Or at least the first few inches went in without trouble. Then Louis kept going, pulling out and pushing back in whenever he met resistance, fucking Edwin against the railing, getting bolder with each stroke, stronger and stronger thrusts coming each time. Even though Edwin could still feel the phantom of Louis’s cock in his throat, he was surprised by the size, doing his best to take it in without tensing.

It hurt, not too much but after a few more inches it did hurt a little, a soreness that Edwin hadn’t felt in a while as Louis pushed inside him more and more, more cock than a person could really have, holy fuck…

Suddenly Louis’s chest was against Edwin’s back, their hips connected. He was all the way in. Holy shit. Edwin was having a divine experience as Louis’s hands covered his, his tail wrapping around Edwin’s waist again. And Louis started moving.

The night was filled with grunts and groans, Louis’s cock buried inside Edwin, hips banging Edwin’s as he fucked him, Edwin coming back to meet him, hanging his head as he tried so hard to remain standing. It stopped hurting after a few minutes, and it was just the amazing fullness that Edwin liked so much, just a heat that enveloped him, kept him warm in the cold air. Louis’s breath was hot on his neck, his tail was hot on Edwin’s waist, his hands were hot on Edwin’s, he was hot everywhere, holy hell but he was hot.

Edwin didn’t shoot very much when he came and he didn’t care either, he just rode it out with a cry, clenching around Louis, his hands around the rail. Louis seemed to take that as an invitation to go even harder, growling softly as he really started to pound Edwin now. Good. That was what Edwin wanted. He relaxed as he came down from his orgasm, just letting it happen now.

The sound Louis made as he came was something like a prayer, pushing Edwin up against the rail and shooting inside him, volume undiminished for being his third of the night. When he was done, he stood there, chin on Edwin’s shoulder, panting. Edwin turned his head a little, and Louis kissed him. Edwin chuckled a little, kissing him back. “You’re pretty good at that.”

“The kissing?” Louis asked. “Or the fucking?”

“Both?” Denver hadn’t been kidding.

“Thank you,” Louis said, kissing Edwin again. “I hope you don’t think I’m planning to stop after one load.” Louis smiled. “I’ve been waiting a long time to get my cock inside you. And I’ve worked pretty hard to make it happen. I don’t plan on taking it out anytime soon.”

Edwin smirked. Louis would if Edwin told him to. “Good. What’s the point of fucking a dragon if it I’m still coherent at the end of it? I expect you to fuck me until I can’t walk.” Edwin wasn’t sure he could walk now.

“Glad you think that way,” Louis said, letting go of Edwin’s hand and wrapping an arm around him now, kissing his neck. He gave a thrust as he did, preparing to start again. “Because I’m going to.”

Edwin nodded, nuzzling into the warmth. Somehow he was just as horny as he’d been earlier. He was having a very good night.

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2 thoughts on “Knighthood, 50

  1. And here we have Wingman Sea King moment #4, though it was quite the gap between the Sea King sending his Sea Serpent of Love to bless Edwin with the confidence to fuck a dragon and the actual dragon-fucking.

    I’ve opted not to count the randos on the ship, I’d be here all day and it’s not like it takes ghostly magic to get Edwin to fuck some randos.


    1. Yeah, Edwin needs no wingman to be a bit of a skank, but I’d say Louis definitely counts for the Sea King’s matchmaking skills, haha. Even if it was a bit time delayed. But hey, waiting makes the dick grow fonder, or something.



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