Character Profile: Joey

Name: Kzarr’nnevethk-hngyou’eeen’tekth, Joey Allen (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Joey, Little One, Runt, Snakeboy

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: Grey-blue

Height: 149 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Build: Compact

Distinguishing Marks: Curved grey horns atop his head, scaled grey prehensile tail, noticeable lack of wings

Dick Size: Extra-large (by human standards, slightly above average by dragon standards)

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Travis, Sully, Cal, Wes, Mick, Beatrice, Lillian, Ray (teammates/hoard)

Family Relationships: Kjznyyr’dzjkkran’yyghethkkn (dam, deceased), Zsnahgyjr’mmekn-hrchk’nkkjdr’hkathznz (sire, deceased), Hthcik’shesthethk-rngyou’szze’katc (friend/protector), Grey Rain (part-time teammate)

Sexuality: Dragon

Preferred Positions: Inside his partner from behind, on top of partner

Kinks: Biting, possessiveness, competition, size kink

Orgies Attended: The Great Pelican Bay Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: Born into a clutch of three, Joey was unusual from birth because he hatched in mammalian form. Obviously a shapeshifter but unable to shift, Joey was at a huge disadvantage from the beginning as he lacked fangs, claws and scales to protect him from his clutchmates. Fortunately, his sire was willing to protect him and keep his safe, uncharacteristically for a dragon parent. His sire was protective of all three of his offspring, in fact, but one of Joey’s clutchmates died in a flying accident and the other was killed by an adolescent dragon for trying to eat the wrong thing, leaving Joey the only survivor from his clutch. Shielded from other dragons into his adolescence, Joey was suddenly kicked out and expected to live on his own one day with no explanation. Still unable to shapeshift, he hid in a cave, barely surviving, until he made a human friend. When they discovered that Joey’s sire had been killed for kidnapping a prince, Joey and his human friend were forced to leave the mountains until Joey was able to protect himself.


  • Though his condition is extremely unusual, Joey’s sire never asked other dragons about it because he didn’t want Joey to be killed for perceived weakness
  • Joey has three surviving siremates in the Amaran colony. He has never met any of them
  • Because his shapeshifting power is wreaking havoc with his biology, Joey’s rut didn’t start until several years into his adolescence, and instead of having a six-to-eight-week rut every spring, he has a three-to-five-day rut every two months
  • Joey could speak Daolo from a young age; Louis taught him
  • More than anything, Joey wants to develop wings. He’d take those over the ability to change shape at will
  • Being short was already an issue of consternation to Joey before he left home. It’s gotten worse the more time he’s spent with humans who like to point it out. Conversely, having a big dick has been something he’s become prouder and prouder of
  • Joey wore a huge cloak to hide his tail and horns while travelling among humans. He treasured it even though he hated wearing it, because it was the first gift he ever received from Travis
  • Everywhere he goes, Joey steals something to add to his hoard, which Travis carries in his bag
  • After his experiences travelling around, Joey prefers living among humans to living with other dragons
  • Joey never planned to have a polyamorous relationship. He fell in love with Cal and Sully when they were going to rescue Travis and never planned to say anything about it until Travis brought it up with him


  • “Did…were you looking for a specific dragon, or…”
  • “Clothes? I don’t know what that is.”
  • “Are humans all this dumb?”
  • “Hey, have you noticed that mine’s bigger than yours?”
  • “I want…you to stay here forever, Travis. With me.”
  • “Not surrendering. Dragons don’t surrender.”
  • “He’s dead. They killed him. Why did they kill him?”
  • “Don’t be silly. You’re part of my hoard. If I can’t protect you, what kind of dragon am I?”
  • “Dragons are assholes. No offence, but they’ll kill you.”
  • “Why would you assume that I’d know just because I’m a dragon? We don’t all know each other, you know.”
  • “My powers don’t work because I was a blob in my egg.”
  • “Everyone gets hurt. It’s how you know you’re alive.”
  • “You all belong to me. You’re all mine.”


  • Both of Joey’s clutchmates were shapeshifters as well
  • Joey’s grey colouring is an extremely rare recessive gene
  • Joey’s first blowjob was given to him by himself. He can also rim himself
  • All of Joey’s first sexual experiences that weren’t solo were with Louis, though many of them ended prematurely if his sire decided Louis was being too rough and kicked him out
  • Joey’s hoard contains a few coins including the one his sire gave him, a scale, three windchimes, about a dozen pretty rocks, sixteen forks, a gear, a box of matches, a wooden carving of a nymph, a ring with a glass stone in it, a hand mirror, nineteen pairs of smallclothes, two polished wooden buttplugs, an empty vial, a chalice from the Sea King’s castle, a stone dildo and matching cockring, a half-metre sash of dyed fabric, a pair of manacles that unbeknownst to Joey are enchanted to stop the wearer having an orgasm when they’re on, one demon and four humans
  • Travis and Joey considered getting horses to travel on when they first set out. The first horse Joey met bit his horn. They decided to just walk
  • Joey’s horns are an erogenous zone. So is the spot on his back where his wings would be if he had them. He can cum just from a horn or back rub
  • The only thing Joey likes about being short is that he can ride on Travis’s—or someone else’s—back if he wants to
  • The first time Joey saw a cat he tried to eat it. He’s still a little confused at the concept of an animal that isn’t food
  • The main thing about human culture that bothers Joey is modesty. He doesn’t like having to wear clothes and he doesn’t like that he can’t just jerk off or have sex wherever he wants

Modern AU: Modern Joey grew up with a doting father who, over the last few years, has suddenly grown neglectful as his business interests in Norway have expanded. Though upset about this, Joey remains optimistic, especially after obtaining a boyfriend in the woods one day, and then several more at a D&D group he joined, where he plays a dragon named Skywrecker the Well-Endowed. Joey is a member of the school’s wrestling team, and there is some debate over whether his near-perfect win record is due to skill, the relative lack of competition in his weight class, or his refusal to wear anything under his singlet. In practices, Joey loses all the time because he insists on challenging people twice his size and more. When not wrestling, having sex or pretending to be a dragon (or some frequent combination of the three), Joey works at a local movie theatre to earn spending money, most of which he spends on lube, porn, sex toys, books and video games about dragons, or gifts for his boyfriends.

8 thoughts on “Character Profile: Joey

  1. How do you come up with dragons’ real names? Do you have an actual conlang, do you start from the human name and add growls, snaps, and hisses to taste, or do you just toss a bunch of consonants in a blender and call it good?


    1. It’s a little of all three, actually. I do start with the human name sounds and then build around them (though in the case of Joey’s parents I don’t do that since they didn’t have human names), and I do just kind of add in dragon-y sounds until I’m happy, but the dragons’ names do have a structure to them (if you look at where the apostrophes and dashes are, all male dragons will have them in roughly the same place). It’s not a full conlang, but the name has both a matronym and a patronym built into the first two parts of the name, if not exactly in the way we’d understand that.

      Roughly four fifths of the process is the last two things, though. 🙂


  2. Are the manacles likely to come into play at some point in the main story, or is that more the sort of thing you’re reserving for a goofy sidestory?


  3. I feel really sad for Joey’s sire. By all accounts he was a huge softy who never did anything wrong except get hit with mind control.


        1. Would be super interesting! Owen rescues Gavin without killing the dragon. Travis and Joey have no reason to leave the mountains. Six to ten they end up in a poly relationship with Louis. Quite possibly they go to the Citadel at Mathilda’s orders, and end up with everyone else. Owen and Joey’s dad become friends even if they can’t talk. Denver gets added to their relationship and they all end up being sailors. Without the anger of ‘you killed my dad’ Joey is able to admit that he actually just wants to fuck Owen and sex ensues.

          Would be actually hilarious.


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