Stowaway, 59

Some People Just Don’t Realize That Blowjobs and Important Information Don’t Go Hand in Hand

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Pax checked the compass as he sailed, but only because checking the compass made him feel important. He knew which way they were headed—even if his stellar sense of direction failed him, there were also all the naval ships going the same way, so he could just follow them. But he checked the compass anyway, to ensure that he was still headed east.

They were in fact headed east, so Pax clicked it shut and slipped it into his pocket with a satisfied smile. Directions working the way they were supposed to always pleased him. Them not doing that was a sign of the end of the world according to several scriptures, and Pax was taking theological pronouncements pretty seriously these days.

If only other people were as well. He’d told Denver about birds. Denver had laughed at him and said he was still going to be friends with Persephone, even after Pax had explained that he was courting damnation. Then Denver had just said it wasn’t the worst courting he’d ever experienced. There was no helping some people.

A hand fell on Pax’s, and it felt just like Nate’s, so much so that Pax looked down just in case something had happened and Nate was suddenly there in the flesh. He wasn’t, of course, but even knowing that, it still felt very real. “You’re getting better at that,” he muttered, since he was alone at the helm. Or at least he was the only embodied person at the helm. “It feels just like you.”

I’ve been getting a lot of practice, Nate said, a smile in Pax’s head. I can pretty much totally convince your body I’m touching you now.

“You’re right,” Pax said, smiling. “I like that.”

Me too, Nate said. I like it a lot.

Pax knew that tone of voice. It was Nate’s ‘I want to have sex’ tone of voice. “Later,” he muttered. “I’m going to be at the helm for another few hours.”

Hmm, Nate muttered. I know. Hold still. The sensation of a hand wrapped around Pax’s dick, which started to harden in his pants.

“Nate…” Pax couldn’t help but look around, but nobody was around. Still. “Someone might see…” The Queen Geneva was sailing very close; the captain was over there with the prince and the admiral. A lookout from their ship might…

See what? Nate asked. You standing at the helm? I think we both know it’s going to take a lot to make you show any signs of distress.

“Just because that’s true doesn’t mean you should…”

You really want me to stop? And Pax felt, for all the world, breath on his dick.

“No,” he admitted after another look around.

Good. As soon as Nate said that warmth enveloped him, and wet, and it felt exactly like Nate’s mouth. Pax gasped, trying to control his expression. Bet I can make you make faces.

“It’s…it’s not fair that you can do that and still talk,” Pax breathed, as the sensation of Nate sucking him increased. “Hardly r-realistic.”

It’s a perk, Nate said, but he sounded a little distracted. Maybe this was taking a lot out of him.

No, Pax remembered. Well, probably yes. But he’d said before that he felt what Pax felt. Which meant he was getting a blowjob too. From himself. Go figure.

Nate sucked him, or made Pax’s body think Nate was sucking him, harder, a nonexistent tongue lapping up and down the shaft of Pax’s dick, only occasionally impeded by the reality of where Nate’s lips would theoretically be if he had them. Big perk, Nate commented.

Pax just nodded. “Can’t say I’m complaining…”

“You’re not? That’s unusual for you.”

Pax jumped at Denver’s voice, clinging slightly harder than necessary to the wheel. He hadn’t heard him coming, being so distracted.

Nate didn’t stop sucking him off, of course. Pax would have asked him to, but he wouldn’t, so why bother? “Just about the weather,” Pax explained. “Nate and I are talking about the weather. It’s very nice out today, hard to complain about, better than the rain the other day, far preferable. Still a little antsy around rain on account of all my experiences with the Sea King, so clear skies are preferred even if rain is necessary for crops and whatever else it is that likes rain. Birds, probably. Can I help you?”

That’s it, just keep sounding normal, Nate suggested, and as he did, Pax was very firmly taken into a nonexistent throat.

You’re the worst.

“No, I just figured I’m not doing anything,” Denver said, looking a little furtive. “I could take the helm if you want.”

“No,” Pax said, perhaps a touch too quickly. “I’m okay. Thank you, though, that’s very nice of you. I enjoy driving the ship, it makes me feel important and in-charge, you see.”

Getting a blowjob while you do it should help with that, right?

Not when Denver is standing right there!

Nate mentally snorted and went back to his work. His work of ruining Pax’s reputation.

“Yeah, I get that,” Denver said, leaning on the helm. At least it was between him and Pax, even if he was blocking Pax’s view of the ocean now. “I need to tell you something.”

Of course he did. “Right now?”

“Yeah, it’s important and I keep losing my nerve.” Denver swallowed. He looked worried. “This guy who Cal told us about, the one who wanted him to get the Regalia.”

“Theodore,” Pax said, nodding. He could feel hands on his butt.

“Yeah. He’s the guy I was supposed to be sold to when I was a slave.”

Pax blinked. Even Nate stopped—for a second or two. Then he started again. “Really? That’s…a coincidence.” It was a very, very large coincidence.

“Yeah. And I just found out from Cal that my friend Daniel got sold to him instead and…I think Daniel might have killed him.”

Pax frowned. Theodore had had a slave named Daniel when he’d been there. They hadn’t spoken. Pax had gotten the impression he was dangerous. Denver was dangerous too. Curious. “Why do you think that?”

“Because that’s what we were supposed to do.” Denver sighed. “Look, I’m just telling you. He might be dead, so don’t get your hopes up too high that he’ll be able to help you find Nate. And in case he is alive, I figured you should know that I might not…have a great reaction to meeting him.”

“Th-thank you,” Pax said, feeling himself getting close to cumming. Really, this was important, Nate could stop.

Nah, I couldn’t, Nate disagreed. I respect your ability to multitask enough not to insult you by assuming you can’t.

“That’s good to know,” Pax added. “But I’m sure you’ll do fine. And if he’s dead, it’s not like it’s your fault. I…should probably tell you that I’ve met Theodore once before.”

“When?” Denver asked, frowning.

“In my…previous line of work I had to sell him something. I went to his house. Can’t say I had any murderous feelings about him, but…” Pax swallowed, his orgasm overtaking him suddenly. Fuck.

He rode out the feeling, filling his pants and trying to stand very still. Fuck.

You’re welcome, Nate said, obviously satisfied, the mouth leaving Pax’s dick.

“Pax?” Denver asked, looking at him carefully. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Pax said, nodding. “Just fine.” He tried to breathe. “Sorry, I was lost in memories of something. What I was trying to say was that I saw your friend Daniel while I was there. Or at least a slave named Daniel.”

Denver shifted perceptibly, which took his attention away from the fact that Pax had obviously just had an orgasm and he’d probably noticed. “Was he okay?”

“I only saw him briefly. He seemed fine, or as fine as slaves can.” Pax tried to think. “I could tell he was dangerous, or at least very smart.” Which amounted to the same thing. “But I only saw him for a second before Theodore closed the door.”

Nodding, Denver looked at his hands. “Okay. That’s good. I hope he’s okay. Fuck.” He took a breath. “Okay. Well. I…am glad that we talked about this. I should go. You…and Nate…seem busy.” He smiled.

Pax blushed, clearing his throat. “I’m just sailing the ship.”

“What’s Nate doing?”

“Not distracting me while I sail the ship, because anything else would irresponsible.”

Denver rolled his eyes. “I’d like to talk to Nate someday. I feel like we’d get along.”

I agree, Nate said, sounding satisfied.

“That sounds like a terrible idea and I forbid it,” Pax said. “Go back to work.”

“Going back to work. I’ll leave you to your…steering.” And Denver moved to leave the helm. “Thanks, Pax.”

“You too.”

Pax sighed after Denver had left. “You could have stopped.”

Why? Pax could taste Nate’s grin. I could have done more.

“I’m sure.” He sighed again. “If Theodore’s dead we don’t have a lead to get your body back.”

Yeah. Which means you’d better get used to spectral blowjobs.

“Only for now,” Pax promised. “We’ll find a way, Nate.”

I know. But just putting it out there—I’m happy, Pax. If we can’t get my body back, I’m happy anyway.

“I know. Me too. But I promised I’d put you right and I will. If only so it means you’ll be quiet during blowjobs.”

Nate laughed, hands on Pax’s again. A kiss landed on Pax’s cheek. But you liked it, right?

“Yes, of course I did. Thank you.”


“No need to threaten me,” Pax muttered, smiling. He pulled out his compass. They were still headed east.

Life was pretty good.

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