Anyone Want to Support a Penguin?

Because now you can! How Best to Use a Sword is free and is available for anyone to read at any time and always will remain that way! But it does involve a lot of time and energy on my part to bring to you every week, so if anyone who can afford it feels like throwing me a couple of bucks on my new Patreon, I sure wouldn’t complain.

To reiterate: I’m not putting the any of the story behind a paywall, I’m just hoping to get a small amount of cash to pay my bills with. Rewards for supporting me include the right to vote in polls to decide who stars in the next anthology chapter, and eventually the right to vote on a new story when I reach my funding milestones .

So thank you in advance to anyone who decides to support me, and to anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t, thank you for sticking with me and reading the story!

2 thoughts on “Anyone Want to Support a Penguin?

  1. Oh no! Patreon things. 😦

    I like that Patreon allows people to support you. I completely agree that you should be able to make money off of what you’re doing. I do think that the nature of your story makes it impossible to traditionally publish it, unless you go through a severe edit, and even then, it’d probably need to be self-published.

    It’s a sprawling epic of a story with interwoven storylines, lots of sex, something to offend everyone, and very unique.

    I don’t mind if patreon gives people access to chapters in advance.

    I definitely don’t mind if you switch over some of the stuff you do for free to making it pay for. Writing those moments stories for people is definitely the sort of thing I see on Patreon. Answering prolonged prompts, even behind the scenes stuff, essays on writing, etc. Or letting people pay for the privilege of being bumped up the priority list of such requests.

    Patreon exclusive stories makes me sad. 😦 As does patreon exclusive lore. I can do one time payments, but not subscription services.

    Of course what matters more is the people that are going to give you money and what sort of thing they want to see and are willing to pay for.


    1. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to ever do anything like Patreon exclusive content! Every part of the story is always going to be available for everyone to read for free.

      The most I might do is, I might agree to write new shorter stories once I reach certain funding milestones, but those would still be posted free both here and on Ao3 like always. I don’t believe in hiding content and I don’t believe in stratifying my readers between those who can afford to pay me and those who can’t. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the story equally.

      I’m just also a grad student in real life and wouldn’t mind a little help buying groceries is all. 🙂

      But like I said, it’s a super no pressure thing and I totally understand that I’m not the only one with no money, haha. Either way I’m just glad people are reading and enjoying the story!


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