Character Profile: Wes

Physical attributes differentiated by a / indicate before/after Wes’s transformation.

Name: Wesley, Wesley Sharpe (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Ghost Bear, Wes

Title(s): Child of Misfortune

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Dark blue/black

Height: 196 cm/199 cm

Weight: 138.5 kg/120 kg

Build: Bulky, muscular, tall

Distinguishing Marks: Pointed ears, fur covering most of body, long furry tail

Dick Size: Large/very large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Cal, Mick, Sully, Travis, Joey, Beatrice, Lillian, Ray (teammates)

Family Relationships: Wanda (mother, deceased), unknown father, Grey Rain (part-time teammate)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Sitting, partner in his lap

Kinks: Size kink, daddy kink, costume kink

Orgies Attended: Clearwater Woods Orgies, The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born in a small, northeastern coastal city called Outpost Reach which is neither an outpost nor a reach, Wes grew up in a single-parent household with his mother, a retired dancer from a travelling troupe of performers. Wes grew up helping his mom sell baked goods in the market, and took odd jobs as a delivery boy or a mover as he got older and bigger in order to help out with money. When Wes was fourteen, his mother developed a very malignant stomach cancer and died within six months, leaving him alone. He left Outpost Reach two weeks after her funeral, heading south and looking for something to give his life meaning. He found that one day in a town called Lakeview, which has no view of any lakes, when an energetic southerner with no loincloth kidnapped him and a travelling actor at knifepoint and changed his life.


  • Wes never knew his father and never wanted to; he was a stranger who raped his mother
  • Wes has no formal weapons training; he started using an axe when he started working with Cal
  • Wes had periods of depression as a teenager, mostly related to feeling like he was too big and too in the way, because he knew he’d gotten his stature from his dad. These got less prominent as he got older, but still happen now and then
  • When his mom died, Wes had an afternoon when he considered killing himself. He decided not to when he saw a dog. His suicidal period was what convinced him to leave Outpost Reach
  • Wes never had trouble finding work while he was travelling, if anything he had trouble getting away from people who wanted to hire him
  • He often gives money to doctors and healers when he sees them, and also women with little kids
  • Wes doesn’t like to hurt people, but he’s hit several men who he saw harassing women in public places
  • Death frightens Wes. He doesn’t like cemeteries, he’s uncomfortable with the idea of necromancy, zombies and ghost stories scare the hell out of him, he doesn’t even like seeing human bones
  • Wes started to be a lot more comfortable with his size once his muscles started to develop more fully
  • Wes never yells or speaks in a loud voice because he doesn’t want to frighten people


  • “We wanted to. But it didn’t feel right if it wasn’t all three of us. We agreed to wait for you.”
  • “Does ‘great’ have another meaning that I don’t know about?”
  • “A little annoyed at your tendency to run towards danger.”
  • “People are strong when they need to be.”
  • “And for the record, you’re exactly the right size as far as we’re concerned.”
  • “I used to think she must hate me, hate looking at me, because…because I didn’t look anything like her.”
  • “I think you’ve forgotten that swans are a thing.”
  • “Let’s help daddy out of his boots, hm?”
  • “Money, weapons, soap, clean smallclothes, our last will and testament in case we get eaten by dragons, it’s all there.”
  • “You can never have too many pairs of boots.”
  • “We’ve been waiting for you. Didn’t expect you to blow the place up, though.”
  • “Knew you’d come crawling back. Bleeding and covered in someone else’s cum, but I knew you would.”
  • “I guess it’s what happens when you grow a body full of fur overnight.”


  • Once when he was twelve a seabird landed on Wes’s dick when he was swimming at the beach outside of Outpost Reach. It was two full minutes before he got it to let go
  • For the first two weeks that he was on the team he called Cal ‘sir’
  • When he was three, Wes got upset about breaking a cup, ran out of the house and went missing for two days before his mom found him
  • As he travelled around, Wes often had flings with people he met in various towns or villages. Notable relationships he had were a two-month relationship with a younger homeless boy named Huck in Bethel’s Frontier (the first boy he had penetrative sex with), a fling with a merchant’s daughter named Tilda after leaving that same city (the first girl he had penetrative sex with), a three-day romp in a village he passed through with a boy named Isaac and a series of sexual encounters in Lakeview with a thief named Matthias right before he met Cal and Mick
  • There was a period in his adolescence where Wes was outgrowing clothes faster than they could afford to replace them; that summer it wasn’t uncommon to see him in just a pair of too-small shorts because it was all that fit
  • When he was six Wes stole a razor and shaved his head because his hair wasn’t the same as his mom’s
  • Wes used to go around his neighbourhood when he wasn’t busy looking for cats and dogs to pet
  • Wes grew up eating seafood and after he left home, wouldn’t eat it for two years
  • Keeping with something his mom taught him as a boy, Wes always wears clean smallclothes, even if he has to wash the same pair every day. In an interpretation that probably isn’t what she intended, he will go without them if he can’t wear clean ones
  • Wes has a ring that belonged to his mother. He keeps it in a pouch in the bottom of his bag, and checks every morning to make sure it’s still there. He never takes it out of the pouch

Modern AU: Modern Wes lives with his mom, worrying about her health and driving her to and from chemotherapy appointments, surgical consultations, and other medical events no matter how many times she tells him he doesn’t need to do that. He plays football after being pressed into it by some guys at school who saw his size, and is pretty good at it despite not liking tackling people at first. He started playing D&D with Cal and Mick when Cal stood in between him and Mick in the school urinals and started pestering them about it, not stopping until two days later when Wes agreed to give it a try. When not role-playing, exploring, playing football or working at the nearby grocery store, Wes is usually at home with his mom, making the most of his time with her or working on writing what he hopes will be a novel someday.

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