Saturday Morning

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Frederick woke up naked, which was increasingly becoming normal for him. He was absolutely sure he’d been wearing his briefs when he’d fallen asleep, but here he was, laying here butt naked on Franz’s basement floor, sandwiched in between Drew and Silas.

Oh, well. Someone just wiggled a lot in their sleep or maybe he’d gotten hot or something. His briefs weren’t tangled around his ankles like they usually were, but it was fine, nobody else was up anyway. Besides, he knew without getting up that he wasn’t the only one in the room who was naked. Darby always stripped as soon as nobody was looking and Giacomo was completely unapologetic about sleeping in the nude no matter how many people were in the room.

There were fifteen of them in the big basement, and Frederick was really proud of that because it was all his doing. He’d always wanted to have big sleepovers with a lot of friends, but he’d never really had a place to do it in until recently. Thank God for Franz and Boey being totally happy to let him use their basement to house over a dozen rowdy boys once or twice a month. Usually it was still just him, Silas and Drew, but every so often Frederick liked to expand.

And he’d been really successful at that, in a specific and slightly calculated way. Which was to say that Frederick was secretly just a tiny bit of a perv, and was not at all secretly bi, and getting a bunch of girls to come to his house and sleep with him in their underwear wasn’t going to happen, so he’d looked to his male friends for that, especially the ones he was pretty sure (or completely sure) also wouldn’t mind being in the company of a bunch of other guys in their undies.

He sometimes felt a bit bad using the sleepovers to perv on his friends, but it wasn’t like he was doing anything but looking. He could easily see more than this after gym class every day. Plus he did genuinely enjoy hanging out with them, even with their clothes on.

Frederick stretched, intending to get up and go upstairs to let Dragon out—Franz and Boey wouldn’t be up yet—and confident that everyone else would still be asleep when he came back down. But he needed to find his underwear first. Well, he didn’t really, but he should.

Actually…Frederick felt his naughty side wake up a little as he spotted Drew’s phone in his hand. He’d been texting someone as he fell asleep, clearly. He snuggled up next to Drew, carefully took the phone and swiped over to his camera without looking at his messages—that would be shitty—and held it up to snap a selfie with the two of them, making a peace sign as he did and making sure the photo was angled so his dick was in the picture. Snickering at the idea of poor Drew finding that in his phone later, he swiped back to that weird messenger app Drew used and put the phone back where he’d found it. Frederick didn’t exactly want naked pictures of himself getting out there, but he knew Drew well enough to know that when he saw the picture he’d probably freak out and frantically delete it. He was a good guy like that.

Now Frederick sat up, looking around for his underwear. They were nowhere to be seen and were probably underneath one of the blankets or something, so instead of disturbing everyone to find them, he just smirked, more mischief playing through his mind, and carefully reached over and started to pull Silas’s down. Silas could sleep through an earthquake, so Frederick got them off easily and started to slip them on himself. They were best friends, so it wasn’t weird. They’d always swapped clothes.

With them around his ankles Frederick got a surge of bravery and decided he’d just go up naked. Nobody was awake but the dog anyway. So maybe he’d stripped Silas for nothing. But whatever. Silas probably deserved it.

Frederick got up and carefully stepped over his snoring friends, noting that he’d been right about Darby and Giacomo, and that Simon had lost his briefs as well. Darby had joined their group after Frederick had met him when Gavin and Owen had come over to visit Franz and he’d come with. Frederick had learned a bit of sign to talk with him. Giacomo was new, he’d just transferred to their school a while ago and was in Frederick’s science class. Simon was one of the foster kids of that guy who lived on the estate on the other side of the hill, and more importantly had gym with Frederick. He’d brought his friend Ozzy this week, who’d turned out to be really fun.

He made his way upstairs, a little chilled because it wasn’t warm. Frederick may or may not have had the heat up in the basement to encourage people not to bother with unnecessary shirts or pants.

Everyone was a bit of a perv at heart, he told himself. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“Morning, Dragon,” Frederick said, because Dragon was already standing expectantly at the back door, waiting for Frederick. “Here you go.” He opened the door and let the dog out. Dragon bounded into the yard, chasing unsuspecting birds away.

Yawning, Frederick went around to the front of the house and unlocked the front door, picking up the weekend paper that Boey still read every day. Then he put away the pizza boxes that he and his friends had just kind of left at the top of the steps last night, tossing them into the recycling where they belonged and putting the leftover pizza in the fridge. He set the timer on the coffee maker so that it would start just around when Franz and Boey were likely to come down, then he reset it for an hour later when he remembered that it was Saturday.

Then Frederick let Dragon back inside and, satisfied that his morning chores were done, went back downstairs into the warmth. He grabbed a Sharpie from the jar on the kitchen counter on his way.

More awake now, Frederick surveyed the room once more. Drew’s friends Hope and Robby were cuddling a few feet away from Drew. Frederick didn’t know either of them well, though they were both in his social studies class and he’d insisted that Drew invite them because he worried that Drew didn’t have a lot of friends. Still feeling a bit pervy, Frederick reached down as he passed them and put Robby’s hand on the front of Hope’s underwear. Then he retrieved his phone and snapped a picture of Derek and Todd, the former of whom was spooning the latter, his hand just inside the waistband of Todd’s briefs. It wasn’t that scandalous since they were dating (according to Todd, Derek said that Todd was his slave), but it was useful in case Frederick needed to tease them later. He’d never gotten the impression that they really liked each other until a while ago when they’d suddenly become inseparable, which had been around the time that Derek had made friends with Simon.

Frederick really didn’t know anything about Giacomo’s friend Alfie except that he’d come with Giacomo, liked anime and currently had a boner in his sleep, so in an effort to help people get to know him better, Frederick took it upon himself to carefully part Alfie’s Y-front so his bone would pop out. He also put Giacomo’s thumb in his mouth for fun. Then he went over to Gino, also from his gym class, who had his head on Sean’s stomach, and turned Gino’s head so it was facing downwards. Max, near them, had his hand on his belly, and Frederick slipped it inside his briefs. Sean was Gino’s neighbour and Max was from the same neighbourhood, though Frederick had met him independently, also in gym. Gym class was a lucrative place to make friends for Frederick. People just seemed to gravitate to him there. Maybe it was because he was friendly and didn’t spend all his time trying to be better at sports than everyone.

Frederick didn’t do much to Darby except for put a pillow between his legs to make it look like he’d been doing something inappropriate to it, and he picked up Simon’s discarded undies and stuck them in Ozzy’s hand. The he headed back over to his own spot, where he sat down beside Silas, who was on his belly hugging his own pillow. And, grinning, he casually wrote ‘property of Frederick’ on Silas’s bare butt.

Okay, maybe he wanted to do a little more than just look.

Satisfied that he’d had a productive morning, Frederick lay back down between Drew and Silas, picking up his phone to check what overnight messages he’d gotten. He slipped on Silas’s underwear so nobody woke up and thought he was a perv. He didn’t even feel a little bit bad. Everyone knew that sleeping at a sleepover opened you up to pranks, and it was hardly Frederick’s fault that he woke up so much earlier than the rest of them.

He had a while yet before his friends started to wake up and get noisy. So for now he just settled back and enjoyed the quiet, and the company.

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