Villain, 49

Sex Is a Great Way to Understand People Like You Never Have before

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“This little demonstration had better be good,” Sam said, reaching into his pants to adjust his erection. “If Derek’s wasting my time and it’s just going to be Todd barking at me for an hour it won’t be Todd who spends the night with his ass full. Or at least not only Todd.”

“I think we can count on Derek not to waste our time that impressively,” Henry said, chuckling. “He wouldn’t have offered to do a demonstration if he didn’t have something to show off. He wants us to recognize his hard work, after all.”

Sam snorted. “If he’s managed to make Todd less of a useless ball of sweat I’ll give him whatever he asks for, I think that’s the traditional gift for doing a great service to a king.”

“Didn’t know you were that invested in Todd being less useless.”

“I’m not. And I’m probably going to rape Derek tonight anyway. I don’t want him getting too full of himself. He needs to remember his place.”

“I don’t think that’s really a problem, but do whatever you want.”

“As if I don’t always.”

Henry just chuckled again, kissed Sam on the cheek. Fortunately before Sam could accuse him of mocking, a knock sounded on the door. “Come in,” Sam called, since it was going to be Derek. “You’re late,” he said once the door was open.

“It won’t happen again, your Majesty,” said Derek, who was not late, and Sam knew he knew that. The door shut behind him and Derek’s footsteps, along with some shuffling, moved to the centre of the room. “Sit.”

There came the sound of leather stretching for a second and then Derek stood up. “There we go. I just tied him to the table leg here so that he won’t wander around chewing the furniture or something.”

Sam snorted. “And here I thought you’d brought him to here to report that he’s well behaved now.”

“He’s most of the way there. Every once in a while he still likes to act out. He bit me the other day,” Derek said, a chuckle in his voice. “But don’t worry, your Majesty. I’ve made sure he understands that misbehaving tonight will be a very, very bad idea. Haven’t I, Todd?”

The only reply was a soft whimper.

“I took all the straw out of his kennel,” Derek told them. “And put it in the guardhouse with his food and water bowls. That’s where he’s going to stay for the next week if he’s not good tonight. You can touch him if you’d like to inspect him.”

Sam smirked, sliding down from his chair and moving closer, putting his hand on Todd’s face. “You make him sleep in a kennel?” He slid his hand down, found a heavy collar on Todd’s neck, connected to what was clearly a leash. He gave it a tug and moved downwards.

“Not every night, your Majesty,” Derek explained. “I did it for about two weeks so he understood the stakes. But now that he understands that, he’s allowed to sleep in my bed as long as he’s good. That’s his harness,” he added, when Sam found a series of stiff straps around Todd’s shoulders and bare chest. “So he doesn’t jump up on people.”

“Hm,” Sam grunted. “And so at night do you fuck him before putting him in his kennel?”

“Most nights,” Derek agreed. “And if he gets to sleep in my bed, of course. The only time I don’t is if he’s been really bad, so he learns to realize me fucking him is a reward, not a punishment. So on the days when he’s been bad I don’t, but don’t worry, your Majesty, I usually tie him to the outside of the kennel those nights.”

“So anyone can get to him all night,” Henry said from his chair.

“Exactly,” Derek said, voice closer now. He must have crouched. “Todd, how do you feel about the kennel?”

“I…I like it, sir,” Todd said quietly.


“Because it’s safe in there.”

Sam snorted. “How many times a day does he get fucked?”

“Usually about ten, I think,” Derek said. “Not counting by me.”

“Make it fifteen,” Sam ordered, hand brushing metal between Todd’s legs. “What’s this?”

“One of Todd’s biggest problems is his impulse control,” Derek explained, while Todd whimpered again. “So I took away the thing he couldn’t control his impulses over. Now he’s only allowed to be hard when he’s made me happy, and he’s much better behaved for it.”

Sam cupped the metal cage in his hand, gave it a tug. Todd didn’t react, but the cage didn’t move. Interesting. He should have stuck one of these on Henry when they’d met.

Oh well, too late now. “Has he ever made you happy enough to take it off?” Sam wondered.

“A few times.” Derek sounded fond. “He’s getting better. We’ve been working on what I figure are his main trouble areas.”

“Which are?” Sam asked. “Stupidity, I assume?”

Derek giggled. “His two biggest behavioural problems are that he doesn’t do as he’s told and he can’t stop himself from complaining about everything.”

“You don’t think trying to rape people is a bigger problem?” Henry asked.

“No, because that ultimately stems from his feelings of dissatisfaction because he can’t accept who he is. He thinks he wants to be like the king, but that wouldn’t make him happy. Learning to be happy in his place will cure him of that, and teaching him to obey orders and not complain will help him do that,” Derek explained, all very rationally and very much like he was honestly talking about a dog.

Sam was entertained. He’d hoped for more blood and broken bones, but Derek’s plan here was so completely dehumanizing that it would destroy a person far more effectively than cutting parts off of them. “I’m impressed,” he admitted. “But is it actually working?”

“Yes,” Derek said, standing and stepping away from Todd. “I’ve been teaching him that saying no or complaining about anything will result in a serious punishment, and he’s started being a lot more compliant to avoid that. He’s still got a long way to go, but he’s much better behaved already. He can show you. Tell him to do anything you want. He’ll do it, no matter what.”

“Hm,” Sam said, hand coming up to Todd’s face. He smiled. “I want you to beat the pulp out of Derek.”

Without hesitation Todd moved, lunging upwards at Derek, a choked sound in his throat, and then another one, and he thudded to the ground, whimpering.

Derek giggled. “Oops, I forgot to undo his leash. Sorry about that.”

Mirth rose in Sam, and he ended up laughing on the floor, humour bubbling from his stomach and out into the room as he fell back, sitting there for a good minute while he recovered. “Tell me,” Sam giggled, still trying to keep under control. He’d made the room rattle with that. “Tell me, how are you going to punish him for attacking you?”

“I wouldn’t punish him for following your orders, your Majesty,” Derek said, sounding pleased. “I’m happy he did, it means the training is working.”

Still chuckling, Sam stood up. “Henry tried to convince me you were doing this to protect Todd, you know. He thinks you’re a nice person.”

“I like to think that teaching someone to behave so they don’t get hurt in the future is a type of kindness,” Derek said softly.

“I think treating a person like a dog is a kind of sadism,” Sam said. “But whatever helps you sleep. Todd, I want a cup of tea, go pour it.” There was a pot and some cups on the table, and at a gesture from Sam, the handles fell off the pot and cups, and the pot started to boil.

Todd went without a word, crawling to the table. Sam heard him pull over a chair to get up and giggled again.

“I liked that teapot,” Henry said, tone neutral.

“Well, you’d better punish Todd for breaking it, then,” Sam said. “Go get me a knife.”

Henry just sighed, muttering something quiet as he left Sam’s side. Sam sat back down, listening to Todd make quiet whimpers as he poured the tea, then crawl back—which must have been hard—with the cup in his hand, arm brushing Sam’s leg as he held up the cup.

Sam put out his hand and Todd put the cup into it. And let it go, tossing it at Todd’s face. “Ow,” Sam said. “Hot.” Todd made what sounded like a cry, but bit it back. “Something you wanted to say, Todd?”

“I’m, I’m sorry,” Todd panted. “D-do you w-w-want another one, your M-Majesty?”

“No,” Sam said, waiting for Todd’s quiet sigh of relief. “You can just pour the rest of the pot over your head.”

“Yes, y-your Majesty,” Todd said, voice cracking. He went back to the table.

“You weren’t kidding,” he said to Derek. Henry’s footsteps approached him, and a knife was put in his hand.

“I told you, your Majesty,” Derek said, sounding smug.

“You’ve made your point,” Henry grumbled, hand brushing Sam’s shoulder.

“Only because it took you so fucking long to bring the knife over,” Sam told him, hearing a splash, then a clatter as the teapot fell. Todd let out a strangled cry, cut off as soon as it started. “You’d better not have dropped that teapot. It’s a family heirloom.”

“I’m…s-sorry your Majesty, I’m sorry,” Todd whimpered. He sounded so pathetic.

“I could do this all night, this is hilarious,” Sam muttered. “Just come over here.”

Todd did, and Sam leaned forward, bringing the point of the knife close to his face. “Which eye would you like to cut out?” he asked, politely.

“M-m-m-m…” Todd didn’t seem able to make words.

A smack sounded. “The king asked you a question, Todd.”

“My left eye!” Todd cried, voice shrinking at the end.

“There, that wasn’t so hard,” Sam said, putting the knife down in front of Todd. “Do it, then.”


“Yes, you,” Sam told him. “Go on.”

There was a very long moment in which the only sound was Todd’s breathing, the gentle clatter of the knife. That breathing got shallower, interspersed with soft cries, tears doubtless falling. Sam just waited quietly.

Todd let out a sob, and the knife hit the ground with a thud. “I can’t,” he whispered. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.”

Derek sighed audibly. Sam smirked. “Henry, why don’t you use Todd for his intended purpose while I have a word with Derek?”

“Fine,” Henry said, clothes rustling. “Come here, Todd,” he said, and Sam listened until he heard flesh hit flesh. Todd barely made a sound, but he was still crying.

Sam undid his pants, freeing his erection, which hadn’t softened all night. “You were wrong, Derek,” he said, standing.

“Yes, your Majesty,” Derek said. “I thought he was better trained than that. It won’t happen again.”

“I should think not. Turn around.”

“Yes, your Majesty.” When Sam reached out a second later, he found Derek’s back, slid down, found Derek’s pants, pulled them down.

Sam spread Derek’s cheeks with one hand and guided his cock to Derek’s hole with the other, pressing against the entrance. “Actually,” Sam said, stepping back. “There’s barely any point in fucking you, you never react to anything. You can do the fucking work for once.” And he backed up, sat back down in the chair.

“Okay,” Derek said, straddling Sam, hand on Sam’s cock, lining it up. And then he slid down onto Sam. He grunted as Sam entered him, but it was swallowed by Henry grunting over there inside Todd. “Fucking work,” he said quietly, moving back and forth. “I like that. It was funny.”

Sam thought for a second, realized what Derek was saying. “It wasn’t a joke.”

Derek giggled. “It was, though.” He got all the way down, puts his hands on the arms of the chair and started moving hard.

“One would think…you’d be a little more…contrite,” Sam panted. “You fucked up.”

“You never really thought Todd would put his own eye out,” Derek accused. “You wanted him to say no so you’d have an excuse to punish us both.”

Sam reached up, put his hand on Derek’s throat, squeezed. “Your insolence…is not as cute as you think it is.”

Derek went tense after a few seconds, starting to choke, trying to breathe and failing. His hand tightened on the arm of the chair, but never came up to grip Sam’s.

Only when Derek slowed in moving his hips did Sam let him go, leaning back while Derek coughed. “Thank you,” he rasped.


Derek bucked his hips, leaned in closer to Sam. “Knowing that you hurt me as part of his punishment is going to upset him more than anything you do to him.”

“Really?” Sam moved his hips hard. “He hates you.”

“Trust me, I know him really well.”

Sam snorted. “Trust you? Fine.” He raised his hands, put them around Derek’s neck. “Let’s hurt you, then,”

This time Derek’s hands did come up, clutching Sam’s wrists while Sam choked him, thumbs against the veins in his neck. Derek choked quietly, a few sounds escaping as he tried to breathe, and Sam kept going until he started to go slack, only letting go and letting him breathe then, and then just enough to take in a breath before he clamped his hands down again.

Sam fucked Derek harder and harder, the chair creaking as he moved. Every time he had to let go of Derek to let him breathe, he gave a hard thrust up, and every time he clamped his hands down again Derek bucked his hips like mad, and Sam wondered if this was the time he’d decide not to let Derek breathe again.

When Sam felt himself getting close, he closed his hands hard, coming close to crushing Derek’s windpipe. He could do it. Derek would let him. He didn’t let go when Derek started to go slack, didn’t let go when his hands dropped off Sam’s. He didn’t let go until he came, groaning as he shot into Derek.

Only when Sam was finished his orgasm did he let go, and Derek fell forward, chest not rising for a moment until he gasped against Sam, pulling air into his lungs at the last second. He breathed for a second, hand on his throat, before saying, “I can’t believe I missed the end.”

“I’m sure we’ll do it again,” Sam smirked, pushing Derek off. “I like you. You remind me of me.”

“Th-thank you, your Majesty,” Derek said, stepping back as Sam stood.

“Wasn’t a compliment,” Sam said, stepping out of his pants totally. “I’m a bad person.” He took his shirt off too and tossed it at Derek, crossing the few steps to where Henry was fucking Todd. Sam reached out for the source of Todd’s sounds, found his face, at a height suggesting that Henry was fucking him standing. Which meant, given that Todd’s harness was supposed to stop him standing, that Henry must be holding him aloft. Sam smirked. “Clean me off,” he said, stepping forward.

Todd opened his mouth with a small moan, and Sam rammed his cock in, feeling a shock as Todd’s tongue immediately starting cleaning his sensitive head. “Let’s do what we did with Isaac,” he said to Henry, while Todd worked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Henry said, and Todd was lifted right off Sam’s cock. “Here.”

Sam snorted, took a step forward, finding where he was going. He reached down, past the cage, found Henry’s cock sliding in and out, squeezed Henry’s balls for fun. Then Sam stepped forward, pressing his own cock against Henry’s, and pressed upwards, using Henry’s thrusting to move himself along. It took several thrusts, but then with a shout he managed to press inside Todd as well, ripping a scream from him that just encouraged Sam to go harder.

Henry had already cum, that much was obvious from how slick Todd was inside. Sam found the position a bit hard to do much with, but he made do, pushing forward and letting Henry push him back, hands on Todd’s hips. When Henry up there with him, Todd was as tight as the first time Sam had raped him, back when Henry was still in the dungeon and Todd had wanted to be Sam’s friend.

They were pretty good friends now, Sam thought.

They fucked Todd together for a good while, enough for his cries of pain to mostly fade away, which was too bad. But Sam didn’t have it in him to hurt Todd, trying as he was to keep up with Henry’s pace. Henry came, pushing Todd forward with a loud grunt, and Sam nearly fell backwards trying to compensate. But soon after he was cumming too, pulling Todd down onto his cock as he used Todd the way he was meant to be used.

Sam pulled out when he was done, and heard Todd hit the floor just as Henry’s arms were on his shoulders, and they kissed, passionate, hard. Henry was sweaty, hard, smelly, and Sam wanted to just… “D-Derek too,” he gasped, between kisses. “I want to do it to Derek too.”

Henry moved against Sam’s mouth, kissing him one more time before stepping away. “Come here,” He said. Then Derek was in between them and Henry pulled them both to the ground. “On top of Sam,” he said, putting Sam on his back. Derek straddled him again, backwards this time, and Sam slid into him without problem.

Then Derek was flat against Sam’s chest, and Henry’s cock was there against Sam’s again. “I want it,” Derek whinged. “I want it, put it in.”

“We don’t care what you want,” Henry said, and he pushed inside. Derek cried out, squirmed against Sam, but Sam barely noticed because Henry started kissing him again.

They fucked Derek together, rough and fast and Derek didn’t matter at all in the equation, he could have been any hole in the world for all Sam cared. What mattered was that he and Henry were there together, doing this together, and that was what he couldn’t get enough of, of Henry and of that closeness, that unity, that purpose as they fucked Derek as hard as they could only so they could rut against each other like it was their first time.

It had to have been an hour they were on the floor like that, but it couldn’t have been five minutes. It might have been a day. Sam didn’t care. Derek clenched around him at one point, whimpering, and Sam got a jolt from that. He was so close, and getting closer, and he started to go faster.

Henry started to move faster too, kissing Sam, but then he stopped kissing and Sam didn’t like that. “I want you,” he panted.

“Yeah,” Sam agreed. And just as soon as he said that Henry pulled out of Derek, and Derek’s weight was gone as Henry pushed him aside, and then there was a wonderful, lovely pain as Henry slammed himself inside Sam, kissing Sam as they moaned together. Sam bit Henry’s lower lip, drawing blood, tasting him perfectly, holding him close while Henry went and went and just after a short minute he was there and Sam came like he never had before, screaming as Henry thrust into him, rocking all the furniture in the room, cracking it, not caring at all.

And then it was over. Henry was on top of him, panting, and Sam clung to him, sore all over. The rug had burned his back. He’d hate that tomorrow. He’d love that memory tomorrow.

Henry gave one more lazy thrust before he pulled out, rolled beside Sam, pulled Sam close to him. “That was good,” he whispered.

“Yeah,” Sam agreed. “Yeah.”

He heard rustling, shifting, moving. Derek and Todd. It sounded like they were getting up. “What are you doing?”

“You look like you want to be left alone, sir,” Derek said. “I was going to…”

“Don’t presume,” Sam said, waving a hand and sealing the door. Henry kissed his temple. “Night’s not over yet.” He was having probably the best night of his life. Sam couldn’t think of any reason to cut that short.

“If you’re lucky,” Henry added, “we’ll think about letting you go in the morning.”

Sam laughed, kissed Henry’s cheek. He’d never felt this close to Henry. He’d never felt so much like they wanted and needed the same thing as he did right now. “You read my mind.”

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