Character Profile: Travis

Physical attributes differentiated by a / indicate before/after Travis’s transformation.

Name: Travis the Thin, Travis Jennings (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Secret Boy

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown/yellow and black

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 60 kg/65 kg

Build: Thin, firm

Distinguishing Marks: Scales, colour-changing skin, circular eyelids, retractable penis

Dick Size: Average/large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Joey, Cal, Wes, Mick, Sully, Beatrice, Lillian, Ray (teammates)

Family Relationships: Father Ray (monastery abbot) Brothers Randy and Marshall (monastery monks), Ike, Tim, Anthony, Dylan, Kyle, Caleb, Evan, Travis (the fat), Nolan, Ryan, Samuel, Kasey, Austin, Nick, Cory, Felicity, Ann, Patty, Maria, Harriet, Ophelia (orphanage kids), Grey Rain (part-time teammate)

Sexuality: Gay/dracosexual

Preferred Positions: Doggy style (bottom), missionary (top)

Kinks: Size kink, biting, competition, possessiveness

Orgies Attended: The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: An orphan who was raised by monks at St. Hugo’s Monastery, which runs an rural orphanage and takes in children from throughout a large region in northeastern Dolovai, Travis grew up studying scripture and hearing stories about the world from the monks. He always wanted to go see that world he’d heard stories about, so once he deemed himself old enough, he decided to leave the monastery. An opportunity presented itself when they heard tell of a princess being kidnapped and knights going to slay a dragon; Travis thought that seemed unfair and chose to go befriend the dragon instead.


  • Travis never really had much memory for scripture and though he does know a lot of it, he was only ever interested in the stories
  • The orphanage was mixed-gender, had one common sleeping area, a range of ages including very young children and was heavily supervised by the monks, so Travis and the other kids did not grow up having much sexual experiences with one another
  • Travis’s biological parents abandoned him at the monastery when he was eight months old. He never asked if the monks knew their names and isn’t interested in finding them
  • He considers all the other kids at the monastery his brothers and sisters
  • Travis knew he was gay when he was four years old
  • Travis’s name was the only piece of information his parents left with him; otherwise the monks would have changed it as there was already a Travis at the orphanage
  • After leaving the Amaran Mountains, Travis insisted on going east and south since those were directions he’d never seen
  • Travis isn’t dysphoric about his new body. He just wishes he’d gotten some more powers out of the deal
  • Travis would be happily monogamous if Joey hadn’t had a thing for Sully and Cal, but he also thinks sex is different from love and wouldn’t have a problem with himself or a partner having casual sexual experiences outside the relationship
  • As a result of his transformation, Travis is now cold-blooded


  • “Where are you, dragons?”
  • “You’re a dragon? I thought dragons were…you know…Big. And scaly, and big. And like, lizards with claws and tails and stuff. And big.”
  • “If you go around with no clothes on even when it’s hot, people glare at you and stuff.”
  • “I never thought I’d find a friend I could cum on and still talk to.”
  • “You’re my best buddy. And besides, I’m part of your hoard now, right? I can’t leave without breaking up your collection.”
  • “I…came here because everyone was looking for the dragon who kidnapped the princess.”
  • “How does that work? Like, you eat three goats whole, but then you turn back into human shape and…what happens to the goats?”
  • “There’s an entire dick’s worth of difference there!”
  • “I love you, Joey. More than anything. And I’m going to stay with you forever.”
  • “I got turned into a lizard.”
  • “Not much to tell, I’m an orphan who decided to find a dragon one day.”
  • “But let me tell you that my asshole thanks you for taking some of the stress off.”
  • “Plus like, couldn’t we just invite all the people who want to end the world to the orgy, and then they won’t want to kill us anymore because we’ll all be too busy having sex?”


  • Travis’s earliest memory is of a goat chewing on his shirt
  • Eleven-year-old Travis once got stuck on the roof of the monastery for a day and a half because nobody could find a ladder
  • The monastery grew all its own food, with the help of the children. Travis is fully capable of running a small farm
  • During one of his first wet dreams, Travis ended up humping Caleb in his sleep. Neither of them could talk to each other for three days afterwards
  • Travis fights with a knife. Nobody has ever taught him to fight. He is bad at it
  • Growing up, Travis practiced kissing sometimes with Ann or Ophelia. He preferred to do this with girls because he knew there was little chance of something physically embarrassing happening
  • Travis is literate but was never very good with reading. He always showed skill with numbers, however
  • Travis and a few of the other boys at the orphanage always wanted to do things together sexually, but the most they could really do was jerk off together in the river once in a while
  • Travis is very careful with money because it was always tight at the orphanage
  • At thirteen, Travis had a crush on St. Hugo and liked to imagine him as his boyfriend

Modern AU: Modern Travis has lived in the foster system his whole life and moved around every few years. The last year he’s been being fostered by Ray, a high school baseball coach. Travis joined the baseball team as a result, where he plays shortstop with middling success. Not long after that, he met Joey in a cave in the woods and they started dating, and a few months later the two of them made friends with Cal and ended up playing D&D with them and then also sleeping with them, which both Travis and Joey agree was the logical outcome. When he’s not with Joey or his other boyfriends, at baseball practice or messing around with his friends from the team, Travis has started working part-time as an assistant coach to a little league team.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Travis

  1. What are the odds that Travis’s new body did come with more powers, and he just hasn’t discovered them yet? (Presumably due to not having a dramatic enough crisis to resolve with said discovery.)


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