Chosen One, 74

Familiar Activities Can Help You Feel Like Long Distances Are Closer Together

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Baker was barking, which was Isaac’s fault.

Following his attempts to contact Oliver and Yancy, Isaac had tried to go to do the same for his friends, but they’d been in class and had interpreted his touches as just someone messing around. Or at least that was what Isaac had interpreted from everyone’s reactions. So he’d gone back to his dorm room. Jacob was napping, so Isaac had tried to pet Baker.

Baker liked being pet. Baker did not like being pet when he couldn’t smell or hear or see the person petting him, and he’d freaked out. Jacob had woken up, but Isaac figured it was better to let him deal with Baker than bother him.

Jacob sighed, put on a coat and took Baker outside, leaving Isaac alone in the room. So with nothing else to do, Isaac lay down on his bed. Maybe he should just go somewhere, do something other than sit here and be sad that his friends didn’t know he was around.

Isaac thought for a moment he should maybe go find Seth, but no. There was a reason Seth wasn’t here, and Isaac wasn’t going to make it that easy for him to just come back and act like nothing had happened just because he didn’t like being by himself.

But he was so lonely. The brief interaction with Oliver and Yancy earlier had made that clear. Isaac just wanted to be around people, really around them, not just this floating here invisible and unable to be touched crap. He wanted to be able to touch someone. He wanted someone to hug him. He wanted to hear someone’s voice.

And he’d sent the only person he could get that from away and he had to keep him away, at least for now.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Seth or didn’t like him, and Isaac probably shouldn’t have gotten mad at him earlier. It wasn’t like Seth had been wrong or something, but it just…Seth seemed to know everything. And it was getting more and more obvious that he was only telling Isaac some things. And Isaac wanted to know why.

But there was no way for him to find out why. He didn’t know the Web like Seth did. He didn’t know how to just go in the past and get information, and even if he did, he wouldn’t know where to start looking. Maybe he should have paid more attention in history class, but Isaac was pretty sure that even he would have noticed if Hugo had lectured on that time in history when everyone who’d ever wanted to kill the chosen one had had a big meeting and destroyed part of the world.

Unless it had been on that day when Chester hadn’t worn smallclothes. Isaac hadn’t heard anything Hugo had said in that class.

“Ugh,” said Isaac to nobody, because now he was horny in addition to being lonely. And it wasn’t like Isaac didn’t like masturbating, which he was definitely now going to be doing, but when he was doing it because it was his only choice it just reminded him that he was lonely.

But still. Isaac tried twice before getting his clothes to disappear—they weren’t really there, it wasn’t that hard—and grabbed his dick, which also wasn’t really there, jerking off. It felt just like the real thing, or enough like it that it was good, and Isaac made himself slow down, figuring that if he was going to do this, he might as well enjoy it.

He thought about Chester’s lack of smallclothes, and Nicholas’s ass, and the feel of Peter’s skin and the way Jacob tasted in the dark. He thought about Edwin and Ty, and about Leo and he thought about his friends back home and the parties they’d used to have. He thought about the party in the shower room, and about the prince and Owen and all those people he’d seen the other day. He thought about Oliver, and about Garrett. He thought about everyone he’d ever been into, which was, as it turned out, a lot of people. Who knew?

Just as Isaac was getting close to shaking the Web, the door opened and Baker bounded in, followed by Jacob and Spencer, with Skip behind them. Then came Peter, and with him was Nicholas, talking what looked like quietly. Isaac slowed down even more but didn’t stop, especially not when Jacob and Nicholas sat on his bed, Peter crawling onto his.

And Isaac had an idea. Touching the Web with one hand and his dick with he other, he swallowed nothing and made Peter’s clothes disappear. Peter froze, looking around, saying something. Isaac grinned, did the same for Jacob. And for Spencer, and then Skip. And Nicholas as well. Doing magic like this, while touching the Web, was easy. He just had to think what he wanted and it happened.

Well, not really. He couldn’t make them have sex now that they were naked. Though…Isaac did know a spell that made people horny. And it was the easiest thing in the world to just use on the room and even, once he thought about it, on an area much bigger than this room. Just for fun.

And now everyone was hard, and they were standing up again, and Peter hugged Jacob and Nicholas, and then Spencer and Skip joined in and everyone was naked hugging and they looked so happy, which was a bit weird, but okay. They were talking excitedly.

And then Peter kissed Jacob, pulling him onto Isaac’s bed. Skip and Spencer retreated to Peter’s bed, sitting beside each other. Baker hid under that bed, wisely. Peter and Jacob kissed for a good while, with Nicholas watching them, inching closer, until they broke apart, and Peter reached over and pulled Nicholas closer, pulling his dick into his mouth without hesitation. While he did that, Jacob moved as if to get the oil, so Isaac floated it right into his hand. With a warm expression, Jacob got Peter ready.

Spencer and Skip were making out, touching each other, as Jacob slid into Peter and started moving. Nicholas came, but didn’t let that deter him, starting to move now, in and out of Peter’s mouth in tune with Jacob, almost.

Isaac shook the Web with an orgasm of his own, watching his friends raptly. Soon Spencer shot too, and Skip not long after him, and then Peter, and then Jacob inside him. None of them slowed down.

He didn’t want to abandon them, but he had cast the libido spell over the whole dorm, so Isaac decided to take a quick walk.

Thomas was fucking Vinnie for all he was worth, sucking Hemi’s cock as he did. Hemi had his head between Garrett’s legs, and Isaac watched him for a good minute or so, trying to get a sense of what he was doing because Garrett clearly liked it and he wanted to be able to do it too.

Bereft of Nicholas, the twins were fucking Chester from either end, not that Chester seemed unhappy with that, given how enthusiastically he was moving between them. As Isaac watched, Aaron and Andy came at the same time, bumping fists as they made a mess in both of Chester’s holes.

Jackie was hammering the hell out of Colby’s ass, seeming to egg Colby on as Colby licked and sucked Barry and Ezekiel together, rubbing their dicks together as they fingered each other. Neil and Harry were sucking each other, Harry fingering Neil while Duke fucked him from behind. Justin was somewhere else, and Isaac found him in the hallway, getting his cock sucked by Ricky in full view of anyone who might walk by.

Having not gotten to their rooms, the entry hall had two guys getting fucked in the open. Five guys were down in the shower in a train. Some of the study rooms had some very serious studying going on. Even one of the privies had two guys not going to the privy in it.

Isaac checked up on all of his dormmates, all of his friends, and he was happy with himself. Sure, he’d made them all artificially horny, but nobody had made any of them have sex. Horny people jerked off all the time. He’d done this over the course of his time here. He’d made this something okay that friends could do. Not meaningless, but not nearly the world-stopping occurrence that people made it out to be. A normal thing to do.

And knowing that, knowing that he’d done this, made Isaac forget his loneliness. Because he really felt now, in the middle of this, like he was here with his friends.

Isaac went back to his room, where Nicholas was now fucking Peter as Peter fucked Jacob. Skip was jerking Spencer off now, apparently satisfied for himself. That interested Isaac. The spell hadn’t changed how he felt about sex, clearly. That was good to know.

But for now, Isaac just sat down on the floor, where he could see Baker hiding under the bed, and he watched the people he loved take care of each other, masturbating the whole time. Isaac shook the Web a few more times, but that wasn’t nearly as satisfying as just sitting there, watching, and being with his friends. Even if only in spirit.

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2 thoughts on “Chosen One, 74

  1. I figure that they look happy because it’s clearly Isaac’s influence. Because seriously, vanishing clothes and area-effect horny spells? What else could it be?


    1. 😀 Indeed. If we could hear their dialogue, it would be mostly along the lines of “thank God, Isaac’s alive, only he’s horny enough to use sex magic on us from beyond the pale, bless him.”

      Which is presumably why they transitioned so readily into an orgy instead of trying to find out what happened. Because they knew he’d like it.


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