Villain, 53

A King Must always Be Prepared for His Leisure Time to Be Interrupted by Work

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“If I never have to talk to anyone again it’ll be too soon,” Sam decided, tugging at his collar to take his shirt off. He was tired of wearing clothes, he’d been wearing them all day and he was done talking to people now so he was going to take them off, even if it was too early for bed. He’d had a bath earlier today but he wanted another one and was trying to decide if that was going to make him seem silly.

“Do I count?” Henry asked, running his hand down Sam’s back as Sam’s shirt hit the floor.

Sam moved closer to him and let Henry reach around him to undo his pants. “That depends. If you’re going to try and talk to me about something stupid, then yes.”

“Okay,” Henry said, pushing Sam’s pants down and kissing his neck. “I was thinking of talking to you about sex.”

Sam smiled to himself. “Or we could just have sex.”

“Hm,” Henry agreed, sliding down, reaching around to undo Sam’s boots. All his short boots had vanished from his wardrobe and he’d started wearing boots that laced halfway up his calves, which he had to assume was because Henry liked them on him. But whatever, Sam didn’t care. They were just boots, they didn’t hurt his feet. And if Henry wanted to crouch there and unlace Sam’s boots, let him. It reminded him of where he was supposed to be. “Okay. You know what I’d like to do?”

“I don’t care what you’d like to do,” Sam said with a sigh.

Henry lifted Sam’s foot up, pulled his left boot off, then started on the right boot. He kissed Sam’s buttcheek as he did. “I’m going to tell you anyway,” he said.

“I know.” Henry had never cared what Sam wanted.

Henry kissed Sam again, unlacing the boot with one hand as his other hand slid up and cupped Sam’s dick, massaging it to hardness. “I’d like,” he said, stroking Sam properly now. “To make you cum, over and over again, until you can’t anymore.”

Sam snorted, lifting his foot when Henry coaxed him to. The boot came off, and the pants with it, and Sam was naked. “That sounds so horrible.”

“And then,” said Henry, kissing Sam again, “once you can’t cum anymore and it hurts to try, then I’m going to fuck you until I’m satisfied. How does that sound?”

Sam shuddered as Henry gave him a hard stroke. “That…doesn’t sound fun.”

“It does for me.” Henry kept going, and Sam was leaking, and it was hard to respond. And then Sam came into Henry’s hand while Henry kissed his ass some more. And Henry kept stroking.

“F-fine,” Sam said, knees knocking a bit. “Play your stupid game. B-but tomorrow you’re not going to talk. You’re going to spend the whole day sucking my cock.”

Henry snorted. “If you can even get it up, sure.” And he pulled Sam back, into his lap, and though Sam yelped, he didn’t reach for his power. He was fine. Henry caught him, held him there. Jerked him off.

Henry’s clothes were rough against Sam’s skin and his hand was rough against Sam’s cock, and he squirmed and tried not to whimper like a dumbass while Henry stroked him. Eventually it got to be too much, and Sam reached up, let his power skitter to his hands, and used it to tear Henry’s clothes off his body, the fabric pulling away and leaving just Henry’s skin. That was much better.

Henry chuckled and jerked Sam harder, pulling Sam against his chest now, arms around him, keeping him in place, holding him tight, almost too tight, and Sam came again, with a soft cry that was only because Henry was hurting him.

He wasn’t given time to recover. Sam was laid on the floor and Henry’s head was between his legs before Sam could even get used to the temperature difference between Henry’s skin and the chilly rug, and Henry was sucking Sam hard and deep, and not giving him a moment to catch his breath.

Not hurting but sensitive so that he understood, actually understood now, what Henry planned to do to him, Sam took matters into his own hands. He grabbed Henry’s head, ran the libido spell through him as powerfully as he could. Henry would be too horny to follow through on his little game, he’d just need to fuck Sam now, or to get off somehow.

But no matter the spell, Henry sucked Sam for a good fifteen minutes, not moving. His hand did leave Sam’s thigh after a bit, and Sam took as a sign of victory that he was probably jerking off down there to relieve the pressure. So much for that plan.

But when Sam came into Henry’s mouth with a shout, Henry just pulled off, climbed up and kissed him. “How we doing?”

“F-fine,” Sam lied. “You?”

“Fine.” Henry moved, his presence disappearing for a second, and then his mouth was on Sam’s cock again, and this time his cock was pressing into Sam’s mouth, not giving him much choice but to open it. Good. Sam let it in, sucked. He’d get Henry off a few times and then they could go to bed.

Sucking hard, Henry slid his cock into Sam’s mouth more and more, moving up and down, fucking his face. He’d cum pretty quickly, Sam figured. There was a little bit of fluid, but not enough to suggest he’d shot before.

And then with a thrust, Henry was fucking Sam’s throat, his whole cock in Sam’s mouth. And Sam could feel against his lips a metal ring. Oh, fuck. When had Henry put that on? Sam hadn’t felt it before when he’d been leaning against Henry.

Sam had to struggle to breathe and it was hard to think with Henry sucking him so hard, the suggestion of teeth now and then keeping him focused, and his jaw hurt and he didn’t know how much time was passing and his balls hurt and fuck, this was…

Sam shouted as he came again, spasming around Henry’s cock. Henry pulled out after a few more thrusts, sitting beside Sam, touching his cheek. “Had enough?”

“Fuck…fuck you…”

Henry kissed Sam. “Soon. I think you can go a few more times, your Majesty.” He picked Sam up like a child and manhandled him into a chair, sitting with Sam in his lap.

“Could kill you,” Sam muttered, as Henry pressed against his entrance.

Henry kissed his cheek. “I know you could.” And, arms around Sam again, Henry pushed Sam all the way down in one go, getting another shout in exchange. Then he started to bounce Sam up and down. “Wasn’t going to fuck you until you were ready, but I think, I think wearing the ring means it doesn’t count…”

Sam didn’t answer, just wriggled and tried to get comfortable in Henry’s lap, but it was impossible with Henry fucking him, however slowly, and hitting that stupid spot inside him that made his body think he liked this, think he liked Henry inside him and fuck, this was good, but it hurt, and Sam…

Sam came with a whimper this time, not even sure he had the breath to cry out. Henry kissed his neck and kept going. “One more?”

“St-stop,” Sam said, quiet. He didn’t want to do it. But Henry wasn’t going to, he knew that. Henry would do this all night. It was too much for Sam, it was…

A knock at the door. Sam barely heard it. “Stop.”

“Why?” Henry asked, breath heavy.


“I hear them.”

“I don’t want…” Sam struggled to speak. “I don’t want them to…”

“See you using me as a toy just like you do everyone else?” Henry asked. “I can’t even cum like this. It’s pretty obvious that it’s just my job to pleasure you, isn’t it?”

“You…” Henry had a point. But at the same time…

Henry kissed Sam again. “Anyone brave enough to knock on that door at night is smart enough not to do anything stupid with anything they might learn in here. Come in.”

Sam didn’t have time to protest before the door creaked open, and then shut just as quickly.

“Hello, Derek,” Henry said, voice normal as if none of this was having an effect on him. “The king was just saying he’d like a blowjob.”

“Of course,” Derek said, coming over. Thank God Todd wasn’t with him. While Sam tried to stay composed, Derek got down on his knees and took Sam into his mouth, sucking obediently.

It hurt. At this point it wasn’t sensitive anymore, it just hurt, but Sam wasn’t, was not going to let Derek know that, so he just sat there, let Henry fuck him, let Derek suck him, like this was all for fun, like he was enjoying it, like he wanted it, like it was all his idea, like…

Sam hardly shot anything when he finished, but Derek swallowed it, then pulled off and stood up. “I hope that was to your liking, your Majesty.”

“It was…fine,” Sam got out. “What do you want? I’m busy.” Henry had slowed down, but was still fucking away.

“Yes, sir,” Derek agreed. “There’s going to be an attempt on your life in three days.”

Sam tensed, sat straighter. Henry stopped moving. “What?”

“By the rebel group that destroyed the cathedral in Jdrinma-Hash,” Derek continued, as if nothing was wrong. “The dragons who did it are working with some survivors from Endlyn. They’re planning to attack the castle and kill you and Lord Henry, your Majesty.”

Sam’s hand clenched, but Henry covered it. “And you know this how?”

Derek’s foot scuffed on the carpet. “Because I told them I’d help them.”

“You…” Sam reached out, magic lifting Derek from his feet, hand shaking with the effort at concentration, at not ripping him to shreds. “You little traitor.”

“It was the only way,” Derek explained, voice calm. “To find out their plan. If I hadn’t, they’d have killed me and you’ve never have known they were coming.”

“He has a point, Sam,” Henry muttered.

Sam didn’t care. “And how long have you known about this?”

“Only a week, your Majesty.”

“And you chose to wait until now to tell me.”

“I didn’t want to come to you with only half the information, sir,” Derek explained. “I know their plan now.”

Fuck. Sam wanted to kill him. The fact that he was right just made Sam want to kill him more. But at the same time, he kind of liked Derek. He put him down. “Tell me.”

“The dragons are going to attack the castle,” Derek explained, a small hitch in his voice the only indication that he’d just been at death’s door. “To distract you. I’m supposed to convince all the guards to go outside. The leaders of the rebellion are going to infiltrate the castle through the back wall and come assassinate you. One of them is a dragon that can shapeshift into human size, and he’s confident that your magic won’t hurt him. They think you’re going to be in the throne room.” Derek was silent for a second, but in that way that suggested he wasn’t done. “They’re being manipulated, your Majesty. Their leader is a foreigner named Cyrus. He’s convinced them that it’s all about freeing Ech’kent from you. But it’s not. He’s after the stone, the magic one you use.”

Sam went even more still. The stone was on the floor somewhere, in his pants pocket. “How do they know about the stone?”

“I don’t know, sir,” Derek said. “Someone must have told them. Whoever Cyrus is really working with, I guess.”

Fuck. Fuck. “Fine,” Sam said. “Fine. Tell us the details of their plan. We’ll prepare something to combat…”

“Your Majesty, if I might interrupt,” Derek said, doing just that. “I have it under control. They won’t get anywhere near you.”

Sam was not amused. “You have it under control.” Derek was a servant. He didn’t have any power except over Todd.

“Yes, sir,” he said, though, confident. “I’m telling you not because I need help. I’m telling you because there’s no way for me to keep it quiet when it happens, there are going to be dragons attacking the castle. Honestly I’d have preferred to deal with it without you knowing. I don’t think it’s important enough for you to waste time on.”

The furniture shook just a little. “You don’t decide what’s important enough,” Henry reminded Derek.

“Yes, Lord Arkhewer. There aren’t many of them. They’re not very smart. Aside from Cyrus they’re just stupid and sad. I think…” he paused. “I think they can be convinced to be your allies.”

Sam barked a laugh. “My allies? They’re trying to kill me. They’ll be centipede food.”

“Yes, your Majesty,” Derek agreed. “Only, two of the dragons for sure will switch sides if we can convince a few of the humans to side with us instead of killing them. The humans may be useless to you, but dragons…”

Sam leaned back into Henry, finding it easier to ignore his soreness now. He wanted so many more answers than this. “Two dragons working for me. You’re sure.”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

Hm. “And you know all this because they came to you for help.”

“Yes, your Majesty. I’m nobody important, but I have access to you and I can go anywhere in the castle. Recruiting someone like me was part of their plan.”

Interesting. “That was a mistake for them.”

“Yes, your Majesty, it was. They’re not very smart, like I said. Mostly they’re pretty young. My age or even a bit younger.”

Sam wasn’t sure what to make of all this. Well, he had an idea. The fact that Derek didn’t want him to kill these idiots was something to consider, though. “Go away,” he said after a minute. “I’m going to think about this tonight. Come back for breakfast and we’ll talk more. You’re not handling this anymore, Henry and I are.”

“Yes, your Majesty,” Derek said, moving backwards. “Thank you for your time.”

“Just get lost,” Sam muttered. The door opened. Derek left. “Fuck.”

“Yeah,” Henry agreed. He stood up, not letting Sam off his cock, walked them to the bed, plopped Sam down on what he realized belatedly were the artworm silk sheets. “A bit of a problem.”

“Just a bit,” Sam said, as Henry slid back into him and started moving again. He wrapped his arms around Henry’s neck to help him think. “If there’s going to be an attack I want Daisy and the baby taken somewhere else. Somewhere safer.”

“I’ll have them get ready to go tomorrow,” Henry agreed. “Sam, three days is when James is visiting too.”

“I know.” Sam had, in fact, forgotten about that. Shit. “It’s our only chance to get him. We can’t make him come a different day or he’ll get suspicious. We’ll just have to deal with it.” It shouldn’t be a problem. James was going to be trapped in the circle that would block his powers. But Sam still felt like it was a problem. It was too many things at once.

“We will,” Henry agreed, kissing Sam’s collarbone. He thrust harder. “We’ll deal with it.”

Sam felt like that was actually true when Henry said it. It was comforting.

The orgasm he had was a surprise. He’d been busy thinking and hadn’t noticed himself building to it. It shook him, taking his strength, his concentration. “Fuck.”

Henry chuckled, fondled Sam’s sore dick a little. “Not even hard anymore.”

“Shut up.”

Henry pulled out, patting Sam’s cheek. “Let’s worry about the rebels and James tomorrow,” he said. “We can’t do anything tonight.”

“Fine,” Sam grumbled, ready for sleep.

Henry slid back inside, but this time there was no metal at the base of his cock. “For now, I’m going to take my turn.”

It was another two hours before Henry let Sam get any sleep. It didn’t matter. He slept really well anyway, even with all the things pressing down on him.

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  1. It occurs to me that dragons working for the king of a place that used to worship dragons will have the side benefit of further legitimizing his rule.


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