Good Person

It’s pretty much impossible to make Cassius and the Rebels situation not super sketchy in the Modern AU, so I rolled with that and went to the logical conclusion.

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Cassius didn’t pretend to be a good person.

Any good person, on finding four boys living in a burnt-out apartment building that everyone kind of knew the mob had burnt out a few weeks ago, would have taken them to the police or a social worker or a hospital.

But instead, Cassius had gotten a blowjob, then loaded them in his car and taken them to his place, agreeing to help them get revenge on the mob boss who’d killed their families. How he was going to do that, Cassius wasn’t sure, but he’d figure something out.

Probably with guns. He had a decent amount of those.

His place was a little out of the way, decently big, and quiet. It was a three-bedroom place and if Cassius were a good person, he’d probably split the four boys between the other two bedrooms, two each. If he were a good person, he’d tell them that they could stay here as long as they needed with no pressure, to just recover from what had happened to them.

“Take off your clothes,” he said, when they got inside, the door shut behind them.

“Wh…what?” the oldest boy, Sawyer if Cassius remembered right, asked him. “Right now?”

“Yes,” Cassius said, hanging up his coat and undoing his belt. “If you’re going to stay here, you’re going to do it naked.”

“So, what?” Sawyer’s brother Sean asked. “You’re some kind of pedophile, is that it?”

“Sean,” Cyrus said. He’d all but offered to let Cassius fuck him in the building earlier, and he was taking off his shirt already. “He’s helping us. Don’t be rude.”

“Don’t be rude to the guy who’s telling me to drop my kit and prance around his house naked.”

Cassius laughed. “You don’t need to prance anywhere. But yes, I’m some kind of pedophile. I thought that was obvious when I only agreed to help you after I came on your faces. Did you think that was enough to earn your keep? I have bad news for you.” He unzipped his pants and dropped them, smirking as all four boys’ eyes went down to his cock. All boys, in his experience, couldn’t help but look at a big cock when they saw it. It was useful.

“So…if we don’t let you fuck us you don’t let us stay here?” The smallest boy, Gino, asked, swallowing.

“Basically,” Cassius agreed. “You want pants and virginity, you can have them out on the street. That simple a choice.” He took off his shirt and tossed it aside. He’d never had much patience for clothes in his own house.

Cyrus was already naked too. “It’s the only way, guys.”

Cassius liked him. He stood there without modesty, letting Cassius look at him, watching his friends as they all looked at each other. “Oh,” Cassius said. “And just so you don’t act like it’s a big surprise when I tell you in a bit. I hope you all want to be movie stars.”

“Movie…” Sawyer’s eyes went wide as he realized what that meant. Not stupid.

Cassius smirked again. “Have to pay for your little vendetta somehow, don’t we? Killing crime bosses isn’t free. You need weapons, people, vehicles, equipment. On top of the fact that you can’t expect me to suddenly afford to pay to feed and house four kids, right?”

“You…you’re so gross,” Sean said, shaking a little. He was scared. Cassius was thinking of fucking him first, even if he liked Cyrus’s compliance.

Cassius shrugged. “So call the cops. They’ll take you all to a nice foster home. Where you’ll probably get to be someone’s bed boy anyway, but at least it won’t be me, right?” Cassius had no way of knowing that was true, but hey. He’d thought about fostering kids now and again.

“W-we can’t do that,” Cyrus said, not to Cassius but to his friends. “We can’t do that. Sam has people in the police, and probably in the government. He’ll find us. He’ll probably kill us.”


“I’m going in,” Cassius said, heading into the living room. “If you plan to come farther into the house than this spot, do it naked. It’s up to you.”

And he went inside and rummaged around a moment until he found a video camera, setting it on the coffee table while he sat on the couch, flicked on the TV, changing to the local news, watching the middle of a report on some money pit of a construction development on the west end of town. It would have been nice if it had been a story about the mob just to emphasize his point to the boys, but oh well.

On the other hand, a money pit of a construction project was the fault of either the mob or the government, so it might not matter.

While that played, he opened his computer and did a basic search on Samson Arkhewer, which turned up all of nothing but his publicly known information, stuff about Netzer Pharmaceuticals. Not even a news article suggesting he was shady. Lots of stuff about his recent wedding, though. So he had someone computer-savvy enough on his team to keep the good stuff out of the public eye.

Computer savvy wasn’t going to stop him getting shot, Cassius thought. All they needed was a plan. He wondered if a bunch of orphan soon-to-be porn stars were smart enough to come up with one, or if he’d just end up with them staying in his house for a few years until they were too old for him.

He wouldn’t complain. Cassius had always wanted a long-term house boy. Now maybe he’d have four.

It was a few minutes before the whispering her could hear from his hallway let up, and then there was silence. He smiled, cock hardening. The door sure wasn’t opening. He was fully hard a minute later when they filed into the room, naked, Sean and Sawyer covering themselves and standing as far apart as they could, none of them but Cyrus looking at each other or him.

He didn’t say anything, just appraised them for a minute. “S-so…” Gino said after some time had passed. He wasn’t hiding himself either. “As long as we’re…like this, we can just…live here?”

“Yeah,” Cassius said, putting his feet up on the coffee table. “There’s food in the kitchen if you’re hungry.”

Cyrus nodded, sat next to Cassius on the couch, looking at the news. “Do you want us to…”

“I’ll tell you when I want you to,” Cassius interrupted, reaching over and giving Cyrus’s dick a squeeze, getting a start from him. “Don’t worry about that. Just make yourselves comfortable for now and in a while we’ll start fundraising your murder scheme.”

If Cassius were a good person, he’d have brought these kids to the police or a social worker or a hospital. If he were a good person, he wouldn’t be helping them with this dangerous thing they wanted to do. And if he were a good person, he wouldn’t be about to fuck them for fun and profit.

But Cassius wasn’t a good person, and it was a good thing.

Because a good person wasn’t what any of them needed.

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