Noble, 6

After A Long Day’s Work, A Good Night’s Sleep Is Just What You Need

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Geoffrey yawned, putting down the letter he was reading. It was from Sophia Fyrhawk. She would not, according to her, wish her brother back even if God deigned to grant him his life again, given that he was a traitor who’d nearly destroyed the kingdom.

It was the right thing to say. But Geoffrey doubted it was true. Maybe not everyone felt the way about their brothers that he did, but he couldn’t imagine caring so little that she honestly wouldn’t want him back if she knew he was alive. Which she soon would, but Geoffrey had to be careful how to word the letter telling her that so she didn’t do something stupid like spread it around.

And he was too tired for that. He’d had a council meeting today, which had taken most of the afternoon, and then had been doing his correspondence with his stewards back home, and that had taken hours. He’d barely seen Giacomo all day.

So, figuring he was too tired to write an intricate political letter, he left it there to answer in the morning and went to find his brother. The house was dark, a few lamps lit only because the servants knew he was still awake, and Geoffrey paid little attention to anything as he moved through it.

There were more servants around than usual, because they did a lot of their work at night, but they stayed out of his way and Geoffrey ignored them, heading for Giacomo’s bedroom. He was probably asleep, but Geoffrey just wanted to see him, maybe kiss him goodnight.

So he eased into Giacomo’s bedroom, shutting the door behind him. The room was dark, but Geoffrey knew the way to the bed, knew the side that Giacomo slept on. He crawled in, feeling around. There was nobody there, the bedsheets cold. Geoffrey frowned.

He opened the curtains, let sharp moonlight into the room. It was definitely empty. Strange. Maybe Giacomo and Alfie were up to something. Or were sleeping somewhere else. Geoffrey went back out into the hall, deciding if it was worth it to look for them or if he should just go to bed.

He yawned again, and decided bed was better. He’d kiss Giacomo tomorrow. So he went to his own room, surprised to find it dark as well. The lamp should be on when he…

Ah. Geoffrey smiled. Two forms were huddled under his blankets in the moonlight. Taking off his clothes, he went around to the side of the bed he knew Giacomo preferred, and slid in, under the blankets. His brother’s body heat greeted him as Geoffrey pressed against him. “You’re in my bed,” he whispered.

Giacomo didn’t answer, breathing soft, nestling a little. Alfie was pressed against his chest. Geoffrey chuckled and kissed Giacomo’s neck. He really hadn’t planned to do anything but kiss him goodnight. But now that Giacomo was here, naked in his bed, Geoffrey wasn’t sure how he was supposed to not get hard against him, and how he was supposed to not start rubbing against Giacomo’s ass.

It was a few thrusts before Geoffrey angled himself properly, managing to get his dick in between Giacomo’s buttcheeks, but then he was good, and he went slowly but firmly, speeding up as he started to leak a little, lubricating the process more and more.

Geoffrey breathed in Giacomo’s scent, which admittedly wasn’t amazing—dirty little fucker needed a bath again—but smelled like his brother, and that was what he wanted. He snaked his arm under Giacomo, pulling him a little closer, thrusting a little harder. And Geoffrey came, splattering Giacomo’s ass as he let out a quiet sound in Giacomo’s ear, kissing him intermittently.

He lay there for a while, holding Giacomo, waiting for sleep to come over him. It didn’t. And he was still hard and throbbing against Giacomo’s ass, and all he could think was that Giacomo was such a heavy sleeper there was no real danger of waking him up.

And so Geoffrey used his free hand to position himself against Giacomo’s hole, and with his cum as an inefficient but serviceable lube, he pressed against it. Giacomo was relaxed in sleep, and with a grunt Geoffrey popped in, wrapping both arms around Giacomo to pull him closer as he worked his way in with some difficulty. Giacomo let out the occasional sound, but never stirred.

His breath hot on Giacomo’s neck, Geoffrey took a few minutes to get all the way inside. And once he was fully hilted in his brother, he paused to rest for a long moment. Not because he was yet tired, but just to have a moment with the feeling of being inside Giacomo. He loved this feeling almost as much as he loved Giacomo himself.

But Geoffrey also liked orgasms, so he started moving not long after. He reached down and took Giacomo’s boner in hand, stroking it in tune with his thrusts. It was only fair.

He’d barely gotten through half a dozen of those thrusts before he felt a hand on his, gently pulling him away from Giacomo’s dick. Geoffrey was surprised, but he let it happen. Alfie pulled his hand away, and moved on Giacomo’s other side, until his own dick was up against Giacomo’s. Then he put Geoffrey’s hand back around both their dicks. He didn’t say anything.

Neither did Geoffrey, resuming moving inside the quiet Giacomo, jerking both him and Alfie off while he fucked Giacomo. Alfie moaned quietly, alternating between biting his hand and kissing Giacomo’s chest and shoulder.

They went on like that for a good while before Alfie’s noises got louder and he came in Geoffrey’s hand, hiding his face in Giacomo’s shoulder. Geoffrey picked up just a bit of speed, holding them both, and soon finished himself, kissing his brother’s back as he filled him up.

Naturally Geoffrey did the right thing for his brother and kept stroking him, using Alfie’s cum to help him go a little faster. In a few short minutes he had Giacomo shooting as well, a soft cry escaping him. After that, he nestled in between them and fell back into a deeper sleep.

Geoffrey smiled to himself, yawning again. “Goodnight, Alfie,” he whispered, settling in, not pulling out of Giacomo. It would be a nice way to wake up.

“Goodnight, Geoffrey,” Alfie whispered back, holding Geoffrey’s cum-covered hand, which had moved off their dicks.

Giacomo was still fast asleep, and soon Geoffrey joined him there.

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