Character Profile: Gavin

Name: Gavin ven Sancte

Aliases/AKAs: Gabe, King Cat

Title(s): Holder of the Eight Links of Rhean, Overseer of the Northern Lands, Prince of Dolovai, Protector of the Saints’ Shrouds

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 65.5 kg

Build: Slender, muscular

Distinguishing Marks: Prettiness, relative to that of his sister

Dick Size: Slightly above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Owen Sanct and Sir Edwin the Stalwart (husbands)

Family Relationships: Grey Rain and Greg (sons), Gerard and Georgina ven Sancte (parents), Gabrielle ven Sancte (sister), Gretchen ven Sancte (sister, deceased as an infant), Franz DiGorre, Erik and Robby (brothers-in-law), Ron and James of the Black Witch Clan (cousins-in-law) Deborah and Erik Arkberry (aunt and uncle), Gloria Sanct, Egil and Dean Arkberry (cousins), Grace and Edward ven Sancte, (aunt and uncle, deceased), Giles and Geneva ven Sancte, Dorian and Geraldina Arkberry (grandparents, deceased), Oscar and Tina of Great Scar, Emily and Emmet Carpenter (parents-in-law), Drew, Eddie, Ian (servants), Twig (husband’s squire)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Underneath Owen

Kinks: Being the boss, not being the boss

Orgies Attended: The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Gavin was born the second child of the king, which gives him all the benefits of royalty with none of the stress of actual responsibility. Despite this, he is a reasonably responsible noble who plays politics for fun and keeps all the younger nobility in line and in service to his family. Gavin has known from a very young age that he’s charming and attractive and has never been shy about using that to get what he wants from people. He has also always been very good at saying the things that decorum prevents his parents or sister from saying, mostly calling other nobles out when they’re being stupid. Gavin is fiercely protective of his family and though he’s the first to complain about them, he always takes their side and defends them from everything, his sister especially. He looks forward to being her domestic advisor when she’s queen. Being abducted by a dragon and all attendant consequences saved him from an eventual political marriage that he would have hated but would have gone through with out of familial loyalty.


  • Though he lives in the castle, Gavin owns two houses, one in Three Hills and one that is more properly an estate out in the country
  • Gavin is severely arachnophobic. He also does not like insects much
  • Gavin has always known he was gay but pretended not to as a kid to save his parents the worry when they inevitably tried to marry him to a girl. His plan growing up was to hope that she had cute bodyguards
  • He originally decided to learn archery because he had a crush on his friend Matthew, who once commented that he thought archers were cool
  • Gavin is aware that he seems reckless to other people. He is not worried about this
  • At any given time, there is a 50/50 chance that he’s thinking about sex
  • Gavin’s preferred mode of planning is to make a plan and assume that the world is going to cooperate by bending to his will. This often works for him
  • Despite how he comes off, Gavin is an extremely generous person
  • He loves Owen boundlessly but draws a firm distinction between sex and love—Gavin would be far more promiscuous if Owen were comfortable with it
  • Gavin spends a lot of time worrying about various national and global problems and how he and Owen might solve them


  • “Did you by any chance think I was a princess who needed rescuing?”
  • “You have to remember I lived in a castle. There were people whose entire jobs were to make sure I was good at things.”
  • “Owen will come out to play when I’m finished with him.”
  • “Lead on, Sir Babysitter.”
  • “Nice runs in my family, if you haven’t noticed.”
  • “What flying mermaid would ever dare attack me with my dauntless companion at my side?
  • “I’d like if you were wearing a lot less armour. In fact, I insist. I need to be sure you’re at full attention, after all.”
  • “Don’t think you can placate me with an appeal to my libido.”
  • “Most things I can forgive. Danger to my betrothed I will not.”
  • “You’re marrying an evil overlord in training, just in case you hadn’t noticed.”
  • “Yeah, I like that. We’ll make an orgy out of it.”
  • “It’s a benefit of my last name. Nothing starts until I get there.”
  • “And I vow to never stop loving you, no matter what happens, no matter what comes, no matter what we encounter.”


  • In an effort to appear cool, Gavin once wore his father’s crown. It fell in the moat
  • Thirteen-year-old Gavin always used to ask knights if he could hold their swords. He never asked his sister this
  • At the age of five, Gavin decided he wanted to be a bear when he grew up
  • Gavin doesn’t know exactly how many clothes he owns, but that doesn’t stop him buying more frequently
  • He has been known to wear makeup on occasion
  • He once asked the High Presbyter why God made girls and then tattled to Gabrielle when the first part of the answer was about having babies
  • As a child, Gavin never looked where he was going and walked into a lot of walls
  • Gavin’s stomach can’t tolerate spicy food
  • Gavin liked to sneak out of the castle when he was younger and look for a peasant boy who resembled him to switch places with. He never found one, leading him to conclude that he really is the prettiest boy in the world
  • Gavin has never once lost a game of stones. There are many things that Gavin has never lost, but this is unique because it’s also the only thing he’s never cheated in

Modern AU: Modern Gavin is the son of the mayor and the leader of a textiles conglomerate, and is fortunate that his sister is there to carry on the family’s political dynasty so he can go ahead with being an astronaut. He started playing soccer entirely so he could see naked guys in the locker room but turned out to be good at it. He is extremely amused by how scandalized high society is trying not to be at his choice in romantic partner, and ever so accidentally sends dick pics to the paparazzi for fun. When not harassing reporters or intentionally making embarrassing comments in public, Gavin can be found in expensive stores buying things of various levels of appropriateness for his boyfriend.

14 thoughts on “Character Profile: Gavin

  1. Given the kind of story this is, I have to ask: which kind of bear?

    (Either way…sorry, bby Gavin, but that just ain’t happening. Barring magical transformations, which admittedly is not out of the question.)


    1. This is a valid question! It was the kind that lives in the woods and hibernates in the winter. Though it’s definitely not impossible that he had delusions of bearhood of a different sort at a slightly older age.

      But yes, either way it’s not in the cards for him unless some magic hits him. Which is certainly possible, but it’s the only way he’s destined for fur and bulk. 🙂


      1. Request for a fic where Gavin meets a bear that turns into a bear who offers to teach Gavin his ways. But Gavin would need to bulk up and lose his prettiness.

        Well that or Gavin is Goldilocks, and the three bears, lots of innuendo. Maybe he stumbles on James cottage, and James, Ron and Owen have all suffered a terrible curse that only Goldilocks can fix by finding what is just right.


  2. Gavin’s family really lucked out. A charming, devious schemer who will do anything to get themselves on the throne is pretty much the worst-case scenario as secondborn royals go.

    Instead they get a charming, devious schemer who wants nothing to do with the throne and will do anything for the sake of family—the ideal right-hand man for the future queen.


        1. I feel like he wouldn’t enjoy that! They’re eight to fifteen feet tall, live under bridges and in canyons and like to throw rocks and/or shit at people. They’re not very smart, which I suspect is what he’d disagree with, mostly.

          Owen and Gavin killed a troll together early on in Dragon, actually!


  3. Ooh, ooh, another request, either in Moments or Modern AU, Gavin and Owen go on a picnic date and inevitably end up fucking.

    – sincerely google docs, who translated “to have a picnic” to “a picnic fuck”.


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