Character Profile: Peter

Name: Peter Swiftheart

Aliases/AKAs: Fire Eagle

Title(s): Tren’keit (maybe)

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Build: Thick, soft

Distinguishing Marks: Long scar on his forehead

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Isaac, Jacob, Kieran (boyfriends), Nicholas, Leo, Garrett, Silas (boyfriends’ boyfriends), Thomas, Colby, Neil, Hemi, Vinnie, Ezekiel, Barry, Duke, Aaron, Andrew, Chester, Jackie, Harry, Justin (dormmates)

Family Relationships: Pauline and Basil Swiftheart (parents), Skip and Spencer (roommates)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Being ridden

Kinks: Shaving, polyamory, voyeurism

Orgies Attended: Academy Shower Room Orgies, The Isaac of Clearwater Memorial Orgy, The Peter Swiftheart Birthday Party Orgy, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: The son of two priests, Peter was raised in a well-off part of Teown’s Sound, but was largely kept inside and away from other children so he could be educated. Pauline and Basil Swiftheart had lofty ambitions for their only child, so they made sure he had all the education he could ever need, but tended to overlook he necessity for social education as well. Peter turned out okay, and they disinherited him anyway when he developed magical power, as their hatred of magic was stronger than their love for their child. As a student at the mages’ academy, Peter has discovered whole new sides to himself and started doing a lot of things that will make his parents, who now live in the capital as his mother is the High Presbyter, extremely disappointed if they knew.


  • Peter never really shared his parents’ hatred of magic, he always thought it was cool
  • He was relieved when his parents disinherited him; he’d already decided long before that he wanted nothing to do with them when he was an adult
  • Peter is allergic to cats
  • Peter’s parents have never sent him a coin since he came to the academy; if Isaac and his other friends weren’t buying him clothes and other essentials, he’d have nothing because he’s too proud to use the academy’s assistance program for impoverished students
  • Peter believes very deeply in most of the Catechism’s teachings except for some popular messianic interpretations
  • Peter’s vision is slowly worsening to the point where he needs eyeglasses, but he won’t tell anyone
  • Isaac’s polyamory used to bother Peter. Now he can’t imagine being monogamous with anyone
  • Being around so many people for the first time made Peter very self-conscious; even though he wasn’t super into Isaac at first, seeing how confident and shameless he was about everything helped Peter worry less about his body
  • Peter’s absolute least favourite kind of person is the one who decides in advance what kind of help he needs without asking him
  • Everyone thinks Peter is very smart and he is, but mostly he’s just a very good student, which is a distinction most people don’t make


  • “They’re not really that worried about our comfort, are they?”
  • “My parents hate magic, so they disowned me when they found out I was a mage.”
  • “I have recurring dreams about being adopted by trolls.”
  • “Prophecies are interpreted by people and people can make mistakes.”
  • “I don’t want to bond with anyone who thinks getting up at dawn is a good idea.”
  • “I’m willing to…try. But only if we can still be friends if it doesn’t work.”
  • “Secrets run the world, Isaac.”
  • “I shouldn’t have touched it, I knew it was a mistake. I should have just pretended not to see it.”
  • “If this is something stupid I’m going to break your knees.”
  • “Not shy, just grumpy.”
  • “I’m starting to realize that all that stuff they tell us about waiting and taking it slow and making it special are just ways to trick people into not having sex,”
  • “You don’t get to hog the bottom anymore.”
  • “Some of us want to do better than fine.”


  • Peter speaks three languages and reads in five
  • Prior to coming to the academy, Peter masturbated exactly once a day, before bed. He felt like doing it more than that was excessive and unnecessary
  • At home, Peter was vaguely aware of an attraction to boys, but didn’t pay it any attention. When he came to the academy it was hard not to pay attention to it when he changed clothes and showered around other boys daily
  • Peter has been to the capital many times and isn’t interested in it. His parents took him every year for religious holidays or church meetings and stayed for several days at a time
  • Peter likes to imagine that he is named after Peter the Martyr, one of the only Catechism martyrs to be killed by the church for unmasking demons in the priesthood. In reality, he is named after Pauline’s father
  • Peter’s first sexual experience involving another person was one night in the Hall when Isaac was fucking the boy in the bed beside his, and Peter jerked off listening to them
  • When he was eight years old, Peter was kidnapped from his home for four days, held hostage and ransomed, but rescued by the city guard in Teown’s Sound
  • Once when he was ten, during a church ceremony in the capital, a boy close to his age came over and started talking to him, and they had a great conversation about how bored they were. He was later mortified to discover that that boy was Prince Gavin
  • Peter always wanted a dog as a child, but his parents didn’t like animals
  • Peter alternates between wanting to teach at the academy or be a priest, it depends on if he’s more annoyed at a teacher or his parents that day

Modern AU: Modern Peter’s parents run an Evangelical megachurch, and though they were extremely annoyed that he both secretly applied for and took the scholarship to go to a supposedly no longer Catholic private school, it is the best school in the region so they allowed it—besides, their very public personae would suffer a great deal if they were in conflict with their teenage son. Peter likes to test this by doing such scandalous things as dating multiple guys at once, sleeping with his parents’ donors’ sons, appearing in the school’s safe sex curriculum, marching in radical pride parades and converting to Catholicism. When not annoying his parents, Peter studies history and literature for fun and is considering becoming a teacher. He is very happily in a serious relationship with Isaac and Jacob and likes to use his parents’ money to buy them outrageous things.

6 thoughts on “Character Profile: Peter

  1. So what I’m taking away from this is that Peter’s parents are all the worst aspects of religiosity given human form, and it’s a wonder that he isn’t rabidly anti-theist with how they raised him.


    1. Pretty much! They’re bigots who think the world is going to end in a few weeks and whose faith takes the form of intense ambition! Fortunately, Peter was smart enough to see the difference between what they taught him and the religion behind it. 🙂

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