Knighthood, 51

It’s Helpful to Be Totally in Charge of a Situation Once in a While

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Edwin was going to join Gavin and Owen in bed tonight, he’d decided.

He hadn’t really asked them yet or anything, but he figured they’d say yes once he did, and he was guarding their door tonight so it wasn’t like it was going to be hard to get to them. He’d been here for a few minutes since he’d relieved Parry, just getting ready. He was just going to go inside, where they were probably already banging, and undress, join them.

He could be confident here. He’d managed it with Louis last night, he could do it with these two now. It was good practice.

So Edwin started to turn, just as the door opened and Owen stepped out. “I’ll be right back,” he was saying over his shoulder. “Just going to get a snack.”

“Don’t take forever,” Gavin’s voice called out from within, obviously irritated.

“Yeah, yeah,” Owen said, shaking his head at Edwin before heading off to the galley.

Edwin watched him go as the door swung shut behind him, but once Owen was out of sight, he took what was clearly a God-given opportunity even if Cal was still locked up with his team reportedly getting his brains banged out. Opening the door again, Edwin slipped into the room. “Changed your mind?” Gavin asked, back to the door as he undressed. “You’d rather eat me than some bread after all?”

“You’re probably more filling,” Edwin said, shutting the door behind him.

Gavin turned, a smile coming to his face. “Oh, look who it is.”

Edwin shrugged. “Pass. I’ve seen myself. Kind of negligent of Sir Owen to leave you all alone like that, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Gavin said, dropping his shirt on the floor and sitting on the bed. “What if someone tried to kill me inside the room? I’m grateful that you came inside to protect me.”

Edwin nodded, smiling. This was going better than he’d expected, actually. “I figured since he’s dicking around maybe I could replace him.”

“And do some dicking around of your own?” Gavin asked.

“Maybe,” Edwin said.

“Maybe you should take off your clothes, then.”

“Maybe…” Edwin swallowed, hoping he wasn’t pushing it too far. “Maybe you could take them off for me?”

Gavin looked at him for a second, then he snorted. “There’s the Edwin who killed the sea snake.” He stood up, lifting Edwin’s shirt for him. “What’s brought him out again?”

“Practice,” Edwin said, letting Gavin work. “And I had sex with Louis last night, which is a surprising confidence boost.”

Gavin paused with Edwin’s shirt over his head, still on his arms. “Really?” He looked impressed. “In that case, I think you’ve earned a reward.”

“I like rewards.” Part of Edwin couldn’t help but contrast his response with Erik’s when he’d found out about Edwin and these two. Erik had made fun of him.

Gavin nodded, tossed Edwin’s shirt away, and got down on his knees. “Let’s get these pants off. Have you already been rewarded for your conquest?” Gavin asked, untying laces. “I assume Sir Erik was impressed.”

Edwin shook his head just slightly. He didn’t want to talk about Erik. “No, I haven’t spoken to him today.”

Gavin nodded, pulling Edwin’s pants all the way down to his ankles and getting him to step out before brushing the front of Edwin’s smallclothes. “You haven’t spoken to him in quite a while,” he said, looking up and seeing Edwin’s expression of surprise. “Just because I’m a pain in the ass doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to my people, Edwin.”

Edwin blushed. He should have known the prince had known. “It’s just an argument,” he said, embarrassed. “Nothing important.”

“It’s hard for it to be just an argument when he has authority over you. Does he treat you poorly?”

He kind of wished that Gavin would just suck him off now. “Not usually. It’s fine, really.”

Gavin made a bit of a noise. “Okay.” He kissed the front of Edwin’s smallclothes before pulling them down. “Tell me if you’re having trouble, okay? I can help.”

Edwin nodded, but didn’t say anything. He wasn’t going to get Erik in trouble over this. It was a personal matter. Gavin smiled and he slipped his lips over Edwin’s cock.

Now that was better. Edwin tilted his head back, sighing as Gavin sucked on him with expert motion. He put his hands on Gavin, pushing him just a little farther down, wanting him to go a bit faster. Edwin was still sore from last night, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t horny suddenly. Plus, he’d be an idiot not to get his all out of a blowjob from the prince.

Gavin was very accommodating, taking more and more of Edwin into his mouth, sucking and licking all the way, pulling back a few times to lap at the head, but letting Edwin push him back down again. His nose hit Edwin’s pubic bone and Edwin’s balls hit his chin, and Edwin whimpered as Gavin just kept sucking, moving back and forth, gently fucking his own mouth with Edwin’s cock.

That and Edwin’s tiredness from yesterday and the rocking of the ship were enough to make Edwin lose his balance, pitch forward as he came, accidentally ramming into Gavin’s throat, hands coming up to hit the bed so he didn’t topple completely. Edwin moaned pitifully, and Gavin, hands on Edwin’s hips, just swallowed until Edwin had nothing left to shoot. He kept Edwin in his mouth, waiting patiently for Edwin to get his balance back and move back. With great reluctance, Edwin pulled out of Gavin’s mouth, groaning as he did. “Fuck…sorry…”

Gavin cleared his throat, standing up and giving Edwin a kiss. “It’s fine. I’m glad you enjoyed—congratulations on your victory. Was Louis any good?”

“He was really good,” Edwin said, nodding, still a bit dazed.

“Better than me?”

Edwin shook his head, and not just because Gavin was right in front of him and Louis wasn’t. “No.”

“Good. I do hate being upstaged.” Gavin glanced at the door.

“You were hoping he’d come in and see that, weren’t you?”

Gavin nodded. “A little. Oh, well. We’ll punish him when he gets here. Like I told you before, he’ll bottom for you tonight.”

“Might help with his ego,” Edwin said with a smile.

“Don’t count on that, but either way, he does need to be reminded sometimes that he’s not the boss. What’s your favourite thing to do without clothes on?”

Edwin blinked, biting his lip. “Uh. I like kissing, actually.”

“Really?” Gavin smiled, pulled Edwin onto the bed with him, rolling so Edwin was on top of him. “Kiss me, then.”

Edwin smiled, pressed against Gavin, and did as he was ordered, pressing his mouth against Gavin’s gently. Gavin put his arm around Edwin, moving his hips, urging him to go a little faster, harder, then more, then more, and he slid his tongue into Edwin’s mouth and that was it—Edwin got lost in kissing him, in the feel of his body, of his mouth, of his hands.

He moved against Gavin unconsciously, grinding against him, getting a sound of surprise form Gavin when he realized that Edwin wasn’t letting up, but Edwin kept kissing him, one hand in Gavin’s hair, tugging a little, moaning into his mouth quietly as he just…took. As he just took from Gavin what he wanted, as he made Gavin do what he wanted, as he kept Gavin there, kissing him, for as long as Edwin wanted. Gavin let him do it, responding positively, clearly happy to let Edwin give orders, let Edwin set the pace, and that just made Edwin all the crazier about it, pressing Gavin into the bed as he kissed him.

Gavin turned his head slightly and Edwin just kept going, but something in his body language had changed. He’d gone a little tense. Had Edwin hurt him, or scared him? Shit. No, Edwin realized as he stopped, he was looking past Edwin now. Edwin looked as well.

“Hi.” Owen was standing there in the doorway, arms crossed, a bulge in his pants. He’d clearly been watching for a while.

Okay. Edwin could handle this. Owen was basically Louis but with a smaller dick. He was coming over here. “Good evening, Sir Owen.” Edwin rolled partially off Gavin to give a salute. “You were being derelict in your duties, so in the interest of his safety, I took your place in the prince’s bed.”

“Good idea,” Owen said. He gave Edwin a smack on the butt. “Your dedication to duty is noted.”

“Yes, sir. I figured I’d also take your place inside the prince himself later.” Oops, that had just slipped out. He probably should have asked Gavin first if he was going to…no, Edwin was going to be confident. He was going to fuck the prince later.

“Oh, did you?” Owen sounded like he thought this was funny. He probably did.

“Yes, sir. The prince and I decided together that replacing you was the best idea.”

Gavin helped Edwin sit, until both of them were facing Owen. “It’s true. We talked and we decided that last time we were together, you were a little too in-charge for our liking.”

That wasn’t quite what they’d decided, but Edwin didn’t protest. The end result should be the same. “That so? I seem to recall you calling the shots,” said Owen. So did Edwin.

“I don’t remember it that way.” Gavin smirked. “Any reason why you’re not taking your clothes off?”

“I can’t say as I remember being ordered to disrobe, sir.”

They were so comfortable with each other. Edwin wondered if he and Erik came off that way to others.

“Just get naked and give Edwin a blowjob, you pain in the ass.”

“See, this is why you’re the boss.” Edwin gave Gavin a nudge as Owen started to strip. “You have all the good ideas.”

“I know. I mean, I’m actually the boss because that’s how monarchies work, but I do have good ideas, you’re right.” He casually grabbed Edwin’s dick as he spoke and started jerking him off slowly. Then he kicked Owen, who was getting naked too slowly. “Pants, peasant.”

“Bossy,” Owen complained, dropping them and standing there naked, hard and ready, which he probably always was. “Happy?”

“I’ll be happy when you’ve got someone’s cock in your mouth.” Gavin told him. Edwin didn’t understand how he could talk to Owen that way—very similarly to how Erik talked to him sometimes—but it had a totally different connotation. It didn’t seem shitty or dismissive or mean. It was clear that Gavin was only being a jerk because it was fun for all of them. How did he do that? And why didn’t Erik know how to do that?

“Will anyone’s do?” Owen asked, cheeky. He wasn’t very good at rolling over and obeying. That was, to be fair, appealing in him. “Pax seems lonely since his boyfriend is a piece of jewelry and all.”

Edwin couldn’t help but laugh a little at the mental image. Pax was a nice guy, but Edwin could just picture him exploding of someone offered him sex out of nowhere. He probably wouldn’t know what to do.

“You know, I should fucking banish you and not let you come back until you’ve convinced Pax to fuck you,” Gavin said. That would, Edwin thought, be vaguely hilarious. “That’ll teach you. Me and Edwin can make our own fun.”

Getting down on his knees and looking up at them, Owen touched both of their legs. “You don’t think I could do it?”

“I think Pax is a tough nut to crack,” Gavin said. Regretfully, he let go of Edwin.

“Cracked you, didn’t I?” Owen asked.

This was all very cute, but Edwin wanted another blowjob, and he also didn’t want them to forget that he was here. He kicked Owen. “You’d talk less if your mouth was full, sir.”

Owen gave him a look that two months ago would have had Edwin hiding. “I hope you understand I’ll be getting you for this someday.”

This was not two months ago. Edwin just shrugged, and waited. Owen held his gaze a second longer, and then put his mouth where it belonged, sucking. He was almost as good as Gavin. Better, maybe.

“He’s good, isn’t he?” Gavin asked, putting his hand on Owen.

“Yeah…” Edwin admitted. It would be annoying if he wasn’t getting a blowjob out of it. “I kind of…expected him to be bad at it…”

“Come on,” Gavin teased. “You think I’d let anyone suck my dick if he wasn’t good at it? I taught him well.” He gave Owen’s head a pat like he was a dog, putting his other hand on Edwin’s arm. “Though he was good at it from the beginning. He said he’d never done it before, but you wonder, you know?”

“Y-yeah…” Edwin nodded, feeling himself getting close. Picturing little Owen sucking dick in his home village was oddly compelling. And familiar. Especially when Owen couldn’t speak for himself to say one way or the other.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea.” Gavin said. “Owen, get off for a second.”

Owen lifted his head off Edwin’s cock without complaint, looking up and waiting for instructions. How had Edwin never seen this in him before? “He’s so obedient.” It was better than asking why Gavin was stopping them right before he came.

“I could bite you.”

Edwin was not scared of Owen, not now that he knew how submissive he was. “Your fiancé wouldn’t like that very much,” Edwin smirked. He had Gavin on his side, and he ignored the little part of him that whispered that that was only temporary and that Gavin had not been in his corner last time.

Gavin had swung around, sitting opposite Edwin, pressing themselves together by the dick. “Oh,” Edwin said, looking down at them together. “Oh.”

“All the good ideas, remember?” Gavin asked, with a kiss, gesturing to Owen. “Come on, let’s have you put that mouth to use.”

“Next time,” Owen said as he got on the bed with them, “I’m tying you both together.”

Edwin would believe that when he saw it, but for now Owen took both of them in his hand, getting a small hiss from Edwin as he moved his hand up and down a little. Edwin’s sensitive head rubbed against Gavin’s, who had his eyes only half-open as he watched Owen raptly.

Then Owen leaned down and turned his head, opening his mouth wide and taking them both inside—which should have surprised Edwin, but Owen had a big mouth, so really it didn’t. He only got not quite halfway down, where he stopped because Owen wasn’t a snake and couldn’t dislocate his jaw.

Still, Edwin couldn’t help moving up a little, but it didn’t get him in any farther no matter how much he whimpered, and Owen just pushed him down, bobbing on them, working them both with his tongue, sucking but not that hard. Gavin’s arm was around Edwin’s neck and he started kissing Edwin again, slower than before.

Embarrassingly since he’d just cum earlier, Edwin came before Gavin, closing his eyes and missing watching Owen try to swallow. But once Edwin had recovered he got to see it a minute later as Gavin came as well, pushing Owen down onto both of them.

Finally Owen gave them one last lick, Gavin let him go, and he raised his head, smiling as he rubbed his chin. “Can’t say I ever thought I’d suck two dicks at once.”

“You did well, good job.” Gavin gave Owen another pat on the face as he said that.

Not wanting Owen’s head to get too big, Edwin said, “I’ve had better blowjobs.” He had, but it wasn’t really a fair comment. Being in Owen’s mouth with Gavin had reminded him of being inside Isaac with Ty. He wondered if Owen’s other end could take two cocks at once.

“Yeah? From who?” Owen challenged. He looked silly wiping cum from his face.

“Louis.” Edwin gave a smirk.

Owen just grinned as if happy for him. He probably was. Owen was nice like that. “Yeah? Got him to bottom, huh?”

“I did. I’m on a topping streak this week.” Gavin had slid down and was on the floor, starting to finger Owen from behind. “Louis, you. Maybe I’ll top Erik next.” He tried not to sound annoyed as he said that. The thought had just come to him. This attitude, the confidence he was feeling, he wanted to be able to bring that when he talked with Erik.

“You’re going to behave for Edwin, right?” Gavin asked, to cover Edwin’s fall into silence.

“Yeah, yeah, stop acting like I don’t know how to take a dick. Come on.” Owen got up on the bed, where he lay on his front until Edwin made him turn over.

He lifted Owen’s knees up, smiling. Owen looked good in this position, he thought as he got himself lined up. “Aw, man,” Edwin muttered as he pushed inside Owen. Gavin had climbed back up onto the bed and put his hands on Owen’s shoulders, kissing Owen as Edwin pushed inside of him. Then, once Edwin was all the way in, he got a kiss too.

Edwin kissed Gavin back, before smiling down at Owen. “Sir Owen the Bottom,” he said, patting his thigh and starting to move. Owen had taken him without complaint, without issue. He definitely knew what he was doing, moving along with Edwin.

“That’s…me,” Owen agreed, as Gavin took his cock in hand and started jerking him off. Did he think Edwin couldn’t get a guy off just by fucking him?

Not because he wanted to prove he could, but Edwin upped his game, targeting his thrusts more than he had been, fucking Owen firmly like he did this all the time. “Gavin…” Owen moaned, which was annoying since it wasn’t Gavin’s cock in him. But, well, Edwin supposed they loved each other and whatever.

Gavin kissed Owen’s cheek. “Not me you need to beg from.”

Oh, so he was being evil. Well in that case, Edwin wasn’t that bothered. He fucked Owen harder, shifting a little to get a better angle, and a better line of sight to see him.

Seemingly unimpressed, Owen snorted. “Having fun…up there?” he asked Edwin, cocky.

Edwin gave him a hard thrust with a grunt. “Yeah. I am, actually.” He didn’t have it in him to say anything else, but better for Owen to find out later rather than now that he’d just snarked himself out of cumming at all tonight. Maybe that would teach him.

Edwin could be nice, use his power benevolently and treat Owen fairly, but where was the fun in that?

“I aim to…please…” was Owen’s response, because he needed to have the last word. Pinching his nipple, Gavin sent Edwin a glance, a look telling Edwin he knew what Edwin was thinking.

Edwin’s orgasm crept up on him—he’d been hoping to last way longer inside Owen—but there was no stopping it, so he drove deep inside Owen and let it out, leaving handprints on Owen’s thighs when he was done. Then he pulled out, needing a rest for a minute, and lay beside Owen.

Edwin was replaced almost immediately by Gavin, climbing on top of and inside of Owen, still squeezing Owen’s cock. Owen wrapped his arm around Edwin and pulled him closer, kissing his cheek, which felt nice. Mostly they just cuddled, though, Edwin watching Gavin fuck Owen with practiced ease like he did it every day—which he probably did. Owen’s breathing got faster and harder, face reddening more, clearly needing to cum. “Gavin…”

“Still not me you have to aim that at, Sir Bottom.” Gavin grinned.

Owen whimpered, shuddering a little. “You…fucking suck…”

“No,” Edwin said, getting an idea. “You do.” As much as his body didn’t want to, he got up, pretty much sitting on Owen’s broad shoulders, smiling down at him.

As he’d kind of expected, Owen got the point right away and opened his mouth with no hesitation, letting Edwin push his cock right in, all the way in, which surprised him. He was way too good at that. “There we…go…” Edwin said, touching Owen’s face. “One way to shut you up.”

Like Louis, Owen looked good with a cock in his mouth. Like that was what he’d been born to do. Owen just happily sucked him off, apparently completely content. Since Owen couldn’t move, Edwin did, moving back and forth, gaining speed until he was fucking Owen’s mouth at a medium speed.

That speed was increased when Gavin put his hand on Edwin’s ass, pushing him to go faster. Well, he knew best what Owen could handle, and Edwin wasn’t one to disobey an order from his prince. So he picked up speed, keeping it even after Gavin’s hand left him, even after he heard Gavin make a happy noise.

“You want another go?” Gavin asked Edwin, tapping his butt again. He must have cum.

Edwin did, he wanted to remind Owen that his ass belonged to him tonight, but he was so transfixed watching his cock slide in and out of Owen’s mouth that all he could say was “I’m almost…” before he exhaled sharply and came again, pulling most of the way out so it would hit Owen’s tongue. He wanted Owen to taste him.

Owen swallowed it all without trouble, and he even smiled happily when Edwin took his dick out, so Edwin figured he could let up a little and give Owen some praise. “That was better.” Not too much praise. Owen already had an ego problem. “Now lay there quietly while I fuck the prince and maybe I’ll let you cum.”

Nodding pliantly, Owen slid over so Gavin could take his place. “Love you,” he said to Gavin.

“Love you too,” Gavin said, as Edwin climbed on top of him slightly more gently than he had with Owen. “Now be quiet and don’t touch yourself.”

Owen snorted, but didn’t offer any resistance, just watching intently as Edwin got started. He was holding Gavin’s hand, and Edwin could feel his eyes burning holes in them as he pushed himself inside Gavin, only realizing once he was partway in that he hadn’t prepared Gavin at all. Oops. Gavin was keeping his breathing steady, not showing too much discomfort. Edwin mouthed an apology, holding still a second, but Gavin smiled and urged him to keep going.

So Edwin did, but slowly, so as not to hurt Gavin by being a dumbass. In addition to that being a good way to make sure this never happened again, Edwin liked Gavin and didn’t want to hurt him.

Gavin didn’t sound like he was being hurt; after the first few minutes he had his hands on Edwin’s arms, moaning and whinging more than he had been when he’d been fucking Owen a minute ago. Seemed like he liked being on bottom too, just like Owen. Clearly the two of them needed someone to come in and fuck them both properly now and then, which Edwin was more than happy to do.

Since he’d cum so many times in the last little while, Edwin ended up going for a good while, moving back and forth with enough speed to keep Gavin engaged but not so fast as to rush to the conclusion. He wanted to enjoy it, after all, and he wanted Gavin to enjoy it. And he wanted Owen to enjoy it, laying there tormented, not able to do anything but watch. He seemed to be enjoying it, looking like he might explode. Edwin hoped he did.

It built for a while, Gavin’s orgasm, and he got quieter and quieter in warning of it before gasping in a breath and tensing around Edwin. Edwin slowed as Gavin came, then picked up again once he’d relaxed, following him there not long after with a kiss to Gavin’s neck as he filled the prince up with what cum he had left in him. Then he collapsed without meaning to, just laying there half inside Gavin, breathing out of sync with his as they recovered.

Then Gavin tapped his thigh and gestured towards Owen, and Edwin nodded, getting off and just barely making it to land on Owen’s chest. “I think he likes me better than you.” He was tired. He’d wanted to fuck Owen again, but he was really tired and his dick was sore. He didn’t think he could cum again.

“I don’t think he does.” Owen kissed him. “May I cum now, sir?”

“I guess so.” Edwin had been thinking of not letting him, but that was mean. Owen had done everything he’d wanted tonight. Even if this was going to end with him getting flipped over and fucked until he couldn’t walk, that was fine, Edwin was happy. “Since you’ve been so good.”

He jerked Owen off, and it really didn’t take long for him to cum. “Oh, man…” Owen moaned, as he shot between them. “Thanks.”

“Mm, anytime.” Edwin rested on Owen’s shoulder, moving to one side so that Gavin could also use Owen as a pillow. He made a good pillow. “Thanks for putting up with me being bratty,” he said suddenly, just in case he’d gone overboard. They’d both been really accommodating. He’d had a really good time.

“I’m never one to discourage assertiveness,” Owen laughed. “Or, you know. Disobey Gavin’s regal commands.”

“Wise,” Edwin said. Following Gavin’s orders always seemed to work out well.

“One of my many positive qualities.” Owen kissed both of them in turn. “You okay, Ed? You’ve been a bit down lately.”

He didn’t really want to talk about that, he was laying in a glow and it was nice. “Just some crap with Erik. It’s fine now, don’t worry about me.”

“Okay,” Owen said. “If you need me to beat him up or something I will.” Edwin couldn’t help but smile at that. It was something a big brother would say.

“And if you really want him to suffer,” Gavin added, “I’m here too,”

He said it in a joking way, but Edwin knew he meant it. “Thanks. I’m okay, really.” He really didn’t want either of them doing anything with Erik. He’d deal with Erik. Somehow.

Owen nodded, pulling Edwin a little closer. “I could really do with another orgasm,” he said casually.

Of course. “You’ll live. Normal people only cum once.” Edwin couldn’t go again.

“I’m not normal people,” Owen pouted. “Fine, fine. Your rules, this time.”

“Looking forward to regretting it next time,” Edwin assured him, because he was sure he would.

“Owen won’t be too mean,” Gavin promised. “Don’t worry.”

“I’m going to be mean,” Owen said, in his very serious voice that no longer worked because Edwin had watched him suck two dicks at once. He still had a great deal of respect for Owen, but he was also always going to know this about him now.

“You don’t have the balls to be mean,” Gavin said to him.

Edwin believed that, honestly. “You guys love each other a lot,” he said as he held in a laugh. “Makes me happy.” He was really tired and maybe should go to sleep before he said something he’d regret later.

“Yeah, we do,” Owen said immediately, smiling like a dope. “Darby’s going to be annoyed when he sneaks in here later.”

“Huh?” Edwin asked. He was nodding off. Had he missed something?

“Nevermind. Goodnight, Edwin.”

Okay, didn’t sound like that big a deal. “Sir Owen the Pillow,” he said to himself, figuring they wouldn’t hear, as he shut his eyes. He’d just rest for a bit, just for a bit…

Edwin was so happy and warm.

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