Frederick/Abby, Loss of Virginity

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Frederick was a bit nervous. Excited, but a bit nervous. He was going to have sex tonight.

Okay, he’d already been having sex for a while, he knew that. He’d heard all about how sex didn’t just mean his dick going inside someone and how masturbating together or someone using their mouth was sex too and those were definitely things he’d done with both Silas and Abby a lot in the last little while. So he’d already had sex quite a few times, so good for him.

But he also knew that when Abby had heard that Franz was going to be gone for the evening and said asked to come over, and then said ‘maybe if you want we could try having sex or something,’ she hadn’t meant just touching each other like they had before. And when he’d dutifully told Silas, and Silas had smiled and said that maybe they should also have sex, he hadn’t meant the normal touching either.

So Frederick was a bit nervous and a lot excited. He was going to put his dick inside a girl! And a boy! Well, Silas was probably going to put it inside him, actually. He was going to put his dick inside a girl! And a boy was going to put his dick inside him! Frederick had been hard at the thought pretty much all day even before Abby had come over and she had Silas had spent the first part of the evening playfully grabbing him when Donny wasn’t looking.

Donny was three years old and did not understand why he wasn’t allowed to sit in Frederick’s lap tonight, and Frederick didn’t want to be the one responsible for traumatizing the prince. He was trying to be on his best behaviour, but it was getting harder as other things got harder, and the more that Abby and Silas took turns kissing him when Donny wasn’t looking, the more he just wished Donny would go to bed even if it was too early.

Fortunately, about an hour before Donny’s bedtime, the heavens opened up, the angels smiled on Frederick and a miracle ran roughshod over the world. Donny came and stood in front of Frederick with his arms up. “Want bath.”

Silas was there, though, and scooped Donny into his arms without hesitation. “No,” Donny said, shaking his head and trying to escape. “Feddik do it.”

“Silas is doing to do it tonight,” Silas said, winking at Frederick, and at Abby. “Frederick isn’t feeling well.”

Donny looked at Frederick, suspicious. “Feddik sick?”

Silas nodded. “Yes,” he said gravely, carrying Donny to the bathroom. “But Abby and me are going to kiss him all better, okay? Come on, let’s get you clean.”

“Don’t…get soap in his eyes,” Frederick called, face on fire. “And…thanks.”

Silas just waved over his shoulder. “You’d do the same for me.” And he disappeared into the other room with Donny.

Before Frederick could even blink, Abby was beside him, hand on his leg. “Hello.”

“Hi,” Frederick squeaked, wishing that she wasn’t so pretty. And that her hand wasn’t in proximity to his dick. It made it hard to think.

Fortunately she kissed him then, and thinking stopped mattering much. Abby’s lips were always so warm and rough, and Frederick liked them a lot, especially when they were touching his lips, and he kissed her back, grateful when she sat in his lap, her weight nice and comforting and her body was warm and it made Frederick warm and Frederick was going to explode just from doing this and…

Frederick did explode just from that, cumming in his pants with a shocked cry. Abby kissed him for a few more seconds before stopping, and Frederick paused to get his breath. “Too excited?” Abby asked.

Frederick nodded. “S-sorry…”

She smiled, and got off his lap. “It’s fine. It’s cute. Come on, let’s go in your bedroom.”

That sounded like an amazing idea to Frederick, so he let her pull him by the hand to the bedroom.

As soon as the door was shut behind them Abby kissed him again, but only for a second this time. She smiled, and started to take off her shirt. “Get undressed.”

Frederick nodded dumbly, starting on his own shirt, but then pausing once Abby’s came off. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath it, which fair because he wasn’t either, and so as she took off her pants he got to watch and Abby was really just so pretty. He couldn’t even do anything but watch her get naked, until she was standing there in front of him, smiling a little. “Clothes, Frederick?”

“Yeah,” Frederick agreed, because he liked agreeing with Abby.

She rolled her eyes, and tugged his shirt off. “You’re lucky I like you.”

“I know,” Frederick said, grinning as his shirt hit the floor. Abby undid his pants, kissing him as she pushed them down, then holding him when he tried and failed to step out of them. Between them, they managed to get Frederick’s pants off, and then Abby tried to untie his sodden loincloth, frowning.

“How do you take this off?”

“Uh…” Frederick looked down, frowning. He definitely knew how to take off this stupid loincloth, which was very in the way at the moment. “Oh, right, like this,” he said, tugging at the loose end and letting it unravel. Proud of himself, he grinned at Abby.

“Good job,” she told him, patting his cheek. “You’re so pretty.”

“Thanks!” Frederick beamed. “So are you.” And he kissed her again, because he could.

Abby kissed back, gently guiding Frederick to the bed with his boner pressed up against her. He fell back and she lay on top of him, and Frederick had to admit that he’d never thought he’d like something more than kissing Abby, but kissing her while they were both naked, that was definitely better. They were touching everywhere, their skin against each other, his hands on her sides, her back, and it felt so good, so nice. Abby was firm and strong on top of him and even though Frederick had heard other boys talk about how girls were soft and gentle, it turned out they were wrong and he thought that was great.

Gradually over the course of the kissing Frederick realized that some of the wet on his dick wasn’t his, and around the time he put together why, Abby leaned up, hands on his shoulders. “I’m going…to put it in now,” she told him. “Is that okay?”

Frederick nodded, not sure how to talk. “Y-sureokay.”

Abby smiled, reaching down between them and taking Frederick in her hand. And a moment later he felt himself pressed against her, against her skin, against an opening, against…inside her. So warm and wet and awesome and Frederick had been very, very wrong, kissing was definitely not the best thing ever, holy crap. She went slowly and he wished she’d go faster, but Abby slid down onto him, knees moving to either side of Frederick so she could straddle him, until her hips touched his again and Frederick gasped. “Oh wow…”

Abby nodded, out of breath. And then she moved her hips up and down, and up and down, and back and forth, and Frederick whimpered and wriggled, trying to keep looking up at her, trying not to close his eyes, trying not to die, he was going to explode, holy God in heaven he was going to explode and Frederick wanted nothing more than to explode again. Abby’s hands kept him in place on the bed, but he started to move his hips with hers, or tried to at least, matching her movements as best he could, wishing he could reach up and kiss her, gripping her arm instead.

Abby was sweaty, determined, and making funny faces as she moved, which Frederick assumed meant she was enjoying it too. She’d better have been, since she was driving and there wasn’t much that Frederick could do to change that. After a few minutes she was gripping marks into his shoulders and whimpering along with him, so that was a good sign. Frederick bit his lip in an effort to keep from cumming, not because he didn’t want to but because he wanted this to last forever, but it didn’t and he soon came again, arching his back up with a loud cry. “Abby!” And as she bucked down on his hips, he came, squirting inside her. Inside a girl. Inside Abby.

“F-F-Frederick…” Abby moaned, hanging her head as she suddenly clenched hard around him, fluid running down his dick. She collapsed on top of him, panting, and then fell of, his dick sliding out, and they lay on the bed together, holding each other.

Frederick didn’t know how long they lay there like that, just holding each other, Abby’s arm draped across Frederick’s chest, circling one of his nipples. Frederick felt so different. He felt so good. He felt like a new person. He felt like… “I love you,” he said aloud, unbidden.

Abby looked up at him, eyes shining. “I love you too.”

Frederick felt like flying. He giggled, and he kissed her forehead. “That was really awesome.”

Abby nodded. “It was better than I thought it would be. We should do it again.”

“Definitely.” Frederick agreed immediately. He wanted to do that again every day.

“I meant now.”

Oh. Frederick blinked, warming even more than he already was. He smiled. “You have all the best ideas.”

“I know.” Abby grinned at him. She was the best girlfriend in the world. The best girl in the world. The best person in the world. Nothing could make this better. Everything was perfect.

Well, maybe there was one thing they could do differently.

“Can I try being on top this time?”



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