Todd/Derek, Caged

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Derek’s life ran on a schedule. He had certain things that had to be done by certain times so he’d have time to do other things. Work came first and leisure time came after, and that worked for him. He’d never failed to get his tasks done unless something sidelined him.

Todd seemed to love nothing more than sidelining Derek, usually by just not doing whatever Derek had told him to do.

But that was fine. Derek built time into his day to make up for Todd’s lack of ability to do anything promptly, because he was used to it by now. So when he went to the third of three rooms Todd was supposed to be cleaning this afternoon, he wasn’t entirely surprised to find it not cleaned yet. He was slightly miffed to see it not even started. How much time had Todd been wasting? But there was still time if Todd worked quickly.

So he went to the second room. And Todd wasn’t there either. And it was also uncleaned.

And now Derek was annoyed. Now he was going to have to do the cleaning to get it done today.

But he didn’t let his annoyance show on his face as he made his way to the first room. Maybe Todd had slipped and hit his head or something. Or maybe some of the more aggressive guards had found him and made sport of him again. Or maybe…

Or maybe Todd was just sitting in the half cleaned first room, pants open, napping with his dick out. His hand was sticky.

Derek shut the door firmly, not slamming it. Todd didn’t wake up. He wanted to go over there and shout at him, smack him and tell him to get back to work. But no, he had to be smart about this. Todd couldn’t work unsupervised, and his dick was the reason. He couldn’t keep his hands off it.

Fine, Derek knew a solution to that. So he turned around and left Todd there and went to go talk to Henry.

Todd woke up to the sensation of metal on his dick, and it was cold so he started to sit, only to be pushed back down. “Welcome back, sleepyhead.”

Oh, no, that was Derek’s sweet voice. He was mad. Todd had been supposed to mop the floor in this hallway, but instead he’d gone in the closet and jerked off to a nice fantasy of beating Derek bloody.

A week ago he’d been supposed to clean some stupid room and he’d jerked off and fallen asleep by accident, but Derek hadn’t said anything. And Todd had realized that Derek had lost his nerve, and was too afraid to punish him for real. Which meant Todd could do what he wanted again.

So that’s what he’d done every day this week, casually ignored Derek’s commands and just napped. He couldn’t jerk off properly in the room because Derek wouldn’t let him, and he couldn’t sleep properly there either, so this was perfect. He’d done it every day this week and he felt great.

Until now. “What the fuck?” he asked.

“Don’t use bad words,” Derek told him, the metal pressing harder on his dick. “You’ve been having trouble behaving lately, Todd.”

“Fuck off. You’re not going to…” he became very aware of the metal. Derek kept him pushed down. “What is that?”

“I’ve noticed that all your behavioural problems seem to start with this part of you,” Derek said, and something clicked. “So I’m taking away your privileges until you can be trusted to behave.”

“Privileges? What the fuck are you talking about?”

Derek smiled at him, and Todd felt the metal pull against his dick, pinching a little. A spike of fear shot through him. Derek was going to cut it off. Oh God, Derek was going to…

But Derek let go. The sensation of metal remained, and Derek moved away to let Todd look down. At the small iron cage that now surrounded his dick. It fit him tightly, keeping him in place. Todd tugged at it. It didn’t come off. “What the fuck? Take this off, you piece of shit!”

Derek smiled again, held up a key, moved back when Todd grabbed for it. “I will,” he promised. “If you behave. Do all your chores on time, be nice to me, do what I say. And I’ll take it off at night and let you have orgasms. If you can’t do all that, I’ll keep it on and only I’ll get to cum. Got it?”

“You fucking little…”

“And there goes your orgasm for tonight,” Derek said, stepping away. “Though you already had one anyway, so maybe you won’t miss it. Let’s see how tomorrow goes, okay? Get this floor mopped, please.”

And Derek went off, slipping the little key into a pocket, leaving Todd there on the floor, pants down, cock in a cage, trying to get hard and failing.

Todd fucking hated him.

Two weeks later, Derek lay on his side, behind and inside Todd, fucking him like he was afraid. He’d been at it for hours now, and if he wasn’t still hard Todd would have assumed he just couldn’t cum anymore.

Todd’s cock strained against the cage, trying desperately to get hard and failing. It was hard for that not to be the only thing he focused on, but he tried to think about something else, to make it less shitty.

“It’s coming in a minute,” Derek suddenly whispered in Todd’s ear.

Fucking finally, Todd thought, grunting an answer. He was getting tired. Then Derek reached around and pinched his nipple, and Todd gasped as a gentle pain shot right to his trapped dick, which twitched uselessly. He needed to cum, his need for that was starting to override anything else.

Derek came quietly, pressing against Todd as he did. Todd barely noticed. It was his third or fourth of the night and he’d stopped paying attention. “There we go,” Derek said. “That was a nice night.” His dick was starting to get soft, and he sounded sleepy.

He was going to sleep like that, leave Todd untouched again, claim Todd had broken his stupid rules just because he’d told the truth at lunch.

No, Todd couldn’t handle it. He…he’d play Derek’s stupid game for a few minutes if it meant he could cum. Just for a few minutes. “P-please…”

“Hm? Please what?”

Just a few minutes, then he’d cum. Just a few minutes. “T-take it off, please?” Todd wasn’t going to beg, though. “Please, Derek? I’ve been good, right?” That was what Derek wanted, for him to whimper and be pathetic. Just for a few minutes.

“Yes,” Derek admitted. “You’ve been good tonight. And today. Except…”

“I didn’t mean it,” Todd interrupted.

“But you said it.”

“I’m sorry,” Todd lied. “I won’t do it again.”

“You won’t do what again, Todd?” Derek whispered, making him shiver, making his dick shiver.

“I won’t call you stupid anymore. I didn’t mean it.” He had meant it, and he would do it again. It had been a fucking joke anyway.

But Derek was too happy about his new power over Todd. “You still said it. You’ll keep the cage on again tonight.” He kissed Todd’s cheek, mocking him. “If you’re good tomorrow, we’ll take it off tomorrow.”

Derek had promised that every night for two weeks. Todd hadn’t been good tomorrow yet, not by whatever fucking standard he’d set up.

“B-but…please? I really need to…if you take it off I promise I’ll be good tomorrow, I promise,” Todd pleaded, getting closer to begging than he’d meant to. He needed to cum so badly.

Hardening in Todd’s ass, Derek breathed on his beck. “Doesn’t work that way. Rewards come after good behaviour, not before. Maybe tomorrow, Todd.” He started moving again, and Todd had to stop himself from crying.

It was five more days before Todd managed to behave well enough to earn some time out of the cage.

The only time Todd was allowed to have the cage off was in the bath. Derek took it off and set it aside with the key beside it, then took Todd into the bath and cleaned him off like a baby, careful to scrub every part of him. “That feels nice, doesn’t it?” he asked, washing Todd’s hair.

“Y-yes…” Todd said, because Derek wanted him to and he did what Derek wanted him to. He’d only been allowed two orgasms in the last three weeks and both of them had been on the days when he’d done exactly what Derek wanted him to and nothing else.

Todd already knew he was getting the cage put back on after this bath. He’d broken a plate at lunch today. It had been an accident. But he still did as he was told. It was just easier that way.

Derek scrubbed him all over, from top to bottom, and as always he ended on Todd’s dick, which he washed carefully. Todd was always hard as a rock when this happened, but he was careful not to move. He’d done that a few times and earned two solid days of cage time as a punishment. He didn’t move anymore, not while Derek washed his shaft, not while he soaped his balls and underneath, not while Derek peeled back his foreskin and cleaned under it with a soapy hand.

And when he was done, Derek got up, patted Todd on the cheek. “All clean. Go wait for me.”

Todd nodded and went to sit on a stool, waiting for Derek to wash himself. Beside him was a bucket of ice water that he’d have to stick his dick in if he didn’t get soft before Derek was done. So he shut his eyes and thought of all the least sexy things he could. Sheep and goats and centipedes and rotting meat and girls. It worked, it usually worked. Todd was getting better at this.

He was sitting right beside the cage and key. He didn’t move to touch them. He wasn’t allowed. He’d tried the first time. Derek had caged him, then tied him up and left him here overnight. He’d never touched the key or cage again.

He was doing just fine, until he heard a sound from Derek, opened his eyes to make sure Derek hadn’t hurt himself. He hadn’t Derek was leaning back, hand fisted around his dick, stroking himself, and Todd’s boner returned full-force.

Todd squeezed his eyes shut, tried not to hear it, tried to think about burned bread and mould and cats with sharp claws and snakes, but to no avail. By the time he heard Derek let out that gasp of his, the one that drove him nuts, there was no helping him. He was hopelessly hard and ashamed by the time Derek came over.

“Sorry that took so long,” he said, touching Todd’s hard-on with a finger. “Hm. Bucket.”

“Yes, Derek,” Todd muttered. There was nothing else to say.

Todd was sweating, but he barely minded. He’d cleaned this whole storeroom by himself and as he stood there looking over it, he felt good. Like he’d accomplished something.

The door opened without a creak—Todd had oiled the hinges—and Derek came in, stopped, blinking. “Oh, wow, you did the whole thing!” He sounded so surprised.

Todd felt a flash of fear. Derek had only told him to get started on this today, and that they’d finish it together. What if he was mad? Oh, shit, Todd had messed up. He should have known better than to do this without being told. Now Derek was mad at him, and…

Distantly, Todd was aware this meant he wasn’t getting uncaged tonight, which sucked. He’d managed it every night this week by being good for Derek. But as upsetting as that was, it was secondary to the fact that he’d upset Derek. Maybe Derek had been looking forward to doing this together. Maybe he’d wanted to…

Todd opened his mouth to apologize, but Derek’s arms were around him. “That’s so awesome, Todd. Good job!”

“I…” Todd felt himself able to breathe again. “Y-you’re not mad?”

“No, why would I be mad? You did such a good job, you even cleaned the windows! You’re such a good boy, Todd,” Derek said, hugging him tighter. And he kissed Todd on the cheek.

Hot in the face, Todd swallowed. He was suddenly grateful for the cage. “Thank you,” he said, smiling like an idiot. “I just wanted to, uh, save you some work.” And make him happy.

“Thank you,” Derek said, stepping back. “I appreciate that. You’ve been working so hard lately, and you’ve been so good.”

“I just…” Todd didn’t know what to say. “I just want to make you happy.”

Derek chuckled, gently reached between Todd’s legs and patted the cage through his pants. “You can say what you really mean. You just want to make sure I take this off tonight.”

Todd shook his head, a feeling of something rising in him. “N-no! I…I wasn’t even thinking of that, honest. I really just wanted to do something nice for you.” It was true, and he didn’t understand why, and that just confused Todd. And being confused made him want to talk to Derek. Everything was weird.

“Really?” Derek looked at him, wide-eyed. “That’s…that’s so nice of you, Todd!” He hugged him again. “You’re such a good boy. I’m going to give you a reward.”

“No, I don’t need…” Todd needed Derek to understand that he hadn’t done it for a reward. He didn’t know why that mattered, but it did. He felt like if Derek thought he’d only done this for a reward he wouldn’t be as happy. And if he wasn’t as happy, he wouldn’t be as nice to Todd, and Todd wouldn’t get the cage off, and…

Yeah, that was all it is. It was just a trick to make Derek happy, that was all. That made much more sense to Todd than whatever bullshit he’d been thinking before.

“I know you don’t. But I’m giving it to you anyway. Come on, we’ve got lots of time now since you did such a good job here. Let’s take you to the bedroom.”

Todd nodded, and let Derek pull him there, happier than he should be.

“God…you’re so good, Todd…” Derek grunted as he slid in and out of Todd.

Todd smiled, holding Derek’s arms, arching his back a little as Derek fucked him. He was caged, but that didn’t matter. Derek was having a good time and that was what mattered to Todd. He wanted to make sure it was good for Derek, so he clenched, and kept hold of Derek, and even kissed him every few thrusts.

Having Derek touch him like this, use him like this even, made Todd happy. Part of him remembered vaguely that it shouldn’t, but it did. Because it made Derek happy, and Todd had learned that Derek being happy meant he was happy too.

And so because Todd was making Derek happy, that was making him happy, and Todd barely cared if he got uncaged. Though he had been good again today. He’d earned an orgasm, he knew it. Derek would give him one after he was finished, he always did.

Derek was a good person. He always gave Todd what he deserved, Todd understood that now. He was fair. If Todd misbehaved, he didn’t get rewarded, but if he did well, he got to cum. It was easy. It made Todd’s life easier. It put Todd’s life in an order that he could follow.

Part of Todd still resented Derek, and maybe always would. That was a part of him that he didn’t think was going to go away. But Todd was going to try not to listen to it.

So he clenched harder around Derek, kissing him again. “Y-you too, Derek…” he panted.

Derek nodded vaguely, kissing Todd before giving a hard thrust, hitting that something inside Todd that made him gasp every time, and Derek came while Todd was whimpering, shooting inside him, making Todd feel all warm and loved.

When he was done, Derek pulled out, and Todd whimpered again. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “Didn’t you like it?”

“N-no!” Todd said, shaking his head. “I did, I liked it. I…wish you hadn’t taken it out so quickly…”

Part of Todd was embarrassed. Part of him was just needy.

Derek smiled, stroked Todd’s face. “Here,” he said, and he slid two fingers inside Todd’s leaking hole. “I was thinking of giving you something special today since you’ve been so good for the last little while.”

Derek brushed that spot again and Todd gasped. “Sp-special?”

Nodding, Derek massaged that spot, his fingers feeling so good inside Todd that Todd wanted to cry. “I’m going to let you cum whenever you want for the next few days, how does that sound?”

“Wh…whenever I want?” Todd asked, struggling with that concept. He could cum whenever he wanted now, all he had to do was be good. It was hard to think with Derek’s fingers pressing against him like that, though.

“Yes. Whenever you want. You can ask me for it or you can even do it yourself as long as you don’t slack off. I think you’ve learned enough that I can trust you not to let your work slide.”

“I w-won’t!” Todd promised, still reeling at this unexpected granting of a privilege that he knew, deep down, he didn’t really deserve. Derek might trust him, but Todd didn’t know if he trusted himself to stay good if Derek took the cage off.

“I know you won’t. You’re a good boy.” Derek kissed his cheek. “Tell me something honestly. How do you feel about wearing the cage?”

“The cage…” Todd said, eyes shut now. He felt so good with Derek doing that to him. But Derek wasn’t going to stop, so he had to think, to be good, to answer the question. “I…I like it,” he admitted in a whisper. “I feel better with it. I feel safer. I feel like I can be good with it on. I feel like…I feel like you’re watching me when it’s on.”

“So you wouldn’t like it if I took it off,” Derek said.

Todd shook his head, understanding that he word ‘forever’ was unspoken at the end of that sentence. “No. P-please don’t.”

“Even if it meant you could touch yourself whenever you wanted?”

“Even then,” Todd whimpered, feeling like Derek’s fingers were going to make him explode. “P-please don’t make me take it off, Derek. I know it’s a reward, but…please don’t…” Todd didn’t care that he sounded pathetic. Part of him liked that he did.

Derek’s free hand brushed Todd’s face. “Okay. Pay attention, this is what I wanted to show you.”

Derek didn’t say anything else, and he kept pressing against Todd’s spot for several more minutes. That feeling Todd was having stayed the way it was, that feeling like being just on the cusp of an orgasm, but never actually got past that. It just stayed like that for a long time, and Todd felt something warm on his dick, inside the cage. “There you go,” Derek said, suddenly removing his fingers. He smiled, touched Todd through the cage with his other hand, brought the fingers up to Todd’s mouth.

Todd opened it, tasted cum. “Wh-what…”

“You came, even with the cage on,” Derek explained. “It’s not impossible, just harder. Or softer, if you want.” He chuckled, and Todd took a second to realize that was a joke, then he laughed a little bit too. “Anyway. As long as you keep being good, you can have as many orgasms as you want. You can use your fingers or ask for mine. And we don’t have to take your cage off except for baths. It’s a win-win solution.”

But…part of Todd wanted to say it wasn’t, wanted to say that hadn’t been as good as a normal orgasm, hadn’t been what he wanted. But it was. Because he wanted the cage, and he wanted Derek to be happy, and Derek sounded so pleased with himself that Todd couldn’t help but just…nod. “Y-yeah…” he agreed. “Yeah. You’re right, Derek.”

Derek giggled, laying beside Todd and cuddling him. “Of course I am, Todd. And you know, when we’re alone, you can just call me sir, okay?”

Todd couldn’t remember a time when he’d been more content.



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