Chosen One, 67

Relationships Often Look Different Depending on Who’s in Them, and they Only Need to Make Sense to Those People

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When Hemi started to float, Isaac knew he was close to cumming, and he sucked harder as a result. He made a desperate sound as Isaac did that, and Isaac made one in exchange, which got him pushed further down onto Hemi by Thomas and Vinnie, who were sharing his other end.

Isaac was turned mostly sideways at the waist, Thomas on one side and Vinnie on the other as they fucked him together, their grunts and moans mixing with his and Hemi’s in a nice little symphony. Adding to that in the background was Garrett, who was dressed and just watching, hand down the front of his pants. Isaac had offered to help him along, but he’d deferred until another time. Hopefully he was enjoying watching.

Thomas and Vinnie had picked up speed in the last few seconds too, and Isaac wondered which of them would cum first. But as he pushed Hemi down a little for fun like a ball bobbing in water, his foot brushed the tip of Isaac’s dick and that was that, Isaac seized up and came, splattering the bed with a moan around Hemi and clenching around the other two.

It was Vinnie who shot first, bucking into Isaac hard. Hemi yelped and came when Isaac was pushed further onto him. Thomas held out the longest, a few more thrusts, but he gripped Isaac’s hips and pressed in all the way, alongside Vinnie, squirting his first shot as Vinnie’s last filled Isaac. Isaac swallowed Hemi, throat bobbing. A minute or so passed before they all collapsed together, in a pile. Hemi fell to the bed after his orgasm finished, and Isaac fell with him, head landing on Hemi’s thigh.

Still hard, Vinnie and Thomas seemed reluctant to pull out, but after a few more experimental thrusts each, they decided they were done after all and did remove themselves, falling onto the bed on either side of Isaac, who lay there with his head on Hemi’s thigh, smiling upwards. “Seems like you guys had fun,” he said, happy.

“I can’t say that sharing a hole with someone was something I’d ever thought I’d do,” Thomas said, snuggling Isaac a little. “But holy fuck.”

“Thanks,” Isaac said. “It’s a skill I’m particularly proud of. Plus you guys tied the record for most dicks in me at once.”

“We’ll have to invite someone to help break the record next time,” Hemi said, petting Isaac’s hair.

“And break Isaac,” Thomas muttered.

“I’ll be fine.”

“You got someone in mind?” Garrett asked, putting his feet on Vinnie.

“Not really, but I’ll think of someone.”

“Isaac’s going to fall asleep if you keep petting him like that,” Vinnie warned.

“I think he’s earned a nap.”

“I’m awake,” Isaac insisted, though he wished he could nap. It was his only day off this week and he still had a lot to do. Coming down here for a small four-way probably wasn’t the best use of his time, but whatever, Isaac had never claimed to be responsible. He had to go for his witchcraft lessons later and he was afraid James would punish him. “I have a thing in a bit.”

“Not going to hang out with us?” Garrett asked, kicking Isaac gently.

“I wish I could. But I have homework and secret chosen one bullshit.”

“I think that’s code for he’s going to fuck someone else,” Vinnie teased.

“I wish,” Isaac sighed. He’d much rather fuck James and Ron than face James being disappointed in him. “But no. I’ll stay and cuddle for a bit, though.”

They passed a bit in pleasant silence, not talking much, but after about a half hour, Isaac did have to go. So reluctantly, he got up, let Thomas clean him up and Garrett help him dress, and went to leave. “Thanks, guys.”

“Come back soon,” Thomas said. “We could even talk.”

“I’d like that,” Isaac said, not realizing that Garrett was walking him to the door until he was out in the hall. “Hi,” he said, feeling fluttery suddenly. Garrett did that to him.

“Hi,” Garrett said back. “Can I kiss you?”

“Uh…” Isaac blushed. “Sure.”

Garrett smiled, turned Isaac to face him, and kissed him on the mouth, more fully than Isaac had expected, even using some tongue. When he was done, he let go and Isaac staggered back. “Wow.”

“I had…a way better time watching that than I thought. It was hot,” Garrett told him.

“Thanks. Maybe next time I can help you?”

Garrett nodded, licking his lips. “I was thinking that…I’d like our first time to just be you and I, though.”

Why? Why did that make Isaac blush so much? He’d literally just finished fucking three guys and that embarrassed him? “I’d l-like that too.”

“It’s a date, then,” Garrett said. He pulled something out of his pocket, put it in Isaac’s hand. “Do me a favour? A couple of days before we’re ready I’m going to need you to start drinking a few drops of that in water at night.”

“Okay?” Isaac looked down at it. It was a small vial filled with greenish water. “What is it?”

“It’s called Dove’s Eye, though it’s not made of doves. It won’t hurt you, it just makes you temporarily sterile.”


Garrett smiled. “So I don’t get pregnant, Isaac.”

“Right.” Of course. That made sense. Not that anyone wanted to get pregnant accidentally, but Isaac figured it would be even rougher for Garrett. “Okay. I’ll start drinking it tonight.”

“Someone’s optimistic.”

Isaac smiled up at him. “I happen to be very good at getting people in bed with me.”

“I’ve noticed. Can I walk you to your secret chosen one thing?”

“Okay. That would be nice.”

So Garrett took Isaac’s hand and walked him out of the dormitory, into the snow. “I’m surprised you can walk properly,” he said.

Isaac smiled. “Practice. The first time I couldn’t really.” He should hit up Edwin and Ty sometime. Maybe he’d go visit the fortress and make friends with some knights.

Garrett snorted. “Right. I’d never seen anyone do more than jerk off before I met you, you know. No, that’s not true, I saw one guy get a blowjob once.”

Isaac glanced at him. “Who?”

“His name was Rufus. He graduated.”

“Damn.” Isaac sighed. “Oh, well. I have special chosen one sex powers.”

“No,” Garrett said, lifting Isaac’s hand and kissing it. “I think that’s just an Isaac power. You bring people together. Make them less shy. Make them trust each other.”

Isaac had to look away; he was sure his face could melt the snow. “I’m not that special.”

“Liar. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that being nice isn’t special, Isaac.”

“Literally everything you do embarrasses me,” Isaac muttered. “Speaking of special powers. Do you know how hard I am to embarrass?”

Garrett chuckled. “Thanks. I like you too. Here we are.”

They were, in fact, in front of the tower. Isaac smiled. “Thank you.” He was reluctant to let go of Garrett’s hand. “I’m, uh, actually going over there a bit.”

Garrett looked where Isaac was pointing. “There’s nothing over there.”

“Yes there is,” Isaac promised, pulling him that way. “But you can’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Consider me silenced,” Garrett said, and he followed Isaac.

Isaac stopped in front of where he knew the portal was, and sighed. “Okay.”


“I’m going to go.”


Isaac smiled, let go of Garrett’s hand, and stepped through the portal, into James’s woods, where it was quite a bit warmer than in the capital. There wasn’t even snow. Huh.

But for now he turned back around, went back to the academy, where Garrett seemed to be freaking out. “Hi.”

“Where the hell did you…” he moved forward, took Isaac’s hand again.

Isaac chuckled, lifting it and kissing it. He felt more like himself now. Less like Garrett was gently edging him towards a cliff. “Secret chosen one shit. It’s a portal that leads to some woods where one of my teachers lives.”


“Thanks, I didn’t make it,” Isaac chuckled. “Anyway, I do have to go, I’m late for my lesson.”

“Lesson in what?”

“Stop making me blush and I’ll tell you later.”

“Or, I could make you blush until you tell me in order to make me stop.”

“You’re evil.”

“One of us has to be.”

Isaac couldn’t stop smiling. “Okay. I’m going to go.”

“I’m not stopping you.”

“Yes you are.”

“How so?”

“By being cute.”

Garrett blinked, colour rising in his face. And he reached out and put his hand on Isaac’s chest. “See you later, chosen one.” And he shoved Isaac back.

Laughing, Isaac fell on his ass on the grass in the woods, then winced because his ass was sore. “Grass?” Isaac asked, looking around. He’d been right before. There was snow around, but it was…over there, a good distance from the house. Here, it was too warm for it. Like it was summer just around James’s house or something. Weird.

Or magic, he figured. He stood up, brushing himself off, and looked around. It didn’t seem like James was around, or Ron. This was the time they were supposed to meet, or maybe a little later. Maybe they’d gone inside because he was late. So he headed over to the house. Maybe he should come back. Maybe they were eating. Or having sex, but they didn’t really seem to Isaac like ‘sex during the day’ sort of people. They probably only did it at night, once or twice a week.

Isaac could probably cure of them of that, given time.

A meow surprised him, and Isaac looked down to see a lanky grey cat, looking up at him angrily. Cats always seemed angry. It was one of the many reasons dogs were better. He crouched and patted its ears, got hissed at for his trouble. “What do you want?” he asked.

Despite being mad at him, the cat went over to the front door of the house, and Isaac followed. Clearly it wanted in, so hopefully it was actually James and Ron’s cat and not just some random-ass cat that had wandered into their yard. He knocked on the door, and nobody answered. So he knocked again. “Hello?”

There was still no answer, and the cat meowed annoyedly. Listening, Isaac could hear sounds, so they were in there. Maybe they just couldn’t hear him. Actually the sounds sounded kind of sexual. Maybe they actually were having sex.

Well, only one way to find out. Isaac pushed open the door, and the cat darted in. James’s house was small, circular, cluttered, every surface covered in stuff that, if Isaac were to look closer, he had a feeling would be perfectly organized. It was mostly books and jars and cooking stuff. There was a round table with chairs, a broom leaning against it. James and Ron were standing in front of it. Ron, naked, had his hands on his ankles, flowers in his hair, and James was fucking him from behind wearing just a shirt.

Huh. Okay then. “Go away, cat,” James said, when the cat wended through his legs.

“Wasn’t he outside?”

Now seemed like a good time to interrupt. “Uh…”

Ron looked up, obviously surprised. James didn’t seem as surprised. “Hi,” Isaac said. “I guess I know why you didn’t hear me knock.”

Ron nodded, red in the face. “Hi,” he squeaked.

“What do you want?” James asked, touching Ron’s back in what Isaac knew to recognize as a comfort gesture. “I’m busy.”

“Yeah,” Isaac said. “Uh. We had a lesson and you didn’t come, so…I can come back.” He smiled at them. “Or join you?” It was a long shot, but so had walking in on them fucking in their kitchen.

James snorted. “No, thank you. You can watch, if you want. We’re almost done.”

Oooh, that was nice. Isaac smiled, shut the door behind him. “Okay.” It wasn’t like it was an invitation he was going to turn down. Plus, Garrett watching him earlier had turned into him and Garrett having sex some time later, so this might be the same.

“Okay,” James said, still comforting Ron with touches to his back. “Anything you need to say, Ron?”

Ron hesitated for a long moment, and Isaac figured he was deciding. James had sort of decided for the both of them, but he was giving Ron the chance to say no. Which was good, because if he hadn’t, Isaac would have had questions about his morality. “T-take your boots off,” was all Ron said. “You’ll track mud in the house.”

“Oh, sure.” Isaac crouched to do that, not taking his eyes off them.

They muttered a few quiet words to each other in what sounded like song before James started moving again, hand around Ron’s dick. Isaac tried to be as inobtrusive as possible, just taking a chair while he watched, wondering about that position. Ron must be having a time not falling over with it.

They must have been at it for a while already, because after a disappointingly short time, James was pushing hard into Ron, making him rock, obviously cumming. Then he pulled out, turned to Isaac, stripping out of his shirt. “Okay. Let’s go do your lesson.” Just before Isaac could even think that the lesson could be more interesting, he added, “You can take your clothes off if you want, but we’re not having sex, so get that idea out of your head.”

“Uh, o-okay,” Isaac said, standing, very aware of how hard he was, his dick having forgotten all the sex it had just gotten with Thomas, Vinnie and Hemi. Then he realized something was wrong. “Wait, what about Ron?”

“What about him?” James asked, confused. He turned to Ron, who was still grabbing his ankles as if stuck. “Oh, right. Finish sweeping then make us a snack and bring it out.”

Well that seemed…mean. But Ron just stood up, rubbing his back. “Okay.”

“But…” Isaac insisted, gesturing at Ron’s boner. “He didn’t…well, cum.” What was the point of sex if only one person enjoyed it?

James nodded. “I know. He likes it better that way.”

“What?” Who the fuck liked sex better without orgasms? Isaac didn’t judge as long as people were having fun, but he wondered if James was telling the truth.

“It’s complicated. But don’t worry, I’m happy this way,” Ron said with a smile. “I’ll bring you something to eat in a minute, okay?”

Well, he seemed happy enough. “Okay?” James was leaving, so, still tenting his pants, Isaac followed him outside.

James took him to a grassy spot not far from the portal, sitting down. “So, I can take my clothes off?” Isaac asked. “That’s okay?”

“Yes, if it will help you pay attention. If you’re going to masturbate, do it on your own time.” James smiled.

“Fair enough, I guess,” Isaac said, trying to take breaths and calm down. He did take off his clothes, grateful for the warm weather. “Some nice summer you have here.”

“Thank you. It’s not quite as warm as the plants want, but it’s getting there. You’re going to have to practice all your exercises again since it’s been so long,” James told him, watching Isaac in a way that suggested he was entirely disinterested in what he looked like naked. Or at least it did to a casual observer. When it came to nudity, Isaac was never casual. James was checking him out, however subtly.

He tried not to read too much into it, though Isaac did smile. “Okay. How’d you make it summer?”

“I asked the earth to let it not be cold here during the winter.” James smirked. “It makes the plants sad and I don’t like not being allowed to have sex with Ron out here.”

Apparently they were much more sex-having than Isaac had made them for. “So you ask the earth something and it just does it for you?”

“It’s a little more complicated than that, but yes. I’d like you to go ahead and reach for the power now.”

“Right, right,” Isaac said, nodding. He touched the grass, feeling the earth under him, prickling his legs and butt. The power felt closer than usual. Isaac was pretty sure being naked was helping. It wasn’t long before he had it in his hands, metaphorically speaking.

“Okay,” James said. “You’ve got that, clearly. Good work. Now I guess we may as well just start you on some spellwork so you can actually learn something.”

“Sounds good. I’m interested to see how spells will work like this,” Isaac said. “The power is so big and hard to move, it’s not like the Pillars at all.”

“The trick with witchcraft is that you can’t try to control the power,” James said, and Isaac felt him touch it too. “You have to work with it. Now pay attention, I’m going to show you how to make a basic shield ward.”

That sounded useful. “Okay, but how do I…” Ron was approaching them, still naked, still hard, a plate of sandwiches in his hand.

“The trick is not to get distracted, first of all.” James’s tone was firm. Oops, he’d noticed Isaac looking. “Thank you, Ron. Go wash off in the river,” he ordered. It was definitely an order.


“But what?” James challenged, as if amused that Ron had talked back. Was Ron really his servant? He seemed to be treating him like that. Isaac felt his stomach tighten.

“Sorry,” Ron said quietly. “I’ll be back.”

James just nodded. “Now, pay attention. Any warding spell starts in your feet,” he said, not paying attention as Ron left.

“My…feet?” Isaac asked, totally distracted now. He didn’t think he could take lessons from James if that was how he was going to treat Ron. Should he say something? He probably should. But what? He had to think a bit. Ron had gone over to the river, which was frozen in places, to bathe.

“Yes, they’re the part of you that’s most frequently in touch with the earth.”

“I…well, I guess. But…is Ron going to be okay? I don’t think he really wants to go in the river like that, it seems cold.”

James sighed. “He’s fine. He wouldn’t have gone if he didn’t want to.”

There was a pause. “Well…you kind of ordered him to.”

“Yes, he likes it when I give him orders. In fact, he gets upset if I don’t for too long. Now are you going to learn something or are you going to interrogate me about my sex life?”

“I can’t do both?”

“No,” James told him flatly. “Ron is happy, you can ask him when he gets back. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone but him.”

“I guess not, but…

“You’re the one who wants to have a threesome with us, aren’t you?” James asked. “If that does ever happen, you’ll need to be comfortable with Ron doing as he’s told. I might even let him do as you tell him for a while if you’re nice to me.”

“Well…um.” Isaac was confused, a little. But if Ron was really happy like that… he remembered Gus and Ignatius during the party in the shower room, with Gus saying that Ignatius had also liked being pushed around a bit. Maybe it was like that, and they’d been happy together. “Okay, so…my feet.”

“Yes. Witchcraft moves through your body from the earth. It’ll start in your feet and move up. You want it in your throat, roughly, for most magic to work.” James sighed. “Most witchcraft is potions and herb lore, but your archmage insisted that I teach you the pointless stuff.”

“You think magic is pointless?” James just got weirder and weirder.

“Of course it is. Now, you need to be aware of that power, and draw it upwards, to your throat. Do you feel it in your feet?”

“I think so?” They were tingling, a little.

“Good. Remember not to force it, but to work with it, to let it come up naturally.”

“Like other parts of me.”

James rolled his eyes. “I know a wilting spell if you want.”

“No!” Isaac said, hand covering himself briefly. “That’s okay. Thanks. I like my boner where it is.”

“Then pay attention. Start in your feet, feel the power move, try and talk it into going higher.”

Isaac nodded, feeling the magic of the earth. Nothing happened. “Hey, earth? Could you just…go up, a little higher?” he eventually asked. “Just to my ankles for now and then we’ll assess, okay?”

James snorted. “Try humming a little, that should help.” So clearly Isaac wasn’t actually that far off. Ron came back, and James put a hand on his leg. Isaac watched magic move up through him, to his hand. Ron dried off. That hadn’t looked hard.

“Thanks,” Ron said, smiling. He wasn’t hard anymore. He did still have petals in his hair, though.

“Shh,” James told him curtly.

“Sorry.” Ron sounded so meek. Isaac just didn’t like it.

James’s eyes hadn’t left Isaac. “Oh, for…will you please explain to Isaac that I’m not torturing you?”

Ron blinked, and Isaac blushed. Now he felt bad. “He’s not,” Ron said. “James and I have an agreement. Which we both agreed to. Have you heard me say no?” He sounded annoyed now.

“Well…no.” In retrospect, Ron could clearly have just told James to fuck off if he’d wanted to.

“Exactly. Trust me, I’m perfectly capable,” now Ron sounded a lot like James. Not meek anymore, but irritable, if not in a mean way. “Now pay attention to your lesson before James makes you put your pants back on.”

Okay. So Isaac had been being a bit dumb. His heart had been in the right place. “No reason for anyone to say mean things,” he muttered, trying to compose himself. He felt better, knowing nothing was wrong. “Okay, humming and doing something with my feet.”

“Now you’re getting the hang of it,” James said, though Isaac hadn’t done anything yet. He put his hand on Ron’s knee as Ron knelt beside him, both gestures speaking love to Isaac as clear as day. How hadn’t he seen that earlier? “Makes way more sense than whatever crap they’re teaching you at the academy, I’m sure of that.”

Isaac was not at all sure of that, but within about an hour he had a functional shield ward up. He attributed it to being naked with two guys who loved each other. It had been a pretty productive day.

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2 thoughts on “Chosen One, 67

  1. I feel like it would be pretty out of character for Ron to accept a threesome. Especially the idea of someone besides James being in control, even just partially, seems to go against the theme of the Witch couple’s relationship.


    1. I do think it would take a lot realistically to get Ron to agree to having another person in the bedroom even if just as a special guest. The one thing I could see is that because humiliating Ron is part of their dynamic, Ron being humiliated while another person was there might heighten that sensation for him and for James. But all in all, I do think they’re the likely couple to want to have a threesome with anyone, despite what Isaac might hope. 😉

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