Noble, 8

Politics Is Equal Parts Planning and Performance

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“I graciously and sincerely apologize for offending, my lord,” Giacomo read, giggling as he bounced up and down on Geoffrey’s cock. “Does he know you’re…ah, fuck, Geoffrey, does he know you’re not supposed to say your apology is gracious?”

Geoffrey gripped Giacomo’s hips harder, bouncing him again. “No, I don’t think he knows that.”

Giacomo leaned back, clenching around Geoffrey. “Let’s not tell him.”

“Obviously,” Geoffrey agreed, kissing his ear. “It’s more fun that way.”

They fell into a silence after that. Or rather, not a silence, as it was filled with sounds, grunts and moans and sounds of contentment. A wordlessness as they fucked, rocking back and forth in Gerhard’s big armchair. Jorge’s letter was crumpling in Giacomo’s hand.

As always, Giacomo’s asshole felt like it had been made to house Geoffrey’s cock, and he wondered idly as he fucked his brother how anything that felt like this and was so easy and natural could be wrong. This was so obviously what was meant to happen that he had to assume that people who shook their heads and tried to make this impossible just must not have had brothers.

The door opened and Alfie slipped in the room quietly. He was the only one, him and Javier, who didn’t knock. “He’s here,” he said.

Geoffrey nodded, slowing down his fucking of Giacomo now. Jorge had asked to come over to apologize in person in addition to sending his stupid letter. “Want to bet he’s just going to say exactly what’s in his letter again?” Geoffrey whispered in Giacomo’s ear. Giacomo giggled again. Alfie sat down opposite them and undid his pants to jerk off as he watched them.

Geoffrey ended up fucking Giacomo for another half-hour before it was finally time to cum in his ass, which Geoffrey did quietly but with force, shooting six spurts before finishing. Though he was tired and sensitive now, Geoffrey did right by his brother, fucking him for another five minutes or so before Giacomo came with a whinge, leaning forward as he did. They sat together for another minute before Giacomo got up, pulling Geoffrey out to stand. “Oops,” he said, showing Geoffrey the letter. “I made a mess on Jorge’s gracious apology.” Indeed, it was covered in his cum now.

Geoffrey laughed. “Is that what you’re planning to do with his verbal one too?”

“Ew, I don’t want him anywhere near my dick, thanks.”

Giacomo went to pull up his pants, but Geoffrey stopped him, crouching behind Giacomo and licking his thighs, getting all the cum that was running down. He licked around the hole too, cleaning it, though being this close to it just made Geoffrey want to stick his cock up there again. But there was a time and place, and he stood up reluctantly, pulling Giacomo’s pants up for him. Giacomo turned around and cleaned up Geoffrey’s cock with his own tongue, making sure it was rock hard before tucking it back into his pants.

By this point, Alfie had made his mess and cleaned it up, waiting for them. Giacomo went up to him. “Sorry for the wait.”

Alfie shrugged. “It was fun to watch. Do you think you guys could do me from both ends tonight?”

“Sure,” Giacomo said, kissing Alfie on the mouth. He balled up the letter and tossed it in the fire, and they all went out into the hallway. By the time they got to the room where Jorge was waiting, it had been most of an hour since he’d arrived.

Predictably, he was annoyed. “There you are,” he said, from a corner of the room. He’d been pacing, or poking around. Jorge tried to smooth his expression, which didn’t really work. “I was starting to think you’d forgotten me.”

“Not for a moment, Jorge,” Geoffrey promised him, indicating some chairs. He sat in one, and so did Giacomo and Alfie. Only then did Geoffrey deign to notice that the room only had three chairs. Oh, well. “To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?”

“I have come…” Jorge looked lost even though he was just standing there. He faced Giacomo. “I have come to apologize to you in person, lord Giacomo. Please accept my apology for…neglecting your efforts during the removal of the usurper.”

At no point in Jorge’s florid letter had he mentioned that he’d lied. Giacomo nodded at him. “Thank you, Jorge. I accept your apology. It made me very sad that you did that. I had hoped that since we were both from the east, we could get along better than we do.”

Jorge looked profoundly uncomfortable, and he looked from Giacomo to Geoffrey for a moment. Geoffrey remained silent. “I…would also like that, my lord,” he lied. “I realize I haven’t been the most…open of allies to your house, but of course I think we should be friends. Kyaine will be better for it if we all agree to get along, don’t you think?”

“Of, of course,” Jorge said, nodding. He seemed pleased. “It’s time to put silly squabbles behind us.”

“Especially now that we’re going to have a DiGorre queen again soon,” Geoffrey added. There was no further news about Dahlia DiGorre, but she’d be in the capital soon. Geoffrey was very curious to see if the girl who came to the capital was actually Dahlia DiGorre.

“Yes,” Jorge agreed, clearly uncertain. So he didn’t know anything about this either. Interesting. “It will be a return to a much-needed stability in our nation.”

“I presume Hans plans to abdicate his regency immediately,” Geoffrey said, casual. “Being that Dahlia is old enough to assume the throne on her own.”

“I…would assume so, yes,” Jorge said, looking around furtively. He was starting to shift back and forth, uncomfortable standing. “Though she may be traumatized from her recent experiences. It would be understandable if she were to want her uncle to remain as regent for a short time, wouldn’t it?”

“It would,” Geoffrey agreed.

“I hope she does. That’ll give her more free time so I can…”


Giacomo cleared his throat, falling silent. “Sorry.”

“What’s this?” Jorge asked, looking back and forth between them. “You two are scheming something again.”

Geoffrey chuckled. So much for friendship. “Scheming is such a silly word, Jorge. Some things are just best kept within families, is all.”

“Such as?” Jorge leaned forward, seeming excited now. He may as well have just written in his letter that he planned to spy on them.

Geoffrey sighed elaborately. “I suppose since we’re friends it can’t hurt to tell you. Giacomo is planning to court the princess upon her return. There’s a strong political argument for marrying a member of an eastern house to the crown, and Giacomo’s more charming than I am.”

Jorge’s eyes were wide. “That’s…your plan? To marry your house to House DiGorre?”

“It’s a good one, isn’t it?” Geoffrey asked, smiling. “The eastern houses all got together and came up with it. I trust you won’t say anything, right?” he added. “It would be unfortunate if this all got out before we were ready.”

“Of, of course,” Jorge said, clearing his throat. “Friends…keep each other’s confidence, don’t they?”

“Exactly,” Geoffrey said. He stood up. “It’s nearly dinner time. Would you like to stay and eat with us?” This was the diciest part of all of this. If Jorge said yes, they would have to eat dinner with him.

Fortunately, he declined. “No, no. I wouldn’t want to impose. Perhaps another time.”

“Very well. Someone will show you out. Thank you so much for coming.”

“Yes, thank you,” said Giacomo, standing as well. “I really appreciate it, Jorge. I’m glad we’re friends now.”

“As am I,” Jorge promised, bowing. And he left, all but running.

Giacomo waited until he was down the hallway to start laughing. “You’d think it wouldn’t be fun since he’s so stupid, but he’s just so stupid.”

Geoffrey grinned, kissing Giacomo’s forehead. “You did very well,” he said.

“Do you guys really think Hans will have him executed over that, though?” Alfie asked, watching the door uncertainly. “That is your plan, right? To have Hans kill him for you.”

“It is,” Geoffrey said. “And it’ll work if we play it right. There are a few other things we need to do. But in the meantime, we should go have dinner. We need to keep our energy up for tonight, after all.”

Giacomo took Geoffrey’s hand as they went to the dining room, and Geoffrey reflected on the hilarity of assuming that he’d ever marry Dahlia DiGorre. She was a nice girl, but Geoffrey wanted Giacomo all to himself.

Besides, there were no political benefits to marrying someone who was never going to be queen.

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