Noble, 2

Nobody Knows Each Other’s Minds Like Brothers Who Have Only Each Other

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My prince,

By now you’ve doubtless heard what’s happened in Hawk’s Roost, so I won’t waste your time by repeating it to you. I’m sure you also know the rumours that your uncle is in league with Ech’kent’s Sorcerer King. Be extremely wary of any invitations he extends you, my prince. As much as it pains me to suggest it, I don’t believe that the king regent has your family’s best interests at heart. I hope to be proven wrong in the near future. I intend to remain here and keep an eye on him for you. If you have any instructions to pass on, please do. I and my house remain your loyal servants.

Geoffrey of House DiSheere
Lord of the Eastern Reaches

Geoffrey sighed, setting down his pen and shaking out his hand. He was sore all over from sitting here writing all day, and was not looking forward to doing it again for the rest of his life. Being a lord was a lot less exciting than stories and ballads made it seem.

Blowing gently on the page to dry the ink, Geoffrey continued to stretch the cramp out of his hand. He was going to have to stop for a while, but that was fine. He’d written most of his letters for the day and the rest really could wait until tomorrow. Maybe he’d go see what Giacomo was doing.

Make sure he hadn’t killed anyone since breakfast.

As he thought that, though, an idea came to Geoffrey and he smiled. On his desk was a small bell and he picked it up and rang it. The heavy wood doors opened, and a servant entered. “My lord? What do you need?”

“My brother,” Geoffrey said. “Would you send someone to tell him I’m summoning him? Use those words specifically.”

The servant nodded. “Yes, my lord,” he said, retreating and leaving Geoffrey alone in the room. It was his father’s old office and Geoffrey hadn’t gotten around to having it redone, so it was still full of all the huge, dark furniture that Gerhard DiSheere had liked, all his heavy books, the thick carpet, the heavy drapes on the windows. Everything Geoffrey’s father had liked had been big, imposing, heavy and dark. Just sitting at the stupid desk made him feel small.

Geoffrey rolled up the letter for Franz, sealed it with wax and pressed his house sigil into the wax. Then he held it up, ringing the bell again.

“My lord?”

“Send this to Three Hills,” Geoffrey said, holding up the roll of paper. “To Prince Franz. I don’t want anyone to know I’m sending it.”

“Yes, my lord.” The servant was a slender man, and he took the letter in slender fingers, bowing. He was named Herman, and had been a servant in their house for about ten years.

“Thank you. There’s only one more after this and then I shall stop sending you back and forth.”

“Thank you, my lord. I’m happy to help.”

Of course he was, it was his job to be happy to help. “Your help is appreciated.”

Herman bowed and retreated, and Geoffrey waited until he was gone before slumping in the giant chair, sighing again. He was tired. One more letter, but it was already written. Geoffrey read it over again, considering whether it needed to be rewritten for the tenth time.

Swords weren’t what started wars, he mused. It was words. The wrong word could kill more people than any army.

It was a few more minutes before Giacomo came into the study without knocking, looking distinctly annoyed. “You summoned me?” he asked, this tone belaying his expression. He sounded like he was about to get in trouble just for fun.

“Yes, I did,” Geoffrey told him, waving Giacomo over. “I’m the lord of the house. I can summon whomever I want. Including you.”

Smirking, Giacomo shut the door, sauntered over to the desk. “Am I in trouble, my lord?”

“Always,” Geoffrey told him. “I’ve been writing letters all day and my hand is cramped.”

“Aw, want me to kiss it better?”

“I was thinking some exercise might help, actually,” Geoffrey said, pulling Giacomo around the desk and then into his lap, squeezing his thigh. “I realize that you’ve managed to wriggle out of that spanking I promised you.”

“Aww,” Giacomo said, wriggling again as he got comfortable in Geoffrey’s lap. “I was hoping you’d forget. Who are you writing letters to?”

“Franz,” Geoffrey told him. “Our various cousins in the east. Sophia Fyrhawk, House DiCosst.” He paused. “Henry.”

“Hm,” Giacomo said, nodding. He kissed Geoffrey’s cheek. “What are you writing to Henry?”

Geoffrey grabbed the letter off the desk, handed it to Giacomo, who refused. “Read it to me. I like it when you read to me.”

“I think you mean your Chez’n sucks,” Geoffrey teased. Chez’n was the native language of Ech’kent, and the only language Henry had written to them in, probably because he knew most people in the capital spoke Kyaine’s dominant Kyn only.

Giacomo giggled. “I like it when you read to me, big brother.”

“Oh, someone said the magic words,” Geoffrey said, wrapping his other arm around Giacomo’s middle and nuzzling his neck for a second. He smelled like dust. “Have you been outside?”

Giacomo nodded. “I was out this morning with Terry and Pietro and Raoul,” he said. “Alfie was with us.”

Terence Grournight was a cousin on their mother’s side, the son of Geoffrey’s aunt Tanya, whose lands were adjacent to theirs. “Pietro Poilnan and Raoul DiSenne?” Northern and southern nobility respectively. Hans wasn’t letting any of the nobility leave Hawk’s Roost just yet.

“Yeah,” Giacomo nodded. “We’re friends. We’ve been hanging out since the banquet. I like them a lot.”

“Good. You need friends your age,” Geoffrey said, and he did mean that. Giacomo had his companion Alfie but that was about it. The fact that those three were politically useful was nice too.

“I know. Turns out that nobody looks twice at you when you’re in a pack of boys, they just assume you’re dicking around. Anyway, seems like Marion DiCosst and Janus DiCrawe are in talks to get married in a few years. Hector Fellendart’s got cancer and House Ochkar is moving to take House Fyrhawk’s place financially in the south.”

“Interesting,” Geoffrey said, stroking Giacomo’s belly. He’d never liked Hector Fellendart or his family. “All that, just from dicking around.” He wasn’t surprised. Giacomo’s play was more efficient than most people’s lifetimes.

“Yep. I also sucked Raoul’s dick again, just for fun. Oh, and rumour is that Darius DiFueure is going to stay here when his daddy goes home.”

“Really?” Geoffrey stopped stroking. Lord Darcy was the only of the three DiFueure siblings to have had a living child who was able to inherit their lands. Hans’s son had died in infancy, and Dante’s children had all been named DiGorre. “Hans is kidnapping his own nephew?”

“Sounds like. I mean, until he can put a baby in someone, he’s got no heir, right?” Giacomo smiled. “Or maybe he just wants to fuck him. He’s cute.”

Geoffrey had never gotten a kid-fucking vibe from Hans, though anything was possible. “He’s a bit young,” Geoffrey muttered, though he’d never met Darius DiFueure.

“I don’t think so. I’d fuck him. I was thinking of trying to add him to our little club. Him and Uri Elderbyne.”

Geoffrey snorted. “You having killed Uri’s dad might make that a bit tricky.”

“I like a challenge. Mark by words, he’ll be asking to suck my dick in a month.”

“Just don’t hurt him, please. He’s a little boy.”

“Oh, calm down,” Giacomo said, elbowing Geoffrey in the gut. “I’m not going to rape him. And he’s older than I was when I got acquainted with this guy,” he added, reaching and squeezing between Geoffrey’s legs. “Now read me your letter.”

“Right,” Geoffrey said with a sigh. Giacomo wasn’t wrong. But he had a tendency to be pushy without realizing it. They’d talk more about it later. “Dear Henry…”

“Lord Arkhewer.”

“You think I should use his title?”

“I think if you use his given name it’s going to seem like you guys are really friendly if anyone sees the letter but him,” Giacomo said. “Considering he’s working with the Sorcerer King you want to avoid that. Use his title.”

“Using his title is going to seem like I’m making fun of him,” Geoffrey pointed out, thinking more about Henry’s reaction when he read the letter.

“Do you think he’s that stupid?”

A pause. “Fair enough. I’ll change it. To the Lord of House Arkhewer, I hope this letter finds you well.”

“I hate that platitude. It sounds like a platitude.”

“That’s because it is. I’m keeping it in. I hope this letter finds you well. You are doubtless aware by now that Lord Hans DiFueure has removed the usurper Stephan Fyrhawk from the throne of Kyaine and rules it as king regent.”

“Why is he doubtless aware?” Giacomo asked.

“Because him and his buddy Samson are responsible for it.”

“You want to accuse them of that?”

“A little bit.”

“Then you should word it more strongly.”

Geoffrey nodded. “What if I’m wrong?”

“Are you?”


“Then word it more strongly.”

“Okay.” Geoffrey looked at what he’d written, translating it mentally. Why did they have to speak Chez’n out there? It was such a stupid language, overly complicated and with a lot of fiddly grammar. “You have doubtless heard from Lord Hans…going to leave his house name off since they’re friends. You have doubtless heard from Lord Hans that he has succeeded in removing the usurper Stephan Fyrhawk from the throne of Kyaine.”

Giacomo was nodding. “That we have succeeded. Make him understand that we helped.”

“Right. That we have succeeded in removing, blah blah, I’m going to have to re-conjugate the verb and change half the sentence now, thanks.”

Giacomo stuck out his tongue.

Geoffrey sighed. “From the throne of Kyaine. We look forward to better relations between Kyaine and Ech’kent resultant therefrom, and if you have anything you’d like brought to the king regent in person, I am happy to do so on your behalf.”

Giacomo was silent for a second. “That’s it,” Geoffrey said. “Signed your cousin Geoffrey of House DiSheere, and so on.”

“I hate the word therefrom,” Giacomo said, chewing the inside of his mouth. “It sounds stupid.”

“It’s a bad translation of a Chez’n word. Hjannt. It’s necessary.” Geoffrey poked Giacomo’s stomach. “Which you’d know if you’d get better at Chez’n.”

Giacomo made a face. “Fine. The last sentence sounds a little bit too much like you want to be Henry’s messenger boy.”

“That’s what I was worried about,” Geoffrey agreed. He didn’t know how to get the point across without sounding like that, though.

“Make it…make it so we don’t totally trust Hans to be on Henry’s side either and that if you notice anything you’ll tell him,” Giacomo suggested. “Uh. I hope you’ll feel at ease knowing you have family in Hans’s court to represent your interests.”

“And those of Ech’kent.”

“And those of your stupid pompous territory,” Giacomo agreed. “I believe both sides of our family will benefit from this alliance. Yours, whatever whatever.”

Geoffrey smiled. “That’s good. That’s a lot better. Now I have to rewrite the stupid letter. And that first sentence is going to be subjunctive, so thanks for that.”

“I have faith in you, big brother.”

Geoffrey snickered, held Giacomo closer. “You sucked Raoul’s dick, huh?”

“A few times,” Giacomo teased. “That’s what friends do for one another, you know.”

It sure was. “It’s also what brothers do for one another. Did it taste better than mine?”

“Can’t remember. Probably.”

“Then I think you need another taste. Maybe now while I rewrite this?”

Giacomo grinned, slid off Geoffrey’s lap, deftly unlacing his pants. “Pervert.”

“Says the one who wants to fuck half of Kyaine’s nobility.”

“Not really. That’s just for fun. You’re the only one I really want.” Giacomo pulled Geoffrey’s hardness out of his pants, and Geoffrey sighed in relief at being released. “Write, brother. If you cum before you finish, I get a stay of execution on the spanking.”

Geoffrey smirked. “You’re on. If I don’t, your ass is mine as soon as I’m done.”

“Deal.” And Giacomo took Geoffrey into his mouth just like that, sucking hard, hollowing his cheeks, looking up at Geoffrey.

Geoffrey swallowed, pushed down the wave of want that came with it, and got a fresh roll of paper to write on. He picked up the pen, willing his hand not to shake as Giacomo used his tongue to best effect, and started writing.

His handwriting was maybe coming out a little shakier than usual, but it probably wasn’t that noticeable. Geoffrey personally felt that he should be allowed to write at the bottom ‘by the way, my balls are on Giacomo’s chin as I write this, so sorry if it’s hard to read,’ but Henry probably wouldn’t appreciate that detail. He’d never had a little brother, after all.

Besides, the subordinate clause in Chez’n would be a pain in the ass.

Giacomo’s terrible subjunctive sentence took a full five minutes to write out, and Geoffrey felt the whole time like he was going to explode, but he held it in, only having to pause once when Giacomo pulled his head completely off and plunged back down, Geoffrey’s cock sliding all the way into his throat in one easy move.

“Hah,” Geoffrey said, as he signed his name. “I win.” Giacomo lifted his head and Geoffrey showed him the finished letter.

“Fuck,” Giacomo sighed, a pout forming on his face. “Fuck you.”

“I think you’ll find you’re wrong about that. Keep going, though. No need to stop just because you suck.”

Giacomo rolled his eyes. “I should never fuck you again just for that joke.”

But he went back down and kept sucking while Geoffrey blew on the letter, rolled it, sealed it, and rang the bell to summon Herman again. Giacomo made a noise of protest, but Geoffrey just pushed him down, only barely getting his hand above the desk again by the time the door opened. “One last letter, my lord?” Herman asked, looking around the room briefly.

“Giacomo’s exploring the servants’ passages,” Geoffrey said, gesturing at the side door. He hoped he wasn’t sweating too much. “Yes. To Henry, in the plateau. That’s it for the day. I’ll be retiring for supper shortly.”

“Very good, sir. I believe the cook has prepared quail for the evening.”

“Lovely. Giacomo’s favourite.” Geoffrey was about to cum.

“Yes, my lord.” Herman bowed, backing out of the room.

“Fuck,” Geoffrey hissed, his orgasm hitting him just as the door shut. He shot right down Giacomo’s throat, reaching down and pushing Giacomo all the way down, muffling his protest.

When he was done cumming, he let Giacomo up, panting. Giacomo wiped his mouth, unimpressed. “Raoul tasted better.” He was still pouting a bit.

“Sure,” Geoffrey said, reaching out and tracing his swollen lips. “What are your plans tomorrow?”

“Nothing in particular…” Giacomo thought about it. “I have a feeling they suddenly involve sucking your dick all day.”

“I have a lot of desk work again tomorrow.” Geoffrey smiled. “And so many meetings.”

“I’m going to make you cum so many times you won’t be able to talk, and then I’ll have no choice but to take over the family in wake of your incompetence,” Giacomo told him, leaning on the chair in front of Geoffrey’s face. Having Giacomo in the meetings would be useful, too. He could help Geoffrey parse it all after it was done.

Geoffrey snorted. “Damn. I get to have endless orgasms and be relieved of this horrible duty? What a threat. Take your clothes off so I can spank you into something resembling filial respect, will you?”

Giacomo kissed Geoffrey, and then he stood, lifting his shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor, unlacing his pants. Geoffrey just sat there, cock out, watching his brother undress, and wondered what he’d done right to earn this.

When Giacomo was naked—which really, he should be all the time—Geoffrey pulled him closer, over his lap right here in his father’s stupid huge chair. “Now let’s see,” Geoffrey considered, fondling Giacomo’s butt for a second. “Should I spank you until you apologize, or should I keep going until you cry?”

“Well, I’m not going to apologize,” Giacomo said, shifting, dick hard against Geoffrey’s leg. “Your hand’ll fall off first.”

“Oh, really? Okay then.” Geoffrey gave his brother a smack. Giacomo started, not having expected that. “Let’s see.”

Geoffrey liked spanking Giacomo. Not because he liked hurting his brother—he didn’t—but because he liked having Giacomo turned over his lap, hard against his leg, whinging and squirming and not able to get away. And he liked that Giacomo, who had always been a terror and who had always known he was smarter than everyone else and had always known he was right, would always stand up after and politely apologize for whatever he’d done wrong.

Giacomo was the cutest thing in creation no matter what he did and Geoffrey didn’t need him to act a certain way for that to be true, but he couldn’t not be turned on by Giacomo, flushed and contrite and even sometimes teary-eyed, meekly submitting and waiting for Geoffrey’s forgiveness like a little boy.

Of course, he always found a way to get Geoffrey back for it later, but that was just as much part of the fun.

Geoffrey’s hand fell onto Giacomo’s ass over and over, the cramp in his hand easing and turning into a pain in his wrist, but he didn’t care. He kept going, until a dull soreness spread from his palm up to his elbow and Geoffrey stopped, resting his hand. The skin of Giacomo’s backside was warm, blood rushing to the surface. Giacomo let out a whimper. “How you doing?” Geoffrey asked, catching his breath.

Giacomo just exhaled sharply and made a rude gesture with one hand. So Geoffrey smiled and spanked him again, the sound of the smack almost drowning out the small cry Giacomo let out. He held it in for the next few smacks, but when Geoffrey started hitting him harder, Giacomo stopped keeping quiet, whimpers and cries of pain rising from him. He squirmed and tried to get away, held down by Geoffrey’s other arm, and he kicked his legs and moaned Geoffrey’s name and then, finally, he went slack, no longer fighting.

Geoffrey stopped after a few more spanks. “Shh…” he whispered, rubbing Giacomo’s back. He helped his brother stand, tilted up his chin. Giacomo’s normal defiant, snarky look was gone, replaced with something softer, younger. He had tears in his eyes, but they hadn’t yet fallen. “You okay?”

Giacomo nodded, taking a stuttering breath. “I’m, I’m sorry, Geoffrey. I’m sorry for being naughty.” He sniffed. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

It was an act, Geoffrey knew that. Giacomo knew what Geoffrey wanted to see and was putting it on. But it was convincing.

Geoffrey smiled, pulling Giacomo down into a hug. “I know you won’t, little brother. It’s okay, you were just trying to help. I’m proud of you.”

Giacomo nodded, and he did start crying, hugging Geoffrey back while Geoffrey rocked him gently. After a minute or so he calmed down, and Geoffrey stood up. “Turn around?”

Giacomo nodded and did, hands on the desk, spreading his legs a little. Geoffrey spit on his hand and used that and the precum that he was leaking to slick up his dick, then spread Giacomo’s cheeks with two fingers.

Even without any preparation Geoffrey didn’t have too hard a time pushing inside Giacomo, who was well used to the intrusion. He was nice and relaxed as Geoffrey eased into his nicely spanked ass, and he moved back and forth as Geoffrey started fucking him, encouraging his brother to go deeper. “G-Geoffrey…”

“Mnm,” Geoffrey agreed, moving faster, one arm wrapping around Giacomo again, holding him in place, grabbing his dick, jerking Giacomo off.

Neither of them lasted five minutes between the high from the spanking and the fact that Giacomo hadn’t cum yet. He shot easily, whimpering as he splattered Geoffrey’s hand. Geoffrey followed him, filling his brother’s ass with cum not a few strokes later.

They slumped together against he desk, sweaty and sticky. Geoffrey pulled them back, sat in the chair again with Giacomo on his lap, still impaled. Giacomo twisted around and pulled Geoffrey down, and they kissed, slow and long and deep.

When they pulled apart for air, Geoffrey looked his brother in the eye, saw his usual energy back. “I was thinking before that I wanted to change the furniture in this room,” Geoffrey said, kissing Giacomo again. “But the desk and the chair are kind of growing on me.”

“Me too,” Giacomo murmured. “But if you ask me to call you daddy I’m going to bite your dick off.”

Geoffrey chuckled. “Fair enough. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Giacomo said. “My ass is sore.”

“Imagine how my hand must feel.”

“I really don’t feel bad for you.”

“Just for that you’re going to sit here until I’m done fucking you again.”

Giacomo snorted. “Like that wasn’t happening anyway.”

Giacomo knew him way too well. Geoffrey wouldn’t have it any other way.

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2 thoughts on “Noble, 2

  1. I’ve been waiting to get here ever since I saw the description on AO3, and it doesn’t disappoint. Conjugate relations in noble families are best when they can’t possibly be genitive, and someone gets all subjunctive.


    1. I’m glad you’re excited for this one! I’ve been waiting for it for a while too, and this story is really fun for me to write (I’m taking a break from writing chapter 42 as I type this, in fact!). It was only supposed to be short, but it’s grown in size, so I hope you enjoy it!

      Thank you, and also, infinitive kudos for that string of jokes. 😀


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