Character Profile: Ron

Name: Ron of the Black Witch Clan, Ron Bauer (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Bon-Bon, Moonflower, Oily, Runt, Shadow

Title(s): Guardian to the Leader of the Black Witch Clan

Hair Colour: Brown/Auburn

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Build: Muscular, lean

Distinguishing Marks: Discoloured scar on his chest over his heart, occasional flowers growing in his hair

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): James of the Black Witch Clan (husband)

Family Relationships: Owen Sanct (cousin) Gavin ven Sancte and Sir Edwin the Stalward (cousin’s husbands), Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (cousin’s sons), Tommy, Regina (parents), Tina, Oscar (aunt and uncle), Jay and Tanner, Tana and Sovveli, Julia, Josephine (clan), Charlie, Sparky, Finny, Jiminy, Howie, Olly, Cedric, Mateo, Milo, Doc, Gary, Stanley, Bobby, Harley, Julius (garden), Demon (cat), Rhonda (aunt), Rose and Ray (cousins), Jed and Micha (wards)

Sexuality: Fluid/submissive (little preference, but prefers a dominant partner)

Preferred Positions: On his knees, tied up, blindfolded

Kinks: Humiliation, submission, bondage, orgasm control, spanking, forced nudity

Orgies Attended: Garden Variety Orgies

Bio: Born in the village of Great Scar, Ron spent most of his time growing up helping his father, the town’s builder, or tending to their modest farm, when he wasn’t playing with his cousin Owen, who often got them both into trouble, which Ron enjoyed more than he let on. When his parents split up and his mother left without a word, Ron’s father became uncommunicative and neglectful, leading Ron to feel unloved. As a result, he left home, travelled a bit and joined a mercenary group in Teown’s Sound, where he was employed for almost a year before, on his week off, hearing that a witch in the woods to the south of the city was kidnapping local children and setting off without pay to go and put that right.


  • Ron dated a few people before James, but it always ended before they had sex and he always felt bad saying even to himself that he wasn’t as excited by those relationships as he felt he should have been
  • He worked for a mercenary group in Teown’s Sound before going to the forest, mostly doing caravan guarding within the city
  • Before that, Ron worked for a few weeks at a time as helping hand at various inns or shops he came across
  • Prior to what Jay gave him, Ron has never owned clothes that weren’t secondhand
  • One of Ron’s greatest fears is that he’ll run into his mother somewhere in the world
  • He was talked into learning swordplay by Owen, who’d heard that Ron’s father was skilled at it
  • The plants in the garden have adored Ron since day one
  • Ron’s parents divorce happened when he was eight years old
  • Ron’s lack of tolerance for spicy food is hereditary on his mother’s side
  • Aside from James, Charlie is Ron’s best friend currently


  • “I don’t think wanting to wear clothes is an unreasonable demand.”
  • “You just don’t know how to recognize good food when you taste it.”
  • “It’s nice that someone cares about me enough to make sure I’m taken care of.”
  • “I didn’t try to help him. He needed help. And I left. I helped myself instead of helping him, but…he didn’t care that I left. Why didn’t he try to stop me from leaving?”
  • “I’ve learned that good things happen when I’m obedient.”
  • “James…James, stop, it hurts…”
  • “Did you think, did you think for a minute that I was going to leave? I love you, you asshole.”
  • “I just love you so much, more than anything. I love you, and I don’t want to leave. And you love me, and I don’t think you want me to leave. So it seems stupid for me to leave if neither of us wants it.”
  • “Not all of us can have drunken treetop orgies with strangers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s what you like. Just…you know. Shut up.”
  • “Poleaxe.”
  • “Um. Sorry, for poisoning you, and stuff. It was for the greater good and you totally started it.”
  • “It sounds kind of like you’re asking me to marry you.”
  • “I think most cats are probably secretly demons.”


  • Ron has always preferred being barefoot to wearing any shoes
  • Once when he was camping a squirrel came up and peed on him
  • He loves the sound of drums
  • At six years old he was told that people got married to their favourite people, so he decided to marry Owen
  • The weirdest boner he ever got was from having his arm licked by a horse
  • Ron has never had any sense of embarrassment around Owen, he’d do anything if Owen was there
  • When he was eleven, Ron scared a bear away from his house by kicking it in the balls
  • Ron was once trapped in a well naked for three days
  • On his second day as a mercenary Ron had to stand in a city square and pee himself as a distraction
  • At the end of his first month as a mercenary, Ron had to clear some rats out of a tavern cellar, which turned into an encounter with several sentient slimes that he refuses to talk about

Modern AU: Modern Ron still nominally lives with his dad, but spends a lot of time on volunteering and work that lets him not be home most of the time. Now that he’s started dating James, he’s at James’s house almost all the time, and the two are planning to get an apartment together in a year or so if they can afford it. He occasionally hangs out with his cousin Owen when he’s not dropping off the grid to hang out in James’s garden. He works in an occultist/hobby shop run by James’s friend, where he manages inventory, cleans the floor, stocks the shelves and pretends that he isn’t increasingly worried that magic might be real.

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