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Bodies Are Surprisingly Malleable If You Know What You’re Doing

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“I feel like at some point we told you to be careful about getting hurt,” Cal said, trying not to sound accusatory.

Joey glared, his tail swishing as he walked, cradling his left arm. “It’s not like I tried to get hurt.”

Cal shrugged. “I mean, you picked a fight with a fully-grown knight in armour while wearing nothing but half a boner. I just mean that you’re the only one who’s surprised that you broke your arm.”

“Pretty sure he broke my arm,” Joey disagreed. “And I didn’t pick a fight. We were sparring. It was fun.”

“Until you broke your arm.”

“That part was fun too, except that I lost. I don’t like losing.”

Cal sighed. “And I don’t like you getting hurt.” He didn’t like any of them getting hurt.

“Oh, I’m fine,” Joey protested. “It’s just a broken bone. Mick or Sully or Lillian can heal it.”

“See, remember the thing about dragons being immune to magic and healing spells possibly not working on you?” Cal asked.

Joey looked away. “Maybe. You know what would make me feel better instead?”

Cal had a feeling he knew. “What?”

“A blowjob.”

Smirking, Cal nodded. “I can see how that might help. You want to do it now or wait until we get back to the room?”

Joey blinked, seemingly surprised. “I…I guess we can go back to the room just so no humans see us and get mad.”

“Alright, well let’s go then. Maybe we can even fuck,” Cal offered casually, hand on Joey’s back.

Joey grinned. “I knew I’d like being with you. We’re, um, allowed to do that, right?”

“Do what? Have sex?” Cal asked. “What do you think we’ve been doing every night?”

Chuckling, Joey shook his head. “No, I mean just you and me. Like, should we get everyone else?”

Oh. Fair enough. “We can if you want,” Cal said. “But I think everyone probably agrees that all dating each other means we can have sex with whatever number of people we like. Even when it was just me, Wes and Mick we’d sometimes do it just one on one.”

“Oh, okay,” Joey declared, walking faster and then wincing. “Ow.”

“This is why we’re going to the room, remember?” Cal asked him, rolling his eyes. Himself, but he hated it when they got hurt. “Mick is there.” He thought about it. “So there might be two blowjobs in your future, actually.”

Joey brightened. “That sounds even better than one.”

“I think so too.” They weren’t far from the room, fortunately. They got there before anyone had to get a desperation blowjob in the hallway, Cal pushing open the door and letting them both in. “Oh, good,” he said.

Mick was there, fortunately, sitting on the bed, sewing. It looked like he was altering a pair of Wes’s pants to have a hole for his tail. He looked up. “Hey…fuck, what happened?”

“Joey was having fun,” Cal explained, walking him over to the big bed. Or rather, the two regular sized beds that they’d turned into a big bed.

“It doesn’t even hurt,” Joey protested, sitting down tenderly and making a face when his arm jostled. “A blowjob would make it feel better. I only came because Cal said I could have one if I did.”

Mick snorted, kneeling in front of Joey, gently touching his arm while Cal sat there and tried not to seem worried. What if Mick’s magic couldn’t heal it? “Did he? Or did he agree that a blowjob would happen without telling you who’d be getting the blowjob in question?”

“He…” Joey scowled suddenly, glaring at Cal. “Wait a minute.”

Cal grinned. “What? You don’t think sucking me and Mick off would make you feel better?”

“You suck. No, shut up, you’re going to say that I’m going to be the one sucking, I’ve heard that joke before.”

“He’s already onto your only joke,” Mick told Cal, smiling as he prodded Joey’s arm. “What will you do now?”

Cal shrugged. “Get a blowjob, I guess. Probably make me feel better.”

“You’re not the one who broke your arm!”

“You’re not the one who broke your arm, either, Sir David is.”

“You’re the worst,” Joey growled.

“You scared him,” Mick said quietly. Cal wished he’d glow or something so it was obvious he was doing magic.


“Cal hates it when we get hurt. It scares him more than anything. He always gets distracted on missions if one of us gets hurt, he can’t help it.” Mick smiled at Joey. “So even though it’s not a big deal to you and even though he knew I’d be able to fix it, he’s scared. And Cal’s a snarky asshole when he’s scared.”

“Cal’s…a snarky asshole all the time,” Joey muttered, looking at the floor. “I didn’t…I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m just overprotective,” Cal said, hand on Joey’s leg. “Just…be more careful, okay? I know you’re strong, but you’re not unbreakable.”

Cal wasn’t unbreakable either. And if one of them died, he’d break.

“I know,” Joey said, making a funny noise and then lifting his arm. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“I know,” Mick told him, standing up. “Go easy on it for a day or two. That was very weird. The regular healing spell didn’t work at all.”

“Because of dragons being magic-proof?” Joey asked, flexing his arm. It looked in good working order. Cal was relieved and tried not to be too dramatic about showing it.

“Must be. I ended up doing something more like a transformation spell on you. Your body is really malleable—I guess because of the shapeshifting.” Mick was looking at Joey curiously.

“So you…transformed my arm into a not-broken version of itself?” Joey asked, while Cal took his arm and prodded it gently.

“Yes.” Mick smiled now. “Might be fun to play around with someday, see what else I can do to you.”

Joey shied away a little, closer to Cal, looking warily at Mick. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know,” Mick said. “I can think of a few things. Like…” he put a hand on Joey’s shoulder, and a second later Joey yelped, looking down. “That?”

“No!” Joey said, shaking his head and reaching down to tug at his dick. His very little dick. It was suddenly half the size of Cal’s at best. He pulled it as if to stretch it back to its usual length. “Put it back! Mick, that’s not funny!”

Cal was laughing, though. “I don’t know, that fits your stature a lot better. It’s cute.” All he could think was that Wes would fall over and die if he saw it. And then wake up and just never let Joey live it down. He could practically hear Arky pouting, but the imp wasn’t here. Theodore was supposed to be arriving in Pelican Bay tomorrow, so Cal had sent him to go get Mathilda.

“It is not,” Joey pouted, tugging on Mick’s arm. “Come on, put it back.”

“Okay, okay,” Mick said, touching Joey again and trying not to chuckle. They watched as Joey’s dick grew back to its regular size. “There you go.”

Joey sighed in relief, holding it in both hands. “That’s better. You’re…going to do that again, aren’t you?”

Mick patted his shoulder. “Probably some night, yeah. Just for fun.”

Joey huffed, that huff he had that made it seem like he should be expelling smoke. It was adorable and he obviously thought it wasn’t, which made it more adorable. But then he blinked, looked up at Mick, a smile creeping onto his face. “You could…also make it bigger, couldn’t you?”

Cal had been wondering the same thing.

“I wondered how long it would take you to ask that,” Mick asked, smiling. “Of course I could.”

“Do it, do it!” Joey was beaming, his dick hardening as he bounced. “Come on, do it!”

“All right,” Mick said, licking his lips. He was hard in his pants. “Here we go.”

For his part, Cal just went ahead and took his pants off while Mick put his hand on Joey’s leg again, concentrating. Joey kept his eyes glued to his dick while Cal undressed, and it started to grow, getting fully hard as it rose, up past his belly button, reaching his chest, thickening until his hands didn’t fit around it. Joey just watched, grin widening more and more as his cock grew, until it reached his chin, and he giggled as his cockhead bumped him.

“Look, you can both give and receive that blowjob now,” Cal said, palming himself while he watched.

“I could do that anyway,” Joey said happily stroking his now-huge cock, his giant balls forcing him to spread his legs. “Haven’t I ever shown you that?”

Eyebrow raised, Cal shook his head. “No.”

“I will once I’m back to normal later.” Joey thought about it. “Though it would be okay if I just stayed like this.”

“You can’t walk like that,” Mick told him, taking his hands off Joey now. His dick was easily longer than his leg now, and reached to his nose.

Joey beamed, wrapping his arms around it and honestly snuggling it. He licked his own cockhead, shuddering a little. “I’d learn.”

Cal also reached out and touched it, running his hand down the length. “You can also never top again. It’s too big to ever fit inside anyone.” Arky was going to die when he heard that he’d missed this.

Joey paused, looking between Cal and Mick, then at his dick again. “I guess that’s true. Maybe another dragon. A big one. But not you guys. Oh well, I guess it can go back to normal then. Or maybe…just a little bigger than normal?” he asked Mick. “Just so it’s bigger than Louis. But don’t tell him! I want him to think I just grew.”

Mick laughed, taking off his own clothes now. “I can probably manage that if it’s that important to you. You know what I’d like?”


“I want to see you cum like this.”

Joey grinned again, giving himself another lick. “Me too. Can you guys help?”

“Why would you even ask that?” Cal asked, pushing Joey back so he was laying down, and then laying beside him with Mick on the other side, both of them angled partly on top of Joey. He mouthed his own cock, but couldn’t get the whole head in his mouth so he just sucked on the head in parts, licking it all over, and Cal and Mick both helped him, kisses and licks all over it, all three of them taking turns sticking their tongues in the slit on top.

While he did that, Cal angled himself so that his own dick was pressed against Joey’s and started humping him, Mick doing the same but to Joey’s balls, the heat of Joey’s cock warming Cal’s skin until he was flushed in the face, rutting against Joey, who was moaning and whimpering as he licked himself all over, kissing Cal or Mick occasionally.

When Joey came it was an eruption, his dick hardening so much under Cal, and he cried out and splattered his face with it, getting big globs in Cal’s hair and on Mick’s chin, spurting up and hitting the wall and the bed behind him, drenching it all in cum. Seeing that was enough to make Cal cum too, squirting on Joey’s dick with a whinge. Beside him, Mick was already doing the same.

When he was done Joey giggled, reaching up and wiping it out of his eyes, off his mouth. “There’s so much,” he laughed. “I think I ruined the bed.”

“I’ll clean it after,” Mick said, watching Joey raptly, not wiping the cum off his own face. “That was awesome.”

“Yeah! I want to do it again!”

“Here,” Cal said, turning Joey on his side, getting behind him, taking some of the copious cum on Joey’s face to lube up his dick and line it up against Joey’s hole. “Suck on Mick.”

Joey nodded and took Mick in his mouth when Mick crawled up the bed to meet him, sucking happily while Cal slid into him and started fucking, reaching around to help Joey jerk off his huge dick while he did. The three of them moved together, Cal and Mick fucking Joey from both ends, Joey moaning in the middle, his dick twitching and leaking against Mick’s thighs, leaving huge trails.

When Cal came, he did it suddenly and with a hard thrust inside Joey. When Mick came, it was with a groan. When Joey came, Cal made sure it was all over Mick as he pulled away, absolutely coating him in cum. He smiled as Joey finished spurting. “There we go. That was what you wanted, right?”

Mick didn’t even look abashed. Not that it was possible to look abashed wearing enough cum to drown a person. “How’d you know?”

Joey giggled, but Cal just shook his head. “Divine powers.”

“Did your divine powers tell you that I want it for you too?”

Cal smirked. “Joey, roll over. Looks like Mick wants a turn behind you.”

“You guys are never going to stop smelling like my cum,” Joey said, clearly very pleased about that. “I want to stay like this until Travis and Wes and Sully come back. I want them to see.”

“I think we can arrange that,” Mick said, pressing inside Joey’s ass while Cal held out his dick for Joey to suck.

By the time Cal was covered head to toe in dragon cum, he was totally over being upset from before, and he felt pretty good about himself overall.

Even if he was never going to stop smelling like Joey.

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