Gavin’s Letter (Fanfiction)

To: Prince Franz, Royal Palace, Three Hills

Dear brother,

How fare thee? I do hope all is well in Three Hills and no further assassinations have been attempted.

I will apprise you in a subsequent missive of the minor happenstances that befell us since our departure from Three Hills (some boring stuff about the fate of the world, nothing to worry about) but the IMPORTANT NEWS first: My husband(*) and his boyfriend are so fucking sexy together, you should see them! Do you remember this cute little squire called Edwin? Right now he’s blowing my husband like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted. Ah, Owen is starting to make noises, shouldn’t last long now… There, it’s over already 😦

Aww, wasn’t that sweet? Edwin just offered me a blowjob too! But they’re having so much fun together, I don’t want to intrude (for now, I’ll catch up later!)

It seems Edwin has an itch to scratch but my chivalrous Owen is always there to lend a hand (and other body parts). Hummm, they look so good together, my strong knight and our lovely bodyguard. They’re making the most adorable noises too! Oh, and now Edwin is about to… and Owen… aaaahhdjfasdjkskgnjipkqsnklqssoghurnjsklezirshvrqfbdnsj

Ahem, sorry about that. I would apologise for the cum stain on the letter but I know you will not begrudge me this little mishap.

Please do send my regards to Boey. Oh, and my sister too, I guess.

Yours in debauchery,

Your brother Gavin, Prince of Dolovai, Luckiest Bastard in Menechit

(*) PS: So sorry you couldn’t come to the wedding, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I swear we’ll throw a huge party when we’re back!

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